Location Targeting For Facebook Ads

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s talking at we’ve got a bit of a different one this week, we are going to have it a bit of discussion about location targeting for Facebook ads, and Alex and people are asking him about it. And we’ve got an hour as an example to show you. And I’m just going to talk you through a few points, which hopefully you will find useful. So Alex is going to bring up the

Yes, it is this. So often we normally find ads that we’ve seen off feed I think we just found so there’s not an ad we have created, it’s an app that we saw seen from Spanish services, funeral plans. And what we found interesting was because you can go on into Facebook and you can essentially when Tom’s got Facebook page, you can click on this link or info and as you can see what happens there really so we saw this company that just like life insurance wills and things like that we just have interested in that also making a big deal about here the same list fields and literally funeral plan says and they got tons of these as all the different towns so they’ve got the ability they cover obviously nationwide lot of areas but in what it looks like is they’ve got little assets targeting towns because obviously they’re doing that because they feel it’s beneficial. So yeah, and then one of the most common question is like, how can I target in my local area?

And the answer is yes, but we want to sort of discuss should you okay you told me about some data suggests a couple of things yeah, so we must be run loads of campaigns both nationwide and locally. So we’ve got some like Kyle update on this kind of thing and one thing we saw always found near enough most of the time is that the cost of getting in front of people when it’s local and it’s a smaller audience is significantly more expensive than it is when you’re talking nationwide it’s probably because you’re talking smaller group of people the audience size is smaller so it’s more competitive to get in front of those people yeah arguably so as a result because you’re upfront cost of getting in front of those people based on your cost per thousand impressions and it has an impact on all the rest of the numbers for your campaign yeah so about the use of examples but one example in terms of so location targeting campaign we ran so this one you’ll see the important stat is that cost per thousand impressions which is just so like off the rights or center you’ll see the cost per thousand impressions was 23 pounds which is which is sort of like reasonably high which are typically look at anywhere between five and 10 pounds of this kind of thing but you’ll see the click through rate wasn’t bad at 1.25% which gave links in at one penalty for people start clicking at one time at four which you know isn’t isn’t awful and so that’s intended not too expensive truck yeah so I just wanted to surface a little coffee shop thousand impressions and oppression is when it seen in the feed so it’s a cost to the scenes 1000 times in 1000 Facebook feeds in the audience that you define so we normally bit by that CPM yeah click statement because we normally violence cheaper to that way yeah always always which will make sense as well in some stuff Facebook’s basically it is cost per click Facebook’s basically taking a risk that your ad is going to be clicked on and they’re getting a vessel advertising space person was only going to click if they like your ad if they don’t want your advice potentially losing out on it so it makes sense make it better value to do on pipeline pressure cool oh we just had a few people join us so it’s we’re just talking about a CPM cost per thousand impressions were comparing this one here which is about 23 pounds yeah I believe this campaign that was just targeting London was it

I think is Manchester Manchester Manchester postcodes and cost per thousand impressions 20 pounds yeah reasonable click through rate 1.2% which gave clicks at one point it for which if you got 184 clicks you won’t be too disheartened by the reason it that’s not too bad because the click through rate so good so but when you compare that to a similar campaign had sort like a similar see that one and then so when we look at this one you see that come up on that top line that cost per thousand impressions is nationwide is as low as 787 click through rates similar 1.3% against as a decent performing ad but then you’ll see that cost per click is just 59 Pm yeah so that’s three times cheaper than it was and the only the only real difference is the location yeah so then that has a knock on effect for everything else assuming your landing page converts at the same rate would you would you could well the the your lead somebody to come three times more expensive if you’re doing it only to solicit postcodes honestly kind of like depends on the size of the area and everything else but we still find even when doing to select cities or main post goes even though when we have to London the cost of getting in front of those people have been more expensive London particular because they think is quite competitive to get in front of them there are a lot of people within the postcards as well yeah okay so that’s what we’ve always found excellent and I was going to show everyone how to do the location targeting as well but we are move my laptop across this booted me out of my campaign so if you kind of saying that you thought you were quite surprised when you buy those results yeah so I so I think coming from an outside I think you would assume if you’re targeting certain location and people in that location they click through it would be a lot better yeah absolutely in terms of especially when when you sort of make make a point of being local in your out as well yeah there it looks different factors that factor into what I could click the click through rate your ad copy your image same with a good cost per thousand impressions it can be you know theatrical, the actual the way your audience itself, how could you add is for the audience are a lot of different things. And but yeah, broadly speaking, in terms of on the even on the local ad, click through rates, we don’t really see much more than we do on the next year model, which just sort of go to sort of, you know, suggest a few questions about whether being local how much of a benefit is actually have to the user Yeah, especially when it comes financial services mean to people care if that if your local Yeah, it just so, you know, those kind of questions already have how much of a benefit is it? Yeah, absolutely. Okay. And then this is just to point out these are not the stats for this ad. And they have like movies and stuff like that around that little things is that good again, affects the click through rate. So we’re just trying to give a bit of an overview of what would save it

Yes. Okay, so I’m ready just to share my screen now. So hopefully everyone can see that I mean Facebook ads here some actually really easy if you don’t have all this stuff in the white so we’re in an ad sets where you do your targeting on Facebook, and I’ve got a campaign here I think it’s set to UK moments age 3050 languages English, not just set really mortgage as the the targeting. So if we go back to where we have saw United Kingdom, I can take that out.

And then if I like, I can just drop the pin my mouse go crazy, drop the pin in London. And then that will only target people who are in this location in London. And then it still written 20,000 people can also do people who live in this location and how they do the live in location I presume there’s a couple of ways they can do it. Either you put your postcode in, you know, when you sign up, or they may be looking at Mobile pings, and where you spend your time and an easy consistently Yeah, Google, I know, my Google phone knows where workers were hoping that we telling it, yeah, I’m tracking my device. So it’s pretty accurate. So don’t worry about the accuracy so much. Certainly, if you’re just going to do people in this location, it’s as simple as that all you can put that postcards and I can put in p one, it goes quite granular as well, because you put p one p one for to anyone in that tiny little postcode area there.

So actually doing it physically doing the technical stuff is really easy, it will just be a case of seeing what works. I think the great thing I’ll come out Facebook now, I think the great thing is, you can run both campaigns at the same time and do like your London one or Manchester, one, Angela, UK, one with the same ad at the same time. And then you can see yourself You don’t have to, like believe us, you can just run them both and spend 500 day on each and you’ll be able to see. So yeah,

I think do you think we need to cover anything else on that?

Well, it’s quite interesting on the in terms of so it’s almost thinking about Okay, so whilst we talked about it potentially, from example, use the cost per click being three times higher. So if that transferred across your lead it three times I was no in terms of so the value of the properties and depending on how brokers have made, the commission is a percentage of the latter. Certainly, if you start getting these are three times higher in terms of the cost, but then the house prices have three times I cannot do it. That’s, that’s where London can have some value to your leads are more expensive. But if people are like to have to pay high house prices, and it could actually end up being better value.

And it’s kind of this whole thing in terms of is not what he wants to try and get the leads down or the cheapest possible we don’t want to compromise on the quality. Yeah, and that’s all goes the other way in terms of the times and if we can get better quality leads that are more expensive, then that’s just as good yet not only will we always say sometimes are ones or target is your cost per acquisition cost you to acquire customer is that target and we’ll try and get more expensive leads that will bring that successful transaction download. So would you say you said about the testing against each one? And I think I think it’s very like it’s so dependent because you know, someone climate can really work when you’re targeting certain occasion.

Another one, it works better nationwide. So would you always say it’s best to the thing to do? I guess? Well, we’re always been proved wrong, because things are always changing. Because like last week, we we since before last week, I say let Do you use videos in your videos, and your ads are getting much lower cost per thousand impressions. And then we started doing some as it was almost overnight, the plane images were getting click through rates, which Facebook company effects, but the cost per thousand impressions was about the same. So you can’t take there’s not one rule that sticks forever. So that’s why we always have to do that people say, always be testing and it sounds like a stupid, we have to change the copy reactive to what’s going on. So understanding those results. But also just tracking is so easy to track where your leads are coming from the exact ads that you can then just that my cost per acquisition on this ad on this platform for this campaign is this amount.

And that’s the best way to do it. So you can’t just spend 100 quid ones and expect to know everything that’s running on.

But yeah, so it’s it’s really it’s really tough one and I don’t blame people who get confused by it. Because, yeah, do you think and we had a campaign this week and we literally just reset the outset the same targeting and then using that chat before we start getting better quality leads just from refreshing it. Yeah, no, absolutely. Well, yeah, it was terms of so we had that we had the outset running and we had a lot of based on specific placements beta to some of the responses were getting we weren’t we weren’t totally he didn’t have any other tool really expecting so we didn’t have to was off the pleasures of what that wasn’t been reported reset it researched around. And yeah, it was performed really well. Thanks. Yeah, absolutely, I think is because a lot of the time Facebook so when you choose your objective we were using, we want messages.

And there was some people clicking by accident. And because it was getting messages there was finding more people that are probably I think that good stuff. Well, yeah, and having conversations because it could we couldn’t tell Facebook to the objectives to be these long conversations because the chat bots and other system as they get to that, that’d be amazing. You can target people that have the proper long interaction. So yeah, it’s really it’s really, it’s really tough one, but it’s just understanding what’s working what’s not just because something doesn’t work once doesn’t mean you can’t kill instantly if something’s not working. understanding why. Yeah, and that’s why we don’t go through this process in terms of seeing like sometimes sometimes campaigns on was well, because the CPM cost per thousand impressions, everything else has been pretty good, great. click through rate, great conversion rate for the least expensive because of that first initial cost of getting in front of people. Yeah, and that’s where, you know, you got to change me in your audience. So it’s just, it’s just an understanding way changes need to be made for them. I think that’s about it, then, yeah, thank you for watching. And we’ll be back next week, maybe the same format.

So I mean, I think it’s we got a good reaction last week. I think it’s nice to actually dive into Facebook ads and show some things that will find what happens this week and my masterminds is launching next week. So I’ve got for brokers that I’m doing group coaching with I’m sure different things will come out there. And it’ll be interesting the questions that they asked me and pick up things that things that I’m teaching them might bring up some ideas or some other things as well. So we’ll try and bring this stuff bit more this stuff yet to life. And, yeah, we’ll see. I’ll see you on Friday. Have an interview with a branding expert Trudy and the podcast is doing better than I ever for is amazing. So yeah, good, good take upon it.

We got to number 25 in the UK in the marketing section we’ve since dropped because I spoke to a lot of brokers because this mastermind thing and they all mentioned it and what they who they did mention where Pete Matthew and God Stephen said he’ll do that job not marketing expert. So I’m going to try and find more brokers more people that are currently in that situation generating those leads so of course, we’ll get those marketing experts in as well as i think that you know, I just did one with Pete today and we let the it was now become two episodes we were talking about SEO so I still think we need that as well. Get some more brokers if you know anyone that should be on the podcast, give me a shout and we’ll see you in those channels of content.


Alright, see you then.