How Can You Monitor Lead Quality From Google Ads?

Everyone wants quality leads but what's the best, fastest and most accurate way to get real time feedback on leads?

Tracking All Leads

First of all you need to ensure that you’re tracking all of your leads, especially inbound calls. Most people don’t use phone tracking with Google Ads so they miss out on where their best, most motivated leads are coming from.

(We’re assuming you would rather have people that keen to do business with you that they call then and there rather than asking for you to call them back?)

We’ve found that about 1 in 3 leads comes via an inbound call.

Capture The Google Click ID

Every time someone clicks on a Google Ad that ‘click’ then gets assigned a unique click ID number (some people call it a gclid).

To ensure you can trace which campaign, ad group, search term or ad your click has come from you’ll need to capture the click ID in your web form using a hidden field.

Use A Simple Quality Grading System

We’ve found it easier to use a basic traffic light system to score the leads.

Here’s an example of our traffic light system if we’re generating mortgage leads

  • Red – Spam, Can’t help.
  • Amber – Appt booked, gathering documents, looking for properties.
  • Green – AIP/DIP, Offer, Completed.

Tell Google The Good Ones

We automate the import of the click ID to Google but you could upload a spreadsheet to tell Google Ads which ads are the best quality.

Google Ads can then start to learn and then you could (with enough data) bid on a cost per ‘Green’ lead.

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