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For several years now we haven’t worked with anyone’s existing website and I want to explain why doing so avoids almost certain failure.

Why We Wouldn’t Advertise Your Existing Adviser/Broker Website

Please also do not think that this is some kind of ploy to sell an upfront cost, that’s not the case, there is no setup fee for our fully managed service. This is to help you avoid investing in something that isn’t going to work. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The same could be said for expecting the same results but doing something different!

Our process works, every website creates more awareness on Google (SEO) and this awareness turns into clicks and then clicks turn into leads. Our websites convert visitors into leads at a much higher rate than the existing website. This means advertising (Pay-per-click) is more efficient and profitable too.

You’ll miss out on people finding you organically (SEO)

We won’t know if there’s something in your current website code that will cause an issue until it’s too late, you’ll be missing out on free visitors to your website and solely rely on paid advertising.

Paid advertising (PPC) does work on its own but you’ll always be on a hamster wheel if you don’t start earning organic traffic too. We need to edit your website for both SEO and PPC. 

The ultimate goal

Ensuring that people who need your advice find you and decide that you are worth speaking to.

The problem you didn’t realise you had…

Your website is like a leaky bucket, whether the tap is on or off you’re missing out on quality leads.

Sending the “right people” to your website now will just turn on the tap, but to avoid missing out on quality leads we need to plug the holes.

The easiest way to explain it is that your website is on the SVR of Lead Gen and to get quality leads we need to fix your rate issue!

Avoid delays and frustration

It is unlikely that the current layout and content will be set up to convince and convert, we’ll need to make changes. It’s not as easy as some jazzy ads and a landing page.

As a company with a great track record spanning a number of years, I’m sure you’ll expect that we work with a number of firms.

Our team manages over 50 websites and we need to work quickly and efficiently. If every website was built in a different way then a 2-hour task could then become a 2-week problem with extra layers of planning and checks required. It would take longer than the 2-month launch period our other clients experience, or we would have to charge twice as much to use twice as many resources (for something not as effective).

Hosting & Security

You’ll miss out on super fast hosting and extra security.

Once your website starts building traction, you’ll become a target for hackers (they’ll want to steal all your free traffic and redirect it).

All of our clients benefit from super-fast website hosting included as part of the service. It is unlikely your website is currently on a super-fast dedicated server. For security reasons we will not host a website that we haven’t built, it would be a risk to our other clients (it is unlikely your current website has the same security measures in place).

We don’t work on sites we haven’t built

We are on a mission to ensure when someone searches for financial advice that they find an adviser not a lead generation company.

We want every client that we work with to be a success, if it’s not you may start to think it’s not possible to generate quality leads online when it definitely is!

It wouldn’t be the right thing to do to start a project that we know is likely to fail so unfortunately whilst we understand why you want to keep your current website we can’t work with you if that is the case.

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