Visual Metaphors Are Really Easy To Understand


– Okay, so the visual metaphor. So reptilian brain is connected to the senses. It’s easier to process images than text and we remember and think using images which make visual metaphors really easy to understand. So you could say that Coca-Cola is really evil corporation and we art Pepsi are young, cool and funky. You can show that. You can say don’t drink and drive you could cause an accident. We all know that and we say that and we think it’s gonna effect how we drive home today. But, I think this is more powerful. It says “Reserved. Drunk drivers.” At weight watchers we say we help people lose weight. And we know that from the name and we say that, I don’t think people got much impact. But something like this. And you could say having a family could cause you to get wrinkles. Nivea moisturiser could help. Having a two year old myself that can really connect with me. Well. Okay.

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