A team of marketing professionals

Working exclusively with financial advice firms.

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A team of marketing professionals

Alex Curtis





Operations Manager




Communication & Administration Manager


Podcast Executive


Web Developer


Web Designer

A brief history...

2014 - 2016

As a contractor our founder Alex would work onsite with clients as a freelance digital marketing manager for retirement planning business, a sub prime car finance business and a mortgage broker.


The LTD company was formed, and we hired our first two employees and rented desks within the a co-working business centre in Peterborough.



Our first office!

With a view out onto Peterborough United’s football pitch.

We start to become known as specialists in financial services and launch the Advisers assemble Facebook Group.


As we outgrew our cupboard office we moved to the Brightfield Business Hub.

At the start of the year we launched the “Lead Generation For Financial Services Podcast” (Now Called Advisers Assemble).

In September 2019 we hosted our first Financial Services Marketing Conference, which was a huge hit with advisers.

We planned the next one for March 2020, which wasn’t the best year for events!


We didn’t get out much!

In the year of the webinars & DIY haircuts we were fortunate enough to help lots of mortgage & wealth networks with some lead generation & marketing training.

The team grew in size as we took on more clients and we embraced working from home.


We started getting out a bit more, but still working from home.

The team and our client base continues to grow.


Still embracing working from home and working with more clients!


The Lead Engine is the go-to partner for financial advice firms

We know that you can attract the best advisers (and keep them) if you can supply them with quality leads.

They’ll be efficient, motivated and generating more revenue if they spend less time leaving voicemails and more time speaking to people who value their advice.

The areas we can help you in are..

How We Help

Getting Free Website Traffic From Google

There’s nothing more profitable than prospects finding your website when they’re looking for financial advice.

Faster Leads With Pay Per Click Advertising

Sometimes you’ll need to accelerate your lead flow by turning things up and sometimes you’ll need to slow it down. Although you’re paying for the traffic you can target the right people at the right time.


Getting the right people to your website is the easy bit, convincing them that you are the people to call will determine the volume and quality of your leads.