071 – Catherine Morgan – In Her Financial Shoes

071 - Catherine Morgan - In Her Financial Shoes
071 - Catherine Morgan - In Her Financial Shoes

About this episode

This week we have Catherine Morgan, who is a multi-award-winning financial planner and has her own podcast as well called In Her Financial Shoes.

Catherine now has multiple streams of income and helps people in lots of different ways. She is also the founder of the money panel and the money circle.

She used to work in the financial services mostly with banks. However, she discovered the world of financial planning and the next-generation community. Right now most of what she does is in the money coaching space, as a self-employed consultant.

Catherine believes anyone can set up their personal brand on social media and just talk about what they are passionate about, you can talk about your story. You just have to start somewhere by maybe writing a book, blog, or launching a podcast. Have the confidence to know where to start and be consistent about it. If you’re going to choose a platform or method of marketing, just pick which platform you think would serve you better.

Last year, she worked with a couple of advisors in different areas. Some needed help setting up websites, blogging, launching courses and social media programs, but also a lot of financial planners are focusing more on just having a better relationship with existing clients and not necessarily to attract new clients.

This year she wants to focus on how to bring something to the market that will help other financial advisors and mortgage advisers to implement money coaching into their practices. But also then how to create more leads, how to get on social media, how to share their story, how to do speaking events, how to do some of the things that she’s been doing over the last couple of years.

She’s now going into the fourth season of her podcast, this season is going to be predominantly about entrepreneurship. She’s interviewing some women and men in the wealth space, so if anyone’s interested in coming on the podcast as a guest if you’ve got a story to share that can help people around money then please feel free to get in contact with Catherine.

Website: https://themoneypanel.co.uk/

062 – Inbetweenysode 002

062 - Inbetweenysode 002
062 - Inbetweenysode 002

About This Episode

Welcome back to another in-between episode. So this is my second kind of mini-episode where I’m kind of fitting in between the main ones.

We’ve just had the bespoke episode with Lee and Terry, and I’m going to talk about the things that I’ve implemented since I’ve had that sit down and chat with them. I’m going to tell you the answers to the questions that people have been coming to me with in the past week or so.

That’s whether someone’s called into our office, whether they’ve asked in our Facebook group, or a lot of time people DM me on like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn or whatever.

So I’m going to be talking about the bespoke episode. There’s quite a few things actually, I’ve implemented based on that chat.

Then I was asked my opinion on Facebook Messenger campaigns. So these are Facebook ads, where you drive people into Facebook Messenger. Maybe using a chat bot or just to start a conversation in there.

I want to talk about the difference between organic and paid social media. This comes up a lot, especially when people are comparing our agency with another one. They’re saying, Oh, these guys will do my social media for 200 quid and it’s a very, very different kind of thing going on there. So just make sure you understand that.

And what to do if job titles disappear on Facebook ads. So there’s targeting in Facebook advertising (Facebook keeps taking this away and putting it back). Sometimes you can target people by job titles, and this person was asking about targeting nurses. So I’ll talk to you about that.

Bespoke Financial

So first of all, the bespoke episode. A lot of things actually, when I wrote down the things I’ve taken away, so we talked in the two episodes about having too many voices, being clouded.

The guys kind of use the example of like reading too many books or listening to too many authors following too many influencers. I was in a couple of communities last year, and the people that run those communities have a difference of opinion. So, for example, one believes if you want to be an authority, you need to be an author, you need to be writing that book. The other guys are saying, no, you build your audience first and you don’t need a book to do that. So really conflicting.

I’ve just come out of both communities basically, I’ve just got my blinkers on a little bit this year as I know what to do, what I’m implementing, so I’ve come out of those groups because there was probably too much and too many voices going on.

Again, the conversation about reading, I do read a lot, I read to relax like when I actually can’t do any more work, if it’s late at night. I just want to read for 10-15 minutes and I like learning. So I’m going to continue to do that. I’m going to continue to read and I, I think the way my brain works is if there’s an idea that I like, I’ll go and run with it, especially all the things I take from the podcast. So I’m not going to stop reading.

I did review my sales process after sitting down with these guys. I’ve got a very different business to them and other brokers but, they talked about the more you get on the phone, the more deals that get done.

The back end of last year I was trying to automate a lot of things because we were getting more and more inquiries, and I was trying to automate a lot. I was spending less time on the phone and there’s probably been some deals that have slipped through the cracks because I’ve not cemented that relationship on the phone. So I’ve been building all that rapport with our podcast, our videos, people inquiring, and I’ve done like an automated proposal, rather than taking the time out.

It’s funny actually, in January, I’ve spent more time reviewing that sales process. I’ve gone kind of over and above what I used to do. I’ve cherry picked a few inquiries where I would almost for some of them, I’ve almost kind of redesigned their website in the proposal. And funnily enough, we’ve got some really big deals going off in January.

The point I think Is Lee said “Don’t kid yourself that you’re working smart and not hard”.

I put the extra effort in, went over and above, and I got more out of it. So I just need to remember that and keep applying it, it’s been a really useful lesson.

The other big thing I think I took from it, like anyone can do anything in business if they apply themselves. That goes back to really applying myself and not thinking, I’m being really smart and trying to put all these processes in things and actually just grafting makes a big impact.

So those are kind of like the big things I took from that episode.

I keep forgetting. And I didn’t say in the intro. One thing I absolutely loved about these guys is they are literally genuine. Saying that your company has a culture is one thing but actions speak louder than words.

Because I obviously went to their office to do the podcast interview, I sat down in reception. I was early, Lee hadn’t arrived yet. And Terry was in a meeting. I met a few of the staff coming in and out of the building essentially going on their breaks, getting coffee, whatever.

Every single one of them said hello to me. Nobody ignored me. Almost everyone asked if I was ok or needed a drink and I’m long in the tooth enough to know when that is like fake and put on it absolutely wasn’t. They were just genuine, really lovely people.

So I think it’s really easy to listen to that podcast episode and them saying, “you know, we’ve got lovely people that work for us. We’ve got strong culture.” They definitely do. And it’s really rare.

There’s only a few times I think I’ve kind of been into a business and that has happened.

Questions I’ve Been Asked Recently

Facebook Messenger

Okay, so some of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last week or so is what are my thoughts on Facebook Messenger campaigns.

So this is when you’re driving people on Facebook into messenger to ask you a question or use a chatbot.

I basically said I think they’re good. We were running a lot of them for a while and getting some decent leads from it. The chatbots are tricky and it’s a really difficult balance of trying not to pretend it’s not a real person. Like some people don’t like it, some people loved it, went all the way through and we got some really good leads. Some decent deals were done, we had quite a few clients running them but then almost overnight the cost per lead just went through the roof.

So we rained it right back in and I don’t think we’ve got any messenger campaigns running at the minute just because the costs didn’t work out.

When it comes to advertising, I prefer to get people onto a website, not a landing page. I think people like to get a feel for you as a business. So the more they can land on your web page, go on a really relevant page, see what you’re about. A lot of people want to see the ‘About Us’ section they want to see the ‘meet the team’ page, they want to see where you’re based, and learn about you to build a bit of credibility.

So I think websites are so so important.

Last year, we stopped trying to get those kinds of shortcuts to generating leads, because historically for you know, 10-15 years, however long I’ve been doing this the landing page, we did a lot on that and getting cheap, fast leads.

But I think when you have got a smaller budget, smaller teams, and you want more quality for your buck, you haven’t got a call centre of people to ring through the quality is gotta be there.

So people do want to have a look around. So that’s my kind of advice like messenger campaigns are really good. Many chat is a chat bot system you can use to get a chatbot running in there. We just found that your cost per lead went up and maybe the quality wasn’t as good compared when people got to look around a website.

Organic Social Media Vs Paid Social

Okay, so the difference between organic social media and paid social media so we get this a lot. So when people inquire about our business, they’re sort of saying, oh, someone’s quoted me to do social media for 200 quid, I’m like, this is very different.

The big difference between paid social is you’re paying to get in front of people that you know, have been interacting with content related to the financial service that you’re providing.

There’s financial services audiences, so Rather than just putting something on your Facebook page that just goes out to the people that you know, that are in your network. This goes in the Facebook feed of people who are in the market for a mortgage or are in the market for life insurance or in the market for equity release or whatever it is.

That’s the big difference between paid social and organic, you can build up a really good following and get leads through organic, a lot of people have shown that but if you want leads quicker you can get in the feed of people that are in the market for what you do.

That’s the biggest difference.

Targeting Job Titles In Facebook Ads

The other thing I was asked is “What to do if job titles disappear on Facebook” as sometimes in Facebook ads, you can target people by job title and this person wanted to target nurses, and it disappeared.

I think we did a video about this in our Facebook group the other week.

I said there are interests for NHS which some of the nurses will be in (the audience). Why don’t you run an ad where you ask people to tag their friend in, if they are a nurse, create a page that the ad directs to, which is only that nurses would go on to get more people tanked.

The more people that go to that website, you know at least 90% of them are the right sort of people, you can remarket to them.

So if they didn’t inquire, you can get ads infront of them when they’re back on social, but also create a lookalike audience (Facebook can find people who are similar to an audience)

Hopefully that makes sense! If not, just give me a shout ask me in our Facebook group and I can clarify it next week on the next inbetweenysode. So I think actually I may go into more detail about what remarketing is as well.

Thanks very much for listening. We’ll be back next Monday with the second half of the bespoke episodes. And then I’ll be back again with an in between he again, Speak to you soon. Bye bye.

034 – Financial Services Content Strategy

034 - Financial Services Content Strategy
034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

Struggling with your financial services content strategy? Struggle no more more…

Content – it’s a very broad term and it’s a term that many struggle to define. Content covers many different mediums, but it always seems to get shoehorned into just one piece of content… The dreaded ‘blog’.

Obviously, we call it ‘the dreaded blog’ in jest, as blog posts and written content can do wonders for your organic SEO. However, we get the impression that many people aren’t aware that other forms of content actually exists… But guess what? They do exist and they should be forming your financial services content strategy if you want to start getting more enquiries.

The possibilities for different types of content are endless and really knows no bounds, which is the great thing about content. Videos, podcasts, articles, calculators, social posts, chatbots, as well as conversion tools are all different types of content, which you may not be aware of.

At this point you may be thinking “how can a video benefit my financial services content strategy?” but, you’d be surprised. By creating a simple video based on a topic of your area of specialism, you will be opening yourself up to a realm of other content opportunities to capitalise on. Not sure how? Let us explain…

So you want the best financial services content strategy…

They say that the first step is always the hardest, however you’ve already taken the first step as you’ve actively taken the initiative that you want to work on improving your content strategy, so the rest should be easy from here.

As you know, we practice what we preach and the video we created called ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’ is all part of our content strategy and you will learn why very soon and it will all make sense.

How this episode came about

To kick-start things, we want to let you in on how this episode came to fruition because it’s all tactical. First off, we looked at what people in financial services were searching for online through SEMrush (an SEO tool) and focussed our attention on financial services marketing and other related keywords.

034 - Financial Services Content Strategy
034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

The next step we took is to create a sitemap of keywords with their keyword difficulty and the volume of people searching for said-keyword each month. If you’re unfamiliar with keyword difficulty, 0 is easy and 100 is practically impossible to rank for.

To give you an idea of the kind of keyword difficulty you could expect to see in financial services, the keywords ‘remortgage’ and ‘first time buyer’ are in the high 80’s and the lowest keyword difficulty we’ve seen is in the mid 30’s – which is easier to rank for, but anything below 75 is achievable.

Why we do this

There is method behind the madness, we choose to plan our content strategy this way as there are loads of opportunities to rank higher on Google when it comes to SEO. We don’t like to brag but we are in the top spot for mortgage leads and financial services leads, so rest assured, we practice what we preach.

We also know that when you create one piece of content, you can repurpose it into different forms of content to maximise the reach. The ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’ video is a prime example of repurposing, as the video will be repurposed on the podcast which means that new people will be hearing it for the first time. It will then be created into an article (blog post) where it will sit on the page called ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’, where both the video and podcast can be embedded onto the page, accompanied with a transcript and show notes.

And if that wasn’t enough content for you, we can even pull out quotes and turn them into social posts with a link to the video, podcast, or mini video that can be used for ads or remarketing.

Are you making the most out of email sequences?

If you’re utilising an email sequence, lead magnets or gated content, you can use those enquiries and put them in an email sequence to receive a weekly email with a topic that is going to be beneficial to them.

The key here is to not make the email ‘too salesy’ as this could have an adverse effect on what you actually want to achieve. As tempting as it may be to try and sell, you need to establish credibility with your client first and you will naturally do this by not pushing a sale. We speak from experience, as we find the less we try and sell, the more enquiries we get.

If you’re stuck for ideas of topics you could use in your email sequence, we find that case studies work really well – real-life examples of how you’ve helped someone achieve what they want to achieve, as this all reinforces credibility.

You’ll also find that the more relevant the content is, whether that’s on your page or email, the better you’ll rank, the better you’ll perform and the more leads you’re going to get. If you focus on one topic within your content, you’ll be regarded as a specialist in your industry and you’ll start receiving backlinks which will help your SEO and send traffic from the links to increase your rankings.

Key things to take away

Some marketers may tell you that you need to create x amount of pieces of content a day in order to rank higher on Google, but this simply isn’t true. You do however, need to be tactical about what keywords you are going to target, because you can find a niche area of your specialism and essentially create a niche inside a niche based on keywords (a bit like keyword ‘Inception’) and you can claim that top spot on Google for said-keyword.

But really, all you need to do is target keywords that your ideal customer is going to find useful and relevant and create content based on that. Because let’s face it, if it’s not relevant, what really is the point? Google is constantly looking for the most relevant content for the keywords searched and your customer wants to find and an answer to their query. So the more helpful you make it and the less salesy it is, you’ll start to see better results.

You can do this through the various different forms of content, as you now know, the possibilities are endless and this can form the basis of your financial services content strategy.

We hope this article helps with your content strategy!

034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

033 – Chris Kennaugh – Mortgage Broker On Facebook

033 - Chris Kennaugh - Mortgage Broker On Facebook
033 - Chris Kennaugh - Mortgage Broker On Facebook

Mortgage Broker and Singer-Songwriter Chris Kennaugh has been self-employed for the last 18 months and getting some great results on Facebook.

He’s now got over 45 reviews on the platforms and is being approached almost every day to help people with their mortgage.

027 – Jim Smyth – Mortgage Broker Lead Gen

027 - Jim Smyth - Mortgage Broker Lead Gen
027 - Jim Smyth - Mortgage Broker Lead Gen

Jim Smyth, is the mortgage prinicipal adviser at First Stop Mortgages & Protection NI Limited. Jim started off in Protection in 2012 and got into mortgages in late 2018. In this episode you’ll hear;-
1. Jim’s backstory in his career life.
2. The importance of educating people about your services
3. Jim’s experience with a business coach he had hired.
4. How Jim and his brother expanded his business from Protection into Protection & Mortgages.
5. Jim’s first experience with a successful door to door business sale.
6. Techniques deployed by Jim to seek referrals.
7. The introduction of Social Media to grow their business.
8. Jim’s advice to people who want to get started in the Mortgage business.
9. Methods on how to optimise on Social Media Marketing.
10. Free video resources by Jim Smyth.
11. What Jim would do if he was to start from scratch today.
12. Importance of personal branding over commercial branding like logos.
13. How Jim and his team generate reviews for their business.
14. Jim’s advice to people struggling with Social media marketing.

Jim Smyth On Linkedin
Jim’s Website

023 – Amy Woods – Content Repurposing

023 - Amy Woods - Content Repurposing
023 - Amy Woods - Content Repurposing

Amy runs a business called content 10X and she wants to help business owners maximise their ROI not just in terms of revenue but the time spent on creating content. She is the number one expert in repurposing content on to all the different social media channels and converting things like a podcast into videos or written articles etc.

Amy’s Website: https://www.content10x.com/

Instagram Story Ads With Video

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Hello and welcome to talking at Ellis week we are doing all things Instagram story ads and I think they can be really powerful but they can be done quite badly. Yes a lot of software that you can use to hopefully make them bit better. Yeah, definitely. So this morning actually so I think they probably know that I went to this conference last Friday and now they’re selling tickets for next year and then I saw an advert for it on my Instagram stories and actually text I didn’t take someone got that number I do have them on Instagram saying I should be in your excuse exclusions list so I shouldn’t have seen it anyway but one thing they said is like God you don’t need that all for Instagram stories when you do and this is when you know when we’re talking about doing having a separate strategy for Instagram over Facebook and we we’ve said a lot we prefer the Facebook feed anyway, but

Yeah, when it was either Andrew, when they saw it, they didn’t like the way the text goes over in your image obviously doesn’t fit that that size. And you were just saying before we went on air that

you’ve got all that space. You should be. Yeah, you should fill it really. So yeah, definitely check out the event, not the ad so much.

I love x. I’m going to send them this and they’re going to hate me for it. Cool. Right? Okay, so I’ve obviously got the past podcast and promoting at the moment doing some ads for it. So just testing it because so here’s another tip actually, when you if you see an ad in Facebook, I’m gonna see if we can get one now I’m gonna actually prepared this you can actually see what they’re targeting. So I saw some American guy targeting mortgage brokers with like mortgage leads. And I was like, let me interesting. How are you doing that? What sort of targeting are using App brilliant. Okay, so if we share the screen now there is an ad

My feet seven little look

so you guys have any can see Mr. Ezra Firestone and then if you so if you see an ad have someone that’s target in your audience so some some brokers you will see other brokers advertising because you’re clicking on re mortgage content you will see that and then you can click on the three buttons here Why am I seeing this ad

so he has one of the reasons things as rich people who have visited their website or use one of their apps so I must have been on his website before so he’s doing like remarketing that night I’ll see if I can offer we should the checks first. Really, that’s where we went live into the wrong group on a name that that is no there is this there was

let’s try and find another ad.

Okay when you want an ad. So Asana, they shouldn’t be advertising because we

Use a sauna but are they each other remarketing

they yeah same thing that’s remarketing one but it’s the interest based targeting there are some refurbish going on he may

a trail of some sort so review is that remarketing as well

okay you may have to trust me on this because we’re just saying later remarketing ads all try one last one fifth time lucky or whatever number we’re all

got capitals that is a financial services time

and I’ve been on their website before I’ll say recession

I will do a screenshot of something at some point where it kind of shows the interest based stuff okay um. But it just depends in like us juices that does it. We’re busy

So it’s like a normal a normal add if you notice an ad of like someone else advertising what you do to your audience you can then go on and see how they’re targeted them. Yeah

and then there’s not like for pretty much every financial service there’s an interest on Facebook you can target so for the mortgage ones it may say remortgage the because you’ve interacted with remortgage content or whatever so that’s what I did going back to when I saw some guy wanting to sell mortgage leads to brokers in the UK and there’s like a mortgage broker interest right which I think when you think about it It should be more for people who have been looking at brokers as in the end consumer Yeah, we’ve we’ve tried it for for brokers to get customers it’s never works. But actually it seems like it works for us to get from the brokers if that kind of makes sense. Yeah, yeah. So I’ve been testing that out with the podcast and I’ve been getting like ridiculously cheap traffic and then I think

So I thought what I could do is an experiment. We’re doing Instagram video ad for the podcast. So I’ve gone around lot circles, but that’s what I’m doing. OK, cool. So, and by the way, one of this software, this is why we’re late. I’ve just tested it out 1010 minutes ago.


right. Okay, so I have created a new asset in my broker’s campaign for brokers Insta story and the reason I have done that is because and then we also target in this interest based of mortgage broker and the jobs if someone’s got the job title mortgage broker, yeah, okay, go if any of my competitors watch this,

we want to target mortgage brokers they’re going to obviously get on it and then this is the Edit placement section. So this is where I’m choosing that I just want to go on Instagram stories. So if I wanted to go on Facebook stories as well.

sighs I can

not take that was always on that might have to tick Facebook

I don’t know why that’s not working

Can you do it once

and that should just work so apologies I don’t know why maybe because I can’t see my bottom right mimics have published it already but essentially this is where you choose where you want to sort target people have no idea why that’s not working but anyway I’ve chose Instagram Stories already you can see the tick that there’s 88,000 people that I can target there’s obviously less mortgage brokers than that in the UK but so I’ll get in front of some people that are not interested but based on the stuff that I’ve done before. So if I show you some of the results actually I’m getting

pulled out

okay so this money

Whole act of kindness is frozen so it doesn’t change anything for the moment this is good when you want to go live and

we’re just going to refresh that but essentially

show everyone is this software called capturing where it’s really easy to put text on the video. So going back to the Andrew MP add that we saw the text that rubbish because that’s the taxi right and Facebook ads device. That’s

okay. So this is just laid it out. Okay, we’re back. So we’ll have a look at see what they would have done that is built that for their area. Yes, yes. Well done. It forms and then you don’t realize

Yeah, I think they probably realized that whether they will Yeah, don’t want to. They may have already lost but what they’ve they’ve just put it all live shows and all those placements. You know where I just chose stories. They’ve got it on. Oh, so

Here’s some of the ads or I’m just spending like five pounds a day at the minute just promoting the podcast I’m getting 20 pounds a landing at

this is going well

20 pence per landing page view and 11 pants and that was just yesterday so if we don’t know how long I’ve been running it

so like really cheap traffic 2426 p 55 p 53 peanuts actually increased my subscribers and listeners on the podcast and you can see like one of the answers performing a lot better Scott Scott God and if you remember God from she says something along the lines I pulled out a really tasty clip where he says about million pound properties that she’s getting. So it’s a really good

and then my tax. God is a mortgage broker with too many leads that’s obviously quite provocative. So but I’m going to try something totally different. And then next week I’ll show everyone the results. So we’ve got this entire story.

campaign right everyone’s still with us on understanding what I’m talking about so I’m going to compare my Facebook feed ads which we just seen against this into the story and I’m not using any text that Facebook

you know through the Facebook thing so I recorded this on my phone this morning so you can see that I’ve done it in portrayed I actually I think I use this little

old people can’t see us can they

let me just bring us back on for a sec

use this little bad boy which I can’t remember how much it cost me but nothing but as you can see the phone goes in the portrait wise so it was literally like that did that video to takes to take one done these days needs to be 17 or 18 before or just made that really big

so I recorded that video and I’m essentially I’m saying

something along the lines of suffering the screen or

something along lines over this is really great podcasts of brokers and and I talked about God I talk about Gary data has been on and talk about a guy David Thompson has not been on yet but David has sold his brokerage like 5 million so it’s quite you know some what we want here and then so I’ve got one version here I’ve got this little ultimate podcast for brokers text on because a lot of people don’t know about you but I my sound off normally on your stories me yeah so I haven’t got the subtitles but I’ve got that on there you can see this little coupling thing on the bottom I’m not too bothered about you can get rid of that and then I’ve got a version

my other ad here where I’ve got nothing apart from the video

so we’ll run those against each other. I reckon this one will probably do better with the titles on it

but I put those titles

In so those titles and not on that video 1015 minutes ago, okay and anyone can do this. And this is why I want to talk to you about coupling

essentially I’m probably not going to be able to do with you because of the time it takes to upload the video you drag and drop your video in there

and then it uploads it and then you can add like the text on here. So I’ve literally just

you got the if you go back here hopefully everyone can see you can add text on so I could add like maybe another text it just pops up double click it I can edit it change colors and fonts and everything like that. So remember the rule about Facebook not wanting too much text on so that’s why I’ve only gone for that bit so it’s less than 20% of the image and then you could also test different titles. If you want to offer the ultimate podcaster brokers I could put the lead generation for

Financial Services podcast or whatever, I’m just testing that one thing at the moment and then you can press down and download

and this is literally as easy as that. So if you if you don’t want that watermark on it, you know that I’ve got to go back you know, it says kept pointing at the bottom of their does kind of cover my call to action thing. I’m not too bothered about it for this if I’m just trying something I’m really not that that bothered. If this works really well, then I’ll spend what is it? We’re only

$20 a month if I’m doing more than

fine but this is rubbish for videos.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll do more than four

people trust us. And I can’t be mad

if I’m doing more than four videos a month. I’ll do it. Yeah,

otherwise, you know, I’m just testing at the moment.

Say I’m quite happy just to leave that on that

on my face if I find that I’m getting cheaper clicks and whatever then more to getting that are also it straight away. Yeah,

that’s as simple as that. So I’ve got my ad in, I’ve covered across them before I’m not having any text on it. I’ve got my URL going straight to the podcast there

and that’s it. And I’ll publish that and I think I think the most notable thing is it fills the screen

on Instagram story I think adds what best when they’re kind of integrated in what you would usually say yeah so when you do a story yourself when you find it goes it fills the screen yes looks better now you know, we’ve brought up and repeat lot slate and they’re on top of that, you know, in comparison, I think it would have it would perform a lot better if it fills the screen and not as much text so yeah, do you think it’s software I know it’s cool. So we bring that back up.

That is the right size for the Facebook feed this image here

And that’s the text you normally do. So it only took me 10 minutes to do that separate thing. And then you don’t want to waffle on too much. It’s like a tease a little teaser. If you’ve got some content or that you’ve already done or

anything, I suppose you want to get it, compliance signed off, but I love that it’s on the phone. It’s like raw. It feels like a normal story.

And it’s quite intriguing. So I think it’s quite cool. So we’ve not done much with it. So I’ll let everyone know next week. And you said about the it’d been a different outset. Yes. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. So that’s kind of explain that so I’ve like separate using hours. Let’s go back to my screen for everyone.

Yeah, so the reason you can I could put it in with all the others I could. So this is where am I what I’ve been running before the UK stuff, just a Facebook feed, but then I would have to in this


so if you look this is what I’ve been running before

I would then have to add Instagram story to these ads and then these ads may possibly go and Instagram stories as well whereas if I separate up and create a separate one just just for interestingly I know that are that are specifically done for Instagram stories will only go on Instagram Stories yeah and then because with Facebook you got so much control over budgets account on what budget I put it in if we go back to

your butt to quit on that day so I’m going to spend for a week I’m gonna spend seven pounds a day set whatever seven times

I don’t know

but it’s not a lot of money but I then if I wanted to if I think and I only want to spend five pounds a day on on the podcast then I can literally

quickly change that two to three pounds. So then I’m going back to just spending

Five pounds a day in total

cool cool hopefully that all kind of makes sense and people might give Instagram Stories ago

definitely. So next week we have your so I told everyone last week it was your last week this week but you’ve decided

so he loves doing this so much she’s working for free she she extended her stay with us for an extra week

we’re also going to miss you I think the guys are gonna get me see someone actually rang the office didn’t they? And you answered and they were like oh my god it says

here that was so yeah we definitely got a kind of miss you will what will try we’re planning something fun army for next week we’re doing I think we’re doing Instagram vs Google Ads versus Facebook ads and then I was trying to get some like cats or monks or t shirts or something’s represent that by can’t seem to get hold of anything because of like the logo thing.

will do will do a good send off so it will be Sophie’s our last week and next week and then you probably just put on with me and Tom for a bit


Good to see you next week everyone.

Quick Social Media Posts

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to talking out. I’m Billy no mates today I’ve got no one in the office. Literally Tom’s working away from the office, so he’s not in it as well. Next week in fact is actually Sophie’s last ever talking. She’s leaving his pastures new. Apparently, marketing and fashion is more exciting and interesting than financial services. Who knew? Right? But I also haven’t planned this episode as well.

I’ve been speaking at conferences morning and I wasn’t meant to be back but I got a text back early and I thought actually what I could do is show you guys how I’m putting social media posts together using Canvas and also creating those sort of jewel tone images which are explain what those what those are. So let’s dive right in. I think if I can find an example. Yes. Okay. So I can drive in let you see my screen and we’re just gonna have a quick look.quick look at how to create one of these kind of social media posts.

So that that background image, the GMO tone image, where it’s got article brand colors in that sort of thing that I’m talking about. So I’ve got this image here, I’m going to attain that image. And I’m going to pop it into a philosophical Canvas, which will let me create the social media posts, right? Okay, so Joe tone dot shape, factory CO, will create this sort of GMO tone effect. And you can put your colors in here so you can grab your brand colors of your logo.

This is called a hex code, speak to the person that designed your logo or just Google it. I’ll see if I can find some Well, I use Photoshop and it can pick out the exact color and then you can also save those it gives you a unique link that has got those color codes in so just saves you time every time you go back. So I’ve got these two colors for the time sort of thing.

So I’m going to upload an image me and the gang together now we are it’s created that Joe tone image for me already and then let’s go to remember how to download it got these buttons in the way I see it right at the bottom now download that done it twice as you can see Simple as that I’ve got my own image it basically do the job at home because white text will stand out on it rather than full color one. Okay, so Canvas ca nba.com you can create social media posts for it.

There is a free version I’ve got the premium version because it lets you kind of save like your branding, so Come on brand colors in there uploaded my fonts we’ve got fonts that are not so standard ones they’re in their logos and everything saves all your designs so for me it’s already done one you’ve already seen some of these social media posts go out that I can now quickly just create a new one so I’ve got my Facebook size here and I’ve got Instagram size I can go and edit and then what I can do is upload upload upload my own image so if I go to my downloads and grab that list God time one Jessica I haven’t planet so much I’m told Jessica that was going to be doing it but she must have realized right and then I can bring that image into the size that I want and then my texts is already on there so I was going to pull some texts out of my mortgage leads Bible as actually funnily enough going to talk about that particular one but I use I put all these stats together so it gives me ideas to use my social media posts MRT some something interesting you guys can do but essentially I can show you just got added that text like you would any other so really easy to edit that text and getting there’s so many templates and layouts already set out and I’ve just chosen one and we just edit that one we can resize it if we like all we can literally just download that standard and that’s literally I’ve now created a social media post in a couple of minutes Easy as pie real okay so we want We might do I know it’s technically not advertising this or you could argue that it is we might be able to do a tutorial on Hootsuite so scheduling that post once you’ve got them so there is so guys I will see you on Friday I haven’t got an international conference on Friday will be back for talking as next week on Wednesday the podcast episode with Gary das is a mortgage broker is absolutely smashing it online at the moment that has just launched and next week we’re doing a talking ads on Google Ads versus Facebook ads versus Instagram ads and that was Sophie’s October one so make sure you join us for that one. And I’ll see you soon.

012 – Gary Das – Mortgage Broker Leads

012 - Gary Das - Mortgage Broker Leads
012 - Gary Das - Mortgage Broker Leads

The first of a two part episode with Mortgage Broker Gary Das from Active Mortgages.

Gary has invested in lots of personal development in the last three years when it comes to marketing (about £100k).

He believes that branding + marketing equals leads and is practising what he preaches. You’ll find out from Gary that it’s not an overnight process but we both agree that any financial services can start to pick up traction and do more business online by creating consistent content.

Active Mortgages Website: https://active.mortgage/
Gary’s Website: https://www.garydas.com/
Gary’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2118569478422294/

009 – Nicole Osborne – Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services

009 - Nicole Osborne - Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services
009 - Nicole Osborne - Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services

Nicole likes to help people sell more on social media using their personal brand but without boring people. How the power of video can help people get to know you, like you and trust you.

Nicole’s website: https://lollipopsocial.co.uk/