Digital Marketing KPI’s – Website Stats

How do we measure success in Google Analytics? In this podcast episode we look through all the website metrics that you need to know.

Digital Marketing Key Performance Indicators – Part 3 – Website Analytics

In the third of our KPI series, we delve into the daunting world of website analytics and help you understand how you can use your website’s analytics and behaviour metrics to really understand what your customers are visiting, finding useful and responding to on your website.

In a recent poll on our Advisers Assemble Facebook group, when asked how often our members looked at Google Analytics, the answer with the most responses was ‘What are you talking about?’ Undefeated, we have returned to try to explain more and add some much needed clarity!

It certainly can seem daunting, but in this episode, Alex and Tom will tell you everything from which metrics to look at and which are the most useful, to where to find them and how to use this information to improve your audience’s customer journey and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

In a nutshell:

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