How We Can Filter The Quality And Quantity Of Our Leads Through Messaging

Messaging plays a pivotal role in filtering the quality of leads that are generated on your website. The way that call-to-action’s are worded can make a significant difference to both quality and the quantity of enquiries that are made, depending on our needs. If you are seeking quality leads or quantity of leads, we help distinguish what wording constitutes to each.

Likely to reduce quantity of leads – unattractive option, unless a user is ready to buy.

Standard, most commonly used, produces average results

Sounds, quick and easy plus users will be expecting a call back.

Less committal – may get email address, customer probably not expecting a call back.

Why We Use Get A Quick Quote

If your call-to-action is simply ‘Get a Quote’, it might be of a slightly average standard. However, with the addition of one simple word, you will be hitting the ‘sweet spot’ of obtaining both quantity and quality leads, just give it a try. You would be surprised how one word can make a huge difference, but it is possible, and it has been done for many of our clients, who are already seeing the benefits.

People Want Information Quicker

Can you remember the last time you needed to get a quote for a product or service online? If a company offered you a quick quote service, would it have appealed to you? People see the words ‘Quick Quote’ and it is something that instantly draws them in. In a digital-age where information is so readily-available at people’s fingertips, people want information quicker than before. The fact that people live busier, more fast-paced lifestyles also impacts the demand for quicker information, as more people are strapped for time. More commonly, people are likely to opt for the ‘Quick Quote’ option in the event of an emergency, where they need a fix quickly.

The wording of ‘Full Quotation’ suggests that there will be a significant amount of time spent on inputting information into it, which may not be particularly attractive if people have not yet conducted their research into a product and service. However, this method is attractive to people that have done their research and planning prior, and they are aware of exactly what they want, in this instance, it provides it with some merits. If you are generating loads of leads, but lack the quality, try asking for a ‘Full Quotation’, it might help.

If you are on the other end of the scale and are in financial services or attracting consumers, you will find that the wording ‘Price Checker’ works really well. People will provide their email addresses as they are looking for a price, but it is unlikely that they will provide a phone number, as it is non-committal. But you can nudge them for a sale via email, with an automated sequence which may result in a sale.

If you’re struggling with striking the right balance of generating both quality and quantity leads, review your website and ensure you have a call-to-action button. If you do not, try out ‘Quick Quote’, ‘Full Quotation’ or ‘Price Checker’, dependant on your needs and let us know how you get on in the comments below!