Sell the problem first, then the solution


So it’s designed to make us survive. in order to speak to the survival instinct, it’s more interested in avoiding pain, than it is in creating joy. I think what a lot of us do, is look at the benefits of what we do, how it’s great for you. But actually, our reptilian brains are more interested in reducing pain. To help think about the reason why you set up your business, or the reason for the benefits. Kind of put it on it’s head, and think about how that benefit would pain. You’re customers are gonna be more interested in that. So effectively, you wanna sell the problem first, and then provide the solution. So if you start here, example of a company that launched a new hoover. They’re going up against Dyson. So you might have thought it was mad to go against this company with a new hoover, and he’s spent a lot of time designing this new hoover that he could just dive straight in to all the benefits. So he will get it. The first 15 seconds, he sells the problem, and then he provides a solution. – Let’s face it, vacuuming can be a pain. Shackled by the weight, and tethered by the cord. The minute you finish, more mess appears. And do we really want to touch the dirt when we empty? I designed the powerful new Gtech AirRam, to help you break free. You get high performance, cordless cleaning. Even on embedded pet hair. It glides from carpet to hard floor, with no settings to change. And it’s new airlock feature picks up big bits from the surface, and fine dust from deep down. The AirRam gives you up to 40 minutes powerful cleaning. Plenty to do your home twice. Oh, good dog. The first is compacted into a bale, and empties with a slide. Order your Gtech AirRam today. For 199 pounds, with free delivery. Find out more, at – Okay. That was a quite successful advert. Now release new products, around electric charging etc So you solve the problem first, then you provide the solution

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