036 – The Lead School – Should I Niche?

036 - The Lead School - Should I Niche?
036 - The Lead School - Should I Niche?

People like to do business with people, but we’ve found when it comes to financial advice people also want a specialist too.

We discuss whether you should niche or not, should you hunt with a spear or a net?

How small should your niche be?

Are there any tools to find out if people search for my niche?

Does the niche have to be just the product or a type of person?

Should you define why you’ve niched?

If you are going to niche, should you devote your whole marketing time/budget to it.

Examples of people who have niched down already; Ash Borland (First Time Buyers), Sarah Tucker (Mums) and David Sharpstone (CIS Contractors).

Should the niche become part of your identity?

A real-life example of where a niche broker won on Linkedin compared to other brokers with much more experience.

You are expected to be good at your job and have the experience, is this enough? Will a specialism help you win and complete more business?

Is there a fear of missing out? But are you actually missing out if you don’t niche?

Fewer people search for niche financial service products but there still can be enough for small broker businesses to go after.

Is being local enough of a niche?

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