About Us

We believe that your website has the potential to generate high-quality leads.

People buy from people, so we use digital marketing to drive website visitors and enable you to spark relationships as early in the buying cycle as possible.

From the design to content and advertising we support you in every step of the customer journey.

We’ll use our experience and expertise in SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media and Copywriting to transform your website into a lead generating machine.

We’re based in Peterborough with great access to London and the North

Our offices are located in Peterborough at the Allia Future Business Centre set within the Peterborough United Football Stadium.

We’re 45 minutes from Kings Cross station in London and are a short train hop to Leicester, Cambridge, Birmingham and Leeds.

With clients in Turkey, Bristol, Essex, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Cheshire and on our doorstep we’re used to working with both local, national and international businesses.

About Us

Why I Launched The Lead Engine

About UsI left my comfortable job at a web design agency in 2013 as I got a bit frustrated building websites that I knew wouldn’t drive more business. I say it was comfortable but it actually didn’t feel right that businesses were spending a lot of money on something I knew wouldn’t work.

It wasn’t that they weren’t good looking, our designers were amazing, some of the best i’ve ever worked with. It’s just that a good looking website doesn’t guarantee success.

It wasn’t that they weren’t mobile responsive or optimised to the hilt for SEO. We bent over backwards to please Google but, In the process we lost sight of one thing; that Google wasn’t our customer. Google is important for sure but our clients were so obsessed with being ‘at the top of Google’ that they didn’t stop to think if that would ensure success… it doesn’t.

The Early Days

So I made a decision, i’m not going to just build websites anymore. I’m going to help people build their business. I had all the technical skills from spending over 10 years in the industry I just needed to understand people and how they buy things.

I knew how to get people to view a website, and I thought I knew how to sell products and services. I just needed to prove it. So in April 2013 I started calling around a few local businesses and pitched my idea of generating more leads for their sales team.

I managed to get myself a meeting with a local product manufacturer. I explained to them that their website explains what the product is but they haven’t explained why someone should buy it, how to use it or the benefits.

I went on to walk them through the three distinct stages of the buying process; research, planning and buying. I pointed out that if we can engage with customers at each stage we should get more leads, build more loyalty and educate them in far more detail than a website ever could.

And guess what, it worked.

They launched one product 12 months prior and hadn’t had a single enquiry. We now get at least 4 quote requests every day (which may not sound like a lot but the average order value is £14k for a very niche product).

Where We Are Today

The Lead Engine has now gone from me helping one manufacturer to my team and I working with multiple clients all over the UK.

I’m proud to say we’re much more than just an SEO, Web Design or Digital Marketing Agency; we’re a business (or sales) support company.

I now have a great team supporting me and we’re looking for new challenges, so if you know you should be getting more high-quality leads and you’ll hold us responsible for customer acquisition rather than just your Google rankings then we would love to hear from you.