046 – Graham Wilson From TrackerHub

046 - Graham Wilson From TrackerHub
046 - Graham Wilson From TrackerHub

About this episode

Hello and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. I’ve got an absolute character for you this week, Mr Graham Wilson, mortgage broker, software creator and founder of Tracker Hub.

Graham has been a mortgage broker for 8 years. He started with Royal Bank of Scotland then moved to Santander as a mortgage adviser and stayed there for 5 years before he joined a partnership for a large brokerage firm.

He then decided to develop a new system to track referrals after identifying a gap in the market. Introducers and advisers have access to the dashboard which gives them updates and are in the loop and interested to refer more business.

Tracker Hub is an online referral tracking platform which manages and tracks all referrals and cases easily. It also monitors leads coming and make sure they are being attended to. After picking up the lead, the adviser follows it through and can watch the progress of the case.

The system could also integrate with other CRMs which will let you track the vital records and it’s a lot easier to look at compared to complicated spreadsheets.

You can get hold of him via:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamoptionsmc/?originalSubdomain=uk
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/trackerhub/