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Our mission is to ensure when someone searches for financial advice they find an adviser. Not a lead generation company that will sell their data.

We help financial advice firms generate their own leads. 

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"Enquiries through your website are simply much better quality than bought leads"

My name is Alex Curtis and I’ve spent the last 18 years working with financial advice businesses to generate leads through their websites.

My team and I have many success stories building and growing sustainable, profitable lead pipelines for our clients.

Our mission is to ensure that when someone searches online for mortgage advice, they find an adviser and not a lead generator, who will sell their data.

We turn your website into a ‘lead engine’ so that you get better quality and more profitable leads.

More about me

My colleague Tessa interviewed me on the Advisers Assemble podcast, you’ll hear what I think my superpower is and my kryptonite!

Also after you’ll hear who’s influenced me and more about my background in digital marketing. 

More about my marketing strategy

All leads aren’t equal and there are so many different ways to generate or buy them. Since I built my first website in 2004 I’ve been working on how to generate the best quality leads for financial services like mortgages, bridging, pensions and equity release.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how I’ve broken down what’s great about the best type of lead (a strong referral) and how we go about replicating this type of quality from someone who is searching online.

I’ve appeared as a guest on a number of marketing podcasts

I’ve created marketing guides for networks and lenders

I’ve been trusted by both the Openwork Partnership (check smart hub) and Market Harborough Building Society to create marketing guides to help educate advisers on how to generate leads online.  

I’ve hosted a marketing podcast for advisers since 2019

The Advisers Assemble podcast has become way bigger than I had ever imagined and has over 200 episodes featuring advisers, marketers, service providers, and my team.

The podcast is a completely free resource for any financial adviser who wants to grow and market their business more efficiently. 

My career background

I built my first website in Microsoft notepad using raw HTML code in 2004 at uni.

I got a part time job at a marketing agency whilst at uni and started doing some freelance websites on the side.

After university I got a job at a marketing agency in Peterborough. One of our clients wanted to launch an online pawnbroker I was assigned the job as project leader and I’ve been working on financial services websites ever since.

In 2014 I started freelancing full time as a consultant then setup as a limited company in 2017 hiring my first 2 staff members.

We’ve been helping Financial Advisers generate leads through their websites ever since.

The Advisers Assemble Podcast

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