Why I Love Facebook Ads 3/4 – Evergreen Lookalike Audiences

So the third thing that I love about Facebook Ads is i’ll always be finding new people who are similar to those customers that I want.

So in the first video I talked about uploading a spreadsheet of customers that you’ve already got, to create a lookalike audience.

What we can also do is trigger a lead on our thank you page.

So if they’ve filled out our quote tool, and they are now in the system as a lead, they’ll land on the thank you page.

And then what we can do is create an audience of anyone that has landed on the thank you page, and create a lookalike of that audience.

So that audience is increasing every day and so our lookalike is getting tighter and more specific each day.

The more leads that we get, the more people that we can find for a cheaper cost.

So that’s the third thing I love about Facebook Ads, it’s to always be refining and finding new people and more targeted people that are more likely to become customers.

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Why I Love Facebook Ads 2/4 – Video Engagement Audiences

So the second thing that I love about Facebook ads is being able to create an audience of people who’ve watched a certain percentage of a video.

So if I’ve created a video on a topic, I can then follow that up with an ad that’s maybe more sort of sales driven and I’ll know then that they’re interested in the topic that I’ve been talking about and then I can also test different percentages.

So if someone’s watched half of it, 90%, 75%, and see what works. The benefits of that is if when I’m going in with kind of a sales driven ad, I know that they’re potentially interested in the topic that I’m going to advertise about.

So, that is the second thing that I love about Facebook ads.