Talking Lead Generation

Talking Lead Generation Videos

Talking Lead Generation is a series of short videos explaining the strategies we use every day to generate leads for ourselves and our clients.

Google Maps Crash Course

Cheap Quality Leads

Why Bother With Live Video?

Should I Use A Landing Page Or My Website?

Our Best Lead Gen Campaigns Feature This One Thing

Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – What Are Clicks (ALL)

Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – Link Clicks

Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – Frequency

Car Finance Case Study

Mortgage Chatbot

The Benefits Of Facebook Ads

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads Vs Linkedin Ads

Instagram Story Ads With Video

Quick Social Media Posts

Facebook Ad Approval & Scheduling Facebook Ads

How Many Times Do People See Your Ad?

Location Targeting For Facebook Ads

Using Shutterstock Images For Free In Your Facebook Ads

Google Ads Scheduling + Facebook Ads; 1 Lead Per Day

Buying Leads vs Generating Them Yourself

Are You Marketing to The Right Part of Your Customers Brain?

Why Is Marketing So Hard?

Sell the problem first, then the solution

Contrast Is Really Easy To Understand

Demonstrate Tangible Value

The Brain Wants To Ignore What You Have To Say

Visual Metaphors Are Really Easy To Understand

Facebook Pixel

Speed and Mobile Testing

Google SEO

Google Ads

Quick Win With Google Maps

Ads Cost Money

Its Never Been Easier to Get In Front Of Your Audience

What We Do

Lead Generation Interview

Keyword Research

Reaching your audience before they are ready to buy

What’s the best structure of messaging?

What’s The Importance Of Messaging In Your Ads

How do you find the right audience

4/4 Using Social Proof

3/4 The one email that has lead to loads of sales for my clients

2/4 Things we do on websites to generate more leads

1/4 Website Changes We Make To Generate More Leads

Why I Love Facebook Ads 4/4 It Learns

Why I Love Facebook Ads 3/4 – Evergreen Lookalike Audiences

Why I Love Facebook Ads 2/4 – Video Engagement Audiences

Why I Love Facebook Ads 1/4 – Customer Lookalike Audiences

Quick Wins With Google Maps

Lead Generation – Linkedin Ads

Lead Generation – Exclude Who You Don’t Want To See Your Ads

Why We Don’t Retarget Everyone

How We’re Getting Cheaper Clicks On Google Adwords

How We Can Find People Similar To Our Customers

Why We Generate Leads As Early In The Buying Cycle As Possible

How We Make The Most Out Of Videos On Facebook

How We Make Bad Leads Good

How We Can Filter The Quality And Quantity Of Our Leads Through Messaging

How We Get Free Video Advertising With YouTube