Missed Inbound Opportunities? Phone Tracking

We use phone tracking to see how many inbound calls our clients get from Google Ads. It makes our reporting more accurate and easier for us to make decisions on what's working.

Benefits Of Call Tracking

If you are investing time or money into your marketing you won’t be seeing the full picture if you’re not tracking where your phone calls are coming from.

Firstly you can see how many calls are missed (which you may have paid for that person to visit your website). This is the absolute definition of missing an open goal!

Unsurprisingly if a new prospect visits a website, makes a call that doesn’t get answered they never return to the website (well 95% from our findings never return). We assume they head off to find another adviser that will pick up the phone.

You may think that every call gets answered, but you may be shocked to see how many opportunities get missed.

On the accounts we manage the client with the least amount of missed calls answered 96% of their calls but the worst was 74%. Although very frustrating for the principal of that firm they were able to change their internal processes and got their missed call rate down to 9% (Which still needs work, but at least they know about it).

The average across all of the accounts we track is 16% unanswered which is about one in 5 calls that get missed.

How Many leads are a call?

From tracking calls we’ve found around 33% of web leads come as inbound phone calls, one of the highest we’ve seen is 54%. So for that one client, more than half of the leads generated via their website was a call.

Bearing in mind that phone tracking is cheap (pays for itself if you run Google Ads) and relatively easy to setup you’ll be able to:

  • See which ads turn into calls, which then turn into business
  • Get more calls by focusing on where they come from
  • What is your actual cost per lead and return on investment
  • See whether you need to change who answers the phone.

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