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Could you be selling more protection? this one is for you.

If you can cast your mind back to when the UK started the smoking ban in pubs…

It’s July 2007 I’m excited because me and my uni mates were going to watch the first ever Transformers movie in the cinema.

I was doing a film degree so we feel out about this stuff.

I’m not embarrassed to say that we would get excited when that Citroen advert kept coming on and it would turn into a transformer and dance to that David Guetta track.

What I am quite embarrassed about is how I dealt with a customer whilst I was quickly trying to tidy up at the end of my shift at the coop to get off in time to watch the film.

I’m tidying up some of the shelves and clock watching excited to head out.

They guys at the til calls me over and asks if I can show this lady where the candles are.

So I start walking that way and ask if it’s scented ones and if there’s any particular size or just normal ones.

She sheepishly just said normal ones.

At this point we’re standing infont of the candles and I think she twigged it at this point.

She says “I’m looking for condoms not candles”

I obviously want the ground to swallow me up, luckily they are near by and pick up a pack for her. 

Why am I telling you this?

Well to be honest when you say protection not everyone is going to know that is life insurance.

I’ve spoken to enough principals to know that not every mortgage gets protected and a little help in this area is welcome.

That’s exactly why we chatted with the protection coach Matt Chapman.

It’s episode 234 on the Advisers Assemble podcast, go check it out. 

Insurance Expert, Matt Chapman believes protection for your clients or business is not only important but essential in life. We often perceive this as a sales tool and secondary product rather than a necessity.

As a mortgage adviser, where do you start? How do you explain this to clients? Through Matt’s protection coaching, he explains the who, what, where, when, why and how through a holistic approach.

Talking Points:

How important do you think protection is? Do you think all Advisers/Brokers agree?

People are often put off by insurance – how do you deal with it?

Any stats on the amount of unprotected mortgages? Unprotected businesses? Brokers to clients?

Types of protection – life, critical, income protection, business protection – different tactics?

What does protection coaching entail? 

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