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Our mission is to ensure when someone searches for financial advice they find an adviser. Not a lead generation company that will sell their data.

We help financial advice firms generate their own leads. 

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Here at The Lead Engine we’re on a mission to show financial advice firms that not only is it possible to generate your own enquiries but that it’s much more profitable, efficient and much less frustrating than buying leads.

Financial Advisor Marketing

Whether you want more mortgage, pension, bridging or equity release leads you’ll find a whole heap of insight here to give you the confidence that marketing your own business can help you grow and hire more advisers with confidence.

The first thing to say is “Have you heard of the Advisers Assemble Podcast?”

If you haven’t and you prefer to listen rather than read then you’re in for a right treat!

SEO For Financial Services

Our clients experience that the most profitable source of enquiries is through ranking organically on search engines like Google and Bing.

You may have heard from Dave down the pub that SEO is impossible!

You know that guy that tells everyone Equity Release is a scam – he knows nothing about everything!

Dave is normally wrong!

Yes, SEO does take time, you do need to earn the right to rank with great content, great code and your domain’s authority.

What Is Domain Authority – Why Do Some Get To The Top Of Google Faster Than Others? 

If you put yourself in Google’s shoes, when someone searches for something they have a duty of care to ensure they show the best, most relevant page from a trusted source.

We see domain authority as a score of how much of a trusted source one particular domain ie (

What we have seen to be the biggest factors are:

  • How many people search for your brand
  • Links from other high authority sites

How Do I Know If SEO Is Working?

Even if you aren’t getting more visitors to your website you can check whether any SEO work you have done is helping push things in the right direction.

Google Search Console can tell you how visible you are using a metric called “Impressions”. An Impression is your website link being seen on a screen in the Google search results page.

If impressions are increasing week on week, month on month then the clicks (visits to your site) and leads will follow.

If you want to know more on SEO KPIs we did a whole podcast episode dedicated to it.

PPC For Financial Services

SEO is great and the most profitable route to market but not the fastest. PPC (pay per click) allows you to advertise on Google quickly but at a price.

If you haven’t run any Google Ads before you may ask yourself “Do People Click On The Ads?”

The answer is yes, however, just getting the click doesn’t guarantee you’ll get any leads. You’ll want to ensure that you understand the basic PPC KPIs (Key performance indicators) so you don’t just burn through your budget without results.

Should I Run Google Ads On My Brand Name?

You may find that other firms are running Google Ads when someone searches for your brand name (which sounds cheeky!).

Whether they are doing it on purpose or not, you may want to protect your brand so that you don’t miss out on some opportunities. 

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