037 – Alex Curtis – Financial Services Marketing

037 - Alex Curtis - Financial Services Marketing

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037 - Alex Curtis - Financial Services Marketing

The roles are reversed this week as the one and only Bob Gentle from the Gravity Digital Agency Power Up Podcast – interviews your host Alex.

Alex tells Bob more about the clients ‘The Lead Engine’ works with his career history; including some of the failures, he’s had.

Find out why Alex set up the podcast and what he’s been trying to do to help the listeners grow their business.

Plus some weird and wonderful personal questions.

036 – The Lead School – Should I Niche?

036 - The Lead School - Should I Niche?

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036 - The Lead School - Should I Niche?

People like to do business with people, but we’ve found when it comes to financial advice people also want a specialist too.

We discuss whether you should niche or not, should you hunt with a spear or a net?

How small should your niche be?

Are there any tools to find out if people search for my niche?

Does the niche have to be just the product or a type of person?

Should you define why you’ve niched?

If you are going to niche, should you devote your whole marketing time/budget to it.

Examples of people who have niched down already; Ash Borland (First Time Buyers), Sarah Tucker (Mums) and David Sharpstone (CIS Contractors).

Should the niche become part of your identity?

A real-life example of where a niche broker won on Linkedin compared to other brokers with much more experience.

You are expected to be good at your job and have the experience, is this enough? Will a specialism help you win and complete more business?

Is there a fear of missing out? But are you actually missing out if you don’t niche?

Fewer people search for niche financial service products but there still can be enough for small broker businesses to go after.

Is being local enough of a niche?

035 – Alain Desmier – Contact State

035 - Alain Desmier - Contact State

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035 - Alain Desmier - Contact State

Finding organic leads is tough. The competition in today’s digital marketplace means that if there is a lead out there, your competitors are probably already onto it. The chances of you slipping in, grabbing the customer from the clutches of the enemy, and then making a sale are pretty slim.

The Problem With The Lead Generation Market

This unfortunate reality has led to the rise of lead purchasing. Companies, especially in the financial industry, will go out into the marketplace, find someone promising to sell leads, and buy them in bulk, hoping that some of the people they contact will convert.

The problem with this is that many of the leads that they’re selling are junk. They’re not genuine, either because they’re duplicates or because the company selling them is misusing data. Data protection regulations mean that companies need to be extra vigilant about where they source their leads. They can’t grab leads from any old place and adopt a happy-go-lucky type of attitude. That approach will undoubtedly land them in hot water.

Companies, however, don’t always know whether the leads that they’re buying are legit or not. It’s hard to tell. There’s just so much data involved. Rifling through lists of leads and looking for patterns that might indicate foul play isn’t something that humans are particularly adept at doing. It’s time-consuming and involves a lot of energy. Time-constrained firms often don’t have the labour-hours to dedicate to comprehensive searches and lead verification. It’s just too much effort.

This puts companies in a difficult predicament. They need leads to be successful, but they seem to have to choose between going down to the slow organic route or buying leads in bulk and risking falling foul of data protection law. It’s a nightmare.

Alain Desmier, Founder Of Efinity Leads, And The Solution To Cheap Lead Generation

Alain Desmier, the founder of Efinity Leads, realised that there was a race to the bottom in the lead generation market. People in the industry were trying to do the right thing and create honest, bona fide leads for their clients, but they also had to charge more money for it. Business clients would say to lead generation providers, “why are you charging me so much for these leads when I can get the same number from a different service for a fraction of the cost?” Lead generation professionals would respond that they were generating quality leads, but the pull of lower prices often led clients to make the switch anyway.

Alain Desmier wants the best of both worlds. That’s why he’s in the process of setting up Contact State. Instant, cheap lead checking, in his view, is the key to resolving the industry’s problems. Scouring through thousands of potential leads to check for patterns and duplicates isn’t as a task suited to people. But it is something that could be done by an artificial intelligence-powered system.

This is the topic of the present podcast. Can we build artificial intelligence systems that will solve the quality problem in the lead generation market? If we can, then suddenly companies can inexpensively check cheap leads and avoid regulatory pitfalls.

034 – Financial Services Content Strategy

034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

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034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

Struggling with your financial services content strategy? Struggle no more more…

Content – it’s a very broad term and it’s a term that many struggle to define. Content covers many different mediums, but it always seems to get shoehorned into just one piece of content… The dreaded ‘blog’.

Obviously, we call it ‘the dreaded blog’ in jest, as blog posts and written content can do wonders for your organic SEO. However, we get the impression that many people aren’t aware that other forms of content actually exists… But guess what? They do exist and they should be forming your financial services content strategy if you want to start getting more enquiries.

The possibilities for different types of content are endless and really knows no bounds, which is the great thing about content. Videos, podcasts, articles, calculators, social posts, chatbots, as well as conversion tools are all different types of content, which you may not be aware of.

At this point you may be thinking “how can a video benefit my financial services content strategy?” but, you’d be surprised. By creating a simple video based on a topic of your area of specialism, you will be opening yourself up to a realm of other content opportunities to capitalise on. Not sure how? Let us explain…

So you want the best financial services content strategy…

They say that the first step is always the hardest, however you’ve already taken the first step as you’ve actively taken the initiative that you want to work on improving your content strategy, so the rest should be easy from here.

As you know, we practice what we preach and the video we created called ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’ is all part of our content strategy and you will learn why very soon and it will all make sense.

How this episode came about

To kick-start things, we want to let you in on how this episode came to fruition because it’s all tactical. First off, we looked at what people in financial services were searching for online through SEMrush (an SEO tool) and focussed our attention on financial services marketing and other related keywords.

034 - Financial Services Content Strategy
034 - Financial Services Content Strategy

The next step we took is to create a sitemap of keywords with their keyword difficulty and the volume of people searching for said-keyword each month. If you’re unfamiliar with keyword difficulty, 0 is easy and 100 is practically impossible to rank for.

To give you an idea of the kind of keyword difficulty you could expect to see in financial services, the keywords ‘remortgage’ and ‘first time buyer’ are in the high 80’s and the lowest keyword difficulty we’ve seen is in the mid 30’s – which is easier to rank for, but anything below 75 is achievable.

Why we do this

There is method behind the madness, we choose to plan our content strategy this way as there are loads of opportunities to rank higher on Google when it comes to SEO. We don’t like to brag but we are in the top spot for mortgage leads and financial services leads, so rest assured, we practice what we preach.

We also know that when you create one piece of content, you can repurpose it into different forms of content to maximise the reach. The ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’ video is a prime example of repurposing, as the video will be repurposed on the podcast which means that new people will be hearing it for the first time. It will then be created into an article (blog post) where it will sit on the page called ‘Financial Services Content Strategy’, where both the video and podcast can be embedded onto the page, accompanied with a transcript and show notes.

And if that wasn’t enough content for you, we can even pull out quotes and turn them into social posts with a link to the video, podcast, or mini video that can be used for ads or remarketing.

Are you making the most out of email sequences?

If you’re utilising an email sequence, lead magnets or gated content, you can use those enquiries and put them in an email sequence to receive a weekly email with a topic that is going to be beneficial to them.

The key here is to not make the email ‘too salesy’ as this could have an adverse effect on what you actually want to achieve. As tempting as it may be to try and sell, you need to establish credibility with your client first and you will naturally do this by not pushing a sale. We speak from experience, as we find the less we try and sell, the more enquiries we get.

If you’re stuck for ideas of topics you could use in your email sequence, we find that case studies work really well – real-life examples of how you’ve helped someone achieve what they want to achieve, as this all reinforces credibility.

You’ll also find that the more relevant the content is, whether that’s on your page or email, the better you’ll rank, the better you’ll perform and the more leads you’re going to get. If you focus on one topic within your content, you’ll be regarded as a specialist in your industry and you’ll start receiving backlinks which will help your SEO and send traffic from the links to increase your rankings.

Key things to take away

Some marketers may tell you that you need to create x amount of pieces of content a day in order to rank higher on Google, but this simply isn’t true. You do however, need to be tactical about what keywords you are going to target, because you can find a niche area of your specialism and essentially create a niche inside a niche based on keywords (a bit like keyword ‘Inception’) and you can claim that top spot on Google for said-keyword.

But really, all you need to do is target keywords that your ideal customer is going to find useful and relevant and create content based on that. Because let’s face it, if it’s not relevant, what really is the point? Google is constantly looking for the most relevant content for the keywords searched and your customer wants to find and an answer to their query. So the more helpful you make it and the less salesy it is, you’ll start to see better results.

You can do this through the various different forms of content, as you now know, the possibilities are endless and this can form the basis of your financial services content strategy.

We hope this article helps with your content strategy!

033 – Chris Kennaugh – Mortgage Broker On Facebook

033 - Chris Kennaugh - Mortgage Broker On Facebook

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033 - Chris Kennaugh - Mortgage Broker On Facebook

Mortgage Broker and Singer-Songwriter Chris Kennaugh has been self-employed for the last 18 months and getting some great results on Facebook.

He’s now got over 45 reviews on the platforms and is being approached almost every day to help people with their mortgage.

031 – Alex Kerr – Future YouTube Star

031 - Alex Kerr - Future YouTube Star

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031 - Alex Kerr - Future YouTube Star

Alex has only published about four YouTube videos but he’s committing to producing a minimum of one video per week for the next twelve months.

We talk through what equipment and software Alex uses, how he does it all himself but will look to outsource some of the processes in the future.

Alex believes if you’re thinking about shooting video you should always remember ‘AVL’ Audio, Visual, Lighting. It doesn’t matter how good your video looks if your audio is rubbish and visa versa.

Alex Kerr’s Video Kit

Canon M50 –

Led Ring Light –

Rode Lav Mic –

Software and Resources

Adobe Premiere – what kit you use, see what other people use –

Upwork – for finding freelancers –

Canva – create your video thumbnails –

Morning Fame – YouTube channel strategy, how likely is your channel to appear in search results for keywords –

Trello – Alex Kerr uses this for his project management –

Asana – The Lead Engine uses this for their project management –

SEM Rush – SEO tool –

Alex Kerr On Social

Facebook –

Instagram –
Linkedin –

People Alex Kerr Has Learnt From

Premiere Gal – Video editing tutorials for Adobe premiere –

Gary Das – Mortgage Broker –

Sean Cannell – YouTube growth strategies –

Quotes From Alex Kerr

Punch perfectionism in the face
Views while you snooze
Put yourself in the uncomfortable position and just do it

030 – How We Halved Our Cost Per Lead

030 - How We Halved Our Cost Per Lead

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030 - How We Halved Our Cost Per Lead

In this episode you’ll hear;-
1. The upcoming document on factors that affect the cost per click, by Alex Curtis.
2. What type of ads help to lower the cost per click and generate sales?
3. The factors that affect the cost per thousand impressions on Facebook ads.
4. The importance of having a specific target audience for your ads.
5. How your competition affects your cost per click on ads.
6. How adding relevant media to your ads texts impacts ads click rates.
7. Why adding emojis on your ads texts and headlines improves the ads click rates.
8. The benefit of adding your website’s URL in ad texts.
9. How branding affects your ads click through rates.

How We Halved Our Cost Per Lead With Facebook Ads

You'll learn how Facebook charges you for clicks and how you can use this to your advantage to reduce your costs.

Get access to the free PDF now.

028 – Jeremy Duncombe – Accord Mortgages Growth Series

028 - Jeremy Duncombe - Accord Mortgages Growth Series

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028 - Jeremy Duncombe - Accord Mortgages Growth Series

Jeremy Duncombe, the director of intermediary lending at the Accord Mortgages, joins us today in the Lead Generation for Financial Services Podcast. Jeremy has a background in intermediary lending as a business development manager for some lenders and has also served as a head of sales at Advantage, Morgan Stanley’s lender.

In this episode you will hear;-
1. Jeremy’s role at Accord Mortgages.
2. What Accord Mortgages does for its clients that make them stand out from their competitors.
3. The Accord’s Growth Series podcast episode that went viral.
4. The pool of free resources Accord Mortgages avails to their clientele and followers.
5. A case study example of a successful lead generation campaign run by one of their subscribers.
6. How Accord Mortgages helps brokers collate reviews and feedback from their clients.
7. The benefits of niching down in business.
8. The benefits of integrating your local community and your online presence to amplify your brand.
Jeremy Duncombe- LinkedIn
Jeremy Duncombe – Twitter
The Accord Mortgages Growth Series Podcast
Jeremy Duncombe- Free Resources
Accord Mortgages
Advantage Lending

027 – Jim Smyth – Mortgage Broker Lead Gen

027 - Jim Smyth - Mortgage Broker Lead Gen

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027 - Jim Smyth - Mortgage Broker Lead Gen

Jim Smyth, is the mortgage prinicipal adviser at First Stop Mortgages & Protection NI Limited. Jim started off in Protection in 2012 and got into mortgages in late 2018. In this episode you’ll hear;-
1. Jim’s backstory in his career life.
2. The importance of educating people about your services
3. Jim’s experience with a business coach he had hired.
4. How Jim and his brother expanded his business from Protection into Protection & Mortgages.
5. Jim’s first experience with a successful door to door business sale.
6. Techniques deployed by Jim to seek referrals.
7. The introduction of Social Media to grow their business.
8. Jim’s advice to people who want to get started in the Mortgage business.
9. Methods on how to optimise on Social Media Marketing.
10. Free video resources by Jim Smyth.
11. What Jim would do if he was to start from scratch today.
12. Importance of personal branding over commercial branding like logos.
13. How Jim and his team generate reviews for their business.
14. Jim’s advice to people struggling with Social media marketing.

Jim Smyth On Linkedin
Jim’s Website