Why I Love Facebook Ads 1/4 – Customer Lookalike Audiences

Okay. So the number one reason why I love Facebook Ads is because I can create an audience of people who are similar to my current customers and it’s really easy.

All I’ve got to do is create a spreadsheet of my current customers, I need at least 100, the more the better.

The best results we’ve had are for clients who have got 1,000 plus.

We need to get in that spreadsheet sort of like a CSV file of email addresses and phone numbers, and we can import that to Facebook ads and create an audience of our current customers.

And then we can create a lookalike of that audience.

So, basically, Facebook is going to be finding people who are similar to our current customers and then we can advertise to them straight away.

We’re getting some incredible results from that. So that’s my number one reason why I love Facebook Ads.

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