Digital Marketing KPI’s – SEO

How do we know if a website is climbing the Google rankings before it starts getting any clicks? In this podcast episode we talk through how we measure visibility on Google.

Digital Marketing Key Performance Indicators – Part 2 – SEO

In the second part of our KPI series, we’re talking about how you can use and understand Search Engine Optimisation and what you need to do to get your business ranking higher in Google search results.

Alex and Tom explain the mysteries of achieving a higher ranking on Google and how to pick the SEO battles that you’re likely to win! They explain how to use information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to not only see the results of your site as a whole, but also to learn more about the performance of specific pages, spotting the opportunities to tweak and enhance content in order to get that win. You’ll also learn the difference between impressions and clicks, and which of these you should be trying to increase (as they’re very different!)

They’ll also talk you through whether you should be focusing on your Google ranking, your impressions or your click-through rate or actually, could it be your website that’s holding you back from succeeding?

In a nutshell:

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