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Hello and welcome to this week’s talking ads. And we’re going to be following a similar format that was a few weeks and we don’t necessarily bought So as you’ve seen along and but we can hopefully give you some tips on some things that have been coming up in the group some questions that people have been asking. And so first of all, we’re going to talk about as not being approved because of a disclaimer, and how that’s actually not necessarily the case. So Tom’s gonna go through that one. And then Alex Scott, a little hat as well around scheduling arts for a certain time, which I agree with you. So Tom will start with you.

Yeah, sure. So I think there’s actually been a topic for discussion The group was yesterday, I think it was approval and interesting, interesting. One thing that was okay, was the disclaimer, then what you’re saying with the people we were nothing is only put about two brokers have asked for the who’s compliant to set the display music on the ass. As I say, it’s up to interpretation, whether that’s, you know, for each compliance department, whether it’s right or not, and you should go back whatever that is. But yeah, just just interesting, sort of, from our point of view to see. And also I think the swing about in terms of whether the is whether there’s an approval issue in terms of getting the disclaimer on that because what you’re not allowed to do on Facebook is making assumption about someone. Yeah. And a lot of disclaimers are framed with the you cannot, you cannot do this.

Yeah. So if you pull up the first year to the one that was approved, yeah. So this one was approved, and this was fine. It’s all around and you’ll see at the bottom there in terms of yet you’ll hate my repossessing he’ll keep up repayment on your mortgage, and that also yet approved through fine. And then in terms of the one that wasn’t approved.

Again, same disclaimer, I think there was actually caused the debate at one point about whether this was the issue. The issue actually wasn’t that it’s actually the issue if we see above in terms of the question, How much could you save? So one of the things that Facebook doesn’t like, which I think is probably most common thing people tripped up on is asking the question or make an assumption that someone Yeah, say could because people often like to do that to try and make it relevant to the audience. And problem is, you’re not allowed to make assumptions about people in the audience.

Yeah, so you’re not allowed to say things. So for example, you wouldn’t be allowed to say, Are you looking to remortgage, you could find a better, right, if you did, whatever, you’d have to say, people that are looking to read mortgage can find a better rate by whatever you’ve got, almost like, make it make it. Yeah, and that’s one of the most common things with terms of people often get tied up with the disclaimer, when it’s actually not necessarily the issue. So here’s that Facebook warning you can see. And so in terms of Yeah, as a direct question, or makes an assumption that the users personal attributes, so yeah, the Facebook users don’t let it get you down, or your customer either. So yeah, those those kind of such as you continue to make it general over people.

Yeah, and that’s where the most common disapproval that we see more the other ones is worth mentioning. The outside on there was also 10 over an image. Yeah, so we don’t really use that money title in this text over an image. But you do want to use it, it’s got to be a quarter of the size of the less than 20% of them don’t fit sorry, yes, and 20% of the image sizes, that’s just be aware of, but and then yeah, if you’re, especially if you’re compliance, saying, you’ve got to have the disclaimer on the image, then you’ve got 20% to do it, I would try and challenge that as much as possible, because it feels a bit off putting on the event, I think, at least in this one, the ones that have been approved that, although it’s in capitals, it’s you have to click the More to see it.

So it is in there, but it’s not hidden away. But it’s not really bold, and you’re not a negative message there straight away. So if you have to, if you’re, I’d say, if you have to need it on their CV, you can get it as part of the tax and put it in the bottom like this one. And even if it’s in capitals like that, and but we do know a lot of networks don’t require that as well. Yeah, naturally, and also is worth noting that we don’t actually see much difference in performance between those that do and don’t have, that is one of our one of our best performing ones. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, a lot of people don’t click that more dream only just, you know, the headline does enough.

So, so yeah, so it’s interesting, because I was getting confused. I always thought it was like, anytime you you and your It was a problem, but it’s actually when you put that question mark, and it’s just all you would have a big issue with the disclaimer on Facebook. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So it was David and greatest today. So we’ll drop a link to David. He’s not watching live just to check that one out. And also in my mastermind, as well, we had an issue with that as well. So clear that up with him as well, because he’s been approved. Now with the original disclaimer. Yes, yes. Right. Cool. All right. Brilliant. Okay. So yeah, I we’re going to talk also about scheduling ads to switch over to the desktop here.

So smart won’t actually go through your spreadsheet first, actually. But basically, what we found on chocolate out first, if there’s nothing incriminating, you know, Skype conversations is not what’s up. Okay, so. So you’ve got so this is basically. So this spreadsheet shows how the delivery of ads spent over time. So this is an example of what we ran over a three day period, it was see how our ads were delivered was mentioned it we did it on a daily budget, and you’ll go through society at lifetime in a second. And you’ll see in terms of that column D at the time of day, the reason it’s not comes up a few times is it’s okay.

Sorry, no, it’s not the same thing. Okay, doesn’t matter. Anyway, in terms of use, go down, that sort of amount spent, the total amount that we spent throughout the three day period was about 70, 69 quit. Yeah, we actually spent half of that I think it was about sort of, as you get up 35 new is is a 10 1011 o’clock and 36. Yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s right. So basically, what it’s all goes through to show is that you need to be sort of maybe a bit more aware of how your budgets basically being muted.

I know you’ve got something that so flashed up to us after a few days of this campaign running. Yeah, actually, we might want to look at this a different way. Absolutely. Because your prime time here, you’ve got evening time we’re not a lot of money has been spent, which ideally, you know, six o’clock, that’s when although and this one we normally we find the evening as got more leads coming in.

But yeah, it’s interesting that in that prime time after work, and lot of people on their phones, that it wasn’t spending a lot of budget. So we’re just been testing this or recently. So what Facebook say is, you can only schedule your ad set to run if you use a lifetime budget. So whether you say I want to spend 100 pounds over two weeks. And then so if you are asking me, why wouldn’t you earlier and I kind of said that when that lifetime budget has been exhausted, you have to then set up a new campaign and do it again, you lose everything that you’ve learned from that come and you start fresh and sometimes starting afresh is good. And sometimes we do that if if a like an asset or campaigns not working very well. But I’d rather be control of that and have a daily budget and run things over Hong Kong is really useful stuff.

As always, nice little comment in there. Doesn’t say who it was sorry. Oh, but it have just made it come up on the screen. Look at our overall faces. Don’t know how to get rid of it. So we’ll just keep that in there. Yeah, great.

Okay. So. But as I said, we prefer to do daily budget, because we’ve got campaigns running all the time, we want leads coming in all the time. So I found a bit of a hack this week is a bit awkward, though. So I’m going to run through it with you. And I just need to get some why that’s the way here.

Okay. So I’ve got let’s say, this real mortgage campaign is off at the minute. And he says, I’ll test accounts is not spending any money. But essentially, if I go in and click that campaign, and I can set a rule, and I can create a new rule, and OK, so the rule is applying to this one campaign. So if you’ve got multiple campaigns, you gotta do this, obviously, for each one. So my action is to turn off campaign when this condition has been okay. I know, because I was, I believe what we’re doing here is, so I don’t know if you need to do this bit. But I’ve only worked I’ve only done it.

But I’ll tell you what I mean. So it seems like you have to have can conditions in there, although you’ve set the campaign there, I’m adding this in, which is kind of doesn’t make any sense. But as it’s a hack is having to work. So I’m just putting the campaign name in here. So if I’ve got this campaign, and the campaign contains that name, it doesn’t make sense. But I think you have to put the condition in there. Hopefully, that makes sense. Yeah. Okay. Cool. And then you’ve got your schedule. So this is where you put in a custom shed your so

Oh, okay. Right. Okay. So in my other account I had to do in Pacific time. So just double check. So we’ve got another a CAD CAM, which we didn’t actually set up to might have been the way it was set up. Um, yeah, so I was testing this early with a client and, and it would only let me do it in Pacific time in American time. So as you can see, I’ve got the calculator ready to go.

But if you set up your account properly, this makes it much easier. Fantastic, right. So it’s going to turn off my account from 12am in the morning until 6pm. So I’m not recommending these times. By the way, this is just me saying, if you want it running off in the day, yeah. And do that for every day. So choose Sunday money, you know, do repeat that whole thing. I could do that now. But I’ll just obviously bore everyone. 6pm. I do that every day. Yeah. Ok. Cool. So and then you’ve got to use an email notified when it’s running. So if we just call it the off rule, and we create that cool, but we also need to make sure it comes back on again, to create new rules.

So make sure to click the campaign that we want. There’s rules create a new rule, and we want to turn on campaign if the name campaign name equals the name, it will be case sensitive. So like I say, you might not need to do this bit. But I’ve just been playing it safe, like to have a condition and then custom. But this time, I’m doing it from 6pm until 1130, because it won’t let me do to 12am. So it’s a bit of x is that half an hour between 1130 and I’m not sure it’s gonna be on or off.

But again, do that every day, and then call it on then create. So if I had set every day and done the same settings, this campaign would only come on between 6pm and 1130 at night? Yeah, and that is my little pack. Yeah. Which, yeah, so it’s one for to test. So I think we haven’t we’ve, I’ve literally sort of recently discovered it. And it was based on an assumption, and a lot of the times things that we assume should work don’t, so don’t do it and blow me for just test it fine. If you get better results. But in general, logically, it makes sense that that will work better for our campaigns.

Yeah, as one and also it depends on the brokerage and have some brokers in the 95 because without office, but some forget in the evening. Yeah, either. Because that’s when conversion rates may be higher, because people are easy to get hold of an evening. So the apps right away so it’s those kind of things as well. And also, you know, the same with weekends into the site mornings, we’ve always found typically convert quite well. Yeah, for these, we tend to get fed for our money.

And just one last thing that might be a good one for next week is where you can set the condition for campaigns turn off when you reach get certain amount of leads, you certainly can say, if you have a daily say you only want five leads a day. But yeah, so he can handle in terms of capacity. Yeah, and say you have 20 quid budget or whatever or physically, but you say, if you take the fifth budget that you reach to have a great day, yeah, research five leads for the 25 quid. Yeah, the complaints, which is off with in terms of so you actually save the money because you can’t make any money?

Absolutely. So definitely, one thing for our mastermind those guys, because we are kind of where they want X amount of leads per day, rather than want to spend X amount of days we’ve got some clients that want to spend whatever it is per day got, I’m thinking that business finance one, they want to spend thousand pounds on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and nothing for the rest. And they were doing that on Google. Google makes it really easy. But thanks, Moon is obviously it’s a bit of a hack around to do that every good point. Some people just want them during the day. So maybe that will work on this is a mix.

Absolutely. So there is no like one or two when it comes to like sketching in and you got matching up what we said think you probably get more for your money in the evenings in terms of the amount of leads going through. But then if you’re going to be reading them, you could argue that you’re not getting them in the day when the more expensive when you like, yeah, I’m also happy to call it an evening then it’s depends on the broker broker.

When when I was freelancing as a Google Ads consultant with pension company, we were spending about 40 grand a month and one of my winds was bidding differently during different hours of the day. And because we were tracking right back to sail as well as it wasn’t just getting the lead costs, it was around cheapest. Our best leads came in this certain time. And then it’s really easy and Google so we could do that as a have to do Facebook ads, and they can show maybe next week, then we’ll show how easy is to do the bid scheduling. Yeah, and Google ads. And then if you only want to lead a day and pause your campaigns, what do you got to leads per day on Facebook? We can do that as well. Yeah, audio grip, and that’ll be it for this week’s episode.

Next week as yet. We’ve got some things coming up. So exciting. So tune in and yet yes, I’m just gonna one last minute plug of the podcast. Thank you ever so much for listening. It’s been incredible. So the numbers coming through on people listening has kind of exceeded my expectations, and even kind of the last week so I know I spoke to a lot of brokers because we’ve been people have been applying for the mastermind. They all they all mentioned. Pete, Matthew and God. So it wasn’t people that worked in financial services as kind of like all I’ve got loads of marketing experts lined up. But actually Jake, he was on last week. He’s almost got many downloads as God and he’s a LinkedIn.

So yeah, thank you so much, everyone for listening and for keeping listening as well. If you haven’t seen it, if you go to iTunes or Spotify is lead generation for financial services. And that is out every Tuesday. rim. Cool. All right. Cheers. Thanks, everyone.

Google Ads Scheduling + Facebook Ads; 1 Lead Per Day

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Hello and welcome to this week’s talking ads and so we’re a bit late today Alex had another interview which one I

did was I got because it on Wednesdays it’s not my day where I did try and do more content and then I use calland Lee to book in people to do these are the podcast and I didn’t book out talking out on a diary

12 so technically not my fault. Nice

and we’re going to be covering a few different things today. One of them is Google Ads scheduling and how you can kind of implement something so you can get leads certain times of the day and also we’re going to do Facebook and how you can get the sort of what

we said last week because it came up in conversation if you only want one a day how to set up a rule to cap and stop your ads because you know, cuz this guy

Up in the mastermind the other day, one of the guys said, or if I don’t get any leads to I still pay. And I was like, Yeah, because you’ll be paying 4000 impressions. So your cost per lead fluctuates. And if you can only manage one a day, there’s a little trick I can show you even to do that. And we also had a question from David who said about using chat bots to drip feed people sort of information. And Tom is kind of going to give his opinion and will give us as well and kind of how maybe you could use them in a better way.

Yeah, so yeah, so troubleshooting after we use and chat box all the time as actually are mechanism federal generating and driving leads, what do we have a process in place, we get them through the chat wants to give us their phone email address, essentially fires out an email goes into a CRM as if they’ve always come to a landing page. So that’s how we use chapels and interesting idea using the chat box as a drip feed. And we often do a quality of feeding stuff don’t read that we tend to do it through what would probably call

Traditional remarketing so by that we put out our initial out those that click and go to a certain page, those have gone to that certain page then start to see us or morning Alex showing up in every feed.

And that’s how we sort of get in front of them. Yeah,

I spend my only concern with doing it through a chat bot is almost like the invasive nature of it. Yeah,

in terms of it’s actually going into almost on their inbox as if it’s an email inbox The difference with emails as well in terms of more than not, you’ve actually, you know, when you’ve signed up, yeah, know, when you put your email address in. So you can use for onboarding, there it is you can start to expect to get contact through but with a chat bot or you have to do is start conversation I think, to technically become a subscriber. Yeah, and that’s not always totally clear. And so it’s kind of even if you just ask the question or something on that on in the first instance, it doesn’t necessarily from a user point of view I would expect Okay, that’s my you know, that’s my conversation done. I wouldn’t say that here. Anything else wants to close it like plays or whatever the

Start getting stuff through this chat I’m not sure how I feel about that

as I say I’m fine if I put my email address in this email me as well yeah that’s love I knew that was gonna happen by wouldn’t necessarily know I subscribe to receive those regular updates

so yeah so we always use chat box as a way to sort of do a bit of fat find ask us questions more engagement and lead capture rather than a Mac is of a drip feed our keep drip feeding as either an email you can catch their email through whichever way before you know like a lead magnet whatever yeah

or do through typical remarketing in terms of which obviously has a cost to it. But we do find remarketing often to week pretty good value. Yeah,

so once you once you stick your head out, got an initial click through and then start getting in front of their news feeds through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram that you can do the Google Display Network. Yeah,

it’s good. The message gets in front of them, but it’s a lot less invasive. Yeah, Ben is absolutely I was just trying to find my phone because I’ve had that actually done to me and it is a bit like someone that I don’t know.

Even though I’ve seen their ads before, just send me a message out of the blue on messenger. I find it a bit not right know whether you can or not I was not something I’d recommend to Yeah, answers. I think it is technically compliant to do so. Yeah in terms because they tend to subscribe. I still don’t think it’s really that clear that you’ve done it. So I would either do a lead magnet and email. Yeah, through typical remarketing if that doesn’t ever happen to you as a user, if you say stop, or if you say unsubscribe, unsubscribe, because a lot of them don’t say no, no, you know it because we we do if I wouldn’t have otherwise. Yeah.

So David, I hope that’s helped you or not

quite a lot of thought into doing it. I mean, we played it a little bit but I think there are better ways I know obviously if you cost conscious that so remarketing does have a cost and you’re you may be thinking the chat bot is free. I’m a pain to get them in one.

That’s a 90% of our clients.

company that remarketing and since we’ve been doing that since we’re doing videos like this of us and using things like that as remarketing that has made a bigger impact so if you’re currently what David does if it was mortgages or whatever but if you’ve got the margin is like life insurance or something that is well worth paying I think yeah especially if you got mechanism for getting that up front sort of that up from click like from patriot very cheaply because remarketing in general Street and we find it’s actually the initial cost them money yes the remarketing also say if you’re getting a lot of organic traffic to your site we marketing’s bit of a no brainer you do them as low as you know two three day we spend three pounds max a day or four hours and then we get clients in that stay with us for years yeah it’s the initial click costs which tends to cost the cost the

the most out of it so yeah I would recommend doing the old school remarketing

pretty girl two years old.

You go into Google Ads schedule yes okay so yeah we did talk last week and it showed how so convoluted it was into if that’s what I wanted to share Julian had to come up with a hacked and he was like yeah you Facebook will only allow you to schedule as if you’ve got a lifetime budget and we talked about why that’s all good but Google on the other hand is make it easy I’m gonna show you like two to three seconds right okay so I’m literally in already so sorry I thought if everyone else can see I’m just moving our software stuff either way so I mean Google Ads I’ve got my campaigns on the left and I’ve just picked out as a test campaigns is no data in there but all I gotta do is click on my campaign and then actually there’s the option at schedule is down it just click on that and then on the pencil and then basically founded the Monday to Friday not saying this is the right thing to do. By the way, doing nine to five if you want into just

To have traffic and member it’s not leads because you will so we have a client that wanted to do that nine to six nine to five and they still got leads through an evening because

people come back to it so it’s just this is when you’re going to run and then save that

and then you can see that’s when you add to life it’s got Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday nine to five so one thing that I do with if we’re spending if we got decent volume I will break out into sections so like sometimes I’ll do I want to find out if Monday morning is better than everything else. So I’ll do not nine till 12 Monday to Friday, but also Monday to Friday.

You have to do that. I think you still have to do like 1215 cd lose 15 minutes but as well so 1215 to



to 5pm save them.

So you got your two blocks, right? And when you do get some data, it will tell you how many clicks, how many impressions, what you click through rate is on that time what your cost per click is on that time. And also if you got conversions, your, your cost per lead during those windows. Yeah. So you may, if you’re running in, if you’re in 24 hours, if you break, make these little chunks you can find out especially if you’re competitive. A lot of people b2b will only want to advertise between nine and five because I think that makes sense to them. So there are opportunities in the evenings and you’ll be able to find that by then putting in your evening when I have like 515 to 10pm or 11pm, and then you’ll be able to see your average cost per click during that time. And then you may decide Actually, I want to eat afternoon evenings is cheaper. My cost per lead is 20% cheaper.

data in there but that it will as you can see it’s all broken out for you and you can

find out that and then if you go one step further and you because we will talk about tracking our CPA or cost per acquisition if you’re if you’ve got the every clip has got a unique click ID and if you can capture that on your lead on your website you can feed that information back into Google and even find out your cost per acquisition based on the time that you’re advertising so it could be that Wednesday afternoon is more expensive per click and the cost per acquisition is lower you might want to do then yes absolutely cool hopefully that all makes sense yeah bro okay and then if we dive in to the other thing we wanted to we talked about last week was if you only want one lead day or doesn’t matter how many leads you’re today you can set up a rule to pause your ads immediately on convergence of setup here on just do it again,


Again it’s just a test campaign there’s no data but if I click on the campaign that I want to pause if I get X amount of leads and then go on roles create new role

so it’s a plant that one campaign from action is turned off campaign if so you cannot see if your lead costs are too high you can pause it but just for this example

so this is for website conversion so this is if you’re we obviously talked about chat box this is more leads on your website.

Okay, all website conversions is greater than zero,

it was greater than 061 it will pause that campaign and that’s literally it and you can run that daily


logical one night

Simple as that. So if it’s like you only want three leads a day so it’s like if it’s greater than two more Yeah, yeah, very frustrating. So if you are like a solo person

A single advisor

and you just want to get set amount of the day then you can do yeah Atlanta.

Nice magic just drop value bombs

not just on Facebook ads but on Google Ads yeah

fans were all sleeping outside for charity you can’t get much.

Yeah so I’ll put my link into my head. We’re all doing it but I sort of taking my stake in the ground and claiming everyone in the Facebook group is that because you’ve got a few donations Yeah,

I’m pushed out my that’s my plan. So yeah, check out the blog for that when we were doing the next five days. It’ll be a few weeks.

That will show you that all will probably do some photos of us actually doing it all

right so

so yeah thank you for everyone that’s donated already we’ve got a couple of parts of the mastermind have done it so that’s amazing

and then that will be back next week yes so like it was David wasn’t it if you’ve got questions you want to answer that we can put you dive in and show you and more than happy to do that but next week I think we maybe talk about if your audience the frequency frequency and yeah movies all that saturation I think yeah Robin says yeah the frequency that’s good and that’s actually from will touch on remarketing Yeah, the frequencies quite important Yes. Because it definitely marketing Ops II fewer people that are getting from the more times Yeah, they’ve been able to manage that so you don’t and then there’s you can see in Facebook ads, even if it’s not remarketing if you’ve chosen to target people remain which we’re looking at the mortgage in London or wherever you can see how quickly you’ve got in front of everyone. Yeah,

brilliant. Alright, cool. Thank you very much.