Digital Marketing KPI’s – Google Ads

How do we measure success with Google Ads and what are the things we look to fix if the cost per lead is too high?

Digital Marketing Key Performance Indicators – Part 1 – Google Ads

In this episode, Batman and Robin (Alex and Tom) look at the best ways of using digital marketing to generate leads for your business. If you haven’t dipped your toe in the unfamiliar waters of Google Ads before and you want to learn how to maximise your online advertising budget, Alex and Tom will talk you through everything from cost per click and conversion rates to targeting niche markets and making phrase matching work for you.

As they explain, it’s not all about copying what the big boys are doing, as huge budgets don’t always equal masses of good quality enquiries. It’s more about that magic relationship between having a clear, informative website that encourages and welcomes enquiries and running ads that make your search terms and keywords work the hardest they possibly can to encourage your ideal audience to get in touch.

In a nutshell:

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