9 Extremely Easy Ways To Generate More Mortgage Leads

Isn’t it a great feeling when a new prospect wants to do business with you over your competitors and it’s not because you found the best rate.

They trust you to do the best job or provide the best service. Normally this only happens through a referral.

But what if you could build that kind of trust and rapport on autopilot with new prospects without having to rely on referrals?

Mortgage Leads

We believe that people buy from people, people they like and trust.

So the question is how can we start building rapport? Sell the phone call not the product and sell is probably the wrong word too. You (or your advisors) are the unique selling point. You’ll know yourself that’s why the deals go through and why some advisers are better than others. They build great rapport.

So start doing that earlier, on the webpage (or in the chatbot – spoiler alert). Hopefully that gets you thinking about what to have on your web page and here’s 9 easy ways to generate exclusive mortgage leads.

Why Listen To Us?

We are a lead generation for financial services specialist agency and 90% of our clients are mortgage brokers. We work with larger multi advisor firms but also coach self-employed mortgage brokers to generate their own leads.

We have a podcast on iTunes called “Lead Generation For Financial Services” and Facebook Group of the same name. We host the “Financial Services Brand Accelerator Conference” twice a year and have a YouTube channel dedicated to helping brokers generate their own leads.

First Thing To Consider – Positioning Your Business

Here’s a really quick exercise to show how a client will compare your business against others.

Watch the video and put yourself in the client’s shoes, which business would you enquire to?

Then have a think about how you could position your business to get more leads.

Two Types Of Leads

There are 2 different types of leads you can generate online.

1) Convince & convert online; this is the warmest type of lead. They know who you are personally and already know you can help. You’ve built some rapport and it will be a really warm call.

2) Convert online and convince on the phone; the potential client has enquired within a few minutes of seeing your ad. Knows your a mortgage broker and can probably help.

There’s no right or wrong, just understand if you go for option 2 the contact rate and conversion to sale will most likely be lower and the cost to generate them will be higher.

Case Studies

It’s well worth noting that there are quite a few mortgage brokers who are generating leads online just by creating consistent video content. Purely answering FAQ’s and sharing their knowledge.

They haven’t needed to use any of the hints, tips, tricks and hacks because ultimately people buy from people.

Case Study: Mortgage Broker Thomas Honour Using Video

Thomas is generating leads at the moment creating educational videos for Facebook without having to spend money on Ads.

After only a few months of creating one video a week, he’s now getting a consistent flow of leads.

Case Study: Mortgage Broker Ash Borland Using Video

Ash Borland has been embracing video for social media and he’s reaping the rewards. He’s consistently showing up on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram letting people know who he is and how he can help.

Ash Borland – 6 months after catch up

We caught up with Ash later in the year to see how things have progressed. He’s still creating videos and still generating leads.

Case Study: Mortgage Broker Amanda Marsden Using Video

Within about 6 months of launching her business, Amanda has become extremely busy. She’s thinking about hiring in extra help already and talks to us about the effects of sharing video content on Facebook.

Amanda lets us know that new clients feel like they already know her from the videos and it makes it easier to do business.

Case Study: Mortgage Broker Alex Kerr Using Video

Alex has just started shooting weekly videos for YouTube. He shares all the kit, software and tools he uses to create professional looking videos on a budget.

1) Smash Your Targets With Facebook Video Ads

Do you have video content? Is it about mortgages? Would someone who is looking for a mortgage watch at least 75% of the video?

If you answered yes to all three (or no to the last one but could maybe get a video editor to cut it down a bit) then you could generate a whole bunch of advisor leads through Facebook video ads.

Facebook ads allow you to create a custom audience of people who have watched a certain percentage of a specific video. Your video becomes an audience filter. If someone watched the whole video then they probably need/want a mortgage. So now you can follow that up with an ad in their Facebook feed.

2) Get Cheaper Clicks On Google Adwords

So my second of 9 mortgage marketing ideas is…

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website (of people who are actually searching for a mortgage) is Google Adwords.

However, the prices of Google Adwords has been going up right? Well, sort of, if you don’t know about quality scores. Google wants the most relevant ads to get the most clicks. So the most relevant ads, get a cheaper cost per click.

Attract People Actively Searching For A Mortgage

Google search ads allow you to place an advert at the top of the Google search results in any physical location (eg 20miles of your office) and for any search term (eg Best Mortgage Company).

Be Number 1 On Google And Pay Less

If you understand quality scores you can dramatically reduce your costs. Cheaper clicks mean more clicks for your budget and more leads – of people who are searching for a mortgage.

Get £240 Of Free Google Adwords Credit

We provide all of our new clients with £240 of free advertising credit just to simply prove it can work for them. It’s enough budget to see what your cost per click, cost per lead and cost per acquisition will be. We can see what changes we’ll need to make to reduce those costs in the future too.

Budgets Can't Spiral

You’re in total control of your spend you can set a max daily budget, the maximum you’ll spend on a click and pause everything at any time. Everything is post-pay too, so you don’t have to pay a lump sum upfront and you can change your budget at any time.

Hear From Mortgage Broker Jodie Stevenson on Google Ads

Jodie has too many leads and the vast majority come from her Google Ads campaigns.

Mortgage Leads
Mortgage Leads

3) Use A Chatbot & Facebook Ads

At the moment we’re finding the combination of Facebook Ads and a chat bot provides not only the cheapest but the best quality mortgage lead.

When it comes to a mortgage everyone has unique circumstances and very little time to spare speaking to brokers on the phone.

They want to know that calling you will be worth their time.

So by allowing them to give you their unique circumstances and that being acknowledged before you ask them to schedule a call is key.

By not asking for a phone number straight away and actually asking a couple of questions gives them the confidence it won’t be a wasted phone call.

Chat To Potential Clients On Autopilot 24/7

Lots of people are happy to chat with a company via Facebook Messenger. A chatbot will allow you to capture leads in your sleep.

Specific Chatbots For Each Mortgage Product

We’ve spent months developing chatbots for a number of different mortgage products from residential remortgages to buy to let purchases and everything in between.

It’s easy to see how well your chatbot performs and make improvements as you go.

You Don't Need A Website

Your new client doesn’t have to leave Facebook. You’ll advertise in their news feed and direct them to Facebook Messenger where your chatbot does all the work.

The client may never visit your website.

Cheaper & Better Quality

Compared to Google Ads and a Website/Landing Page this is the by far the most cost effective way of generating mortgage leads.

Halve The Cost Of Facebook Ads

We generate the vast majority of our mortgage leads via Facebook Ads learning loads along the way. We’ve tried pretty much everything and we continue to test things every day. Here’s what did to half the cost of a click, lead and sale with Facebook Ads.

Mortgage Leads
Mortgage Leads

4) Find Similar Customers On Facebook

If you haven’t heard about Facebook lookalike audiences then prepare for your jaw to hit the floor.

Facebook ads allow you to upload an email list of your customers. You can then create a ‘Lookalike Audience’ of those customers. It basically matches the email addresses to profiles, then finds the connections between them. It’s all compliant too as everything is encrypted and you are not sharing any new data with Facebook.

Facebook Ads Are Incredibly Cheap

Facebook Ads have become really popular with businesses because of the low costs match that with a highly targeted audience and you’ll get lots of cheap high-quality mortgage leads.

It's Compliant - No Data Sharing

You are not sharing information with Facebook just simply matching your data to Facebook profiles then finding new profiles just like them. In the same way, Facebook doesn’t give you profile data either, you serve ads in their news feed.

Rinse & Repeat

The beauty of this method is that each week you can upload your good leads and repeat the same process always finding new people looking for a mortgage.

Totally Flexible

Turn on or turn off your ads depending on your workload, if things are quiet push go if you’re really busy switch off your ads.

5) Get Free Advertising On YouTube

YouTube Ads (which are managed in Google Adwords) are incredibly cheap already and there’s a technique to get more free advertising time.

YouTube TrueView in-stream ads are only charged if someone watches 30 seconds or half the video (whichever comes first).

That’s up to 30 seconds of free air time. If they skip your ad, there’s no charge.

We developed a technique of asking users to skip if they are not interested or click through to our website if they are at around 25 seconds.

Yes Free, Really

With this strategy, if someone skips your video ad before they’ve watched it for at least 30 seconds you will not pay a penny. This opens up a huge audience at a very low cost, bearing in mind if they click through to your website or watch more than 30 seconds it’s normally less than 20p.

Ask Them To Skip

There’s no point in paying for someone to watch your video if they aren’t interested. Ask viewers to skip before the 30 second mark, means your budget goes a lot further. You can reach more people who are interested in a mortgage and generate more leads.

Plenty Of Targeting Options

You can re-target video ads to people who have been on your website and you can also show ads to people who search for mortgage advice on YouTube. You can also (cheekily) target your ads at people who watch a video on a competitor’s channel and/or target specific videos too.

6) Generate Leads Early In The Buying Cycle

So the best thing about generating your own leads is that ability to build rapport and trust. That’s the main difference from buying leads, and maybe why people wonder if buying mortgage leads work.

If you wait until someone is ready to make an application you have no time to build a relationship. There will be no difference between you and the competition.

There are plenty of early signals that someone is looking to get a new mortgage. Once you engage with them you can then nurture the lead to application (on auto pilot).

Be A Trusted Advisor

If you wait until someone is ready to apply for a mortgage it’s almost too late to build a relationship, differentiate from competitors and build trust. It’s often a much cheaper way to generate a lead and produces better results when you start the relationship earlier.

Assist Their Research

What are your FAQ’s? Could you put a document together that provides real value, helps someone to find the right solution and position your brand as an authority in mortgages? Add that document to your company brochure and make it available in the post (you’ll get all their details) or to download (in exchange for their email address).

7) Retarget – But Not Everyone

The fact is not everyone who visits your website will make a mortgage application. Even if they really need a mortgage right now.

We’re easily distracted, a number of things can happen that result in a potential hot lead leaving your website. So retargeting provides you with another chance of generating that lead. But, you don’t want to retarget everyone. You can identify people who have read your page, or spent enough time on your website.

Get Another Chance

Retargeting allows you to serve an ad to someone who has visited your website before. If you only target the people who read through your website you’ll have a great chance of getting the enquiry. They may not have had the time to connect first time round.

Connect On Social Media

Even if they found your website on Google you can still retarget them on social media websites. They’ve read your content now you can start pitching why they should enquire about a mortgage with you.

Save Your Budget

By retargeting only the people who have spent the time to read through your content means you’re only advertising to interested parties. They’ll know who you are and are more likely to make a quick enquiry the second or third time round.

Great ROI

We find re-targeting reduces our overall cost per lead and cost per acquisition (otherwise we wouldn’t do it). You can see where all your leads have come from including your re-targeting campaigns.

8) Use Messaging To Filter The Quantity And Quality Of Your Leads

The most important thing in your advertising and website is the messaging. Mainly the headline and call to action.

Experiment with a different call to action messaging depending on whether you need more leads or better quality leads.

A ‘mortgage calculator’ may sound less committal than a ‘full mortgage application’.

You may get more people use your mortgage calculator but better quality leads from a full mortgage application.

9) Top Tip For Facebook Leads Using Selfies!

This is a great tip from Jim Smyth a mortgage broker from Northern Ireland. Listen to clip where Jim explains how getting selfies with his clients gets loads of traction on Facebook.

Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Leads

Build Credibility, Trust & Rapport In 30-Minutes A Day

Giving without expectation builds trust and rapport. It positions you as an expert that wants to help people, not just sell to them.

The strategy is simple, they ask, you answer.

It’s quite easy to find all the questions people are asking online about your financial services.

You could then tackle one question at a time, once a week.

We’ve actually created the 30-minute marketing plan to help you do this.

Here's How We Help

If podcasts are your thing you can learn loads more about generating mortgage leads.

We’ve created the definitive list of the best podcasts for mortgage brokers in the UK