About Us

We’re The Lead Engine

See our new home at the Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough where we help our clients generate quality sales leads on volume.

About Us

Why I Launched The Lead Engine

I left my comfortable job at a web design agency in 2013 as I got a bit frustrated building websites that I knew wouldn’t drive more business. I say it was comfortable but it actually didn’t feel right that businesses were spending a lot of money on something I knew wouldn’t work.

It wasn’t that they weren’t good looking, our designers were amazing, some of the best i’ve ever worked with. It’s just that a good looking website doesn’t guarantee success.

It wasn’t that they weren’t mobile responsive or optimised to the hilt for SEO. We bent over backwards to please Google but, In the process we lost sight of one thing; that Google wasn’t our customer. Google is important for sure but our clients were so obsessed with being ‘at the top of Google’ that they didn’t stop to think if that would ensure success… it doesn’t.

So I made a decision, i’m not going to just build websites anymore. I’m going to help people build their business.

Is It Worth Five Minutes Of Your Time?

We can't help everyone, and at the moment we can only work with two new clients each month.

What I can guarantee is i'll be honest, transparent and only propose that we work together if it's worth while for you.

If we can't help you, i'll give you a bunch of things you can action yourself that will make a difference, i'm confident that if you call me it will be time well spent.

You can request a call back using the form or you can call me on 01733 639049 and ask for Alex.