We turn tumbleweed websites into mortgage lead generating machines

The easiest way to generate a quality mortgage lead is to convince someone who is looking for what you do that you are worth 5 minutes of their time on the phone.

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Hey, I’m Alex
I’m on a mission to disrupt the lead buying culture in financial services.

Because there is a much better, cheaper and more efficient way to generate your own mortgage leads.

I don’t want any mortgage broker to stress about where their next deal is coming from but I know that getting quality mortgage leads can be tough if you don’t know where to start.

I’m going to share with you how you can generate mortgage leads without spending a penny but I also have some options for you if you want to scale that up or don’t have time to do it yourself.

Sound good?

What Mortgage Brokers Say

Mortgage Leads

Jim Smyth CeMap

First Stop Mortgages and Protection NI

“Alex encouraged me with my social media presence which has seen a marked increase in my business. I would recommend Alex to anyone in financial services.”

Mortgage Leads

Thomas Honour

Thomas Honour Mortgage Services

“What Alex doesn’t know about online marketing for brokers isn’t worth knowing.”

Mortgage Leads

Akhil Satsangi

PKS Associates

“Alex and the team @ the lead engine have been great in planning my Marketing campaigns and would highly recommend them to others and look forward to working with them again 🙌”

Mortgage Leads

Amanda Marsden

Bliss Financial

“I attended the latest event as i want to grow my business and it was fantastic, thought-provoking and practical, would not hesitate to book on to the next event.”

What Mortgage Networks Say

Mortgage Leads

Julia Smith - Openwork

“After being recommended, I contacted Alex to support our Network of advisors looking to enhance their media and marketing strategies- Alex provided three sessions which were absolute eye-openers and really helped focus our advisors in what changes they need to make to ensure they stay at the forefront of their client’s minds – couldn’t recommend Alex strongly enough!”
Mortgage Leads

Dave Corbett - Primis

“I invited Alex to speak to a room full of our adviser firms in July 2019. Social media and lead generation is key to our brokers’ businesses moving forward and will overtake more traditional means of obtaining new clients. Now I’ve seen Alex in action, it is clear to me that the approach the Lead Engine takes to create quality traffic to your business is cutting edge.”
Mortgage Leads

Shahidur Tarafdar - Stonebridge

“Arranged a webinar with Alex on lead generation and online marketing tips for our advisers. A fantastic event with a lot of useful information from. The presentation was brilliant, informal and interactive with the advisers which I feel made it a better event. I know our advisers got a lot out of the webinar from the feedback they provided and have put into practise some of the things that Alex discussed. Would be more than happy to work with Alex again in future.”
Mortgage Leads

Liz Sym - Connect

“Alex delivered a presentation to our Academy of new mortgage advisers and this was extremely well received. His presentation was engaging and informative and helped our advisers to think about their market positioning and plan strategies.

Alex also delivered hands-on training giving our advisers practical skills to take away and implement into their businesses. We have asked him to come back and cover further Academy sessions.”

What Do I Class As A Mortgage Lead?

For me, a mortgage lead is something you can act on not just some data. I would say “enquiry” is a better word to describe it.

If someone genuinely wants to speak to you about their mortgage and has asked for a callback, that’s a lead.

What I Don’t Class As A Mortgage Lead?

I don’t think capturing someone’s email address in exchange for a PDF or “lead magnet” is a lead.

Until that person is ready to chat about their mortgage would I consider it to be a lead.

Mortgage Leads

Why Generate Your Own Mortgage Leads?

Would you want to speak to someone who knows who you are, that you can help them and genuinely wants you specifically to call them back? Often this can be done for no extra direct cost.

Or would you rather pay for the name and email of someone who has no idea who you are and might be interested in a mortgage?

Sounds like a bit of a no brainer to me.

If you want to build rapport before the call, be in control of who you attract then that’s why I think you’re better off generating your own leads.

Who Can Generate Their Own Mortgage Leads?

Short answer, anyone really. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to help depends on how many leads you need and how much time you have.

There are some quick wins, like being featured locally on Google Maps when someone searches for a “Mortgage Broker” locally. Which they do in droves by the way.

There are also some long term strategies like ranking on page 1 of Google nationally when someone searches for a niche mortgage product like “contractor mortgages”.

Google Ads can generate mortgage leads quickly for a reasonable cost.

There’s plenty of options for the solo broker, or large multi-advisor firms and lenders.

So What?

I want to help as many people as possible, I think some lead sellers are giving the industry a bad name.

Consumers are filling out a form on a website and getting calls from 7-8 brokers who have been sold their details.

The sooner we stop that the better for everyone.

You can take the first steps today in generating your own mortgage leads with my completely free “Lead Generation Starter Course”.

It’s all the best bits taken from a series of webinars I’ve been asked to present for some of the mortgage networks.

The majority of brokers will be able to generate more of their own leads without any extra help from me or my team. But, if you need more support or need to scale faster we are here for you too.

Mortgage Lead Engine Website Templates For Low Budgets

If you don’t have the budget to work with an agency we do have a solution for you.
Our team have developed a number of mortgage websites templates along with some training so that you can generate your own leads. We provide you with the tools and get you set up with your own website.

Watch the video to see a new mortgage website that’s just launched.

Mortgage Leads Starter Course

I was delighted to be approached by Openwork, Primis and Stonebridge to put together some webinars for their brokers to help them self generate mortgage leads.

The webinars took place during the 2020 lockdown and were attended by hundreds of brokers each time.

I took the hours of recordings, edited them down and ordered them into bite-size lessons.

This course is now available to everyone and the details are below.

If you’re looking for quick wins there are some however, there’s no short term solution to long term success. If you miss out the first part of the course about positioning your brand then don’t expect to be an overnight success.