Why Is Marketing So Hard?


– Alright, morning, everyone. So, the challenge that we face as business owners, marketing professionals, advertisers, is that, people see thousands of brand messages every day and they don’t care what we do. There’s lots of studies that can find, some will say it’s between 3,000 and 20,000, some say 10,000 but you’ll agree, literally thousands and thousands of messages that they see every day. So why is marketing so hard? So I think, because our brain, everyone’s brain has an attention gatekeeper. You can think of it as a bouncer so it will decide whether your message is accepted or not. And I think we’re talking to the wrong part of the brain because we’re not talking to that attention gatekeeper. Okay, so just a quick overview of our brain. Our reptilian brain, this is the simple part of our brain. It’s designed to help us survive. And that’s connected to all of our senses. So what I’m talking about here, the attention gatekeeper, the bouncer, our reptilian brain sees your message first and it will decide whether it’s thought about emotionally or rationally. What I think one of the problems is, you think about a marketing message using the rational part of our brain, and we expect that it will be received by the rational part of our customer’s brain. But it’s not, it’s gonna go through the reptilian brain first, the most evolved part of our brain, the most simple part of our brain.

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