Financial Services PPC – FAQs

Everything you need to know about financial services PPC. What can you do, where and what's possible?

In Part 1 we answer your questions on Google Search Pay Per Click ads.

Why and when would you use Google Ads?

How much do they cost and when do you pay?

What affects the price?

Do people click the ads?

Should you run ads on your brand name?

What can you have on your ad?

In Part 2 we answer your questions on Google Display Pay Per Click ads.

What is the display network?

Do you have to make the banners?

Can you do animated banners?

Who sees the ads?

How much do they cost?

Are they good for lead gen?

Search & Display combined, is that good? 

In Part 3 we discuss Social Media PPC Advertising

Why Is Tom Getting Pizza Ads On Instagram 100 Miles Away From Home?

What budgets do you need for Facebook Ads?

What type of ads work best? Lead Gen or Awareness?

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