The Size Of The Market

Do People Actually Search Online For Financial Advice?

Short answer, yes! In their droves.

Hundreds of thousands of people each month in the UK and they search for all sorts of things.

In the episode of the Advisers Assemble Podcast, we answer your questions on how big your market is.

Did you know there’s over 700 searches in the UK each month around Japanese Knotweed Mortgage, because people search all sorts of really niche things because they’ve got specific problems and you guys have got specific solutions.

So this time around on the Advisers Assemble Podcast, we talk about the size of the market online.

So what people are searching for, how often we recorded this episode in our Facebook group and we took questions from the brokers in our Facebook group.

So if you’re not in there, join there just search for Advisers Assemble on Facebook.

You can join our group and we talk about all the different kind of search volume.

So we talk about equity release, life insurance, all the different mortgage kind of search terms.

Mortgages has probably got the biggest breadth of search terms, if that kind of makes sense.

People search all sorts of things, contractor mortgages, like I said, Japanese Knotweed Mortgage, timber frame, self-employed, limited company
owners, all sorts of things.

And we give you in this episode the search volume.

So how big is the market in the UK for financial advice?

Case Study - Quadruple The Visitors

Before launching their new mortgage website it was actually getting quite a lot of traffic 2222 visitors per month but only converting 2.11% into a lead.

In 6 months our team has quadrupled the visitors from Google (No paid traffic) and nearly doubled the rate at which people enquire for help.

Going from 47 leads per month to 175.

See how we did it.

The Size Of The Market
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