068 – Inbetweenysode

068 - Inbetweenysode
068 - Inbetweenysode

About this episode

Questions submitted this week:

“Last week on the inbetweenysode you mentioned some costs per lead, what do you actually consider a lead?”

“Wix has a cracking sale on at the mo, is it worth it over WordPress?”

“Should I mention that you can have an appointment locally in my FB Ads?”

“With Facebook Ads do you use the property portals (Rightmove & Zoopla) for targeting?”

“Would you still get a good result if you don’t send the FB ads to a Landing Page?

I read there is a lead capture form on FB itself.

The reason I ask is that I am tied to a big company and so do not have my own separate website or landing page ( and I like to keep it simple for now).

If FB lead capture is a good option, then its easy for me to get started and not wait for a perfect time.”

“I’m playing out the video and pressing record in Otter to transcribe my videos, is that right, how do you use it?”

067 – Matt Poole – Mortgage Broker

067 - Matt Poole - Mortgage Broker
067 - Matt Poole - Mortgage Broker

Hi, this week we have a mortgage broker, his name is Matt Poole.

Matt provides expert advice in terms of mortgaging and client protection. He helps clients achieve their goals in several ways.

Helping out brokers generate leads through social media, attend seminars and mortgage networks.

Matt also has a strong background and expertise when generating leads and targeting a certain audience on Facebook and LinkedIn. Starting with looking at certain areas in the country where the house prices were higher than the average. The higher the mortgages, the higher the commission.

He also produces videos to either about what he does or a day in the life video which not only lets him reach his target audience but these videos can go worldwide as well. Find the right people and educate people.

These videos get him closer and known by his target audience. Because nobody wants to get financial advice from a stranger. Matt was able to build that kind of relationship with his audience through his videos.

Matt creates all the content and is working alongside a professional videographer. But this strategy doesn’t necessarily need fancy lighting or an expensive camera. It can be done using a mobile phone and as long as it looks nice and easy, just being yourself, get your message across, and think about your target market as well.

Just do it, start doing it and you’ll see the result. Be consistent. In today’s world, social media and everything else is so quick so act consistent and you’ll be seen.

Matt’s Website: https://www.eddisonwells.co.uk/

066 – Inbetweenysode

066 - Inbetweenysode
066 - Inbetweenysode

About This Episode

Welcome to another in-between episode. These episodes are in between our main interview episodes.

If you have any questions you can DM me on LinkedIn (Alex Curtis) or in our Facebook group lead generation for Financial Services.

Last week I announced that I’ve written a book for mortgage brokers as to how to stand out online. You’ll find four kinds of main principles that I use for my business as well. Feel free to put some quotes on it. Join the group and I’ll give you a link and you can have your name in my book.

Going back to the Lee Flanagan, Terry Blackburn bespoke episode. Lee thinks Marketing is better than sales. And I said I think they are the same thing.

I try to explain what I meant by that:

Marketing is like an early prep for my sales process. The sales process is really short because of the amount of marketing that I do. Since people can already check you out online first. Educating people about how we work and the value that we bring, so that I don’t have to have those conversations in a meeting or on the phone.

In fact, we had a client in the office and they had been to our event, listen to the podcast, been in our Facebook group, and they literally came to get here to get signed up and everything and we literally just talked numbers, budgets and the meeting was over really quickly.

The more content you put out there about the value that you give, how you’re different from everyone else, your proposition and what you do, the more people get to know you. And for me that is all one big sales process.

Another question is how much budget do we put per ad?

When we’re putting budgets together, we find out how many leads client needs, what the specific product is, where it is local. We’ve got to know what the average cost per lead is in everything. Listen to the episode to hear the full answer.

065 – Adam King – Think Like A Fish

065 - Adam King - Think Like A Fish
065 - Adam King - Think Like A Fish

I would like to introduce you to a guy called Adam King whom we met at a conference back in November.

Adam used to work for a wealth advisor investment firm. He’s got a background in financial services marketing. His company is all about this concept of thinking like a fish.

Marketing allows companies and businesses to shine and build loyalty and sales. It improves every successful business operation.

According to Adam, as a business owner, you need to stop thinking like the fishermen and start thinking like the fish by considering if the company’s products or services meet the customer’s needs, wants or solves a problem.

No matter how much you love chocolate cake, you won’t catch any fish if you use the cake as bait. Instead you use worms to catch fish because fish love worms.

Marketing is all about people, understanding their needs, dreams, and wants. It can attract and keep consumers. Building a connection through your customer or client’s interest through marketing strategies can create understanding between you which will allow them to trust you.

Adam uses a systematic framework called 3 Growth Accelerator Ecosystem. An overall approach for reaching potential consumers and converting them into customers.

  • Authority
  • Asset
  • Alliance

These things will help you understand possible ideas on how to produce or create ROI. Take advantage of automation to make yours and the clients lives easier. Gather pre information about the potential client and validate if that person will be a good client for you. Having soft referrals to reach out to more people which can possibly be future clients or just simply creating alliances.

Adam’s website: https://www.thinklikeafish.co.uk/

062 – Inbetweenysode 002

062 - Inbetweenysode 002
062 - Inbetweenysode 002

About This Episode

Welcome back to another in-between episode. So this is my second kind of mini-episode where I’m kind of fitting in between the main ones.

We’ve just had the bespoke episode with Lee and Terry, and I’m going to talk about the things that I’ve implemented since I’ve had that sit down and chat with them. I’m going to tell you the answers to the questions that people have been coming to me with in the past week or so.

That’s whether someone’s called into our office, whether they’ve asked in our Facebook group, or a lot of time people DM me on like Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn or whatever.

So I’m going to be talking about the bespoke episode. There’s quite a few things actually, I’ve implemented based on that chat.

Then I was asked my opinion on Facebook Messenger campaigns. So these are Facebook ads, where you drive people into Facebook Messenger. Maybe using a chat bot or just to start a conversation in there.

I want to talk about the difference between organic and paid social media. This comes up a lot, especially when people are comparing our agency with another one. They’re saying, Oh, these guys will do my social media for 200 quid and it’s a very, very different kind of thing going on there. So just make sure you understand that.

And what to do if job titles disappear on Facebook ads. So there’s targeting in Facebook advertising (Facebook keeps taking this away and putting it back). Sometimes you can target people by job titles, and this person was asking about targeting nurses. So I’ll talk to you about that.

Bespoke Financial

So first of all, the bespoke episode. A lot of things actually, when I wrote down the things I’ve taken away, so we talked in the two episodes about having too many voices, being clouded.

The guys kind of use the example of like reading too many books or listening to too many authors following too many influencers. I was in a couple of communities last year, and the people that run those communities have a difference of opinion. So, for example, one believes if you want to be an authority, you need to be an author, you need to be writing that book. The other guys are saying, no, you build your audience first and you don’t need a book to do that. So really conflicting.

I’ve just come out of both communities basically, I’ve just got my blinkers on a little bit this year as I know what to do, what I’m implementing, so I’ve come out of those groups because there was probably too much and too many voices going on.

Again, the conversation about reading, I do read a lot, I read to relax like when I actually can’t do any more work, if it’s late at night. I just want to read for 10-15 minutes and I like learning. So I’m going to continue to do that. I’m going to continue to read and I, I think the way my brain works is if there’s an idea that I like, I’ll go and run with it, especially all the things I take from the podcast. So I’m not going to stop reading.

I did review my sales process after sitting down with these guys. I’ve got a very different business to them and other brokers but, they talked about the more you get on the phone, the more deals that get done.

The back end of last year I was trying to automate a lot of things because we were getting more and more inquiries, and I was trying to automate a lot. I was spending less time on the phone and there’s probably been some deals that have slipped through the cracks because I’ve not cemented that relationship on the phone. So I’ve been building all that rapport with our podcast, our videos, people inquiring, and I’ve done like an automated proposal, rather than taking the time out.

It’s funny actually, in January, I’ve spent more time reviewing that sales process. I’ve gone kind of over and above what I used to do. I’ve cherry picked a few inquiries where I would almost for some of them, I’ve almost kind of redesigned their website in the proposal. And funnily enough, we’ve got some really big deals going off in January.

The point I think Is Lee said “Don’t kid yourself that you’re working smart and not hard”.

I put the extra effort in, went over and above, and I got more out of it. So I just need to remember that and keep applying it, it’s been a really useful lesson.

The other big thing I think I took from it, like anyone can do anything in business if they apply themselves. That goes back to really applying myself and not thinking, I’m being really smart and trying to put all these processes in things and actually just grafting makes a big impact.

So those are kind of like the big things I took from that episode.

I keep forgetting. And I didn’t say in the intro. One thing I absolutely loved about these guys is they are literally genuine. Saying that your company has a culture is one thing but actions speak louder than words.

Because I obviously went to their office to do the podcast interview, I sat down in reception. I was early, Lee hadn’t arrived yet. And Terry was in a meeting. I met a few of the staff coming in and out of the building essentially going on their breaks, getting coffee, whatever.

Every single one of them said hello to me. Nobody ignored me. Almost everyone asked if I was ok or needed a drink and I’m long in the tooth enough to know when that is like fake and put on it absolutely wasn’t. They were just genuine, really lovely people.

So I think it’s really easy to listen to that podcast episode and them saying, “you know, we’ve got lovely people that work for us. We’ve got strong culture.” They definitely do. And it’s really rare.

There’s only a few times I think I’ve kind of been into a business and that has happened.

Questions I’ve Been Asked Recently

Facebook Messenger

Okay, so some of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last week or so is what are my thoughts on Facebook Messenger campaigns.

So this is when you’re driving people on Facebook into messenger to ask you a question or use a chatbot.

I basically said I think they’re good. We were running a lot of them for a while and getting some decent leads from it. The chatbots are tricky and it’s a really difficult balance of trying not to pretend it’s not a real person. Like some people don’t like it, some people loved it, went all the way through and we got some really good leads. Some decent deals were done, we had quite a few clients running them but then almost overnight the cost per lead just went through the roof.

So we rained it right back in and I don’t think we’ve got any messenger campaigns running at the minute just because the costs didn’t work out.

When it comes to advertising, I prefer to get people onto a website, not a landing page. I think people like to get a feel for you as a business. So the more they can land on your web page, go on a really relevant page, see what you’re about. A lot of people want to see the ‘About Us’ section they want to see the ‘meet the team’ page, they want to see where you’re based, and learn about you to build a bit of credibility.

So I think websites are so so important.

Last year, we stopped trying to get those kinds of shortcuts to generating leads, because historically for you know, 10-15 years, however long I’ve been doing this the landing page, we did a lot on that and getting cheap, fast leads.

But I think when you have got a smaller budget, smaller teams, and you want more quality for your buck, you haven’t got a call centre of people to ring through the quality is gotta be there.

So people do want to have a look around. So that’s my kind of advice like messenger campaigns are really good. Many chat is a chat bot system you can use to get a chatbot running in there. We just found that your cost per lead went up and maybe the quality wasn’t as good compared when people got to look around a website.

Organic Social Media Vs Paid Social

Okay, so the difference between organic social media and paid social media so we get this a lot. So when people inquire about our business, they’re sort of saying, oh, someone’s quoted me to do social media for 200 quid, I’m like, this is very different.

The big difference between paid social is you’re paying to get in front of people that you know, have been interacting with content related to the financial service that you’re providing.

There’s financial services audiences, so Rather than just putting something on your Facebook page that just goes out to the people that you know, that are in your network. This goes in the Facebook feed of people who are in the market for a mortgage or are in the market for life insurance or in the market for equity release or whatever it is.

That’s the big difference between paid social and organic, you can build up a really good following and get leads through organic, a lot of people have shown that but if you want leads quicker you can get in the feed of people that are in the market for what you do.

That’s the biggest difference.

Targeting Job Titles In Facebook Ads

The other thing I was asked is “What to do if job titles disappear on Facebook” as sometimes in Facebook ads, you can target people by job title and this person wanted to target nurses, and it disappeared.

I think we did a video about this in our Facebook group the other week.

I said there are interests for NHS which some of the nurses will be in (the audience). Why don’t you run an ad where you ask people to tag their friend in, if they are a nurse, create a page that the ad directs to, which is only that nurses would go on to get more people tanked.

The more people that go to that website, you know at least 90% of them are the right sort of people, you can remarket to them.

So if they didn’t inquire, you can get ads infront of them when they’re back on social, but also create a lookalike audience (Facebook can find people who are similar to an audience)

Hopefully that makes sense! If not, just give me a shout ask me in our Facebook group and I can clarify it next week on the next inbetweenysode. So I think actually I may go into more detail about what remarketing is as well.

Thanks very much for listening. We’ll be back next Monday with the second half of the bespoke episodes. And then I’ll be back again with an in between he again, Speak to you soon. Bye bye.

060 – Inbetweenysode 001

060 - Inbetweenysode 001
060 - Inbetweenysode 001

Happy birthday to the podcast! It’s now one year old!

Alex talks about how we’re implementing what we have learnt from Mark Pittaccio in the previous 2 episodes.

He answers your questions one on public speaking and another on multiple niches.

He encourages you to look at SEO as essentially it generates “free leads”.

058 + 059 – Mark Pittaccio – Behavioural Economics

058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics
058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics

About This Episode

Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’ve got an incredible guest I’ve got Mark Pittaccio, who is a behavioural economist.

Mark had an IFA business for 11 years. He now consults and helps people in financial services, mainly wealth management, but really big companies by helping their advisors to help their clients make better decisions.

So behavioural economics is understanding how people make choices and our biases.

It’s a really fascinating episode, so one thing we do sort of touch on, is what we can do differently to help people remortgage earlier in terms of making them think about that decision.

Rather than saying you can get a better rate. We kind of flip it around.

There’s an opening line that you can use at the beginning of any kind of sit down meeting or telephone meeting that will kind of set off your meeting in the right way. You’ll know a lot about your client’s position, if you’re up against any competition, things like that.

And just an absolute flood of stuff so it’s a two-part episode. Next week, we’ve got part two.


Mark’s website: https://www.behaviouraleconomist.co.uk/
Connect with Mark on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-pittaccio-80442014/

057 – The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A
057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

We’ve got a really interesting episode a little bit different this week. And it is a basically taken from the call our monthly sort of q & a mastermind call in our Facebook group.

If you listen regularly and part of our Facebook group already, you’ll know that we made the lead school free recently, we were planning on charging for it to basically help people that we can’t help as an agency, but we decided to make it free.

I did a whole video basically explaining that it didn’t really make sense charging people when we’re trying to help people with low budgets.

There’s all these kind of tools that we suggest you use, which will come with a subscription, it’s kind of cost on cost on costs, it kind of didn’t really make a lot of sense.

So we had a few people join. We’re going to stop charging them and we’ll just open the doors to everyone.

So that meant that our q&a monthly call became a much bigger event.

There are more people on this call, rather than the people that are paying for that service. It is open to everyone that’s in our Facebook group.

So I wanted to share with you about sort of half an hour or so of this call. So there was a lot more that call it lasted for about an hour. So I’ve just basically edited out some bits.

We’ve just got the three phon-ins from Imran, Elisha and Ash who all called in and we had a bit of a chat with them about the things or the thing that they wanted to get our advice on.

055 – Mortgage Broker Panel Live

055 - Mortgage Broker Panel Live
055 - Mortgage Broker Panel Live

So we’ve got a really interesting episode this week.

It’s basically taken from our financial services brand accelerator conference back in October 2019.

This is where I got three brokers on the stage to talk about what they’re doing specifically and it was kind of like a q&a session.

I just would do want to remind you though, that the next financial services brand accelerator is in March 2020. Tickets all go really quickly because we had such an amazing event, we’ve only got 60 tickets available again. And loads of the people that went last time have bought their tickets are not that many left to be honest.

Cheap Quality Leads

Everyone wants quality leads now for a low cost

Most people get fast leads that come cheap, but they may not be good quality. They then give up and say Facebook Ads are rubbish.

The problem is everyone wants cheap leads, great quality and they want them yesterday, which doesn’t really exist when it comes to online lead generation.

We were chatting recently about this and came up with this idea of a triangle, where you can only have two out of these three things at once (Quality, Speed, Cost).

You could back in the day

You could when the internet first started have all three. If you found a source like Google before it really lifted off in the early days of the internet. Back then you could get fast leads that were really good quality, at a really good price.

Nowadays every fast, every quick and good quality source of leads has now been exploited to death. Everyone knows that Google is a great source of great quality leads which has increased the cost per click (as it’s an auction).

We have found with some financial services products, companies run things as a loss leader. Which again, pumps up that cost because they’re happy to make a loss on the initial lead. They’ll then think, Okay, well, we know we’re going to get this business again, through our retention procedure in about two to five years time. They look at the lifetime value of the customer, which again, just keeps bumping up that cost to go after one client.

Cheap Quality Leads

So you can’t really nowadays have all three at once from a standing start (quality, speed, cost).

Essentially you can have quality and it can be cheap, but it’s not gonna be fast. That’s in terms of, you have to put a lot of your own time into SEO and/or social media.

Typically, with SEO, we say you will see some kind of benefit after six months. Then the benefits starts to sort of really kick off to 12 months, and then it’s really what do you get 18 months, two years you really see the real fruits of your labour.

SEO can be quicker if there are brokers, advisors, or anyone in financial services that have been around for like 10 years and you’ve still got the same domain. You could move a lot quicker and get a lot quicker traction than someone that buys a domain tomorrow.

So you either need to either be patient, play the long game or pay for quality.

We Enjoy Sharing Our Expertise Freely

We have a thriving Facebook community of financial services professionals and a popular podcast.

We host the Financial Services Brand Accelerator Conference every October and March which is quickly becoming a firm favourite event amongst brokers and advisors across the UK.

Cheap Quality Leads


Cheap Quality Leads

Facebook Group

Cheap Quality Leads