The age-old problem…

Where can I get good quality leads?

We are a digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation for financial services.

Content Lead Generation

Want to try a different approach?

Having spent years being persuaded to complete an on-line calculator, and hand over their phone number in exchange for a call-back from a stranger, there’s no wonder people are largely pessimistic about the lead generation process.

But there is an alternative.

Content marketing and advertising by a team of financial services specialists.

What does this mean for my business?

High converting sales funnel

Website visitors will learn just how good your advisors are by actually understanding how they can solve their problem and how they’ve already helped others.

Great for SEO

Content that is great for SEO; we’ll be producing 500-1000 word blog posts each week to answer the questions that people search for.

Compliance Friendly

We understand FCA guidelines, the products and services in your industry. We create content and adverts for financial services every day and have been for years.

Time Positive

Content that is easy on your time; there will be content to review but you’ll have a dedicated account manager to keep you up to speed.

They ask, you answer

We find the questions that your ideal customer is asking on Google and supply the answers in the form of a 500-1000 word blog post. We do this every week for you.

Content repurposed

Once compliance approved, our web team adds the blog to your website so that anyone with the same problem can read or hear about your solution and how its already helped others.

We’ll use quotes from the blog to make social media image posts as well as using the content for advertising and email campaigns too.

Convert the customer

By identifying the questions that your audience have, and answering them, we’ll have the content we need to inform, educate and convert potential customers.

We’ll find your ideal customers on search engines and/or social media and run ads to them using a simple 3-step sales funnel:

  • Awareness – let them know the answer to the problem
  • Consideration – tell them how you’ve helped other people with the same problem
  • Sales – make it easy for them to get in touch and ask for your help (chatbot)

Will it really benefit SEO?

When finding the questions that people ask on Google, we will also research how hard it is for you to rank for certain “Keywords” too.

And to maximise SEO, we’ll prioritise the questions and the subjects showing high volume and low difficulty.

Our web development team will also perform a technical SEO audit of your website and fix any issues that will affect performance.

SEO takes too long?

This is a common belief and the reason why so many financial services companies are not doing it properly. But there are huge opportunities, both locally and nationally, to rank for high volume traffic.

And it won’t be long before you start to see the results; your advertising sales funnel will be ready in just month 1 to start driving Facebook, Linkedin and/or Google Ads traffic.

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