028 – Jeremy Duncombe – Accord Mortgages Growth Series

028 - Jeremy Duncombe - Accord Mortgages Growth Series

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028 - Jeremy Duncombe - Accord Mortgages Growth Series

Jeremy Duncombe, the director of intermediary lending at the Accord Mortgages, joins us today in the Lead Generation for Financial Services Podcast. Jeremy has a background in intermediary lending as a business development manager for some lenders and has also served as a head of sales at Advantage, Morgan Stanley’s lender.

In this episode you will hear;-
1. Jeremy’s role at Accord Mortgages.
2. What Accord Mortgages does for its clients that make them stand out from their competitors.
3. The Accord’s Growth Series podcast episode that went viral.
4. The pool of free resources Accord Mortgages avails to their clientele and followers.
5. A case study example of a successful lead generation campaign run by one of their subscribers.
6. How Accord Mortgages helps brokers collate reviews and feedback from their clients.
7. The benefits of niching down in business.
8. The benefits of integrating your local community and your online presence to amplify your brand.
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