Using Shutterstock Images For Free In Your Facebook Ads

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Hello and welcome to talking as this week we’re doing something slightly different this week mainly safe is not just me at all so that’s slightly different but also rather than reviewing some as we’re going to talk through we do that how to do something Robin is talking about so we had an ads meeting earlier this week and we found some interesting results we’ve talked a lot in the past about how video ads get more reach for cheaper and then we noticed now they’re not so we’ve got some results and screenshots to show you and then we found an image ad with no text on it or there’s images with no text on were performing better and then I’m going to show you how to use those in your ads and you can access Shutterstock library for free via Facebook ads so should we have a look at results so let’s do it yeah how much something that up right that essentially we do we assumed pages that video gets all reach yeah and we also we also did see a resource as well we did have a call at a time that video was produced a better cost per thousand impressions yeah so it didn’t always work it’s only really been recently as we were reviewing out over a number of different accounts and that’s not necessarily the case and also we found out she had the static images actually gets better click through rates as well yeah and which actually does tend to make life easier for everyone you have enough to videos so if you if it’s cheaper to get in front of 1000 people and more of those thousand people are clicking as well it means you’re getting cheaper traffic and you lead cost comes down century absolutely yeah right okay so we’ll have a look at the video results that we got basic results with these campaigns were pretty much the same targeting was pretty much exactly the same as the exact same audience and the copy of the artwork both pretty pretty similar but really the main difference here was the fact that was a video over a static image so on this one is you can sort of see you see are kind of second column that says okay the cost per thousand impressions at the bottom you’ll see it comes in at nine pound 92 which isn’t bad and then we see our click through rate on the far right at 9.32% which is which is quite low and then you see in the in the column to the left of it says the cost cost per click production sums up the three pound 14 and so that they were all video ads variety of text so that’s why these are different different click through rates between them didn’t click cost but but overall it was a fairly low kind of click through rate which resulted in a fairly high cost per click but then the cost per impression is actually word word but overall so when we compare that with the also going to know one thing is what actually when you’re reviewing the way we name our ads you can see some sort of pointing out with a number of different texts variations and video variation as well but this is how we named our answer by text one text a text three and you’ve got a new car video he got he got text on video today text to video one is really easy when you’re reviewing them lightly as you can see whether it’s the text of video that makes it different.

So yeah, OK, so those are the results SEO results will happen to the image and when you compare it to the image results okay? You’ll see that that cost per thousand impressions is lower prices. About nine pounds of inquiry’s now seven pounds 16 where we’ve almost always seen exclusively video as it always been cheeks again front of people yeah whereas that’s that’s a that’s a reasonable difference then when you look against that or far right hand side column the click through rates click through rates in excess of 1% 2% in some instances
which is really strong which overall clicked right no point A is fantastic really then you see that your actual overall cost per click is 90 pig yeah so when you think I know that he’s got it got it then convert into a lead yeah but then you’ve got a lot more clicks coming through knots Pavan, you have for three pounds. So I provided the conversion rate on the size the same, yeah, it’s fine, better value. And the reader is pretty much just switching that image it half of the video and yet it’s just yeah, Father violin than it used to be.

Absolutely. And you can see the difference in that we notice we try when we look at you can only see the thumbnail there. But it was like a person in like a cartoony I think cartoon is probably the wrong word. But like a sketch back. But the image that we’re the best at the relevancy score that is hidden out there, 10 out of 10. And that is just an image of a house on its own. And that was actually a shutter stock image wasn’t it wasn’t actually see when you see it. So as you said, the way we sort of labor laws in terms of so these are text to those top to your text to me one and text one in each one, as opposed to at the bottom of the sorry, the lower ones which is text to image to and text one inch to so whilst the text has been the same over both it’s actually see the image is actually most important. Yeah, those those top two months regardless of the test the same text us and the click through rates are far far away.

So yeah, just just going to show the images. Images do matter, you matter. But it’s difficult to say it’s difficult to tell that the start what I’m just going to perform. But yeah, absolutely no way you can say things and you can try and overthink as much as you want. But the only way you’ll actually find out is by running a load of different images. I love love different ads. I said the text can be the same. Yeah. And it’s easy to duplicate your ads. And But yeah, I try so many different images. They actually they usually then the users tell you what you prefer. That’s it. That’s it. We will have a case I think this week we were sending over some adds to our clients and they were sort of trying to pick out the best ones when I know this is we suggest trying all of these and that you know audience pick rather than I say you got people in the corridor.

So really interesting. Okay, so that brought us onto one we want to make this video and show you that he can get these images for free. There are sites like Peck cells and things like that. But in Facebook hands itself you can choose from the shutter stock library for free so hopefully there’s like a screen share for ages I will definitely that is working everyone

Yeah, he say right. Okay,

I’m going to pull this over because of all the things in the way that you guys can’t see.

So got two assets we’ve got one for Facebook on one for Instagram and we talk quite a bit in the past about having different assets that each and then I’ll kind of explain a little bit why as well. So I’m in my test phase one haven’t really done any targeting I think I may have so ignore my tongue and I’ve done a real mortgage thing just for an example. But what I want you to look at is placement edit placements and this is when we talk about having things on Facebook and having things on Instagram. Now excuse me by default all of these will be ticked and if you speak to someone at face book they will say keep them all fixed clicks but don’t okay so this FB one has got a Facebook feed chat so it’s only going to show ads in the Facebook feed or normal Facebook news feed and then I’ve got an Insta answer here and this is the Instagram feed so it’s only going to show in the Instagram newsfeed as you’re looking for we find

Tom Would you agree that they are the best performing in the faith yeah always because we’ve actually sometimes you can’t help it a red herring sometimes if you are in that why that kind of audience network marketplace and messenger placements then sometimes we always find oh yeah we can pretty much always find that it’s actually was to click on cheaper the conversion rate is significantly worse we always find this more expensive to get the clicks in the news feed the chance of those components earlier always so much higher and that’s really what counts it’s okay it can be frustrating when you see you actually getting all those a cheap clicks elsewhere

yeah anything yeah cases great but then it only takes a few days or so weeks or so actually it’s not going to convert a lead yeah just best just to save the time up front just please read the newspaper right okay so we’re going back to the screen okay so

I’m going to go in this are created a test add in this is a my Facebook answer to this as I’ve sat here um, any texting or anything so I just want to share the images now for some reason it’s saying the recommended image size for Facebook that that’s incorrect is probably because haven’t published it but essentially we want to go Facebook feed we’re going to select image if you go to stop here now and then when they did this but using is powered by Shutterstock it’s been there for quite a while and we’ve got Shutterstock accounts we’ve never really used this and we like to add things and things like that but I think I just searched family here so you can just search something like family gonna pick that first one is added it right okay but is it 1000 by 664 I can crop that to the horizontal size. So this is the perfect size for Facebook newsfeed and you can choose drag and drop them in nice, I can confirm just going to crop that for me.

And you’ll see the image fits nicely there. So that’s Facebook newsfeed Instagram, we talked about it being a different size of the time. So if I go back into my

Instagram and my test ad for Instagram, you can see a preview Instagram feed.

And then if I select my image go to stock. I pick the same image actually.

And then if I go to you can see how it is there. But actually the best images on Instagram are in a square so i can i can crop that one want to as a square and then you seal populate your preview and it’s got a voice and it’s got the nice kind of proper squares. Nice voice. So it’s that easy. All these you can see the watermarks there. They will not show on your hands when it goes live.

But that’s kind of essentially so simple as that let us know if you try it if you got any problems getting questions for the comments in if you’re struggling with that you can crop videos as well probably do like that. And then we can show you the resources that we use to create video ones as well. there’s anything else you’re struggling with or Facebook has I know a lot of people get their ads disapproved. Yeah, my Facebook going through your compliance teams are easier than Facebook’s compliance. But there is a lot of simple rule will probably do on that as well.

Yeah, and please if you prefer this style of talking out or whether you do actually like talking to the answer we see as well. I will do what what you want. Yeah, let the users choose. Exactly. Well well, smash out in 10 minutes and we will see you I will see you on Friday. I’ve got an interview with a Nicole who’s social media expert live 1230 on Friday and I’ll see you there.

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