082 – Omar Ghafoor – The Adviser

082 - Omar Ghafoor - The Adviser
082 - Omar Ghafoor - The Adviser

Omar called our office in January 2020, at the time we couldn’t really help him but we gave him as much advice as we could.

He wasn’t on any social media platforms as a business or personal. He didn’t like having his photo taken and flat out refused to do any video content.

4 months later he recently caused a stir (in a good way) when he released his first video for a brand new YouTube channel.

This is what Omar has learnt so far.

031 – Alex Kerr – Future YouTube Star

031 - Alex Kerr - Future YouTube Star
031 - Alex Kerr - Future YouTube Star

Alex has only published about four YouTube videos but he’s committing to producing a minimum of one video per week for the next twelve months.

We talk through what equipment and software Alex uses, how he does it all himself but will look to outsource some of the processes in the future.

Alex believes if you’re thinking about shooting video you should always remember ‘AVL’ Audio, Visual, Lighting. It doesn’t matter how good your video looks if your audio is rubbish and visa versa.

Alex Kerr’s Video Kit

Canon M50 – https://www.canon.co.uk/cameras/eos-m50/

Led Ring Light – https://www.google.com/search?q=led+ring+light&oq=led+ring+light

Rode Lav Mic – http://www.rode.com/microphones/lavalier

Software and Resources

Adobe Premiere – https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/premiere.html

Kit.com what kit you use, see what other people use – https://kit.com/

Upwork – for finding freelancers – https://www.upwork.com

Canva – create your video thumbnails – https://www.canva.com/

Morning Fame – YouTube channel strategy, how likely is your channel to appear in search results for keywords – https://morningfa.me/

Trello – Alex Kerr uses this for his project management – https://trello.com/en-GB

Asana – The Lead Engine uses this for their project management – https://app.asana.com

SEM Rush – SEO tool – https://www.semrush.com

Alex Kerr On Social

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100015744216173

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/alexkerrmortgage/
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexkerrmortgage/

People Alex Kerr Has Learnt From

Premiere Gal – Video editing tutorials for Adobe premiere – https://www.premieregal.com/

Gary Das – Mortgage Broker – https://www.garydas.com/

Sean Cannell – YouTube growth strategies – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWFavn3ym0w3myTD5OX59g

Quotes From Alex Kerr

Punch perfectionism in the face
Views while you snooze
Put yourself in the uncomfortable position and just do it

017 – Ash Borland – Mortgage Broker Case Study – Just Getting Started With Video

017 - Ash Borland - Mortgage Broker Case Study - Just Getting Started With Video
017 - Ash Borland - Mortgage Broker Case Study - Just Getting Started With Video

I found Ash Borland on Linkedin and was delighted that he’s consistently using video to market himself. The aim is to catch up with Ash every 6-9months as kind of a case study to see the effects of social media on his business.

You can find Ash:

On Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyborland/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashborland1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashborland/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5HX-wCyxdar6zDVdUOOBw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashborland/

Hello and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And my name is Alex Curtis. I’m doing something a little bit different this week. So I’ve got ash ball, and he is a mortgage broker. And he’s sort of not entirely at the beginning of his journey, but is it very early on in his journey in terms of these creating video content is using social media. I saw him on LinkedIn. I think someone local to me like something that he did. And I thought, Oh, this is cool. Someone as a local broker, they’re doing video I’m going to see what this guy is up to. And then eventually we got chatting and thought it’d be great if we get him on the podcast, chat about what he’s doing it and then what his plans are and then catching up with him in like six to nine months and using it as kind of like a case study and just seeing that progress and the benefits of creating content as a mortgage broker. So let’s dive straight in.

This is my chat with ash Borland Hello everyone and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast and this week I’ve got another mortgage broker I’ve got ash bowling with me ash How you doing? Very good Thank you. Yeah Do you know what I was meant to ask you about how do I pronounce your last name so i think is it ball and is it Borland it’s all learned however

we obviously been chatting for a bit before we recorded and I think that was one of my questions I should ask but I just

got it right so we’re all good you spelled it right so that’s the best

I have to have made that mistake before going live with a guy called Gary any are two hours in his house and we nearly went live with the wrong spelling so has been done before recently I had a guy who’s Paul is named Paul with the W yeah I did it pa w

that was the worst email possibly said

Is he thinks proceeding with

Yeah, he’s going ahead, you can make mistakes and things still work. That’s what I love. Exactly. Otherwise I would be out of business because

the amount of times I just winging it through life and seeing things things are going right now as it was dyslexic so it’s one of those where I can’t I’m the mortgage advisor calm read Cartwright can’t spell and can’t add up so where’s the charm I’ll be quiet

well you you wouldn’t have heard it yet but there’s a guy called David Thompson that will be on the podcast before you He is dyslexic left school with no qualifications sold his brokerage for five of your English million pounds

so not not an issue when I didn’t know that he didn’t. He didn’t tell me that before.

Lovely segue into the first episode.

Brilliant. So I found you on I’m pretty sure it’s LinkedIn. I think because you’re kind of local to me. I’m in Peterborough, you

or Cambridge, why aren’t you and you’re working in Sundance and I was like, wow, there’s a mortgage broker doing some video. And I was like, this is, this is amazing. I thought maybe I’ve inspired someone that’s like, no, never, never heard of me. I never do.

But it was awesome to see. And I thought, I’m going to, I’m going to follow this guy. And we, we had obviously some chats here and there, and then you’ve listened to the podcast since and you seem to like it. And what I wanted to do because you’re sort of is about five months into your role at the minute as a broker. So five months into my with my new firm 18 months before that as well. Brilliant and you were an estate agent before That’s right. Yeah, yes, I washed my sins,

mano. I one of my friends used to be an estate agent in London. I’ve heard some awful stories which

I’ll share I’ll share one in the you can either confirm or deny whether you’ve seen it happen so so I went well well also set right max I think was like 2008 yeah do you know Rob? more progressive prophecy

because I’m yeah I was half that so no idea

yeah okay yeah we all know Rob yeah so my next door neighbor growing up was Rob’s first employee and he before then he worked as an estate agent in London and then Rob does all these property investment conferences and things like that and and then my Max Simon would go on and because he was estate agent he would help the developers build relationships with estate agents and he was saying some of the things that he saw happen was like one estate agent went on holiday and he locks the keys to the house that he was selling in his drawers and no one else and then the other agents could go show anyone else

So we didn’t lose the sale and the commission. It was it was that cut through shopping.

I know. And everyone was amazed that those sort of things happen and kind of think about so well, if it’s a bit if it’s a big deal, it’s obviously the wrong thing to do. But I don’t, I don’t condone it. I can see why someone might want to lock the keys away to get

a massive commission deal. Yeah, I definitely have not done that.

When I the way I phrased it was like, have you seen that

I’ve seen that. I also have a little silly thing with that is I actually went my other half is from Cyprus and we went on holiday to Cyprus. See our family and I got text when I left the plane. Because I’ve got a set of keys in my car was parked in Stansted

for three weeks

totally by accident didn’t

drive down there, use the spare key and open it and oh my god. Amazing. Brilliant

can be done on purpose.

Brilliant Tanya so the the idea of this episode is I think and I said to you on ID mg I said if you keep doing what you’re doing i can i can see this working for you in terms of doing like the video content everything like that and you’re sort of the sort of the beginning of that journey of that so the idea of this episode is the catch up with you now and then hopefully we’ll catch up in like six nine months see how things have progressed with these still doing the same thing so you’re already talking about creating like a network group and doing all sorts of different things that are going to generate new leads but this this talk about the moment then you decided you kind of wanted to switch from selling houses to do in like the finance of it okay


there was a question

the question

yes so I am when I bought my own house what happened with it was housing estate agent for

Really about four years and I enjoyed the job I really did. But when I bought my own house, it became really, really clear and it sounds I had no idea what I was doing.

I was selling these houses Yeah, so I was advising people to do stuff that really I didn’t understand.

And I met a mortgage advisor, the guy did my mortgage, funnily enough,

I’m going to be I you know, he did a really good job but when I met him, I thought, Oh gosh, this is something that you can have more influence more impact and actually help more people that is genuinely what happened. Yeah,

he’s in he wasn’t that great. And so I thought, Okay, well, if I combined what I know from my stage and then I combine that with learning the mortgage side of things that I could be a bit more that could be my niche that’s where and so that’s how it started

when in stayed in my same company. So I was in corporate and I moved to cross into the financial service.

kind of learned that way.

And now really has been the last five months, I’m really able to, to become, I want to become

awesome. Brilliant. And then so how are you getting your light leads at the minute because you’re obviously working with fairly icon on the site, how many how many other advisors you start working with? And do you get given leads by the company or you? Yeah. So right now I get leads from I work with agencies because that’s kind of my, my forte. Yeah, so within a state agency still, because what I’m looking to do is be like a, like a whole mover die. So I do deal with agencies and I see them I’d go in there three times a week yeah, it’s gonna be in there all the time. Yeah, and I spend time at head office we have an orphan client banks, I’m just talking to those by Einstein and get leads from from the social media, which is good, where it kind of happened really, so I’m starting to get those as well. So it’s a real kind of wealth of

mixture yeah just very different from what it was six months ago where it was just that corporate state agency environment so it’s a completely different world really for me now awesome I think it’s great that you’re not just relying on the leads that you’re being given because I’ve spoken to

I lose count of how many brokers where they’ve gone from one role I was speaking to one person she she she you had been given estate agent type leads yeah and she was saying all my the standard conversion was like one in three she was expecting like web leads to convert in the same way like

I don’t have I don’t know how to break into I said have you spoke to any like brokers that are dealing with with web leads are you confident because I’m going to be honest I don’t think I can supply you leads that are will have a 33% conversion to say I just Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen and it was

This person had just dive straight out of that role into this self employed role with like,

no experience no no social media not like no nothing and it was that it is a completely different animal isn’t it? It is it really is and I I definitely am guilty for that when I first started so when I came over to so that when I’m at work for a fully light for financial planning firm and I expected like say when you’re in the agency the case sizes and massive you ever you know, people you meet are people who are buying Yeah,

but when you go into that, you know that world where it is literally just calling 10 people to hold the one person says yes, it was very, very different can imagine very much. So I do keep myself a little bit think if I was back in agency. Now, having done six months here, I probably absolutely clean up because yeah, just kind of like you say it’s a bit of a silver platter when you’re in when you’re in that corporate world. They just hand it to even book in your diary.

Wow but then so but are you preparing it now though yeah it’s been a massive learning curve of massive learning curve but I love it yeah absolutely love it it’s such a better it’s got really don’t want to disrespect the others because they are really good and my family work within that as well but it’s expensive for me because I’m a bit more there’s more freedom and I’m getting a creative person so I can’t really I don’t like


Me neither

it’s kind of cool then there’s that bridge if you’re quite entrepreneurial in the role that you are you kind of got your little mini business of you with the but working with other people under underneath the sort of another brand and you and you’re so you’re it seems to me like you’re creating a bit of a personal brand that goes hand in hand is going to benefit you and the the guys that you worked for. Yeah, and that’s

the MD he’s completely on board with.

So that’s kind of the strategy we worked out together and you know he met me the minds of you and when we were chatting and and I kind of told him my vision of where i think i think i think where mortgages and mortgage advisors will go where the property industry will go and they told Matt and then he said okay pretty much I’ve got got

freedom to do it because I don’t know too many people

but it is one of those where it’s been brilliant really good actually amazing awesome so where do you think it’s good for them I I’m presuming you’re thinking people are it’s going to be more online he thinking Pete things are going to go I mean there’s already like the first kind of like paperless mortgage on offer from some of the banks and things like that I saw something more we strategy called the ladder Have you seen that then all that is yet but that’s like a hybrid that that was like a hybrid mortgage system so I was that was that yeah i think that so that part I think but yeah, I think the whole

Industry I think what’s going to happen is I think the property industry so like the stages and stuff that is a

it’s not dying industry but I think it’s gonna be industry that’s going to have to go through an entire like revolution really yeah disrupted already hasn’t it by like the purple purple bricks so I’ve got no it’s not talking about profits with mortgages here but yeah purple bricks everyone talks about them as if they’re the future but they’re not they’ve come in purely to disrupt you can see all over the stock was that they’re there they’re not they’re struggling now but they’ve done their job yeah and I think they’ve shed light on the fact that that industry needs to change and and no matter what we do as mortgage brokers we are tied to the how’s it how’s the industry so I think the personal brand service and nourishing and all of that stuff that’s where you’re going to make your money so it’s that you’re going to have to be a service as opposed to just selling products and that’s what I really do believe that’s what

Go whether or not I don’t know where it will go into within that but yeah but give it 510 years anybody who’s doing what they’re doing now I truly believe it will it will be there so I think because even if you could do as everything online people are still going to get declines and don’t know what to do they’re still going to be people who think I need some help some advice the best way I suppose especially like entrepreneur business owners they’re always going to want to get advice and they’ll be the type of people that are going to want to kind of get the best you know work different ways they’ve been more creative in terms of get better deals

and then yeah they’re just be like seeing ads on things that social media like prompting people to remortgage I think there’s always going to be that and there’s always going to need to be advice whether everything’s online or or not. I think the for me what I love about brokers is that they can they help people get like

better deals than just going to your your bank and I think it’s invaluable as well. I love working with them and then speaking to them as well that the same reasons you got into it people still been doing it for like 20 years they still get a kick out of helping someone like move house as well. So it’s it’s a lovely job I mean it really is. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t do anything else

but you will see me and I’ll be working with Tesco.

We are catching up with you in 6911 thing I did I did pick up from so I went on your YouTube channel didn’t know if he knows some videos from 2014 on there

do you want you want to introduce that that

so before I became an estate agent yeah I actually am a fully trained former wow and that’s actually where the video stuff come in. So I was as a kid I was a fully trained that wasn’t

dancer, singer actor, all that stuff and then at 2122 decided to do something else after obviously that was 150 grams with scholarships. And

so yeah, that was my original background, you got into property. And that’s where the hybrid for my personality. It’s, I love it because it’s just performance. So that’s where the video stuff so it’s, it’s not a I feel like I’ve married up what I spent my childhood learning and combine that with with this and it’s working. So it’s really good. Yeah, I still do it only on the side. Yeah, no, I think I saw something on Instagram and it was you dancing with your fiance. I was and I was like, she’s a ballet dancer. So that’s how I met

now on a mortgage broker. And she sells CCTV so

I think

I’m asked to be one of the CO

It’s on the weekly

bit about is I’m happier now I’ll do this amazing I love it brilliant. So um one thing I wanted to talk about as well is you like facing that fear of doing video because a lot of people

don’t want to do it but I’m so I’m guessing then that background has helped a lot then. And what was it? Was it a thing for you when you

go? Yeah, it definitely was. And I tell you what I was to actually find out before coming on to hear a song to my fiance about it last night,

you’re worried because nobody else has done it. And like you said, there’s not many people doing it the moment going in front of the video and that sounds so old fashioned going in front of


a lot.

That’s like your generation.


I was definitely all good. But it’s funny because the more you do it, the more confident I’m getting. Yeah. And then then the training kicks in today. I mean, so then it is like, then I’m starting to the performance stuff. But my first couple of videos which I did, I started off originally with the homebuyer hard and then I’ve got rid of it because

it just doesn’t have a name on it. It’s a lot less than today

but um, but yeah,

it gets better definitely. And now it’s quite element. Join it soon as we finish this. I’ll do another video. Awesome. So yeah, no, I think you just got to get in front of it and do it. I think so. Yeah, I literally did just did a Instagram I set up a new Instagram account. I did a one minute video every working day in January, not the one just got the one before and then you get to a point where you start thinking about the content, not the camera. There’s like a breaking point. I guess it’s different for everyone else. And then

Now when you start like and when we first and then there’s that. And then we have the being scared of going live. And we’ve done that, for God knows how many months now you just kind of get used to it like any new thing being in front of a camera and anything is any different and I don’t think anyone’s naturally good at it like, so I think like Tom Cruise would have been back in the day. He wasn’t born good acting.

I probably could have come up with someone better you know like three MacAllan or somewhere like that. But I think I just think it’s a skill that anything else and you’ve got to like the the conference and went to last week was about feeling the fear and do any anyway.

So what did so what was your sort of plan then originally? Did you just think I’m going to practice and not use it or did you use the first ones? How did you say the first one What happened was um. Where I where it became what so to again all tongue tied with

Where where the idea came from was my man my missus well she follows loads of these influences on social media and there’s loads of industries where

you know like the so that the beauty industry all that stuff they do the beauty the fitness so there’s always people are more than happy to jump in front of the camera and show off yeah there was in our industry it usually attracted that person who’s quite introverted not really interested so there’s a huge market there for somebody who is willing to jump in front of the camera

when I did my first couple of videos I did put them up but they’ve been pulled down very quickly

because they were really really just wouldn’t yeah we wouldn’t and I think you know Gary das you’ve had on the on here already carry send me a lovely message saying I can’t hear you

so I bought one of these wonderful microphones on his brilliant and they’re not expensive on a what how much was


quid that was so nice that the road thing is yes literally I got from him telling me it was this

and a microphone and that is literally it

you don’t need to go out and get a load of expensive kit like I do the majority of my film in either so I’ve got this webcam which was 75 glitter and I that I’ve got one light

I’ve got the microphone for the podcaster stuff I don’t need that if I was just doing like video video I would literally just do it all my pixel three the camera on it’s amazing the camera on the smartphones and the minute Are you do not need to buy

a thing and then I’ve got this selfie stick but I’ve got one which is rubbish but I’ve got one that he’s got like the it’s more like a steady cams. It’s got like the suspension so none of that stuff is expensive. Not

And it doesn’t mean people are they didn’t care about the quality of the video. I don’t think it’s like that. It’s like the content. It’s you know, as long as it’s all doable, you know, wasn’t

it wasn’t

exactly brilliant so so what is great because I was a bit because I was kind of like wanting to get you on and talk about like feeling the fear and do it anyway in terms of the video I think great to hear that even though you were trained in performing you still felt like you were wooden so if people who haven’t done that and they and they do it the first one I think I’m more than that they can still do it and crack on and get better and better and better. Definitely. Definitely. I think it’s

you also feel like no one’s watching. Yeah, but I’ve noticed that and it’s really funny because I think we were talking before but you feel like no one’s watching but

This week I’ve had a few people quite a few people come up to me and go well I really love what you’re doing but nobody’s commenting as you said that they don’t and they don’t because they don’t want to be the first one to do it. Yeah and but it is it’s weird like I’ve had like my parents I said why once a week and they’ll go oh my main down when we were at the coffee shop. He said that you’re actually doing great and I think well, no one’s saying anything. No, absolutely. I think we I mean we had that same thing in our Facebook group, we got this, this group and it felt like and I spoke we’ve got a guy called Chris Ducker who’s like I get I can go on a call with him once a month and I was like, saying, it feels like I’m talking to a brick wall and then he said, just ask, just answering like What does everyone prefer the morning coffee tea just something stupid like and then I did and since then he was that interacts with see literally people are interacting Well, we’ve got people asking questions and things like that sometimes like we did it for ages.

Slide. That group is two years old now. And it’s only now people are starting to talk to us and like letting us know and that and the podcast is helping. It’s a long it’s a long game. It is a long game, but I I don’t know anyone who’s not benefiting from it that has done it for a while. That is consistent. And then I think as long as you’re and you mentioned, I don’t know what the post you mentioned was you I think he did a video on this actually, if you don’t worry about the sale if you actually just think about helping people then the sales will actually come and like I said,

I think

I think it was he would just do it because you’ve started doing those little vlog type videos where you

can run


run from when I’m walking back from the agency but yeah, it is and it’s that’s something that the oldest is about is

When I when I when you’re in corporate you do what what you want you know you do what they tell you to do and now what I’m what I’m trying to do is be the more like me and then try and get people to be attracted to me because here’s who I am. Yeah so

that’s where this is like it’s just effectively so my clients that one they’re all calling me once you’re on the phone but it’s like it’s one of those where I want them to have all access. So I want my clients to see like, I like tattoos. I want my clients and know I’ve got tattoos. I want my client to know when I’m down the shop I want I want to know everything because that way then then that they can’t be expecting something that you don’t I mean people have real people

literally there’s literally people do just like if you trust someone you like someone and especially when you’re giving because you’re kind of selling advantage. I can’t buy that from someone if I don’t trust them.

It was a penny Penny dropping moment for me was so my dad was very high up in corporate finance for years and years retired now and I always wanted to you know always that you can win everybody you can win everybody over we went for a drink and he was saying something or kind of exactly was but he was that I when I realized we were talking I would never win his business ever like so why am I even try

and assume that was a breakthrough it really well and a couple of breakthrough moments where it became really clear and I’m really quite bullish now in my appointments I charge the most money from all of my all of my competitors have never had an issue and I am very bullish in the sense that when I’m talking to clients I made them aware that the interview this first point that is for me to free them to work out if they like me, but also to me to work out whether I like that Yeah, no, absolutely and people like that is true, you know, because the end of the day

My client calls me on a Sunday and I will answer the phone. If I can’t stand them, you’re not going to then we’re going to answer the phone, then it’s a poor service and they pay for a good service. So if you think it’s again, it’s a long game and it goes hand in hand with the social media. Yeah,

but you really it’s like that old bloody sales. But you know, the raving fans you have to create your kind of tried. Yeah, and the social media stuff allows the thing really does. Yeah, no, absolutely. And Chris Duckers keynote from Friday. A couple of things he said was your tribe will get your vibe

exactly right. And then you want to attract like a magnet. So you want to attract the people that you like, and repel the ones that aren’t going to work well with you. Especially if you want to Yeah, no one’s gonna want to say call on a weekend from someone that they don’t like he really liked some you really want to work with them, then they almost become like a mate don’t they in your

You’re helping them out and then you quite happy to take that

silly example I put it up on my Instagram but like me and my other half of really into million dollar listing that I think I’ve seen into it not like I’ve got the guy’s name and that’s it I see that post and that was I we listened to his book because I listened to sales but because he’s an ex performer that then became a real estate so it kind of really worth and but yeah I was talking to these clients on Saturday and do the face to face appointment and told him to watch this and then on Sunday they will make an offer on a house and they kept sending me texts going oh you know we’re going to play Ryan sir and harmful and honest and that’s what and it’s silly and that’s the thing I’m after like after these guys like that I’m texting them what’s happened the most time because you can tell it read it

but you know like then these guys will use me hopefully for ongoing and that’s where you’ll get referred.

Might you say you will get wrapped the people you want instead of dealing with all the people who they don’t want to work may not even know them.

I love it. It’s awesome. Cool. So have you I was thinking we might have some people that were kind of working as an estate agent now and they’re thinking they like this idea of making that leap across so you got any advice for those those people just do it hundred percent Yeah, it’s the best decision if you are in estate agents and you are doing like just doing that and you are a customer focused person so you have to I think you have to be customer focused you also have to be honest so if you are if you you know if you’re an honest estate agent which is you have to aim but if you are

then definitely definitely do it and the a lot of estate agents I think I put off by the exams yeah it was for me like mentioned the beginning from being dyslexia


Yeah, do it. It’s worth it. But lots of the big corporates will pay to your training anyway. Yeah. So it’s I think, but you definitely need to if you’re going to go that route, you definitely what I would stay with your company and make the move, because I think we were talking before they said about don’t go self employed in it in like what I’ve just done now in the garden to affirm because it’s a whole different ballgame. Yeah,

but if you stay within your kind of world, so still agency, and then you make the move from estate agent to Fs so it’s a mortgage broker, then you you’re when you really well because all the clients care about in that environment is can you help them buy the house? Yeah, so your knowledge as an estate agent will separate you

from all your other competition if they’re from a bank, for example. Yeah, no, awesome. How long did it take you to sort of do all the qualifications and everything and when you or how long was it until you decided you were going to make that move and for you to to do it for you? I was on and off the year so when I left I left

called Performing Arts College in the year of working as a performer then went to agency. And the reason I was going to go into as to be a broker then because so my dad at time, he was training development director for the Cardinals group. And so when it’s called, and he said, I’ll go and do mortgages, first of all, and I just said, I can’t be bothered. I don’t want to do those exams. But as I put it off the original idea,

and then and it’s and it’s probably very similar to what you said with your guy before. So that was more of my own demons. My own kind of, I wasn’t very good at school, I didn’t really understand, so I will, I’ll just do the selling. And then I’ve toyed with the CF six and CF one books for the whole time because my sister’s a broker and my brother was a broker

and I kept seeing them doing it and then

eventually I just had it

so that’s three years of just reading it not doing it and we and then eventually it is kind of you had like a moment You think I don’t know why.

Just go for it. Yeah

and I made a transfer across to a different brand under the same company

and it’s brilliant and it was a lot It was very hard and if I didn’t know a state agency

I definitely would have saying yeah

you know I think the as anybody who’s a broken nose these the learning curve is like

horizontal vertical


don’t learn

but see how confidently pages are you think

your audience thinking that horizontal is Yeah,

get some comments reviews coming on it, but the whole horizontal vertical thing I’m not

I don’t have a clue. Gosh, but dyslexia There you go.

It’s brilliant. It’s best thing I ever did. And then

Yeah, it took about it took about six months. All in all I did. I did. Yeah, I did that. And I remember my, my loving father said to me, I was like, Oh, he said, he said, he said,

Oh, he said, You definitely, you revise. And you studied, he said, and you failed and his exact words were I think if you fail again, it’s definitely not the right career for you. Like you said,

because I can’t have my son on the train and develop director failing to test all the time

no pressure for the past.

One of my one of my favorite books is by my mentor. Failure breeds success where it’s like literally you it’s good to get to fail. You learn more by doing things wrong. And when he does it all when it goes into schools, especially when it goes into like public schools, and the kids have got loads of money they can go and do whatever they want. He says, I wish you all the failure in the world


You that’s where that is literally the best learning sucks it does it does suck but then you can always take you can always take positives out there I think I always thought yeah and I think you’re you’re right it’s it’s never nice when you’re in it not always look back I think it’s when you’ve got over it and you look back and you know that was actually good about your comfort zone is there I mean it’s just one of those things but just got to keep getting

quotes I love is

it’s not crowded in the extra mile so like when because there’ll be a lot of brokers thinking oh you know Gary’s in video now she’s doing video now there’s not as I think there’s plenty of room for hundreds more but in terms of like that the brokers in general there’s thousands of them Yeah, but what it must feel competitive and crowded marketplace but then you’re going the extra

Mind with this video stuff that then it’s not crowded that you’ve got, you’ve got no competition I’ve never had, I don’t I don’t worry about the competition. And that’s really like an award I did a year ago. So it’s really silly. But you’re right with Gary, that and I think the more brokers who can do this, the better like because once you start doing this you start investing in yourself I think. Yeah, man when when someone says, Well, why do you charge x and they charge why instead of getting in this comparison. You say, Well, I chose that because I’m me. Yeah. And I don’t make comments on what they do. So don’t mean that like it really and I think the thing where and Gary does does this and I’ve had lots of debates within our kind of office about needing your niche you really are gonna

you’re not going to lose I think you’re just not going to be the best you can be. Yeah, I think just having that focus, especially if you’re doing like content for us when we start our agency.

We used to be the lead engine was lead generation for anything. We worked on all sorts of things, sports products, engineering companies. And it was hard in terms of marketing, but also in delivery because we were now because we just do find it services. And the majority of the stuff we do is mortgages. We’ve learned so much in terms of delivery, we can deliver mortgage work easier, but also when we’re marketing as one of the podcast. So, you know, if I had just done a lead generation podcast, I wouldn’t have the listeners that I have now because it’s not for anyone. It’s for everyone. Then you’re the podcast you say and I wrote a review on yours I think you’ve already seen it

I’ve been looking for so you’re saying about me doing the videos and Gary and stuff but it’s the same with the podcast like I’ve been looking for podcast podcast that does what you’re doing for years like there isn’t anybody doing it and it seems really weird in our industry that nobody is doing it everybody’s a bit shy. Yeah. Every other industry

This podcast for everything. Yeah, I mean, and there’s no reason why a broker can’t do that. But we had Pete Matthew on. He was episode one. He’s a financial planner. And he did a podcast and he’s like 810 years in now. And he’s ridiculous people queue up to work with him. He said about and this is what I was in the chat because actually, that’s when we were talking about me getting on. Yeah, because I was in the gym listening to that. And he was talking about Gary Vee. And I was thinking yeah, like you

talking about that. No, mortgage advisors are doing that if they did, and he was literally just saying what I’m doing and I was like, brilliant I’m definitely on the right track. No one’s liking it. I’m still this guy says he’s right. Definitely. I think that it’s it’s literally is it literally is like baby steps, baby steps, baby steps and I’m not I mean, I’m just getting started myself. So I’m not one to talk about these things. But from what I’ve seen of people who I’ve luckily I’ve created a master minds

of people that have gotten much

podcast audiences and they’ve been doing it for five six years and from there it’s just they’ve all do the similar things in it and it just kind of kind of works it’s all each other like you said before that I

had a couple of brokers messaged me which again I said this the other half about it again I said this is where you can see where some people think that you become an influencer. And I’ve only done it very small that time. But these young brothers have messaged me saying what would you do and I think you’ve already

figured out

he’s lovely because that is part of it. It’s not like you said it’s not about I’m not worried if other people the videos in fact, if anybody learning your lessons are doing videos, I’d love to talk to them because it’s it you know, I want to be a home buyer specialist. But if you’ve got somebody who does buy to let it really want to do that, and I mean it’s always fun and that’s the reason why you can’t do a color video with with someone

and you talk about your expertise they taught there there’s


That’d be awesome

it was cold well we’ve been recording for nearly 40 minutes which feels like

three minutes what I wanted to do with you is set some scary goals for when we next speak okay so six to nine months and then we’ll we’ll come back and listen to this section in fact we may we could play it out in six nine months so what in terms of the the marketing the the lead gen everything you’re doing what your what’s your scary goal a scary go so doesn’t need to be realistic like

I should be getting seven like a lead every day from my videos I don’t spend any money on something like that something crazy that would be

I would be looking at I’ll be looking for a lead but maybe three leads a week from my from my social media which

Hopefully animals are looking for

I’ve been looking for a bigger reach on social that’s what I would like to be some I’m right now the focus on leads it’s that’s lovely in the back burner because I think it’s a so right now I would like to be a further reach so that my goal would be that more people reach out to me and you know that’s for you know be that brokers or be that

be that yeah like clients but reach out to me via social media that would be if I do get my lead source to be 60 70%

for social I’d be absolutely

brilliant I think I’m gonna say I think anything at nine a week nine away yeah okay and then we’ll we’ll play this Facebook posts

and we’ll see see who wins the winner gets a prize

I think that’d be really awesome to do and I hope it’s well above what you’re expecting

think so I think if you keep that consistency going because you are literally pull it putting it out

you know really yeah is that which again is one of those that’s one thing I would say to anyone who’s good doing it if you want you’ve got to really love it yeah

yeah cuz may not be video because I if you’re if people feel that the video the podcast is another thing that you can do and you can push quotes on that for that can be you create that one big bit of content whether it’s video podcast whatever and then you can use that as your your bits for social and you don’t have to interview people you could do like solo one there’s so many different opportunities yeah I mean there’s loads of exciting stuff I have loads of ideas of what I was like I made a little black book Bible my ideas for where I can take things

because the main thing of mine is literally just trying to lift the lid off of the estate agents the industry and that help people with that so that’s really so when you go and speak to the agent when he says your offer needs to be qualified buyer in house moment.


explain to the agent the clients are actually what that means because there is a spirit the smidgen of truth within that

but not the full lots of that so that definitely Yeah Then what about

here and we’ll end on a strong note

key takeaway right the other week just slight not

for the love it do you thank you so much for for joining me sharing everything I’m really excited to get this episode out there and then I’m really looking forward to that catch up episode where we play that clip back and said I see where you are with it and obviously following you and give you I can get I feel like I can give you more banter now and your your posts go for it please do

even just some nasty things on there there’s at least at least that involves a lot save the nasty stuff with the M’s and then

the banter for the for the public.

Thank you Mike so have you What is your where’s the best place for I know obviously on LinkedIn is Ash ball and what’s the I can’t remember your Instagrams all over it so I’ve got

literally everywhere

at Borland on Instagram yeah I’ve got Facebook page which is connected to that which again is just attached Borland I use Twitter which is the some idiot took a dashboard and so it’s at Baldwin

mess that the consistency and then and then LinkedIn as well which is just me yeah they all kind of have the same stuff and been more active on Instagram or anything else yeah no matter Instagrams my preferred thing I have no continuity or or any of my social media stuff I try to well there’s like a million people called Alex kurz for Star is like the most common name ever but my my Instagrams like Insta Kurt yeah

just tweet okay


last night and my mate who was singing with me he said who’s into the case

because I was messaging you

know His name’s Alex


yeah that’s it

really yeah definitely Instagram is the name of because I’m I love the stories as well another story so brilliant Everyone follow ash given some banter encouragement

completely full

just that deleted them

but yeah definitely I would recommend following the the Instagram for the stories just having a look at some of the content that you’ve got that kind of design that you’ve got your posts in terms of your tips and things like that there’s loads of things people can from learn from seeing that and it’d be great to see that grow as well. Brilliant. Thank you. All right, mate. Thank you What we’re going to start

I know and we’ll speak soon

and then we have it I’m genuinely excited to catch up with ash in like we said six nine months we’ll definitely get him back on the podcast just see what kind of effects you know how’s he stuck with it as he you know, a lot of people do this kind of marketing thing and and give that but I’ve got a I’ve got a feeling that actually is going to be very successful seems very driven all the kind of the things that he’s been talking about, I can tell he’s got the passion for what he does, I think he’s going to be very successful at it. So I’m very excited to see where he’s getting up. And I made a bit of a bold prediction about the leads that I think he’s going to be generating from the content that he’s doing. So if you enjoy that chat with ash if you’re a mortgage broker, or if you are, in fact if you do any kind of financial service, even if you’re at that beginning of your journey, and you’re happy for us to document your your journey, please do get in touch with me if you join the lead generation for financial services group on Facebook, and then chats me on there and we’ll see if we can set something up if you’ve enjoyed

The show please do rate and review us it really, really helps especially in iTunes so I would appreciate that and then I will see you next time for another episode of the podcast cheer CRM.

008 – Tom Martin – YouTube Channel Fuel

008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel
008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel

I interviewed one of the world’s foremost experts in YouTube and YouTube strategy.

For the last 7 years he has been working in the corporate world working and growing the YouTube channels of some of the world’s biggest Media companies. He started out at the BBC and ran their channels, launching the official channels for both Doctor Who and Sherlock as well as adding millions of subscribers to the Top Gear channel.

He then went over to be head of YouTube and social media for a company called Endemol where he launched and revamped their channels and added billions of views and millions of subscribers in record time – most of which came from turning around the fortunes of Mr Bean!

Last year in June he took the plunge of leaving the corporate world to go it alone as a consultant.

Hello. Welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week we’re going to be talking about YouTube. So I’ve got a one of the world’s foremost YouTube and YouTube strategy consultant. He worked for the BBC and worked on YouTube channels like Doctor Who Sherlock Top Gear, increase the amount of subscribers and viewers massively. So this guy is a really impressive CV. I will let Tom introduce himself in a second. But if you are kind of really frustrated by YouTube, or just think there’s too much competition. Tom will break everything down for what we can do to get more viewers, more subscribers and like with everything, there are just simple things that you can do so without butchering it. Let’s hear from Tom, you’ve got quite an impressive CV. You were quiet.

Come together word but you weren’t, you weren’t, you were quite a common thing in the world you weren’t boasting about it what is the opposite of that? But I would be if I had worked on all these channels so you’ve started off at the BBC. So tell us what your credentials are in terms of the channels that you’ve worked on and managed yeah so I started off at the BBC back in 2012 so I’ve been working on YouTube pretty much every day since then for what is that now seven years which is an years on YouTube like like dog years so I’ve probably the you know the equivalent of probably been on YouTube for a lifetime I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the platform and I had zero had zero experience before I joined the BBC right totally blind the interview million percent just totally by the interview I’d never even uploaded a video before it to kind of learned the buttons I like to say in the first few days and then really just been

Trying to master the platform ever since then. So I’m not really a video guy I’m not really a production specialist I really tried to focus on getting the most out of a video once it’s ready to go on to youtube so I’m pretty early on I had some some quick wins I launched the doctor who channel within a few months the official Doctor Who channel without ever seen an episode of Dr here

Luckily, luckily luckily I had some real doctor who nerds around me that there helped me out there

yet. And then I was working on the top gear channel I managed to take that from 750,000 subscribers to three and a half million subscribers in my first 12 months which was

a pretty good win and set me in good stead. And you know, I was dining out on that statistic for years and years

but in the meantime, you know, picked up a few golden play buttons which is what happens when you get a million subscriber.

channel. So I’ve done that a few times. And then I moved over to a company called Endemol who are another big TV company and they make stuff like Peaky Blinders and master chef Black Mirror.

But actually their biggest property was Mr. Bean.

And they’re the Mr. Bean YouTube channel was pretty big as you had about 3 million subscribers. And I was doing about 30 million views a month, which sounds amazing and it is but in terms of what that channel I’ve done in the past, it was pretty hard times.

So I came in do what I do best kind of audited the whole channel made some changes in terms of like SEO and optimization. And by the time I left a year and a bit later,

the channel gone from 3 million to 10 million and was doing about 160 million views a month. So some pretty

impressive growth stats and I’ll be now dining out of them for the rest of my life.

And then yeah, so after my time that I decided that I wanted to stop making lots of money for other people on YouTube and start to try and make myself some money. So now I’m self employed. I have my own business where I consult with companies, brands and independent creators to help them get more views on YouTube, essentially. Yeah, brilliant. Fantastic. And I think a lot of people will say, you know, if I if I was in charge of like, Doctor Who, or Top Gear or whatever, I could do the same, but I guess just because you’re the official BBC doesn’t mean someone else can take clips from Doctor Who or top gear and outrank you. It doesn’t just because you are the BBC doesn’t give you special privileges, does it? You’re competing like everyone else. It certainly does help and I think in the future Jesus.

Kind of technical reasons that we won’t go into too much today that will probably help even more. But what I would argue is that, for example, that Mr. Bean channel took about seven years to get to 3 million subscribers. And then we took it to 10 million within 12 months of that by making some changes.

So arguably, yes, there are lots of people that could probably do a great job with something as amazing as Mr being

by thing that kind of growth is even you know, by my experience of being on the platform for seven years is hard to find other examples of of growth quite like that. Yeah, no, absolutely I’m brilliant then so you can obviously do that when there’s those sort of big audiences and how are you finding it now I guess you’re working with people that have got like a smaller cut a niche and things like that you is is the kind of the rules or sorry the kind of strategy the same no matter what size channel you’ve got. Yeah, I think the fundamentals of

remain the same, especially in terms of what I specialize in, which is kind of YouTube SEO. So we’re talking about like, how do you title a video and give it a good description and the tags and that kind of strategy. And that’s pretty much fundamentally the same, no matter what strategy will change slightly depending on where you are in your journey. You know, I’d say when you’re first getting started, you need to work harder to please the algorithm in order to be discovered at all because, you know, there’s so much competition on YouTube and it just gets harder and harder every day to start from scratch. So, you know,

if you would start a five years ago, you’d be a lot better off then you’re starting off today. And if you start off today, you probably be a lot better off than if you start tomorrow. So I’d say if you’re on that fence, I’d say you know, jump into the water sooner rather than later. But yeah, those early stage I think you need to work harder to

kind of take all of the SEO boxes. And then when you get to a certain size, you can start to have a little bit more creative freedom and kind of make videos that you know more. Maybe I’m

scratching your own itch, shall we say, Okay, cool. So if I tell you what I’ve been, we haven’t really been doing it if I was going to because I’ve been creating videos I’ve been looking at my SEO strategy for like people looking for mortgage leads or financial services leads and things like that. And I’m creating an accompanying video for my page and I’m titling it and I’m just watching it on YouTube. So I’m not doing this but what I’ve been looking into recently is getting the keywords anywhere Chrome extension and then searching on YouTube for something related to what I do seeing the numbers there and then creating a video but I’ve also found morning fame I think it’s cool Yeah.


Which will then kind of let me know whether I’ve got the if I if it’s likely that I’m going to rank for that as well. So is my Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or is that similar to what you’re now? I think, yeah, yeah, you’re definitely way more advanced than probably 95% of people using YouTube, right?

The fact that you’re doing keyword research at all is

amazing. And certainly, like one of my biggest tips is kind of my speciality. I’ve got a course coming out about YouTube keyword research in a couple of months. I did it I did a big talk about it in kind of like the industry’s biggest conference in LA last year. And it just went down a treat because it’s spoken about a lot, but no one really knows how to do it kind of scientifically.

So I can’t comment too much on the tools that you’ve mentioned, because I’ve not used them perfectly. I know of them. Yeah, so I can’t speak too much about the data that they provide a buyer

Recommended tool called vid IQ which gives

exact keyword search data. Whereas something like keywords everywhere I believe is an estimate derived from Google Search data.

And even even this morning I was doing some keyword research for a new channel and a new project that I’m working on. And I was I was doing some google keyword research as well because I wanted to launch in a company website and the the difference in traffic between what people were searching for on YouTube and Google for the same the same exact terms were

quite staggering, really, you know, more, you know, 10 times more people were searching on YouTube for the same term. So, um, I use that particular tool because I know I can rely on that for what people actually searching for on YouTube.

But really the yes that is

a giant part of my strategy is to find keywords that people are searching for on YouTube that are

have high search volume low competition and then optimize my videos metadata to try and rank for those keywords essentially. Okay, cool if anyone’s last will dissect each bit i think but I just want to talk a bit more about vid IQ I think I’ve heard about it I’ve never used it

will that so well that just give me traffic data. Will that also show me if I’m likely to rank as well? And what it gives a competition data as well so it will give you competition data but it will be kind of broad spectrum competition day and it won’t be waited to your channel like I believe morning fame does. Yes. So it will say generally the competition for this keyword is really good or really bad, but it won’t it won’t change the number depends on who’s searching right excellent. Okay. Which is probably a big floor by say, Yeah, but morning fame is incredibly cheap.

I don’t know.

How much lead IQ is? Is it is it? Is there a free version? What’s there is a there is a free version bit will only give you time it won’t unlock all of those keyword results. But you can get that to unlock their cheapest paid version which I believe is

$10 a month. If you pay monthly and like $7 a month if you pay annually sites in terms of a YouTube tool, it’s the best money I have begun to spend. And I use it I use it every day. That’s amazing because I think morning famous about the same price. So if you think you know, $20 a month if that’s going to get me you know if I’m going to start getting clients because then you’re not tied into the annual thing. Yeah. Okay. So if I’m if I’m sitting on the fence now and I’m thinking $20 a month I could spend that on ads or something like that. How long would you give it so that’s this take you know, if we think about a mortgage broker, there’s got a few videos already what what would you what time frame would you give say I

Done your course. And I follow everything. Yeah. What? What sort time would you give it? Well, it depends more exactly what results you would expect. But you can expect to see changes. Within a couple of weeks. I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen changes take take hold almost instantly. And I’ve seen some changes not have too much of an effect. And it all kind of depends on the broader strategy of,

you know, how good the videos are for a start, you know,

without wanting to be to

cruise like, you can’t Polish a turd if, if the, you know, optimize. So, I always like to say that optimization is a multiplier of quality. So, she’s got a great video and you’ve optimized it really well. It will do really well if you’ve got an average video that’s really well optimized. They’ll probably do quite well but she’s got a bad video that’s what optimized you know you can

contract and what you might be able to get get in front of some people. But if then if the audience don’t react in a good way, if they don’t stick around and watch lots of your video and lots of your videos, YouTube will not continue to recommend you. So

this is not a shortcut. This is a kind of best practices that is going to help you to reach the kind of full potential of what you’re making. And another thing is that this system or this, you know, the strategy only really works if you’re consistent.

So if I if I was if I had a channel that was based on

you know,

call me car maintenance and I’ve made videos about common sense for a year and then I did some keyword research and realized there was a really good opportunity to make a video about

vital and mortgages I’m not going to rank for that video because YouTube’s going to look at my channel and say you don’t have the authority to speak on why to let mortgages life so your way

Not going to rank you for that. So there are a number of factors, one being the kind of watch time that you can generate. And the second being, like, how consistently you and how, how you related to that niche. Are you in authority in that niche. Okay. So if I’ve had a channel for a while, and I’ve just been not really doing much with it,

I suppose, I guess, this evening to take case by case. But you do you think it’s better to start fresh on something, if you’ve just been fooling around and not taking it seriously, no, I wouldn’t start fresh. I would go back in in terms of SEO and go back and clean up everything that I’ve done in the past. But what I would do is kind of stick a flag in the ground and say, like, now we’re starting now. You know, we mean business and you need to be consistent. You need to be able to publish at least one video a week, I’d say if you want to be taken seriously by the algorithm. And I’d say if you can’t commit to do that, I probably wouldn’t bother because you’re only going to get

Like any platform, whether it’s blogging, email, marketing, social media, you’re only going to get out of it, what you put in and if you can’t, if you can’t keep consistent,

we don’t really have a choice. So you really just You’re wasting your time and resource investment. Yeah, awesome. Okay, cool. So we’ve got we’ve got a bit little bit geeky early when we were talking about like titles matters descriptions and tags and things like that we’ve got quite a few marketing managers that will know what that is but we’ve got some kind of self employed brokers and kind of solo printers that maybe don’t know what that is so you should we start the top with with the title and work our way down yes

a good title should be

keyword rich so when we talk about keywords with with talking about what words are people searching for in the search bar

so let’s say you’re trying to rank for by to let mortgage and then you’d need

have that

in the title of the video. So it might be Ultimate Guide to buy to let mortgages or might be buy to let mortgages one or one or five reasons you should

stop selling Baitullah mortgages.

And then I would also go a step further and say, What is the kind of an umbrella subject that you’re trying to be an authority insight might be. So what’s the name of your YouTube channel? For example,

in my youtube channel? Yeah, yeah. So the lead engine i think is okay.

Yep. So you might have something like

the ultimate guide to buy to let mortgages and then as a kind of subtitle, you might have

financial services advice as kind of like a subtype and then I would have your channel name so the lead engine so what we’d

What what I always like to say is that the front end of the title is for humans and the rest of it is for the machine. So what we so we need to start the title to be keyword rich. So we we get that SEO value also we need to get if we get in front of someone we need to get clicked on. So it can’t be too dry can’t be too boring, it needs to really answer a question that’s being asked. And then the rest of it is really we just getting some extra keywords in there. And by having

like your channel name at the end of all of your video titles, and we’ll see this as we go from the other elements is what we’re trying to do is engineer relationships between our own videos and this is really key and this is not what many people talk about because ultimately when somebody watches one of your videos you want you to to say well, they enjoyed that and we can clearly see that these other videos are very closely

related to what he’s just spoken about. And they’ve got the same big section of their title. And they’ve got the same selection of tags. And they’ve got some very similar text in their descriptions. So what we’re doing, we’re trying to just give subtle hints that Well, you know what, YouTube if, if people like what I’m seeing here, they’re also going to like these other 20 videos that are suggested down here. And it’s that suggested sidebar, which is really going to make or break in YouTube channel

because if you’re taking up those slots, you know, that’s really kind of an organic and sustainable way to get views for your YouTube channel. Instead of just trying to get one or two viral here we just we just created an engine where people can go into one video and they’re just going to get sucked into a wormhole of watching more and more of your videos. Fantastic. love it when I said to you before we hit record, I love doing these interviews because I learned so much and

that slightly and it’s funny. How silly

All these things are and they just make sense. And it’s just like a little thing that that makes perfect sense in my head. I should have thought of it before

and I love it. So

yeah, this this. So yeah, a lot of what I teach is very kind of just logical. And basically, there are no secret. There are no silver bullets. There’s no secret hacks. There’ll be a lot of people that will try and say, how do you hack the algorithm? You don’t you make good content and you optimize

and if you hit those fundamentals and those foundational elements correctly, then you’ll do well brilliant excellent. Okay, so we’ve done our title with

10 reasons to remortgage in 2019, or something

with mortgage advice, like would you put like a dash? Oh, yeah, yeah, it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter what the separator is but yeah, and then as a national group, Vice dash my company name and then I went on next to my

Yes So you want to start off every video with again a keyword rich

synopsis of the video so in this video we’re going to tell you why in 2019 it’s important to

have vital and mortgages on offer in your brokerage sorry i’m not i’m not an expert

but what what you’re trying what you’re trying to do is get those keywords into that description. Yeah, again, you want in these to read well for humans. So you can’t just do like a long list of keywords. It needs to be like it needs to make perfect sense in English because we’re writing for humans as well as the machine

and then so each each video will have a unique description like synopsis, but underneath that, just like in the title, I like to layer on a few things that start to get common amongst similar video.

So I like to

it might not necessarily be relevant for everybody here their channel but I like to think of a video as a channel and it has categories of in it so let’s say for example you the lead engine you might make videos around mortgages around accountancy around tax

around insurance

and then what you want is to create kind of commonalities between those categories like I said we’re we’re engineering relationships so in every description of a insurance video you might say Click here to watch our playlist of excellent in insurance broker videos and then you might have a similar thing for all of your mortgage broker videos and similar for that to be of that is you’re getting keywords like insurance broker in there be also sending people off if they do click to go and watch unload more.

Your videos and then underneath that I would have something that sums up the entire channel I can just a couple of couple of sentences that say Hi there this is the leader engine YouTube where specialist in generating leads for the financial services industry whatever whatever other keywords you wanted to get in and I would put that on every single video that you upload again we’re just trying to show commonality between videos

and drive eyeballs between our own videos basically brilliant I love it and that’s one thing I definitely would have thought of because when you when you’re doing like SEO normal it on Google like having things that are the same like duplicate content yeah it doesn’t like that then I totally get the logic behind doing that in the description for YouTube if that’s what Google likes as well and this this is this is why you always have to have that unique

synopsis at the top because what we never ever one is is that every

Have two videos that have 100% identical meta data for those reasons. Yeah, because then you’re looking it’s just spammy. And it’s lazy. And it’s a bad user experience as well. So you always have to have something unique in every title, tag and description. Brilliant. Fantastic. Okay. And then after our description, we’ve got the opportunity to put tags in there, which again, I assume is making that link between all your videos. Yeah, you guessed it. So again, we’re doing like a layered system where we put some tags that we would apply to every single video on the channel. So that might be like financial services, financial services, leads lead generation and then you have a set of tags for each category. So you have your insurance tags, you have your mortgage tags, and you have your or investment tags

and then you have the because remember, we need unique metadata for each video and then on each other.

video will have a few tags that are video specific. So we might have on your

buyer to rent mortgages who have like by to read mortgage bites around, should I get a bite to rent, mortgage

you know that kind of stuff so that again is there is a lot of similar metadata across the channel and nothing is 100% identical. Brilliant and I’m just thinking in my head cuz I’m thinking right soon as we get off I’m going to be going and all my journal and I was thinking what I’m going to create a Google Doc that has got my content that so that bit in the description at the bottom I’ll have that typed out. So when I when I’m uploading a new video, I have this Google Doc open on the other side and I’ll have those keywords for the tags in a separate section. So I can literally copy and paste to do my unique stuff and then copy and paste my stuff that goes on on everything. Do you do a similar system or absolutely 100% and that’s the beauty

So not only does this become super SEO ninja stuff is really, really efficient because it becomes a copy and paste job. And so, you know, say 70% of the metadata for every single video uploaded is predetermined Yeah, and so you’re just putting on the video specific stuff on top of that. So it’s really consistent, really good for SEO and also really efficient because it takes away a lot of the legwork and if you’re using something like vid IQ IQ buddy, you can program a lot of this stuff to be like a default so you can say well this is an insurance videos so populate that end of your title,

that chunk of your description and those chunk of tags, so you don’t even have to copy and paste there. Oh, amazing.

Even better. Brilliant. Okay, so um, do then our playlists make an effect are we should we be because I’ve set them I’ve set playlists up just so I can send

The link out but I wasn’t really thinking in terms of SEO for my playlist is that factor? Yeah playlist. A huge and really kind of underutilized weapon because one

YouTube love playlists because you know, if you send someone to a playlist, they’re much more likely to go and watch 567 videos. Yeah. As opposed to one

and two, when you create a new playlist you’re creating, like, without having to upload your you’re increasing the footprint on the platform. You know, there’s another way that somebody can bump into you. And there’s another reason that someone might come to YouTube. And if you can imagine that if you can rank a playlist for a good keyword, you’re not ranking one video, you’re ranking like seven, eight videos.

So it’s really great. There’s not that much you can do in terms of optimizing a playlist apart from making the title keyword rich. And there’s also a space to make a description which was somewhat keyword rich. I didn’t know that was there because I’ve been creating the

whitelists when I’m uploading the video sometimes and just doing the ads the title and then not doing a description yeah so you can go back into the playlist settings and adding a little blurb that fantastic okay cool Is there any other metadata that we’ve missed I’m not necessarily obviously you want a really good thumb now again because you’re trying to get clicked so so good being discovered but if you don’t get clicked again you’ll stop getting served

so it’s no different than having a good blog title or a good image for a Facebook ad something like that you’ve got you’ve got our increase that conversion rate

and it’s sort of a nap now YouTube actually gives you that conversion rate data in analytics which had never used to so you can see how well your your videos are converting brilliant any tips on on like thumbnails what to feature I think it was actually the vid IQ guy

He does YouTube lives where he writes other people’s channels and I think he was like saying, don’t have the title of your video in your thumbnail make it different. Yeah, absolutely. Very good friends of mine. Those would ask you guys,

this is the perfect, perfect advice. One thing to be careful is not to have too much texting a thumbnail generally because,

you know, most YouTube Traffic is on mobile. Yeah. And so people are seeing it like that big. So if you’ve got loads of text in it, it’s going to be impossible to read on mobile and secondly exactly like I’ve a robot Jeremy said on the vid IQ channel is that you don’t want to duplicate your title on the on the phone now because when do you ever see a YouTube thumbnail where it’s not directly next to

the top of it just never happens. So you’re you’re wasting the opportunity. So if you imagine that

Your title is kind of super keyword rich and more SEO optimized. Any text that you put on the thumbnail, you want to be click optimized. So might be a little bit more sensational,

a little bit more sexy.

You know, you don’t want to cross over into being like clickbait

and you never want to make any promises in the text that your video doesn’t deliver on, but you can probably use it to be a little bit more salesy, should we say it again, we’re looking to convert someone from a browser into a into a viewer. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Okay, I’ve got another question quite selfishly because I find blogging at the moment so we recently moved off this and I wanted to document the old office and the whole move and everything and I’m basically I’m just carried on doing

so that I presumed people aren’t searching for like, oh, somebody might have log Have you got any ideas or

experience in that type of video where it’s kind of documenting so I get yeah and it’s a lot more difficult and people are searching for like the word know, vlog vlog 2019 Yes The problem is you’re competing with just a giant channels just like YouTube superstars and stuff like that. And

I would,

I would hazard a guess to say that those and not let co channel apologies. I would hazard a guess to say that those videos then get viewed as much as your kind of how to content would that be right? Well, it’s funny because actually I’m getting because LinkedIn is now embedding the YouTube video and rather than when you put the link in, so I get decent views of but it’s via LinkedIn Yeah, on the blog and people curious about what we’re up to,

but yes.

But I don’t get any kind of like search traffic off that I know that yeah so what I would say is whether it’s a blog or not a great piece of advice that I always give to people is to separate your different types of videos so you might put like

you might get a list of all of your videos and you might say well that’s a blog that’s a hell to that’s a repurpose Facebook Live that’s a direct piece of camera piece to camera that’s about insurance that’s about mortgages that’s about credit cards and then what you can do is you can take the video ID and you can stick that into a custom group in YouTube analytics and instead of trying to guess what you think is doing well or not you can say well you know

the the the paces the camera outperform repurpose Facebook Lives by 50% or videos about insurance. Get 20% more views and videos about credit cards and then you can

That to hone down your

your style of video, but also the topics of your video.

So you might say, you know what, these logs a gray. My customers love them potential clients love them. But YouTube doesn’t say you know what I’m just gonna create Instagram Stories I’m just going to upload natively to LinkedIn if people want to see stuff about us It might be that LinkedIn is the place for those videos and because the problem is YouTube will set look at you as a whole they won’t just say okay well we’ll promote your how to but we won’t promote the roles what they’ll say is this blog content isn’t doing great so we’re not going to send out the next video and if the next video happens to be a how to video that’s going to suffer from the performance of a previous bad videos so I’d be I’d be quiet if you as long as you’ve got enough data to actually make a kind of scientific judgment and say

is it statistically relevant? I’d say you know these blogs are performing


so much worse by might be there somewhere

and say, because of that, I’m going to do less of video type x and more video type Why? And I’m going to make them in format a instead of format be

because that’s what the algorithm likes. I know like, we’re part of similar communities online, such as the new print of community and you know, repurposing content is really important, it really makes sense. But it doesn’t mean that all of the platforms respect that. Yeah, so if you’ve got like a an audio only podcast and then you just put the audio up that’s not necessarily going to cut it on YouTube. So like having these groups in analytics will really tell you what’s working what’s not

and where you’re really wasting your time and resource not only that you could actually be hurting the performance of stuff that would otherwise perform a lot better Yeah, now this was I think it so if I’ve got a sort of a great

group of videos that not doing very well hold on my channel back would deleting them make a difference or if it’s done it’s done and I’m not really a fan of the league and stuff especially if it’s you know a few years old because you never know who might find it and they might go on a journey and find your new stuff so I think that’s I think that’s probably maybe a little bit too much but why why we’re definitely again is say put a flag in the ground and say from now on you know what we’re not putting any more repurpose live streams on all we’re not playing anymore. We don’t make it any more videos about

debt consolidation, because you choose doesn’t like it for what you know, I’m just making that they don’t like it and they D monetize it. So we’re not going to make any more videos about debt consolidation. Fantastic. Brilliant. Okay, well, I feel like I’ve got massive To Do List already, but I also feel like we’re potentially just scratching the surface.

And I’m really excited about your, your course it’s coming out. So can you tell us as coming the marches you say, yeah, yeah. Brilliant. So what am I going to learn? And how can I find out about it and make sure I get a reminder when it when it’s when it comes out? Yeah. So, um, this course will be, this is my first course. And it will be specifically about YouTube keyword research. So I I’ve just actually put some finishing touches to some recording this morning. So I’ve not finished the process of the of the car and I’m doing like a live case study of a new channel that I’m building and so far, it’s taken me about seven hours to do the keyword research for this new channel and you’ll be taken in painstaking detail my process of how I do the research but then how I implement that in order to

to grow the channel to come up with video ideas and that kind of stuff so you can sign up for a waiting list if you go to

www dot channel feel.co forward slash course fingers crossed that is correct.

I was just gonna write it on

Oh, so hopefully hopefully it will work.

If not, I’ll send you the link and we can you can see you out maybe later so that’s due to to launch in March and then they’ll probably be the first of a number of courses if that’s a bit too advanced for some of you

I do have a book on kind of general YouTube optimization which is again just touching on those fundamentals how to write a tie or how to write a description how to make a good film now and you can find that www dot optimization ebook. com you can spell that the American or the English way because I’m kind of

I’m conscientious like that.

And that’s like a really

nice less than 10

dollars and that you know that’s

a lot of information that will make sure that you’re running your YouTube channel and really optimally from day one pretty much fantastic excellent thank you so much right I feel like I’ve learned a ton and I’m really excited to get into my youtube channel look at some of the old stuff and see what improvements yeah no worries and maybe I can come back next year and we can see how you how you how you how you’ve grown the channel since then. Challenge accepted

brilliant cool all right thank you so much for your teammates and obviously if I want to speak to you if it’s a lot of work and I don’t want to do it myself I can go to channel feel dot CEO and get you to do it for me I presume you can indeed yes fantastic. So yeah my fancy new graphics we’ve got the site of the bottom also drop a link in the comments as well and thank you again me and we will speak to you soon and a pleasure Good luck Good luck everyone. With

channels fantastic thank you. I absolutely love that show with Tom and I hope you took something from it as well I immediately got my laptop out my YouTube channel out and I started ordering it and I am signing up for that vid IQ as well so if you enjoyed that conversation and you want to see these interviews live in our Facebook group just search for lead generation for financial services on Facebook you’ll find the group you can join there you’ll also get see talking and live as well where we critique social media adverts to help you make better and as well if not I will hopefully see you next week or you’ll hear me next week on the podcast and I would really appreciate if you could subscribe leave a review it will be amazing it will mean I can get some much bigger gas all that Tom is not you know you can’t get much bigger than the the world’s biggest YouTube strategist but I want to bring to you every a big name in marketing and financial services so that we can all learn together and generate some more leads for our business. So So tune in next week and I will see you then.

How We Get Free Video Advertising With YouTube

What are True View In-Stream Video Ads

YouTube provides the perfect platform to reach your target audience through advertisements, for little to no cost with True-View In-Stream Ads. With this platform, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video, which brings a whole new dynamic to advertising, as it provides the viewer a choice to watch or not to watch your advert. This means that you get more views from people who decide to watch your video, that are genuinely interested in your services/products and what you have to offer them.

Spend As Much Or As Little As You Want

With True View In-Stream Ads, you choose the price you want to pay for a view. Which means you do not have to spend excessive amounts of money, you pay exactly what you want to pay. With True View In-Stream Ads, you set your maximum daily budget of how much you want to pay. For example, you could pay £10 or £20 a day, which means you get more traffic for little money, and you reach the right audience for the right price.

Videos Can Be As Long As You Want

With YouTube Ads, you are not restricted by time-limits as your video can be as long or as little as you want, giving you the freedom to experiment with various creative formats. You could try a longer product demo, a testimonial video or a how-to video that demonstrates your product in action, the choice is yours. We normally use videos of a minute long, as our end-goal is to drive traffic to our website. We want to entice people to our website to see what we have to offer.

Why YouTube Is A Great Place To Advertise

With over a billion people visiting YouTube, it makes for the ideal platform to get your message across to people who are interested and choose to view your advert, and you don’t pay unless they do. The benefit of this is that people who choose to watch your advert, are 10 times more likely to engage with your content by sharing and subscribing to your channel.

Types Of YouTube Ad

There are two types of True View Ads: In-Display and In-Stream. In-Stream poses a variety of different benefits, that can be utilised so that you do not even have to pay a penny. This method is where viewers see your video for 5 seconds and are given the choice to skip it or keep watching. With In-Stream, you pay when a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the video, or clicks on elements of your In-Stream creative.

True View In-Display

With True View In-Display (we may do a video on this soon), your ad will be displayed in search results on YouTube, that reaches viewers when they are looking for a specific video. The benefit of this is that when they click, you know that people are interested in your brand. The most successful ads with this method are longer than 3 minutes, and are targeted to the audience based on demographics (age and gender), topic targeting and affiliate targeting (when you know what people are interested in, regardless of what content they are watching. Once the video is done, you can invite them to download your app, view other videos, subscribe or purchase your products. This is advantageous for your company as it enables people to take action, straight after watching the video.

Drive Traffic To Your Website For Less

We utilise True View In-Stream in the best way possible, and produce video’s that are one minute long. Within a minute, a viewer can learn a lot about your brand and give them enough time to know whether they are interested in what you have offer them. After 30 seconds if you get views, you will get charged less than 20p. However, if you get to the point of your advertisement quickly in 30 seconds, you can obtain exposure and generate interest and awareness for free. What we do is, when the video gets to the 25th, 26th, 27th second of the video, we ask the viewer to skip the video if they are not interested. In terms of editing, we cut the music/sound and the video itself to make it look like the video has ended. This encourages people to skip the advert if they are not interested. If people click-through to your website, you will get charged, however it is still more cost effective than Google AdWords, as clicks cost as little as 20p with this service.

Free Time To Communicate With Potential New Customers

This technique provides you with free time to communicate to your customers, and time to associate with what customers would search for on YouTube and get videos in front of competitors channels and specific videos, putting you before them. With this method you are also able to track the progress with conversion tracking that allows you track how long people are on your site for, how many leads you get from that, and your cost per lead. If you already have some videos, edit them to a minute long, ask them to skip at the 25th, 26th, 27th second and see if it drives leads or awareness.

How We Use YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising is probably one of our favourite topics to talk about because it is so under-utilised. On the most part, you will find that a lot of big brands regurgitate their TV adverts, which just doesn’t work because a lot of the time we’ve seen it before and it can be skipped after 5 seconds, which is wasted on us really.

But, YouTube ads can be powerful – especially for products as you get to see the product in action and in context depending on what your video is. It’s also really cheap, only about 15p to 20p per view maximum, and you’ll only pay for that view if they watch half of the video or 30 seconds (whichever one comes first). This information leads how we structure our videos because we don’t want to pay for that view if that person isn’t interested. What we’ll often do is actually ask them to skip the video if they’re not interested on around 25 seconds, because if they do skip the video then, we’re not going to pay anything. So, we’ve had 25 seconds or so of their time to show them the product, show them it in action, tell them some of the benefits of it and then if they’re not interested, skip and it doesn’t cost us a thing.

Now, just going back, the first obstacle is getting them not to skip. You’ve got 5 seconds right at the beginning where they can’t skip, so if you’re targeting the right audience and the product is relevant to them there’s a good chance they’ll watch it if you intrigue them enough or grab their attention within that first five seconds. You really need to think about something that’s going to either shock them into watching or get them excited and intrigued. If you are targeting the right people, or if you’re re-targeting that shouldn’t be a problem. Then during the next 20 seconds you’ve got time to show off your product, just depending on what your product is. Make sure you get the benefits across, show that loads of people are using it, how they’re using it and then tell them to skip. You do need to make your video file a minute long, as like we said earlier, if you only make it 30 seconds long you’ll be charged after half-way through. So, make your video file a minute long, ask them to skip it at 25 seconds and then cut the music, cut everything so they think that the video is finished at about 25 seconds. Then on around 32 seconds (or something like that), for the people that haven’t skipped, you can keep marketing your product – maybe cover some of the features that you didn’t discuss in your first 25 seconds. You can also ask them to click through to your website because you can have a call-to-action option overlay. If they click on it you’ll be charged as well, but again you’re talking 15p, or something like that.

In summary: It’s cheap, it’s video where you get to talk directly to your customer, you get to show off your product in context, you get to show off all the benefits, and you get the opportunity of sending them to your website to potentially buy the product or download the brochure for it, and the product is getting in front of an audience. Think how much people pay for TV advertising. This is kind of the same thing but you get to be really specific about your audience. It’s really powerful if you can get it right.