060 – Inbetweenysode 001

060 - Inbetweenysode 001
060 - Inbetweenysode 001

Happy birthday to the podcast! It’s now one year old!

Alex talks about how we’re implementing what we have learnt from Mark Pittaccio in the previous 2 episodes.

He answers your questions one on public speaking and another on multiple niches.

He encourages you to look at SEO as essentially it generates “free leads”.

058 + 059 – Mark Pittaccio – Behavioural Economics

058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics
058 + 059 - Mark Pittaccio - Behavioural Economics

About This Episode

Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’ve got an incredible guest I’ve got Mark Pittaccio, who is a behavioural economist.

Mark had an IFA business for 11 years. He now consults and helps people in financial services, mainly wealth management, but really big companies by helping their advisors to help their clients make better decisions.

So behavioural economics is understanding how people make choices and our biases.

It’s a really fascinating episode, so one thing we do sort of touch on, is what we can do differently to help people remortgage earlier in terms of making them think about that decision.

Rather than saying you can get a better rate. We kind of flip it around.

There’s an opening line that you can use at the beginning of any kind of sit down meeting or telephone meeting that will kind of set off your meeting in the right way. You’ll know a lot about your client’s position, if you’re up against any competition, things like that.

And just an absolute flood of stuff so it’s a two-part episode. Next week, we’ve got part two.


Mark’s website:
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057 – The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A
057 - The Lead School Mastermind Q&A

We’ve got a really interesting episode a little bit different this week. And it is a basically taken from the call our monthly sort of q & a mastermind call in our Facebook group.

If you listen regularly and part of our Facebook group already, you’ll know that we made the lead school free recently, we were planning on charging for it to basically help people that we can’t help as an agency, but we decided to make it free.

I did a whole video basically explaining that it didn’t really make sense charging people when we’re trying to help people with low budgets.

There’s all these kind of tools that we suggest you use, which will come with a subscription, it’s kind of cost on cost on costs, it kind of didn’t really make a lot of sense.

So we had a few people join. We’re going to stop charging them and we’ll just open the doors to everyone.

So that meant that our q&a monthly call became a much bigger event.

There are more people on this call, rather than the people that are paying for that service. It is open to everyone that’s in our Facebook group.

So I wanted to share with you about sort of half an hour or so of this call. So there was a lot more that call it lasted for about an hour. So I’ve just basically edited out some bits.

We’ve just got the three phon-ins from Imran, Elisha and Ash who all called in and we had a bit of a chat with them about the things or the thing that they wanted to get our advice on.

056 – Natalie Hailey – Hot Content

056 - Natalie Hailey - Hot Content
056 - Natalie Hailey - Hot Content

I have got a fantastic marketing expert for you. So you may remember that I created the 30-minute marketing plan to help brokers and advisors to create more content. We had Helen Pollock on a few weeks ago talking about structuring content.

Natalie Hailey is another content expert. Her business is called hot content. I’m basically just trying to get as much information out as possible to help you guys create better content and make it easier.

It’s all part of my pledge to get you guys creating more content and lots more brokers/advisor are doing so which is amazing from when I started the podcast at the beginning of January 2019 to what I’m seeing now is awesome.

Long may it continue!

Natalie is going to bring you some more nuggets of advice here. If you haven’t started creating content already, hopefully, it’s another nudge that you need to do so.

055 – Mortgage Broker Panel Live

055 - Mortgage Broker Panel Live
055 - Mortgage Broker Panel Live

So we’ve got a really interesting episode this week.

It’s basically taken from our financial services brand accelerator conference back in October 2019.

This is where I got three brokers on the stage to talk about what they’re doing specifically and it was kind of like a q&a session.

I just would do want to remind you though, that the next financial services brand accelerator is in March 2020. Tickets all go really quickly because we had such an amazing event, we’ve only got 60 tickets available again. And loads of the people that went last time have bought their tickets are not that many left to be honest.

054 – Bonjoro – Personalised Video App

054 - Bonjoro - Personalised Video App
054 - Bonjoro - Personalised Video App

Hello, my friends in financial services and welcome back to the podcast.

This week, I have got the founder of an app that I’ve been using a lot. Actually, if you have bought an event ticket, if you’ve inquired about the services of our agency, downloaded one of our PDF downloads, or if you’ve joined our new membership, The Lead School (which by the way, I’ve made totally free now).

If you do any of those things you’ll get a personalised video message from me straight into your inbox and that is by using an app called Bonjoro.

I’m gonna let their founder Matt obviously give you the kind of elevator pitch of exactly what it is
And we’re going to talk more in detail about how you can use it better. What’s it for, and how they came up with the idea.

So what is Bonjoro? In Matt’s words:

“I think we’re a layer that sits on top of a CRM. So if you’re using Infusionsoft or an Active Campaign or or an Ontraport, we basically plug in. And when customers perform certain actions, or when you have a new lead come into your funnel, you set up what we call triggers, that sets a little note notification in the Bonjoro app.

We ping you at that point to say, look, this is actually a good time to connect personally. We get you to record a personalised message for that lead or customer at that point in time.

So if the lady’s name is Joan, you were doing a video specifically for Joan in Glasgow, and that video we wrap up and deliver to them.

Taking a minute out of your day to welcome on board.

It greatly increases the chances of Joan then booking your call and coming into the office catching up or becoming ultimately a customer”.

Cheap Quality Leads

Everyone wants quality leads now for a low cost

Most people get fast leads that come cheap, but they may not be good quality. They then give up and say Facebook Ads are rubbish.

The problem is everyone wants cheap leads, great quality and they want them yesterday, which doesn’t really exist when it comes to online lead generation.

We were chatting recently about this and came up with this idea of a triangle, where you can only have two out of these three things at once (Quality, Speed, Cost).

You could back in the day

You could when the internet first started have all three. If you found a source like Google before it really lifted off in the early days of the internet. Back then you could get fast leads that were really good quality, at a really good price.

Nowadays every fast, every quick and good quality source of leads has now been exploited to death. Everyone knows that Google is a great source of great quality leads which has increased the cost per click (as it’s an auction).

We have found with some financial services products, companies run things as a loss leader. Which again, pumps up that cost because they’re happy to make a loss on the initial lead. They’ll then think, Okay, well, we know we’re going to get this business again, through our retention procedure in about two to five years time. They look at the lifetime value of the customer, which again, just keeps bumping up that cost to go after one client.

Cheap Quality Leads

So you can’t really nowadays have all three at once from a standing start (quality, speed, cost).

Essentially you can have quality and it can be cheap, but it’s not gonna be fast. That’s in terms of, you have to put a lot of your own time into SEO and/or social media.

Typically, with SEO, we say you will see some kind of benefit after six months. Then the benefits starts to sort of really kick off to 12 months, and then it’s really what do you get 18 months, two years you really see the real fruits of your labour.

SEO can be quicker if there are brokers, advisors, or anyone in financial services that have been around for like 10 years and you’ve still got the same domain. You could move a lot quicker and get a lot quicker traction than someone that buys a domain tomorrow.

So you either need to either be patient, play the long game or pay for quality.

We Enjoy Sharing Our Expertise Freely

We have a thriving Facebook community of financial services professionals and a popular podcast.

We host the Financial Services Brand Accelerator Conference every October and March which is quickly becoming a firm favourite event amongst brokers and advisors across the UK.

Cheap Quality Leads


Cheap Quality Leads

Facebook Group

Cheap Quality Leads


053 – Helen Pollock – Structuring Content

053 - Helen Pollock - Structuring Content
053 - Helen Pollock - Structuring Content

So you may remember that I have created a 30-minute marketing plan to help businesses in financial services to market themselves better. By dedicating just 30 minutes per working day to create some content and be able to advertise that content on social media. Now, I’m not an expert at writing content in terms of like articles and part of that plan is to create a big article once a week.

Now I cheat and use a copywriter most of the time, but some people if they’re starting out, can’t afford to spend that budget weekly. Some people just don’t have the time or would prefer to spend it on other things.

Some of you will be better at writing than me and some of you maybe not. But either way, I think learning from an expert like Helen Pollock, who is a ghostwriter of books she and day in, day out she’s writing content.

I wanted to find a structure. So that rather than just opening up a blank document, you’ve got a bit of a framework to work through. And that’s exactly what Helen has brought to the podcast this week. She’s also gone way above and beyond any other podcast guests in creating extra stuff for you to learn. So there’s a downloadable guide to help you and she’s also created a video specifically for you guys as well.

Helen’s business is called the content doc. She is a professional writer with over 20 years experience. And what she does now is I either go to write nonfiction books for people, and teach them how to write their own if they prefer to do that.

She also writes features, articles, blog posts, and coaches small business owners to do that, too.

Structuring written content is kind of her bread and butter. She’s got a really good idea of how we can put some simple things in place. So that structuring an article or a feature or blog post, whatever, becomes a lot easier.

052 – Thomas Honour – Mortgage Broker

052 - Thomas Honour - Mortgage Broker
052 - Thomas Honour - Mortgage Broker

This week, I have got a very special guest, someone that was at our financial services brand accelerator conference, they actually stepped onto the broker Q&A panel at the last minute. I’ve never actually met this guy in person until the event and just casually asked him as you do, but the weird thing about kind of social media and people that do video content on social media is you kind of feel like you know them a bit already from their content. And we do actually talk about that a bit.

Now, one of the weird things about people like this is they would be an incredible client for us as an agency, but I’ll never pitch to them and I didn’t think I would ever have to because I didn’t They’ll need to because they’re generating leads themselves already.

They’ve kind of got a clear vision of what their businesses is who they are, who their customer is. They’re creating content and they’re generating leads already. Hopefully, they’ll only ever need marketing support when they want to sort of grow and expand.

So they get the next step for them would be maybe if they wanted to hire another advisor is try some Facebook and Google ads.

So this is if you haven’t guessed already, it’s Thomas honour.

At our event, he said something along the lines of “I’ve only been doing video for a couple of months, but I’m getting a steady flow of leads already.” So it can be done. I want you to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

See for yourself what he’s doing just follow him on social and follow people like Ash Borland and Jim Smyth. Amanda Marsden, Jonathan Warren, Pete Matthew as well.

051 – Knowledge Bank – Nicola Firth

051 - Knowledge Bank - Nicola Firth
051 - Knowledge Bank - Nicola Firth

One tool I keep hearing positive reviews about is Knowledge Bank. You’ve probably heard of it or use it already.

For both new brokers and those who are really experienced keeping up with criteria from all the lenders is a tough ask. Knowledge Bank does all the legwork for you.

I also have managed to get you a cheaper price than if you sign up with Knowledge Bank direct!