076 – Victoria Fleming – Salestastic

076 - Victoria Fleming - Salestastic
076 - Victoria Fleming - Salestastic

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Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. This week we have Victoria Fleming, sales expert and director of Buzztastic.

Victoria has a degree in ancient history and archaeology. Her success in the corporate sales management started as a trainer in Sage, an accountancy software, doing telesales, sales in the fields. Then she also sold construction software where she recruited, trained, developed a couple of internal sales teams like new business and account management and saving the fields before deciding to give it all up and set up her own.

Part of promoting your business is knowing exactly how to promote yourself and feel great about it. Clothing and how you present yourself to be the best version of yourself is a huge factor in sales.

She sells ideas, solutions, and coaching. She connects with people, no matter where they stand in the sales industry because she believes that we can all sell. It is a matter of unique approach, how to keep the conversation going and build that relationship. And that’s why she set up Buzztastic and Spark Up Your Sales.


Feel free to reach her via the websites above. You can also attend her Atomic Talk to know more about how you can grow your business, gain more sales, new sales ideas and techniques and expand your sales skills.

Car Finance Case Study

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really going to finance in terms of so when we’ve done this before for finance was really good

because car finance a lot time everybody wants it but not everyone can have it yeah so it was really good for actually finding who your perfect customers are and then you cross cross match it with the intent audiences like looking for car finance or or whatever it was and yeah we worked really well for us we got really really good value leads yeah and all the ones that came through where the right types of people and because we need based on that look alike audience that it was there were the kind of people that we want to target and we found actually because that’s a good example of google versus facebook where we were getting leads on google for was it like 2018 2018

to 20 quid and it was all that stacked up for them and it sounds a lot for free in terms of the night i was kind of our target wasn’t

and then we did that look like we have 10,000 customers that they was about 10,000 wasn’t it not far off yeah and then we impose it in face with credit look like and then it was like five quickly

was particularly

and then if i remember rightly it converted to a sale just that fraction better than the google ones it was like yeah we treated it as like it’s the same quality yeah no it says we’re already talking about a half percent yeah yeah hops and well but yeah interview was was just as good so that customer acquisition we just slashed by like for a quarter essentially it wasn’t it was quite pricey in here