009 – Nicole Osborne – Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services

009 - Nicole Osborne - Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services
009 - Nicole Osborne - Social Media & Personal Branding For Financial Services

Nicole likes to help people sell more on social media using their personal brand but without boring people. How the power of video can help people get to know you, like you and trust you.

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008 – Tom Martin – YouTube Channel Fuel

008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel
008 - Tom Martin - YouTube Channel Fuel

I interviewed one of the world’s foremost experts in YouTube and YouTube strategy.

For the last 7 years he has been working in the corporate world working and growing the YouTube channels of some of the world’s biggest Media companies. He started out at the BBC and ran their channels, launching the official channels for both Doctor Who and Sherlock as well as adding millions of subscribers to the Top Gear channel.

He then went over to be head of YouTube and social media for a company called Endemol where he launched and revamped their channels and added billions of views and millions of subscribers in record time – most of which came from turning around the fortunes of Mr Bean!

Last year in June he took the plunge of leaving the corporate world to go it alone as a consultant.

Hello. Welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week we’re going to be talking about YouTube. So I’ve got a one of the world’s foremost YouTube and YouTube strategy consultant. He worked for the BBC and worked on YouTube channels like Doctor Who Sherlock Top Gear, increase the amount of subscribers and viewers massively. So this guy is a really impressive CV. I will let Tom introduce himself in a second. But if you are kind of really frustrated by YouTube, or just think there’s too much competition. Tom will break everything down for what we can do to get more viewers, more subscribers and like with everything, there are just simple things that you can do so without butchering it. Let’s hear from Tom, you’ve got quite an impressive CV. You were quiet.

Come together word but you weren’t, you weren’t, you were quite a common thing in the world you weren’t boasting about it what is the opposite of that? But I would be if I had worked on all these channels so you’ve started off at the BBC. So tell us what your credentials are in terms of the channels that you’ve worked on and managed yeah so I started off at the BBC back in 2012 so I’ve been working on YouTube pretty much every day since then for what is that now seven years which is an years on YouTube like like dog years so I’ve probably the you know the equivalent of probably been on YouTube for a lifetime I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the platform and I had zero had zero experience before I joined the BBC right totally blind the interview million percent just totally by the interview I’d never even uploaded a video before it to kind of learned the buttons I like to say in the first few days and then really just been

Trying to master the platform ever since then. So I’m not really a video guy I’m not really a production specialist I really tried to focus on getting the most out of a video once it’s ready to go on to youtube so I’m pretty early on I had some some quick wins I launched the doctor who channel within a few months the official Doctor Who channel without ever seen an episode of Dr here

Luckily, luckily luckily I had some real doctor who nerds around me that there helped me out there

yet. And then I was working on the top gear channel I managed to take that from 750,000 subscribers to three and a half million subscribers in my first 12 months which was

a pretty good win and set me in good stead. And you know, I was dining out on that statistic for years and years

but in the meantime, you know, picked up a few golden play buttons which is what happens when you get a million subscriber.

channel. So I’ve done that a few times. And then I moved over to a company called Endemol who are another big TV company and they make stuff like Peaky Blinders and master chef Black Mirror.

But actually their biggest property was Mr. Bean.

And they’re the Mr. Bean YouTube channel was pretty big as you had about 3 million subscribers. And I was doing about 30 million views a month, which sounds amazing and it is but in terms of what that channel I’ve done in the past, it was pretty hard times.

So I came in do what I do best kind of audited the whole channel made some changes in terms of like SEO and optimization. And by the time I left a year and a bit later,

the channel gone from 3 million to 10 million and was doing about 160 million views a month. So some pretty

impressive growth stats and I’ll be now dining out of them for the rest of my life.

And then yeah, so after my time that I decided that I wanted to stop making lots of money for other people on YouTube and start to try and make myself some money. So now I’m self employed. I have my own business where I consult with companies, brands and independent creators to help them get more views on YouTube, essentially. Yeah, brilliant. Fantastic. And I think a lot of people will say, you know, if I if I was in charge of like, Doctor Who, or Top Gear or whatever, I could do the same, but I guess just because you’re the official BBC doesn’t mean someone else can take clips from Doctor Who or top gear and outrank you. It doesn’t just because you are the BBC doesn’t give you special privileges, does it? You’re competing like everyone else. It certainly does help and I think in the future Jesus.

Kind of technical reasons that we won’t go into too much today that will probably help even more. But what I would argue is that, for example, that Mr. Bean channel took about seven years to get to 3 million subscribers. And then we took it to 10 million within 12 months of that by making some changes.

So arguably, yes, there are lots of people that could probably do a great job with something as amazing as Mr being

by thing that kind of growth is even you know, by my experience of being on the platform for seven years is hard to find other examples of of growth quite like that. Yeah, no, absolutely I’m brilliant then so you can obviously do that when there’s those sort of big audiences and how are you finding it now I guess you’re working with people that have got like a smaller cut a niche and things like that you is is the kind of the rules or sorry the kind of strategy the same no matter what size channel you’ve got. Yeah, I think the fundamentals of

remain the same, especially in terms of what I specialize in, which is kind of YouTube SEO. So we’re talking about like, how do you title a video and give it a good description and the tags and that kind of strategy. And that’s pretty much fundamentally the same, no matter what strategy will change slightly depending on where you are in your journey. You know, I’d say when you’re first getting started, you need to work harder to please the algorithm in order to be discovered at all because, you know, there’s so much competition on YouTube and it just gets harder and harder every day to start from scratch. So, you know,

if you would start a five years ago, you’d be a lot better off then you’re starting off today. And if you start off today, you probably be a lot better off than if you start tomorrow. So I’d say if you’re on that fence, I’d say you know, jump into the water sooner rather than later. But yeah, those early stage I think you need to work harder to

kind of take all of the SEO boxes. And then when you get to a certain size, you can start to have a little bit more creative freedom and kind of make videos that you know more. Maybe I’m

scratching your own itch, shall we say, Okay, cool. So if I tell you what I’ve been, we haven’t really been doing it if I was going to because I’ve been creating videos I’ve been looking at my SEO strategy for like people looking for mortgage leads or financial services leads and things like that. And I’m creating an accompanying video for my page and I’m titling it and I’m just watching it on YouTube. So I’m not doing this but what I’ve been looking into recently is getting the keywords anywhere Chrome extension and then searching on YouTube for something related to what I do seeing the numbers there and then creating a video but I’ve also found morning fame I think it’s cool Yeah.


Which will then kind of let me know whether I’ve got the if I if it’s likely that I’m going to rank for that as well. So is my Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or is that similar to what you’re now? I think, yeah, yeah, you’re definitely way more advanced than probably 95% of people using YouTube, right?

The fact that you’re doing keyword research at all is

amazing. And certainly, like one of my biggest tips is kind of my speciality. I’ve got a course coming out about YouTube keyword research in a couple of months. I did it I did a big talk about it in kind of like the industry’s biggest conference in LA last year. And it just went down a treat because it’s spoken about a lot, but no one really knows how to do it kind of scientifically.

So I can’t comment too much on the tools that you’ve mentioned, because I’ve not used them perfectly. I know of them. Yeah, so I can’t speak too much about the data that they provide a buyer

Recommended tool called vid IQ which gives

exact keyword search data. Whereas something like keywords everywhere I believe is an estimate derived from Google Search data.

And even even this morning I was doing some keyword research for a new channel and a new project that I’m working on. And I was I was doing some google keyword research as well because I wanted to launch in a company website and the the difference in traffic between what people were searching for on YouTube and Google for the same the same exact terms were

quite staggering, really, you know, more, you know, 10 times more people were searching on YouTube for the same term. So, um, I use that particular tool because I know I can rely on that for what people actually searching for on YouTube.

But really the yes that is

a giant part of my strategy is to find keywords that people are searching for on YouTube that are

have high search volume low competition and then optimize my videos metadata to try and rank for those keywords essentially. Okay, cool if anyone’s last will dissect each bit i think but I just want to talk a bit more about vid IQ I think I’ve heard about it I’ve never used it

will that so well that just give me traffic data. Will that also show me if I’m likely to rank as well? And what it gives a competition data as well so it will give you competition data but it will be kind of broad spectrum competition day and it won’t be waited to your channel like I believe morning fame does. Yes. So it will say generally the competition for this keyword is really good or really bad, but it won’t it won’t change the number depends on who’s searching right excellent. Okay. Which is probably a big floor by say, Yeah, but morning fame is incredibly cheap.

I don’t know.

How much lead IQ is? Is it is it? Is there a free version? What’s there is a there is a free version bit will only give you time it won’t unlock all of those keyword results. But you can get that to unlock their cheapest paid version which I believe is

$10 a month. If you pay monthly and like $7 a month if you pay annually sites in terms of a YouTube tool, it’s the best money I have begun to spend. And I use it I use it every day. That’s amazing because I think morning famous about the same price. So if you think you know, $20 a month if that’s going to get me you know if I’m going to start getting clients because then you’re not tied into the annual thing. Yeah. Okay. So if I’m if I’m sitting on the fence now and I’m thinking $20 a month I could spend that on ads or something like that. How long would you give it so that’s this take you know, if we think about a mortgage broker, there’s got a few videos already what what would you what time frame would you give say I

Done your course. And I follow everything. Yeah. What? What sort time would you give it? Well, it depends more exactly what results you would expect. But you can expect to see changes. Within a couple of weeks. I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen changes take take hold almost instantly. And I’ve seen some changes not have too much of an effect. And it all kind of depends on the broader strategy of,

you know, how good the videos are for a start, you know,

without wanting to be to

cruise like, you can’t Polish a turd if, if the, you know, optimize. So, I always like to say that optimization is a multiplier of quality. So, she’s got a great video and you’ve optimized it really well. It will do really well if you’ve got an average video that’s really well optimized. They’ll probably do quite well but she’s got a bad video that’s what optimized you know you can

contract and what you might be able to get get in front of some people. But if then if the audience don’t react in a good way, if they don’t stick around and watch lots of your video and lots of your videos, YouTube will not continue to recommend you. So

this is not a shortcut. This is a kind of best practices that is going to help you to reach the kind of full potential of what you’re making. And another thing is that this system or this, you know, the strategy only really works if you’re consistent.

So if I if I was if I had a channel that was based on

you know,

call me car maintenance and I’ve made videos about common sense for a year and then I did some keyword research and realized there was a really good opportunity to make a video about

vital and mortgages I’m not going to rank for that video because YouTube’s going to look at my channel and say you don’t have the authority to speak on why to let mortgages life so your way

Not going to rank you for that. So there are a number of factors, one being the kind of watch time that you can generate. And the second being, like, how consistently you and how, how you related to that niche. Are you in authority in that niche. Okay. So if I’ve had a channel for a while, and I’ve just been not really doing much with it,

I suppose, I guess, this evening to take case by case. But you do you think it’s better to start fresh on something, if you’ve just been fooling around and not taking it seriously, no, I wouldn’t start fresh. I would go back in in terms of SEO and go back and clean up everything that I’ve done in the past. But what I would do is kind of stick a flag in the ground and say, like, now we’re starting now. You know, we mean business and you need to be consistent. You need to be able to publish at least one video a week, I’d say if you want to be taken seriously by the algorithm. And I’d say if you can’t commit to do that, I probably wouldn’t bother because you’re only going to get

Like any platform, whether it’s blogging, email, marketing, social media, you’re only going to get out of it, what you put in and if you can’t, if you can’t keep consistent,

we don’t really have a choice. So you really just You’re wasting your time and resource investment. Yeah, awesome. Okay, cool. So we’ve got we’ve got a bit little bit geeky early when we were talking about like titles matters descriptions and tags and things like that we’ve got quite a few marketing managers that will know what that is but we’ve got some kind of self employed brokers and kind of solo printers that maybe don’t know what that is so you should we start the top with with the title and work our way down yes

a good title should be

keyword rich so when we talk about keywords with with talking about what words are people searching for in the search bar

so let’s say you’re trying to rank for by to let mortgage and then you’d need

have that

in the title of the video. So it might be Ultimate Guide to buy to let mortgages or might be buy to let mortgages one or one or five reasons you should

stop selling Baitullah mortgages.

And then I would also go a step further and say, What is the kind of an umbrella subject that you’re trying to be an authority insight might be. So what’s the name of your YouTube channel? For example,

in my youtube channel? Yeah, yeah. So the lead engine i think is okay.

Yep. So you might have something like

the ultimate guide to buy to let mortgages and then as a kind of subtitle, you might have

financial services advice as kind of like a subtype and then I would have your channel name so the lead engine so what we’d

What what I always like to say is that the front end of the title is for humans and the rest of it is for the machine. So what we so we need to start the title to be keyword rich. So we we get that SEO value also we need to get if we get in front of someone we need to get clicked on. So it can’t be too dry can’t be too boring, it needs to really answer a question that’s being asked. And then the rest of it is really we just getting some extra keywords in there. And by having

like your channel name at the end of all of your video titles, and we’ll see this as we go from the other elements is what we’re trying to do is engineer relationships between our own videos and this is really key and this is not what many people talk about because ultimately when somebody watches one of your videos you want you to to say well, they enjoyed that and we can clearly see that these other videos are very closely

related to what he’s just spoken about. And they’ve got the same big section of their title. And they’ve got the same selection of tags. And they’ve got some very similar text in their descriptions. So what we’re doing, we’re trying to just give subtle hints that Well, you know what, YouTube if, if people like what I’m seeing here, they’re also going to like these other 20 videos that are suggested down here. And it’s that suggested sidebar, which is really going to make or break in YouTube channel

because if you’re taking up those slots, you know, that’s really kind of an organic and sustainable way to get views for your YouTube channel. Instead of just trying to get one or two viral here we just we just created an engine where people can go into one video and they’re just going to get sucked into a wormhole of watching more and more of your videos. Fantastic. love it when I said to you before we hit record, I love doing these interviews because I learned so much and

that slightly and it’s funny. How silly

All these things are and they just make sense. And it’s just like a little thing that that makes perfect sense in my head. I should have thought of it before

and I love it. So

yeah, this this. So yeah, a lot of what I teach is very kind of just logical. And basically, there are no secret. There are no silver bullets. There’s no secret hacks. There’ll be a lot of people that will try and say, how do you hack the algorithm? You don’t you make good content and you optimize

and if you hit those fundamentals and those foundational elements correctly, then you’ll do well brilliant excellent. Okay, so we’ve done our title with

10 reasons to remortgage in 2019, or something

with mortgage advice, like would you put like a dash? Oh, yeah, yeah, it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter what the separator is but yeah, and then as a national group, Vice dash my company name and then I went on next to my

Yes So you want to start off every video with again a keyword rich

synopsis of the video so in this video we’re going to tell you why in 2019 it’s important to

have vital and mortgages on offer in your brokerage sorry i’m not i’m not an expert

but what what you’re trying what you’re trying to do is get those keywords into that description. Yeah, again, you want in these to read well for humans. So you can’t just do like a long list of keywords. It needs to be like it needs to make perfect sense in English because we’re writing for humans as well as the machine

and then so each each video will have a unique description like synopsis, but underneath that, just like in the title, I like to layer on a few things that start to get common amongst similar video.

So I like to

it might not necessarily be relevant for everybody here their channel but I like to think of a video as a channel and it has categories of in it so let’s say for example you the lead engine you might make videos around mortgages around accountancy around tax

around insurance

and then what you want is to create kind of commonalities between those categories like I said we’re we’re engineering relationships so in every description of a insurance video you might say Click here to watch our playlist of excellent in insurance broker videos and then you might have a similar thing for all of your mortgage broker videos and similar for that to be of that is you’re getting keywords like insurance broker in there be also sending people off if they do click to go and watch unload more.

Your videos and then underneath that I would have something that sums up the entire channel I can just a couple of couple of sentences that say Hi there this is the leader engine YouTube where specialist in generating leads for the financial services industry whatever whatever other keywords you wanted to get in and I would put that on every single video that you upload again we’re just trying to show commonality between videos

and drive eyeballs between our own videos basically brilliant I love it and that’s one thing I definitely would have thought of because when you when you’re doing like SEO normal it on Google like having things that are the same like duplicate content yeah it doesn’t like that then I totally get the logic behind doing that in the description for YouTube if that’s what Google likes as well and this this is this is why you always have to have that unique

synopsis at the top because what we never ever one is is that every

Have two videos that have 100% identical meta data for those reasons. Yeah, because then you’re looking it’s just spammy. And it’s lazy. And it’s a bad user experience as well. So you always have to have something unique in every title, tag and description. Brilliant. Fantastic. Okay. And then after our description, we’ve got the opportunity to put tags in there, which again, I assume is making that link between all your videos. Yeah, you guessed it. So again, we’re doing like a layered system where we put some tags that we would apply to every single video on the channel. So that might be like financial services, financial services, leads lead generation and then you have a set of tags for each category. So you have your insurance tags, you have your mortgage tags, and you have your or investment tags

and then you have the because remember, we need unique metadata for each video and then on each other.

video will have a few tags that are video specific. So we might have on your

buyer to rent mortgages who have like by to read mortgage bites around, should I get a bite to rent, mortgage

you know that kind of stuff so that again is there is a lot of similar metadata across the channel and nothing is 100% identical. Brilliant and I’m just thinking in my head cuz I’m thinking right soon as we get off I’m going to be going and all my journal and I was thinking what I’m going to create a Google Doc that has got my content that so that bit in the description at the bottom I’ll have that typed out. So when I when I’m uploading a new video, I have this Google Doc open on the other side and I’ll have those keywords for the tags in a separate section. So I can literally copy and paste to do my unique stuff and then copy and paste my stuff that goes on on everything. Do you do a similar system or absolutely 100% and that’s the beauty

So not only does this become super SEO ninja stuff is really, really efficient because it becomes a copy and paste job. And so, you know, say 70% of the metadata for every single video uploaded is predetermined Yeah, and so you’re just putting on the video specific stuff on top of that. So it’s really consistent, really good for SEO and also really efficient because it takes away a lot of the legwork and if you’re using something like vid IQ IQ buddy, you can program a lot of this stuff to be like a default so you can say well this is an insurance videos so populate that end of your title,

that chunk of your description and those chunk of tags, so you don’t even have to copy and paste there. Oh, amazing.

Even better. Brilliant. Okay, so um, do then our playlists make an effect are we should we be because I’ve set them I’ve set playlists up just so I can send

The link out but I wasn’t really thinking in terms of SEO for my playlist is that factor? Yeah playlist. A huge and really kind of underutilized weapon because one

YouTube love playlists because you know, if you send someone to a playlist, they’re much more likely to go and watch 567 videos. Yeah. As opposed to one

and two, when you create a new playlist you’re creating, like, without having to upload your you’re increasing the footprint on the platform. You know, there’s another way that somebody can bump into you. And there’s another reason that someone might come to YouTube. And if you can imagine that if you can rank a playlist for a good keyword, you’re not ranking one video, you’re ranking like seven, eight videos.

So it’s really great. There’s not that much you can do in terms of optimizing a playlist apart from making the title keyword rich. And there’s also a space to make a description which was somewhat keyword rich. I didn’t know that was there because I’ve been creating the

whitelists when I’m uploading the video sometimes and just doing the ads the title and then not doing a description yeah so you can go back into the playlist settings and adding a little blurb that fantastic okay cool Is there any other metadata that we’ve missed I’m not necessarily obviously you want a really good thumb now again because you’re trying to get clicked so so good being discovered but if you don’t get clicked again you’ll stop getting served

so it’s no different than having a good blog title or a good image for a Facebook ad something like that you’ve got you’ve got our increase that conversion rate

and it’s sort of a nap now YouTube actually gives you that conversion rate data in analytics which had never used to so you can see how well your your videos are converting brilliant any tips on on like thumbnails what to feature I think it was actually the vid IQ guy

He does YouTube lives where he writes other people’s channels and I think he was like saying, don’t have the title of your video in your thumbnail make it different. Yeah, absolutely. Very good friends of mine. Those would ask you guys,

this is the perfect, perfect advice. One thing to be careful is not to have too much texting a thumbnail generally because,

you know, most YouTube Traffic is on mobile. Yeah. And so people are seeing it like that big. So if you’ve got loads of text in it, it’s going to be impossible to read on mobile and secondly exactly like I’ve a robot Jeremy said on the vid IQ channel is that you don’t want to duplicate your title on the on the phone now because when do you ever see a YouTube thumbnail where it’s not directly next to

the top of it just never happens. So you’re you’re wasting the opportunity. So if you imagine that

Your title is kind of super keyword rich and more SEO optimized. Any text that you put on the thumbnail, you want to be click optimized. So might be a little bit more sensational,

a little bit more sexy.

You know, you don’t want to cross over into being like clickbait

and you never want to make any promises in the text that your video doesn’t deliver on, but you can probably use it to be a little bit more salesy, should we say it again, we’re looking to convert someone from a browser into a into a viewer. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Okay, I’ve got another question quite selfishly because I find blogging at the moment so we recently moved off this and I wanted to document the old office and the whole move and everything and I’m basically I’m just carried on doing

so that I presumed people aren’t searching for like, oh, somebody might have log Have you got any ideas or

experience in that type of video where it’s kind of documenting so I get yeah and it’s a lot more difficult and people are searching for like the word know, vlog vlog 2019 Yes The problem is you’re competing with just a giant channels just like YouTube superstars and stuff like that. And

I would,

I would hazard a guess to say that those and not let co channel apologies. I would hazard a guess to say that those videos then get viewed as much as your kind of how to content would that be right? Well, it’s funny because actually I’m getting because LinkedIn is now embedding the YouTube video and rather than when you put the link in, so I get decent views of but it’s via LinkedIn Yeah, on the blog and people curious about what we’re up to,

but yes.

But I don’t get any kind of like search traffic off that I know that yeah so what I would say is whether it’s a blog or not a great piece of advice that I always give to people is to separate your different types of videos so you might put like

you might get a list of all of your videos and you might say well that’s a blog that’s a hell to that’s a repurpose Facebook Live that’s a direct piece of camera piece to camera that’s about insurance that’s about mortgages that’s about credit cards and then what you can do is you can take the video ID and you can stick that into a custom group in YouTube analytics and instead of trying to guess what you think is doing well or not you can say well you know

the the the paces the camera outperform repurpose Facebook Lives by 50% or videos about insurance. Get 20% more views and videos about credit cards and then you can

That to hone down your

your style of video, but also the topics of your video.

So you might say, you know what, these logs a gray. My customers love them potential clients love them. But YouTube doesn’t say you know what I’m just gonna create Instagram Stories I’m just going to upload natively to LinkedIn if people want to see stuff about us It might be that LinkedIn is the place for those videos and because the problem is YouTube will set look at you as a whole they won’t just say okay well we’ll promote your how to but we won’t promote the roles what they’ll say is this blog content isn’t doing great so we’re not going to send out the next video and if the next video happens to be a how to video that’s going to suffer from the performance of a previous bad videos so I’d be I’d be quiet if you as long as you’ve got enough data to actually make a kind of scientific judgment and say

is it statistically relevant? I’d say you know these blogs are performing


so much worse by might be there somewhere

and say, because of that, I’m going to do less of video type x and more video type Why? And I’m going to make them in format a instead of format be

because that’s what the algorithm likes. I know like, we’re part of similar communities online, such as the new print of community and you know, repurposing content is really important, it really makes sense. But it doesn’t mean that all of the platforms respect that. Yeah, so if you’ve got like a an audio only podcast and then you just put the audio up that’s not necessarily going to cut it on YouTube. So like having these groups in analytics will really tell you what’s working what’s not

and where you’re really wasting your time and resource not only that you could actually be hurting the performance of stuff that would otherwise perform a lot better Yeah, now this was I think it so if I’ve got a sort of a great

group of videos that not doing very well hold on my channel back would deleting them make a difference or if it’s done it’s done and I’m not really a fan of the league and stuff especially if it’s you know a few years old because you never know who might find it and they might go on a journey and find your new stuff so I think that’s I think that’s probably maybe a little bit too much but why why we’re definitely again is say put a flag in the ground and say from now on you know what we’re not putting any more repurpose live streams on all we’re not playing anymore. We don’t make it any more videos about

debt consolidation, because you choose doesn’t like it for what you know, I’m just making that they don’t like it and they D monetize it. So we’re not going to make any more videos about debt consolidation. Fantastic. Brilliant. Okay, well, I feel like I’ve got massive To Do List already, but I also feel like we’re potentially just scratching the surface.

And I’m really excited about your, your course it’s coming out. So can you tell us as coming the marches you say, yeah, yeah. Brilliant. So what am I going to learn? And how can I find out about it and make sure I get a reminder when it when it’s when it comes out? Yeah. So, um, this course will be, this is my first course. And it will be specifically about YouTube keyword research. So I I’ve just actually put some finishing touches to some recording this morning. So I’ve not finished the process of the of the car and I’m doing like a live case study of a new channel that I’m building and so far, it’s taken me about seven hours to do the keyword research for this new channel and you’ll be taken in painstaking detail my process of how I do the research but then how I implement that in order to

to grow the channel to come up with video ideas and that kind of stuff so you can sign up for a waiting list if you go to

www dot channel forward slash course fingers crossed that is correct.

I was just gonna write it on

Oh, so hopefully hopefully it will work.

If not, I’ll send you the link and we can you can see you out maybe later so that’s due to to launch in March and then they’ll probably be the first of a number of courses if that’s a bit too advanced for some of you

I do have a book on kind of general YouTube optimization which is again just touching on those fundamentals how to write a tie or how to write a description how to make a good film now and you can find that www dot optimization ebook. com you can spell that the American or the English way because I’m kind of

I’m conscientious like that.

And that’s like a really

nice less than 10

dollars and that you know that’s

a lot of information that will make sure that you’re running your YouTube channel and really optimally from day one pretty much fantastic excellent thank you so much right I feel like I’ve learned a ton and I’m really excited to get into my youtube channel look at some of the old stuff and see what improvements yeah no worries and maybe I can come back next year and we can see how you how you how you how you’ve grown the channel since then. Challenge accepted

brilliant cool all right thank you so much for your teammates and obviously if I want to speak to you if it’s a lot of work and I don’t want to do it myself I can go to channel feel dot CEO and get you to do it for me I presume you can indeed yes fantastic. So yeah my fancy new graphics we’ve got the site of the bottom also drop a link in the comments as well and thank you again me and we will speak to you soon and a pleasure Good luck Good luck everyone. With

channels fantastic thank you. I absolutely love that show with Tom and I hope you took something from it as well I immediately got my laptop out my YouTube channel out and I started ordering it and I am signing up for that vid IQ as well so if you enjoyed that conversation and you want to see these interviews live in our Facebook group just search for lead generation for financial services on Facebook you’ll find the group you can join there you’ll also get see talking and live as well where we critique social media adverts to help you make better and as well if not I will hopefully see you next week or you’ll hear me next week on the podcast and I would really appreciate if you could subscribe leave a review it will be amazing it will mean I can get some much bigger gas all that Tom is not you know you can’t get much bigger than the the world’s biggest YouTube strategist but I want to bring to you every a big name in marketing and financial services so that we can all learn together and generate some more leads for our business. So So tune in next week and I will see you then.

007 – Jake Jorgovan – Financial Services Leads On Linkedin

007 - Jake Jorgovan - Financial Services Leads On Linkedin
007 - Jake Jorgovan - Financial Services Leads On Linkedin

Jake has an agency called Lead Cookie where he takes over his clients Linkedin account and approaches potential customers and partners. He talks through his approach and the scripts they use to spark conversations.

Lead Cookie
Content Allies

Hello. Welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’m joined by Jake Jorgensen. And he is a specialist in outreach on LinkedIn. So this is a really good for b2b people. But also, we talk about some strategies for b2c as well, and especially for you a mortgage brokers as well. So listen out for that Jackson. Incredible guest. In fact, I took one of the things that he mentioned, I tried it on LinkedIn, and it works. It was crazy. I just started a conversation with some marketing managers who otherwise I would never spoke to. So let’s, let’s dive into this live conversation that I had with Jake into our Facebook group. Here we go. Okay. Hello, everyone. We’re back again with another expert interview. And this week, I have got Jake jog. And we’re going to be talking a b2b. LinkedIn prospecting. Hello, J. K. Do

pretty good. Thanks for having me on the show. Alex.

No worries, okay, so we’re going to, we want to. So I normally do like an icebreaker question, which is a bit random. But first of all, I just want to kind of what are people going to learn from us today, if they stick around listening

to the big core thing, two key things we can talk about today. One would be really just how to generate leads on LinkedIn, how you can basically as someone working in finance, get customers, whether it’s businesses, businesses, or even other consumers, how you can get those leads on LinkedIn, exact script systems and processes for doing that. And we can also talk a bit more if you’re overwhelmed on the content side of things, how you can simply handle some of that as well. And just get that off your plate and build systems. So that content becomes really easy.

Okay, so that’s kind of picture, we’ve got a client that’s coming to you, and then they do business fine. And say, they said, they do business loans, or, or I guess they do a business insurance product, and they’re on LinkedIn. But they kind of don’t know what they’re doing what was kind of like, I guess what, what the big mistakes that people make, to start with,

yeah, so I think by the, the big thing on LinkedIn is, like, I’ll, I’ll share. And I think probably the biggest mistake and especially people in this financial world is, if you don’t have a good value proposition or something that’s going to set you apart and make you unique, then, like, you’re probably going to fail at LinkedIn, or really most marketing tactics that you you end up imploring and, and so like, the, the, the formula I always tell people is like, you know, we’ve run 160, LinkedIn campaigns at this point. And so you take, like, you know, our frameworks, which we put people, we’ve got a handful of different frameworks. But almost everyone goes to the same approach, you multiply that by their value proposition, and that creates these results. And so their value proposition is like, really week, and they’re just like, Hey, we’re just trying to do you know, personal finance planning for anybody, then, like, we’re, it’s probably just not going to work. And so that’s like, the biggest number one mistake. And we have lots of we’ve had lots of finance people reach out to us. And, you know, there’s some more, they’ve got a unique product, they’ve got a unique hook, they’ve got some specialization, and that is what is going to be the biggest thing that makes success more than anything else, the rest of is all just tactics and doing the work.

Yeah, totally agree. Totally agree. I mean, we niche down what we do, and the benefits of that you obviously narrowing your audience, which I think is what people are afraid of. They think they’re going to miss out. But actually, I think it opens you up some more. So totally agree. That’s it? Would it be So could I be like, I do business loans for dentists? Would that be kind of Yeah,

yeah, yeah. And then. So like, I mean, that there’s a lot of ways you can do this kind of stuff. And, but like that, the other thing that I think a lot of people get scared of, especially with outreach as like, you don’t have to meet your whole company, just to do like, a LinkedIn outreach campaign. Like, if you’ve got a certain like, set of customers that are really, you know, interesting, or like, they have some unique offering, then, like, you can, you can just build a campaign around that, that you do LinkedIn outreach for, and you can kind of nice your campaign messaging around that. But you don’t have to totally change your whole website for that. Yeah. So that’s like one example. We had like one guy he didn’t go for with us. But I think those are strong value proposition of, he was basically doing these like retirement plans. And there was like, this really interesting thing for like, basically expats of Britain who had worked for these big companies that weren’t able to claim part of the retirement plan, because they now lived abroad. And so it’s like, super niche. But if you like, get the people that are passed employees, this company then like you can, you’ve got a like, no one else’s, approaching them with that kind of messaging, you know, and so that’s a thing is like, look for those unique cases and my ways to catch someone’s attention.

And how can you just craft like a really targeted campaigns are going to be break through the door and be like, Oh, this is definitely relevant to me.

Yeah, no, absolutely, again, can’t agree more on that. And I forgotten who it was that said it. And this was more about advertising. And they said, your your ad is a spear and your website can can be a net, see, your website can still cover everything. But when you’re doing that focus add that’s on that one specific thing. So again, absolutely, totally agree. Exactly. Okay. So so I assume, well, I know for sure that people make mistakes when they’re actually making that connection. Am I jumping too far ahead. When we talk about actually messaging people now, because I get a connection straight away from someone, and then that again, sa of like, what they do, and I’m just like, dude, like, come on, I have no idea who you are. And you’ve just thrown up in my inbox like, I shoot him, you’re gonna say, that’s the wrong thing to do? You’ve got a better approach.

Yeah, so there’s a handful of different approaches that I can share here. But the the biggest number one thing I’ll say is that out of any approach we take on LinkedIn, just blatantly pitching people is by far always the worst performing Yeah, it gets the lowest response rate and the lowest results. And what we find on LinkedIn works really well is just really in any sort of outreach is just don’t pitch but just try to start conversations. And so some of the approaches will say, you know, will send a kind of just a casual connection requests, because you’re just trying to get that connection accepted. And whenever they do accept that the next message we take, is really going to be very casual. And I will try a few different approaches sometimes will say, you know, I will ask a probing question. And so, you know, we might ask something like, Hey, what are your primary lead generation channels? Or what do you, you know, how often are you publishing content right now, or, you know, what are you know, what are your thoughts on XYZ? And so, you kind of asked this probing question that’s around your, your business and you’re offering and that just kind of becomes a conversation starter to get them talking. You ideally want something that’s not a yes, no, but you can actually get kind of some information back from them.

That’s one approach, we have another one where were, you know, one that I think is really relevant toward people in this kind of financial services. Space is just like trying to offer to go to coffee or lunch with people very great. If you’re just targeting a local markets and just reached out on LinkedIn, say, hey, it’s like a network would love to grab coffee, see, if there’s any way we can help each other out. Like that kind of approach works very well. And it also works really well, if you’re talking to like strategic partners, one of the most obscure in most successful campaigns we’ve had with actually a roofing company, and he reached out to insurance agents and real estate brokers, and was basically saying, Hey, you know, just thought, you know, it’d be good to connect with others in the industry, see, if we can ever refer business each other’s way, would love to grab coffee or lunch sometime, like, overwhelmed to, like, his schedule was so packed with me, and that he was like, trying to keep up with this. And it was literally just basically, like, networking him with referral partners, right. So that’s another approach to that, like these coffee meetings with other end clients, or with potential strategic partners, those are some other really good angles that would be useful for this market

absolute is that kind of opens us up to them to people that are doing like B to C, say, like, mortgages and things like that. So how can you create relationships with like, estate agents and things like that. So you’ve got those partners that are on LinkedIn. So it’s not necessarily always about going directly to the customer, right?

Yep, exactly. And that’s, again, where he was going, like, for him, he’s like, I know, I could go, I could try to put a bunch of money and to, you know, channels and try to get, you know, direct, you know, like stuff from, you know, consumers, but I’m like, I’m going to be competing there. He’s like, if I can just go and build relationships with a bunch of insurance agents that specialize in like, residential insurance. He’s like, I know that like one of those agents, even if I even if I had like a one in 20 success rate, one of those agents could refer me like 100 clients over a year if I build a good relationship with them. And so that was like his approach and like, it works super well. Literally within like, the first week, he’s like, this guy’s I mean, he’s also very personable guy. So it helps if you’re like that, but he’s, he goes golf somehow, like one of the first leads, he’s golfing with them within two weeks. And he’s like, I think they’re going to send us 100 k contract like yourself,

I was like, well, props to you for getting to the golf game that quickly and converting that out of there. So

that’s amazing. Because I think when you first said about the coffee thing, I was kind of thinking, cause that like too soon, but when it’s feels like it when it’s a partner that feels like actually, like a really good kind of apron, and they’ve yet for that, so yeah, then that. That’s awesome. That’s brilliant. OK, cool. So So I see what happens next, because you’re obviously we haven’t really talked about your business, but you’re kind of managing this process for for clients as well, what kind of happens next? Is there any way, you know, once they’ve kind of your heart, you’ve got a bit of a soft approach that how you kind of pushing that into a lead and booking calls and things like that.

Yeah, so our service, kind of what we do is like, we just handle the profile optimization, sending all the connection request, sending those messages, and then we hand the leads to someone whenever they respond and show interest. So that point where someone’s like, Yeah, I’d love to grab coffee, or Sure, it’d be interested in my quick call to talk more like, that’s the point where we hand it off. Yeah, but we actually, there’s still a lot that goes into that, because the thing was worth like an outbound lead is very, very different than an inbound lead. And so a lot of times, there’s like, you’ve got to kind of nurture like, someone might not be ready to buy. Like, typically, if you guys generate an inbound lead for someone, the great thing about inbound leads is they’re showing intense, like, Hey, I’m looking for a solution today. Yeah, with an outbound lead, you know, you might meet with a partner, and they’re like, Oh, this is cool. But I don’t have anybody right now. And you just got to kind of stay on top of mind with them, you’ve got to nurture them. So things like newsletters, or even just like having like, if you’re really organized their CRM, and you can just follow up with people once, even like once a quarter and just try to know just see how things are going. That like, is really kind of the key to it is just to get people to meetings, try to explore opportunities, if there’s an opportunity, now, you have to push forward with that. But a lot of times, it’s with outbound leads, it’s just kind of making that connection, building trust. And then keeping Top of Mind and aware of with them through content or other means like that.

Okay, brilliant. So I’m just going to step inside our audiences shoes a little minute and kind of probe you with some questions. I think they might have kind of know, maybe concerned not concerned about using your your service, but just some obstacles, which I’m sure you’ve got answers well, but so I was thinking, if you’re managing my LinkedIn profile form, and you’re doing the outreach, would it be catastrophic? If you started a conversation with someone who I already knew? And they knew me, we just weren’t connected on LinkedIn. And and you started that process and you didn’t know we knew each other? Has that ever happened? Or

is that something I would say it’s happened 160 accounts, it’s probably happened five or six times. Okay, so it can’t happen. The thing is, for customers who are really cautious of that, we just tell you to like, sync your email contact database with LinkedIn, and it’ll send connections to everybody who you’ve emailed with, yeah, probably the easiest way to avoid it. But for the most part, whenever it has happened, otherwise, our customers like, Hey, guys, have someone helping me with LinkedIn? Sorry, I got mixed into that. But it it has been mostly minimal in terms of that actually happening. So

okay, cool. And then the other one, I was thinking, because your business obviously is quite scalable. I was talking about CRM there, do you have to? Do I have to have a specific CRM to the guys? Or can you work with anyone, how you managing that side of things?

Yeah, so we have all of our customers this tool called air table, which is a kind of a service like a spreadsheet that organizes all the leads, we can set up integrations to connect with whatever CRM they’re using. But we find that not every LinkedIn responses worthy of being in you know, your CRM us. So we basically kind of, we have this joint space that we worked in, which keeps all your LinkedIn stuff organized. And then whenever you’ve got someone who’s like, Oh, this is proceeding, then like, that’s when most of our customers will move that out of disable into whatever their primary CRM is.

Okay, fantastic. So there’s kind of, I can’t think of any other reasons not to let you guys because you’re, you’re you’re doing that, because I guess, you know, it’s quite, I mean, it’s quite simple, what we’ve covered already, so anyone can kind of do it, I’m guessing the main reason why people using it is time.

Yeah, it takes it would take you at least 60 to 90 minutes a day to do this on your own, just the part that we do. Yeah, and most of our customers still have, you know, 15 to 30 minutes a day of work, just handling the leads that we give them. So

it definitely, it takes a lot of time. And so like, all in, you’d be looking at least 90 minutes to hours, if you were to run the whole outreach process and handle all the responses and do that on your own. And so that’s where we just kind of handle it. We’ve, we know, we have had, we have customers who have taken it in house, though, and they’ve got like, people who are supporting them, and they just keep running it. But the biggest people come to us is because the time and just it’s honestly hard to keep organized. So it’s a it’s a challenge. Yeah,

no, absolutely. I think the same with with what we do. We’re like managing ads and things like that. We try and get as much advice as we can. People can do it themselves. But it’s It is time consuming as well. So you know, definitely get Okay, cool. Is it is there any other advice that we can can give everyone terms of that that LinkedIn prospecting?

Yeah, I think the other big thing like maybe the high level like you, first of all you wants to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do this is their premium version of their product. And it’s going to let you do higher volume and get way more targeted. And then the Maxi, you want to send us about 100 connection requests per day, you don’t want to go over that. Or you can risk getting your LinkedIn profile in trouble. And don’t try to do this without Sales Navigator. Or you’ll get in trouble.

Because basically, if you pay them, they let you do more activity.

And so those are the big things. And then

the other thing is also the other tip, I always tell people in terms of their LinkedIn profile is just to make sure the profile is like kind of written like a sales page, where your

your copy is about your prospect, the pain they have, and how you solve that pain, and not just a boring resume about where you went to college, and what extracurricular activities you’re in, and what career path you have. Because no one cares. Yeah. And so you want to make it really more like copy about the prospect and how you help them. And that’s going to hook people’s interests, especially your tagline on LinkedIn as well.

Okay, so have you got any good examples of timelines that either written or you’ve seen?

Yeah, so one of the, the go to, if the go to your framework that I always start with, and sometimes, you know, will modify or break out of this a bit, but I help x do or accomplish why through z. So, you know, this one guy might say, like, I help, you know, British ex pats game, you know, 20% back on their taxes through a little known facts hack or something like that, or something like that. But like something like I hope or for us, we say, you know, I helped b2b companies generate leads on LinkedIn through done for you prospecting. So, yeah, like, really just, I help you know, the, the client accomplish a results through how you do it is basically the formula that I typically start with, and will then modify off of that

brilliant and then with that description as well of like, the, because you’ve got the, I’ve got where they call, it’s not called the, the about me, but it’s kind of that that main, do you have, like a formula for writing that as well?

Yeah, there’s, um, john Nimmo has some really good content out there. And I’ve kind of just used his framework. But just like what I do, how I do it, what people are saying, or who have worked with, and then like, my contact me, so it’s like, really simple. But that like, again, it’s

nothing too crazy. They’re just trying to get make it about your prospects as opposed to resume style. Even mine. Actually, I just kind of brought it more like a really short sales page. So yeah, just keep it really short, really simple. And making it about your prospects is really the biggest shift. And I would just look into some job name I was content if you want the specifics on like, the frameworks or stuff to work out with the profile.

Okay, brilliant. We can drop the links in for those as well. Fantastic. What other kind of, I guess because you’re, I assume you guys are prospecting yourselves on LinkedIn to get more people into your service. What kind of objections to people like have the people say, Oh, I didn’t think prospecting on LinkedIn works, or is there anything else that that

it’s about it. The really interesting thing about this, and actually, so we were launching a new company right now. And so I’m actually I’ve shifted my outreach toward that. And so like, the interesting thing is, I actually have this like, buyer awareness chart here. And it’s really interesting, I started this mind map, because you start to, like, see these trends. And it starts to, like, show you like, what, where is your customers heads? And where are you thinking? And so like, that is like, the really interesting thing that comes out of outreach. And people being like, Oh, I can do this myself, or I don’t need this because I have this or I’m not big enough for this, or, you know, all these things. And you start to you learn from doing outreach who’s not a good fit. Yeah. And you start to also learn, like, what are the objections people have and like, which ones can you overcome? And which ones can you not, that’s the other really interesting part that comes out of our reach is you learn so much about your target market and how they respond to you with that

fantastic Okay, great. Okay, so let’s talk about the new business as well that and because you’re helping so we’ve got a lot of people our audience and enough Facebook group that are they’ll, they’re like, solo printers, I guess, their their self employed, and they’ve got to do their this stuff like this outreach themselves. I’ve got to do Facebook ads themselves, their SEO, maybe their website and things like that. And this new business sounds like it’s a solution for that. Awesome, some help.

Yeah, so the, the new business is its content allies is what it’s called. And basically, this, this kind of came out of fixing my own pain point. Yeah, and really, so like, I’ve been running my own website, my own blog, and like my own podcast and marketing for a long time. And along the way, I eventually realized, like, very quickly that managing the website, getting the posts online, getting the thumbnails created, getting the podcast uploaded, there’s like all these really monotonous things that come along with any like content or publishing or anything like that, I just so like,

all those little like things. And I would be like, okay, so I’m going to write an article. And then I’m going to spend another, you know, 45 minutes to an hour getting that on my website, and formatted correctly. And I like I could have written another article in that amount of time. So yeah, I started trying to get trying to solve this by hiring virtual assistants from sites like up work and stuff like that. And I just kept having them flake out on me, I had like, four people flake out on me initially, over like the years I tried this. And eventually, as I like, built up lead cookie and I had full time virtual assistants that were really vetted really strong, I started putting them into these roles to take over these content processes for me, and once I like got that system built, I was just like, this is amazing. I literally, like I record a podcast, I put it in my Dropbox, the audio files I write the headline is the only thing I write, ship it off, basically, to content allies. And then it appears on my website, like, that’s literally all I do everything after that happens. The same with the blog, I write the blog, I write what I want to go to my email list. With that, I write the status updates for LinkedIn, and Facebook, I put that all in one document, I ship it to the service. And then on the schedule, data all goes live. And I don’t even like most the time by the time what is publishing I like have forgotten that it’s even going live that day. Because I like wrote it two weeks before. Yeah. But that is like, what I’ve created for myself with this service is basically taking all those small pieces off of that, creating processes for people and streamlining that with like, virtual assistants to support on that. So we basically like create those systems. And we actually have the systems and everything to actually implement those systems for people to really free them up. So they create more, right, more, publish more and do more with their content.

Fantastic, brilliant. I think, you know, that’s so needed. Because which you can spend your so much time especially if you’re not a web designer, you’re not a web developer, you’re just like a finance person, and you want to be on the phone during sales, or you want to do this and that a marketing is is is a whole lot of work all the time. If you can free all that up. And like you say, just put that in a document and just send it off and it’d be done and you don’t have to worry about it.

I can see why there’s a bit of a running theme here that you save people a lot of time it seems

to be more productive, which is amazing.

Yeah, really, the purpose I have on our companies He’s like, is to create freedom for ourselves and our customers. Yeah, so it’s a huge running theme, with everything you put out there is like, how do we just give freedom to people? so

fantastic. But so I’m going to step back into the lead gen Fullington a little bit, you’ve got a guys on the website, haven’t you? Can you tell us what’s in there? And if that guys kind of go in and download it? What can they kind of take away from that? And is there like an action plans essentially do what you do themselves? Is that right?

Yeah, so on the lead Cookie, cookie. com website, there is a guide, there literally gives away 100% of our approaches, our scripts and our strategies. So like, I I held nothing back, that’s my goal was to make that the number one resource on the internet for LinkedIn. And to this date, I still say would be,

and it is it gives everything away. So if you go there, there’s a ton of stuff. And I, I even write some articles on my web personal website and everything about this stuff as well. But I give literally like, that tells you the exact process like this is what you should do. These are the scripts you should use. These are all the tactics like it’s straightforward exactly how to do everything.

Fantastic, brilliant. Well, that’s brilliant. I do I try and stick this to 25 minutes. And I’m just looking at my clock and we were on 25, I felt like we’ve covered loads of grounds is any other value bomb you want to leave us with before we sign off?

Yeah, I think the biggest thing I would say is just for anyone who’s in this space, it’s like the, the value proposition is everything. If your marketing isn’t working, if you’re not getting the results you want, it’s probably not due to the tactics is probably due to the fact that either your message is not resonating with people or you’re targeting the wrong people for your message. And that is just one of the biggest things took me years of marketing to really learn that and I’d be like think I was failing at something like on the tactical side. And really it all comes down to that value proposition is the foundation of everything and so if anyone just walks away and they take one piece of that that just be like know that if you’re not happy with your marketing it’s probably your proposition

and I couldn’t agree more that’s same same with my business spent don’t years I was doing like PPC SEO and it was all about the tactics on about the algorithms and all trying to inch out these little mini mini games. But soon as I looked at Nietzschean write down and branding essentially and the stuff that we were both in that you printer community and it’s all about people to people as soon as I put my face out there as well and all those things combined did more than any of the tactics put together so yeah absolutely could not agree more on that so fantastic so thanks for your time today where can I find if I want to follow you on LinkedIn I’ll share my just search your name but you on like Instagram Twitter or Facebook or

yeah the best to play our best places to look lead cookie calm is for LinkedIn lead generation content allies is for the new service more on content support and then my main hub where I actually write and publish all of my content my blog posts I put out those two articles weekly I have a daily blog and a podcast is at Jake dash Jorgen calm probably best to just try to Google that as it’s hard to spell and hopefully Google will autocratic that properly or check the show notes for this

will drop the links in visual brilliant. All right, thank you so much. And I will speak to you soon. And thank you everyone for listening. And yeah, Cheers, mate and speak to you see and then we haven’t that was Jake I learned a ton and like I said at the beginning I tried one of these concepts it worked really well for me so give it a go Don’t be spammy. But think about how you can ignite a conversation on LinkedIn and if you want to hear these interviews live join our Facebook group it’s be searched for lead generation for financial services you’ll find the group jump in there and you can also hear and see talking as which is our basically our weekly show where we discuss the social media ads that we’ve seen that week what we like what we don’t and I will see you next week. And if you’ve got two seconds Please adjust subscribe and if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review that would be amazing too. And I will see you next week.

006 – Jodie Stevenson – Mortgage Broker With Too Many Leads

Jodie like all other broker bought leads but was curious about how they did it. So, she taught herself and now has too many leads. You can join her firm and get all the leads you need or buy the leads from her.

We talk through how she gets all her leads through Google Ads and the USP that makes all the difference.

Connect with Jodie on Linkedin:

Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. And this week, I’ve got an actual mortgage broker on the line with me. So this is taken from a live interview in our Facebook group. And not only are they a mortgage broker, she generates her own leads, she does everything herself. And she’s inundated with leads. So she also needs to find some brokers to help her out, deliver those leads, or she can sell those leads as well. So not only you’re going to learn how she does it, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can buy those leads from her. And what she does is a very simple tactic as I mean you can do as well. And I’m really excited to share this interview with you. So let’s dive right in. So I can see what are some of the big banks? I think I saw there was a Santander and Lloyds in on united. Yeah,


So my, actually my dad worked for Halifax for a really long time. And so did my sister. And so today and at one point, I think we may have all been in the same region at one time, which was very confusing and but yeah, we all we all wait for family facts

and then Sunday

Yeah. Okay. What’s I assume the culture is very different in a big corporate like that. And then it is to like, it’s like a what kind of size brokerages Have you worked in, like, I’ve always been like working remotely or you’ve been in like the Office of those smaller companies.

And that To be honest, the culture difference between Halifax and sometimes there was huge, right? Just that change was like, horrifying to me because Halifax really advanced sort of technological sense. And then sometimes I was like quilting It was really yeah terrible that really, really backwards with everything that the day I don’t know if the better now. But yeah, it was a huge learning curve for me going from essentially sitting in a robot chair and just everything being done for me. Yeah, they will just like will do it all yourself now. And I was like, I don’t really know how to. And so that was a big learning curve. And I’d always been in very big branches and then when I left the banks I went to a tiny brokerage with I think there were about six or seven people there and and it was actually a debt management company right, which was totally different and I was selling life insurance and to debt management clients which was impossible

so sounds

Yeah, it was really it was really difficult we were offering and basically just offering and financial services in general and it did get the company was great but but then I went to

via via bridges and and I was doing expert mortgages for Abu Dhabi, so Doha, Qatar Dubai etc so that was my first as a mortgage application was and here you go his next patch figure it out yeah okay

i five and I think that’s kind of how I got into and complicated mortgage cases because I don’t think I’ve ever done straightforward mortgage

Yeah, no, I think we’re a lot of brokers do. I guess a lot of

the majority of people first port of call, they just think of their bank and then I guess the really simple easy ones go through and then you’ll have a percentage of people that just look around anyway, and then i’m saying is people either been turned down or it’s just like, too complicated or whatever. And that’s where the, you’re a lot of your broker work comes from? Yeah,

pretty much. Yeah, yeah. What recommendations and then which I’ll, I’ll talk about later, but there’s also my sort of niche and that that helps me gain those extra clients that aren’t referred to me. So there’s, there’s my sort of my USP as it is and that helps me get my additional client so yeah,

okay, good. Well, let’s actually dive into that and let’s talk about getting clients. There’s a lot of brokers that I know have an brokerages have lived off referrals and they’re really good because people know who they are. They kind of trust them already.

Have you got any tips for getting more of them

recommendations from clients and

just ask, you

know, I think the biggest lesson I ever had was like, Don’t Don’t be too proud. Yes, they said look, this is free there may need I need more. So if you know anyone who and who needs a mortgage, just please get a shout out. And as of yet, I’ve never had to give a referral bonus to anyone. Right. A lot of people do it. I’m sure it works.

But yeah, not so one. one bit of advice my business mentor gave me about getting referrals was rather than saying Do you know anyone say can you think of one person that you think I could help and then so it’s easier for the brain to like run thing and all who you know all these people think it’s a bit of an easier job or I’ve only got all think of one person and then you finally get more referrals from it.

So that’s one thing that I picked up and it does actually work quite well you’re either get an email a day later say no Can you speak to Joe Bloggs or whatever


okay I’ve noticed and I generally always connect with my clients on and a platform so if it’s like friend who’s been referred by a friend will maybe and connect on Facebook but if it’s just a completely a client then maybe we’ll connect on LinkedIn but whichever channel they’re on I tend to put one very brightly colored and graphic that’s may be bright yellow and it just says this is all it says I do mortgages yeah and I just throw it off every probably every month or two months I just throw it out there as to get on my my personal Instagram or stick it on my Facebook and it just says Addy mortgages and people just go up God just marketers and now all hours get one message off the bat really I thought you did mortgages

it’s crazy

so it doesn’t do anything like creative like because you could put you could write it down on a post it note or something so quite bright aren’t they and take a photo of it or do you is it literally just like a graphic

it’s just a graphic it’s I’ve got like a text app and singing it’s like a almost like a word art but it’s you can just pick your colors and sometimes I’ll do with it and it’s always really bright and like garish so when you pull in your stop and look and but yeah it’s just it’s just something I tend to do just to keep that keeps my friends on their toes because a lot of times I’ll catch them on I will go oh my god I’m always up for renewal next month and I’m like perfect

so okay cool so you’re putting that on your your personal Instagram your personal Facebook your personal LinkedIn literally once a month

when I’m

cool and is it literally the same one or you like doing different time it says I do mortgages sometimes it says I did commercial mortgages sometimes it says Addy life insurance and but most of the time is a simple as I do and then the thing I’m pushing on yeah so I think you you get so like buried in your own work that you like a shim like even your classmates that they remember that you don’t bachelor is really nice prompt and if you getting you getting a decent lead once a month for doing like a two second job obviously the return on that is amazing.

Yeah they say yeah

bro and then because Have you so you’ve never have needed to offer an incentive Do you think you’d get any more if you do I see me doing because you don’t do it

and I’ve never tried it


I’m not I don’t know I’ve never really been one to do things like that I’ve always wanted the value of my way to be the reason why someone to marry me and not just because you can’t get credit

yeah know exactly exactly

maybe it works maybe it doesn’t you know ask me in five years time when I’m ended up six found to everyone

Exactly. Well, we would thinking about a system the we we It was just an idea is one of those ones who put in the idea box and never done anything with it where you can everything’s automated for you just put their email in and it will send them an email and they can get like an Amazon voucher if they refer and when the lead comes through on your website. You’ll notice referred by so and so

an affiliate link

Yeah, basically. But we never got we never got kind of far with it.

But yeah, interesting. Okay, cool. So besides that, you must be living off more than one lead a month. What what else you doing to get those in.

So I as everybody has ever done, I bought leads about lots of leads and cold hard data, which are trolled. I have bought red hot hot keys. And I’ve done it all I’ve literally bought every kind of lead in the universe

and felt great, you know, they all work and buying leads, I would say, buying contact data lead, which is someone gone somewhere and entered saying, Please bring me the best kind of leads. And so the ones are a bit too cold, and the other ones are just very expensive. And because hotkeys can be super expensive, so I kind of settled in this, you know, called Data Entry lead zone. And, and I’m a bit more sort of curious than, than the average bear. And I was like, how are they figuring out how to do these, I want to figure out how they do this. And, and it led me into, and at the time, I was doing life insurance. And I started thinking about how I used to sell life insurance at the bank. And I would always, I’ve always been trained now that if you’re selling something, you’re doing it wrong. And so I would always use a different door to get into the house that I wanted to go into, basically. So and we would offer free will. And with every well we do a life insurance interview and life insurance. So that’s how we would sell to them. You can make that work on Facebook. And because I didn’t really know anything about Google Apps at that point, I went through Facebook and advertised free wills. Basically, that was it and got tons of leads through it was gray. And and that’s kind of how I narrowed that down. And and then I moved into mortgages, and it did not work so well on Facebook

tried. So now started looking at Google ads and AdWords and what I’m really looking at. We had a Google and digital Garrett. I don’t know if you’ve heard of those? Yeah, yeah, we had a digital garbage in Sheffield for ages is probably a year. And I went to probably five or six different courses that Yeah, and that kind of taught you the basics. If I’m honest, it did only teach you the same as what YouTube can teach you bomb paint shop next door. So yeah, it was great for me. And so I went there. And I learned a little bit about Google AdWords. And then I thought I can do this for that’s why

also real back early, when we talk about buying leads will come to the will come to the the garbage stuff. I’ll just do a shameless plug actually spoke Google event, one of the garbage events. And whoever

faces I was funny, actually, because we, we had this event and our business center. And it was like speakers, Google, Barclays, the lead engine,

slightly different leagues there. But yeah, I want to come back to buying leads. And I totally agree. I think the people that have inquired and you’ve got those leads, they’re obviously the best ones, because they want the mortgage, we find in that those people selling you those leads, we’re also selling them to like other people as well. And you have to like dive on the phone first or not.

It depends, there are plenty of people who are selling leads like that in that format. And I think it’s really important to find the right kind of people and and make sure that if you signing any agreements that it does say that it is a single use lead,

and make sure you know, you get in. And again, don’t be afraid to talk to the client when you pick the phone up. Can I just ask, Does anyone else called you

make the inquiries? Anyone else called you? And I’ve make a list of it, and then go back to the people and say, Look, he’s telling me like three times over lead here. So you know, let’s talk let’s talk about this because it’s not that’s not what I’m asking. Yeah,

no, absolutely. I think if the same names keep going up, then it’s pretty obvious that that leaders being caught in the same place you will you will get people that themselves in choir. Yeah.

Okay. Interesting. Cool. Okay. All right, then say sort your so a Facebook was working well for for life, when you are sort of doing the free world What would you like your conversion rate from speaking so as people on wills, to getting them into like a life policy when you did the Facebook stuff.

So it was high, it was very high. And the wealth I would say it was about 25%. So so 25% of the world’s I wrote had life insurance on them, which is not bad going and the actual contact rate from and I would like a will to

picking the phone up and organized know, will appointment was great. He showing up to the appointment, or the person actually doing the well was was that was where you lost a lot of them. Yeah, people like in the moment, they just kind of wanted to do it. He thought maybe they do a form online. And that was kind of where you lost the majority of people, which is fine, because they’re the people you want to lose. Really, really want to do it. And but now it’s pretty good. We had a pretty high conversion rate, so and so wills to life. Yeah.

Do you mind talking cost humans? Can we work out what the the cost per lead was on then if we take a lead or 50 leads a month lead on a gross basis? Yeah. Okay. Cool. And then. So in terms of our can we work out our cost to acquire a new life insurance customer base?

I think it was coming in.

I want to say it was around

it was like 100, 250

pounds. Like when you fully Natalie write down 350 pounds? Yeah.

Hey, size of 1400 pounds. Yeah. Well, it was great. Yeah,

exactly. I don’t think anyone because if you go on Google engineer, look at the cost for like, life insurance quote, and things like that. You’re looking at 2530 credit. Click, hundred quid a lead if you give up line for Maggie. So you’re getting your customer acquisition about what people are getting a lead for that? Yeah. So therefore, yeah, let’s just do a lot more of that kind of sounds

awesome. And then it sounds like then. Yeah, you’re right. A few wills. I mean, some people that that are going through, but if your CPA is that low, and then in terms of your time, I suppose you you will not so considering your time as an individual go out and do it. But it sounds good in terms of

what is all based, so. Right. Okay. really been taking my time national, so.

Oh, fantastic. So sorry. When you said appointments, I thought you meant you were going out to

now just like telephone

and the same. Basically, you are

the one hand off of that for life. Yeah,

definitely. Yeah, it was great. It was, it was great. Life Life Insurance is great. And as a

as a, so products and to help make some money. And, but she is a cruel mistress.

It’s like, I call it the holy grail of, of legions. It’s like, such a because, like, I think he’s, I love the old way you’ve done it, because maybe we’ll just go for life, you know, go straight in with life. And it’s one of those things that like, with a mortgage, you’ve got, like, I want to buy this house. I mean, some people like, oh, something’s falling through. I need this house. I need this mortgage now. Whereas we live. It’s like, I can do it tomorrow. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

different color fish. Yeah.

So you still need that urgency to flip it into something else? because no one’s ever going to be in a rush to buy life insurance. Unless they can’t have it. Know that deeply want it? Yeah,

obviously, I think the, the closest you can get to it is when someone’s just had a kid and then your and then it’s that fine line of like, talking about about death and things like that. We’ve we’ve got a we do a show called talking ads, where we, we talked about the ads in our feed. I’ve seen some really good life insurance websites. I think one’s called dead happy. I think

I saw it last night. Yeah, yeah,

I guess. Um, yeah, absolutely. Love it. We’re, we’re looking at creating our own life brand that is much more than tourists, then, you know, and we’ll talk about No, no, exactly.

Exactly. You do not. Yes. The last thing I want to talk about, I think adding some humor into it. And with anything is is great. So cool. All right, then. So obviously, looking at AdWords then, and Google Ads aren’t. So we’re looking at, basically, people are searching for mortgages, and you’re basically taught yourself and yeah, talk us through what, what you learn and how things have change. When So when did you start doing the Google stuff?

And I think it was two years ago, and I think it was two years ago now, baby, so

it could have been yesterday.

I know when things have actually happened. I’m losing at the minute. But yeah, he’s suddenly five months old. And I don’t really know where that’s gone. must have been about two years. Yeah. So, yes, that was about two years that I’ve had it running for, yeah. And, and that was, I started off with a very, very, very small, but felt she Mungo’s budget. And, and I kind of I remember, I launched it on January 1, and I was like, this is it. This is it. I got the website bill. And it was so painfully simple as well. Yeah, I know, don’t put anything out. Like, what about when I was like, no, nothing, I’ve just want this, this, this and this, and then submit. So it was really, really simple. And, and I remember my first lead that came in, I was like, and yeah,

so it was it was definitely exciting. I remember like, setting it all up and being like, Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m spending money and I might not get anything back from it. And it was terrifying. And, and I kind of really did roll the dice on it. Because this was my only I cancelled all my leads that that I know, or the sources coming in. I was like, Oh, god, this is this has to work. Yeah, it’s very expensive. Yeah.

So So how have you seen prices increase in those sort two years, or

I’ve never had a wavering of my cost per acquisition ever isn’t the same now for 10 years. And it took me six months to get it to that, that sweet spot. And and then it’s it’s never it’s never changed from there.

Okay. So what mortgage products are you going on? He doing like remote or anything? Just commercial mortgage?

Okay. Brilliant. commercial market? Yes. Yeah. Okay. But as a byproduct of that, I get our lives back to last.

Right. Okay. National melted. Yes. Brilliant. So are you then in terms of the keywords obviously, going after? What I don’t know what the volume is on off top my head for commercial mortgages. What what sort of volume? Is it UK wide?

And I don’t know. And because I have genuinely not changed anything for a year and a half? Yeah, I haven’t changed the thing. I’ve left my keywords. I have have multiple meetings with my Google person, the one who knows you and Hound you to change things. Yeah, I changed it. Everything goes horribly wrong. And then I go back and undo, undo, undo, undo. Undo and normal and so perhaps I’m sort of stuck in my way is slightly

know I think there’s something wrong with that. We have just had a client today I’m just while we’re chatting, I’m going to log into my cell phones just to look at numbers

we Yeah, it’s don’t fix it was not working. You always want to, you know, you want to scale because I mean this Meanwhile, love financial services, is it scalable, and you were talking earlier about I just, you know, it’s my phone, my laptop,

which is great for scale. Yeah. So people always want to kind of increase it and things like that. If you’re just getting leads for yourself, then you don’t want to play around with it. And the other lesson is the people that Google employ to do that job that’s normally their first job at Google and their objectives are for you to spend more money and get more traffic weather is your objective is to get more leads and a lot of the time they don’t understand that they think I just want to get more more traffic more traffic but it doesn’t necessarily

and I’m like and I don’t want more people to click it more people to want it and actually commit to something backfilling a form and it’s all about the click through

and page

ok cool so I’m just

pretty high actually on the volumes and because again if you go in for commercial mortgages you would just never be able to

get on that top top page the massive massive massive players that just absolutely smashing smithereens and again I I figured out the words that all the way for someone to to do it, so my keywords are kind of

the everyman keywords, but that was just through, you know, diligent six months, I’m talking every single day, six months, I probably spent two or three hours looking at all my keywords and being like, right, stop that one, move that one increase that one do that everything was so new, meticulously planned, and, and researched. And it was really was like a real sort of mission of mine to get those keywords. Exactly. And I have to sort of forfeit some really good keywords. And because I just couldn’t, I couldn’t play in that, that sort of arena. And to keep my cost per click down. Yeah,

no, absolutely. So how, how advances you’re going to geek out a little bit how advances you like you’re sort of training and knowledge are you like, looking at things like your quality scores and things like that?

And again, now No, but then yes,

if you want I can I can load it up while we’re talking if you want and I can give you

Yeah, well, I’m sort of what I want to get as much value out of us as possible but I don’t want to give you to give away all your secret so see you so I mean, I obviously want to know what what keywords you are all are going after, and how that because commercial mortgages looks like we’ve got five or just in a five and a half thousand searches a month

and this is sem rush tell me I could look into Google sometimes different messing about so just under seven quid a click on on that. But if I go into Google ads,

we can see what Google says

yes. A quite a lot of volume for commercial mortgages and have not really we’re not we do a lot of like ready stuff. We do a lot of business finance. We don’t have a commercial mortgage clients who I haven’t had an inquiry for it

last year, I don’t think so. First, I’m, I’m looking at these other numbers

more volume than I thought it would be. Yeah,

there’s this huge volume for it. And because, and again, most of the time, people are searching for commercial mortgages and they don’t mean commercial mortgages. And so, you know, there’s, there’s certain words that you can use and certain phrases that you can use and that kind of

you can, you can sort of bamboozle people in there as well, you know,

absolutely. You want to speak the language of your customer,

they’re just buying a commercial property or aware, I guess, things like is it like, literally offices, warehouse shops? Is it that sort of? Yeah, yeah,

exactly. That, yeah,

so I guess the, is it more question based people that you’re finding luck with it? Like, how do I get a mortgage for a warehouse? Is it that kind of staff or? Yeah,

my mom, what, what would someone who had a commercial Mojo needed a commercial mortgage and look at when they weren’t looking

right. Brilliant. Okay, so you’re when people are looking for the actual property of sounds you’re getting in front of them? Yeah, yeah,

we can get properties and all the things that people might be searching all while they’re looking for commercial mortgages and things like that. Yeah, yeah, that’s that sort of thing and raises a good search sort of 10 anyway and then you know, you can you can sort of go on the complete other end of the scale and do 100% loan to value and commercial mortgages tone the traffic on that yeah technically you know, people would say well I don’t I can’t do 100% loan to value and bought that’s still a client and you still you still want to talk to that client because you know who doesn’t want 100%

we’ve got similar thing with guaranteed car finance there’s so much volume on it you cannot no one can guarantee cough on it so we want to rank for it organically SEO

you know you want that traffic because that is someone you just need to educate them

yeah I’m

okay i’m not funny any volume on the hundred percent maybe has got the percent mark in there but

hundred it’s just 100

ok cool so

we’ve got you know we’ve got about 5000 people looking at commercial mortgages so we got hundred LTV commercial

once we felt like you said although we’re giving away some secrets here It took us six months is not one of these things you can

yeah ask ask me what those keywords appear on and what the percentages upon phones versus compu as

those words to us because those words the more they work better at certain periods then they do other periods no no absolutely the the way that I advertise and and what I actually do advertise puts me it doesn’t matter if I’m at the bottom of that page they will click me and they will be

like hey right brilliant now you’re talking my language definitely be is we have this kind of misconception with with with clients a lot that the keyword isn’t everything is like less than half the battle so yeah, absolutely your ads I’m I’m really intrigued because we’ve we’ve found a massive shift in like our clients spend from Google over to Facebook. So majority of our mortgage leads are on on Facebook and a lot of our stuff. But I’m my background was originally I was a Google boy for

1012 my world. I mean, I’m doing this for like 15 years. I guess I’m going to Google boy for that fanboy. for that long,

your Google gentleman

with the word one gray hair, I found this one. And yeah,

that’s one thing I think people struggle with. Because when we were talking about quality scores earlier, fill that don’t know you get it’s not like a standard auction that could essentially pay less than your competitors. If you’ve got quality score of 10 out of 10, one of the biggest kind of factors is having your keyword in your headline. But now you’ve got like multiple headlines. Now there’s like three, these are just be one, there’s now three. So you have got room to be creative. So I’m really interested to hear on how you’re being creative, then really confidently said, doesn’t matter where I am, people are going to click on me. So what what what we’re doing

okay, so the thing that really changed it for me, kind of wasn’t really anything to do with being smart on Google. And it was to do with me being smart on where I chose to work. And so I was approached by and a lead buyer who wanted to buy some leads off of me, I sold him some leads and and He then said, Hey, would you like to come and work for me and on my

network as it as it were? And and I said,

Okay, and I was pregnant at the time. And I was like, Oh, I didn’t know I didn’t really want to start brokering and and he was like, No, no, come on, we’ll, we’ll just try it out. We’ll try outcome work your leads on to me, and so I did, and that’s b2b finance. So that’s actually where i, where i broke ground, and now with b2b finance, and, and so their USP which, which changed the game was they charge a broker fee, right?

So no Brooke fees. Brilliant. So and then using that front and center on your ad, you’re fine. Okay, amazing.

Sometimes the best things are the simplest on the


And then I suppose you know, then that that person is like looking at brokers as well. And if even if they’ve spoke to a broker, and even if they’ve clicked on all the three at the top and looked at other brokers, you’ve got a USP there, where the other people are probably saying, oh, we’re charged 500 quid or whatever it is, yeah,

I tend to get the second time round searches. So they’ll go on Google, they’ll search they’ll find number one click, and they’ll click on and they’ll bring them up and they’ll say, Hi, I’ve got this property. And you know, it’s this much money and they go, fantastic. Okay, I broke fees. 1%. And the client goes

1%. That’s so much money. Yeah. And then they’ll be back on Google. And they’ll just do a little search and they’ll just scroll back. Oh, this one has no broker fees. Yeah, click and they’ll go straight through. And so that’s why I tend to find that I get a lot of the 1 million plus inquiries

of 1 million plus inquiries. Yeah, amazing. You’re obviously still getting your kickback from the lender then. So then I assume how it works for you as a broker is still a really good deal because you’re getting much bigger GCI mortgages. Yeah, you’re not charging the fee, but you’re getting decent commissions off that so you’re probably better off anyway. Do you think that’s absolutely

absolutely. And you get you get much more client and inquiries through when you are, there is no reason why that client wouldn’t come to you. Because you are you’re not just the cheapest, you have no broker fee. So people just say, how do you get away with it and say, Well, you know, we we get we get profit off of the lender and we found is that question yeah, the volume we were we find it to be golden moments. And is it is it an angel saying there’s not an age old say, but it’s what my dad always says. I don’t I’m not going to swear. But he swears when he says it and but it’s what’s 100% of people? Yeah, and you know, you can charge you broke up and you’ll get 100% of you you broke up

somewhere else you get 100% of nothing. Yeah so kind of yeah it kind of works for me and James b2b finances a genius I think so yeah we’re not with that idea no broke fees and and you know that’s why we’re now at a stage where we are overwhelmed with inquiries way too many inquiries amazing

there’ll be a lot of brokers that are thinking this incredible

you’re overwhelmed with inquiries you need some good brokers are you guys looking for good I well a stupid question you guys must be looking for good people

we are yet desperately looking for new people and this year we that there’s a rule and you’ll understand this and there’s a there’s a there’s a sweet spot with leads you have to spend this much money to get this conversion and cost yeah and for me to spend that much creates this many leads but we can only service this many leads so there’s there’s all these but just you know I sell I sell some of them and and I’m always happy to sell leads to people and I’m just on a purely transactional basis I don’t do kickbacks we just do transactional lead salad yeah and then there are that are inquiries that just don’t go they don’t get answered

it’s crazy

so many brokers that I speak to the main reason we set up our Facebook group was because there we time we didn’t have anything to offer like the self employed broker working on the road where their network or whoever they’re working for says sorry going you gotta get your own leads yeah we can help us I mean that’s well what’s led to the podcast here so amazing that we’ve got some advice they can buy some leads for you or they can come and join you as well

yeah absolutely and with with the selling of leads as well just because it is purely a means to an end to me and I have no minimum orders I have no contracts and if you’re not committed to buy anything care what bring me on a Thursday and say you want three needs tomorrow send it really it really is just a broker helping another broker out really and as well that because all these companies that sell leads and you know,

we’re we’re we’re very different from them. But being able to do that to someone who is working those leads is a broker understands that let you say I can ring you up I don’t have to I don’t have to buy 100 of them I don’t have to buy 50 of them are 25 or whatever the minimum order is very exclusive

I don’t know how to send them to more than one person

you know I genuinely at once they come in I have a system where they just fly back out of my I have no way of keeping them and sort of yeah billing them elsewhere and and to be honest it’s just pop it’s not a good thing for a client anyway and they are about the fall from the experience so I just want to do it for client I have 50 phone calls when I click one button before we

know it is it is all for me that’s why we that’s why we don’t we don’t do we don’t like sell leads especially some more than the one person because it’s just horrible isn’t it?

Okay brilliant so I love how pull this is this is yet obviously it’s quite complicated as well

have you ever tried this in like anything else in terms of the know broken feet because we’ve got obviously that we’ve got commercial sitting at work in wrestling as well like, you know, multiple images and things like that. I know there are a lot that don’t charge anyway but this

I’ve never tried I’ve actually never tried know broke fees on ready I do have a half portals for lead gen on residential mortgages, life insurance, invoice finance, in development, finance and and bridging yeah so I set up all of those followers I’ve got the website as well up there but I didn’t turn them on yes I don’t have the capacity to deal with any of the inquiries that that would come through and and but now I’ve never tried the notebook fear I’m ready never try that. Yeah,

well we weren’t working with our clients we obviously don’t get the choice of whether they charge a fee or not that’s I’ve just googled remortgage not the greatest killers, it’s got, you know, quite broad, but no one is saying anything about broker fees. They’re saying like Cc Cc Jays, and Paul credit, welcome,

say, thousand sessions say,

let’s try mortgage

application or something like that. Also, another another little tool, I totally feel alone We’re talking about I forgot I installed it the other day. There’s a Chrome plugin called keywords anywhere and you get all the keyword volumes and the costs in the right hand side of your Google. If I share my screen with you. Actually, I can show you

a semi useful Google Chrome extension. Don’t use Chrome.

Do you know you should be using using cry?

Can you see that on the on the right, yeah, so yeah, that’s what it does. Essentially, I’m going to have to go back because we’re getting a warning that it doesn’t like me doing video and everything like that. Right. Okay, so we digress. But let’s have a look. Find the best deal for you. It’s all the kind of standard stuff on Google.

No one’s ever really Robin for the residential mortgages you have. They know

because residential mortgages have cash back maybe people don’t think about actually the impact that know Brophy residential mortgages are worth considerably less than commercial mortgages, because you are talking about neutral like a 1% proxy, especially, I mean, James Booker, from b2b has negotiated way higher fees for all of the products. And anyway, but the, you know, when you’re doing like, a 60 grand mortgage, and it’s got like a point four, five, you know, it’s

bought a while. I mean, I challenge that personally, because I think if you’re doing a residential mortgage, and you’re not doing a full suite of life insurance products, and making another two grand on top of it, you’re not really doing the right thing anyway. So is it worth not getting a proxy of 200 pounds broker fee of 200 pounds or 400, whatever it is, and to make, you know, an extra two grand Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna get everyone that they’re looking for. They may be I mean, obviously, it works because it works for us. Yeah,

no, absolutely brilliant. Okay, you doing anything special, the different when, so we’ve got the address, we see the Nova, I can feel you reinforcing that on your landing page, are you using any like landing page software, or if you just got your website that’s the site or

just a website and it does the first thing you see when you London is we don’t try to break free and then sort of the ethos as to why we don’t try to Berkeley which I’ve kind of just sort of transplanted across. And from, from the b2b ethos, em, and it just sort of x and I actually give them examples. I say, Did you know if you’re, you know, if you borrow in this moment, you’re going to be around this much to the broadcast and chop shop, you know, I’m sure broken hate me.

But hey,

legs. Yeah,

absolutely. I mean, well, if you’ve got a surplus, if you’re hiring more brokers in if you’re selling leads that you’ve already generated, then it’s obviously you’re doing something right is amazing. Okay, brilliant. Have you got any other tips in terms of if they’re, if we decide we don’t want to buy leads of you, if we if we don’t want to join you, I really want to do this myself. We got any other advice on you know, you obviously did some courses and things like that? How much time has that kind of stepped out? Have you got any other ideas, that kind of tips and

I just go on the courses for sort of the and more of their money, what do they try to do this, right.

And it was, however, and I don’t think I learned anything that I couldn’t upload on youtube for free. Yeah, and what it’s really difficult, I think sometimes you need that, you know, take me a little lunch and go in and sit in and being at school. And it did the environment certainly did help. But also trust you got and, and analyze, analyze, analyze, analyze, analyze, every move that’s made on Google is telling you something every single tiny Penny spend, if you can save a penny somewhere else, it all adds up. And that’s how you get down to incredibly low cost per clicks. And incredibly low lead costs. And, and then don’t add the pick the phone up to Google,

I totally agree on all of those points. Absolutely. So 1.1 know it Tom, our he’s our he used to be a marketing manager for a mortgage company. And we used to work together that come out, he he employed me or engineers or contracts that he’s just done a video actually about doing those testing and things he’s done quite, he’s done it on this table, that she’s got the the cards and he’s talking about all the ads and the click through rates and conversion rates, and things like that, to help explain that a bit more. So I’ll drop the link to everyone. So they kind of can get that visual representation representation of what we’re talking about that

and then yeah, there’s also

you’ve got a, you started a LinkedIn group way because you want to help get bit more this, obviously, everyone’s gonna listen to the podcast, but the tone, you’ve got a LinkedIn group where you’re giving out basically advice on the lead gen in terms of like, career wise as well. He tell us a little bit of that. Yeah.

So and it’s, it’s a new group, and it was it was about from demand from overwhelming public demand. People just wanting to know, clients’ actually, who buy off of me. And the way that I advertise this group was, aren’t you just sick of giving me money? Don’t you want to learn how to do this yourself?

I’m for some people, and I’ll be quite honest, I have tried to show them how to do it. And they’ve gone Oh, I got just please just keep taking my money because I really

like okay. But at least now, you know, they appreciate how difficult it is to generate leads. And it really isn’t just a case of just, you know, putting 50 up on on Google and they call and thousands of pounds sometimes to Well, no, not sometimes it’s thousands of pounds to set up a Google account and, and get enough data so that you can statistically look at it and say, This is how much it costs to generate a lead my leads my clients, and it does cost thousands of pounds. But if people want to, you know, pick my brains and that’s that’s kind of what the groups for and so it’s called mortgage careers. UK, you can just search on LinkedIn and find me it is very new, just running through the people who have requested to join it now. And I’m just going to kind of have it as a bit of a forum. If you want to ask questions about mortgages, or if you want to ask questions about leads or even if you get an you know, an inquiry that you just can’t handle because you’re going somewhere and you want someone else in the group to you know, pick it up for you.

I’m hoping it’s gonna be a bit of a bit of a social nice little community community means

love it. I have one last question for you. It’s a bit of a geeky one. Do you do any remarketing so you got any ads running to people that have been on your site and didn’t convert

now have an amazing friend called Chad dollars who will probably hear this super sonically somewhere in the country and I’m not really really targeted. He goes on about it incessantly. He’s like, need to you need to do it. Now. Identity is the honest answer a damn get any more clients

anymore like I seriously can’t handle Yeah, taking any more. I think once we get to a level where we can manage what we have that the minute Yeah, then I’ll refine it. But right now where like

press any buttons. Again,


I’m so used to talking to people that want more leads that it feels we’re talking to someone that doesn’t have the right absolutely love it. Okay, brilliant. So can we get some websites for me? So that so I might going so if I want to buy the lead. So Microsoft connecting with you on LinkedIn and just chatting with you on there? Or do I go by the website? Yeah,

I mean, LinkedIn is probably the best way to talk to me because it’s on my mobile, it’s, it’s completely separate to client emails, which can sometimes get a bit messy. And but you can find me on LinkedIn, Jody Stevenson and ci and pay and there’s myself look and go somewhere and in a black white photo, but that’s me. And so you can message me on there, that’s fine. And or you can you can my mobile numbers on there as well. And my email address is info at Sunnybrook, which is so sugar you November, November, I VA group, okay. Okay. And you can email me there. And, and I’m also having your group on Facebook to you all. Yeah, but I’m under my married name on there. She’s Judy Jamison. So the confusion there by profession, my stage name and my stage name on LinkedIn. Brilliant.

I love it in that though, but

yeah, you know, message message, message message. Anyone? You know, you’ll you’ll end up somewhere near me. Yeah,

brilliant. Absolutely. Fantastic. Brilliant. Thank you so much. I love how simple some of those things where that although it took you six months to get there. When it clicks. It clicks as amazing. And I think a lot of people will be inspired and excited because so many people speak to like, this is their biggest frustration, just getting people on the phone. So I’m great. Thank you so much to be able to come on and talk so honestly about it as well. Really appreciate it. Excellent. All right. Thanks very much. We’re going to say goodbye. So they will have it. I hope you learned a lot and you are kind of excited that someone else is doing this themselves. They don’t need a marketing agency to do it. They don’t need a pay per click expert. They’ve gone out there. They’ve learned everything themselves. They believe it’s all out there for free on YouTube and podcasts like this. So if you enjoyed the interview, you want to see those interviews live. I go live every Friday at 1230. You’ll also get see talking and live on a Wednesday lunchtime as well. That is the financial services lead generation group on Facebook. If not, I will see you next week on the podcast. And I would really appreciate it if you did subscribe if you did rate and review the podcast it will just help me get more viewers and put more time until I can get bigger and better and bolder guests not that God was an amazing but we can also get some big players in the marketing industry as well on if we got the viewership. So thanks very much for listening and I will see you next time.

005 – Louise Brogan – Using Social Media In Financial Services

005 - Louise Brogan - Using Social Media In Financial Services
005 - Louise Brogan - Using Social Media In Financial Services

Louise Brogan teaches people how to use social media to generate more business. We discuss Facebook, Instagram, Insta Stories and she evens comes up with a great strategy for mortgage brokers off the top of her head.

Louise’s website:

Hello and welcome to another edition of the lead generation for financial services, a podcast and I’ve got another cracking guest for you. This week we’re talking all things organic social media, so kind of non paid ads and how you can use a number of different platforms. we dive in quite a few different tangents here but Louise just brings so much value. There’s so much that I learned from this episode myself I’m dying to try we talk about all sorts of things like creating events we talk about using Instagram stories in fact, if you’re a mortgage broker there’s a concept there that Louise gives us an idea just off the top of her head which is amazing about using Instagram stories to start conversations which is what it’s all about. So without further ado here’s Louise and here’s my live interview that I did into our Facebook group Louise Bogan from social be can you rather me butchering what you do? Can you let

Everyone know what it is you do and kind of what we’re going to learn today? Yes, absolutely. So my business is social be and I am I live just I say, Belfast, Northern Ireland, but I have clients and customers from all over the world really. And so I help entrepreneurs figure out how to market themselves and their businesses online and through not just social media, I help people with blogging as well and have a podcast called the social being podcast. But I think my expertise really lies in all the different social media platforms

because I my background, Alex is that I actually did a master’s in computing and got jobs as a software engineer with bt and then came IT project manager and the health service some quite into my tech affecting things out and I really like that side of things, which I think a lot of people who work in social media maybe don’t necessarily have that background.

Well, yeah, yeah. And so for example, I’ve just completed a six week course with 10 people who wanted to figure out how to make their first online course which is nothing, nothing to do with social media and but I love getting into the nitty gritty of how to create webinars and how to build your email list and and how you create courses and videos and sales pages and all that stuff that gets kind of thing that gets me fired up so fantastic. And the RNA that we had a bit of software issues earlier on both sides that I’m a techie as well. I’m struggling to get out here.

That’s right. Okay. So I’m just gonna split screen. So if I accept. Okay, so we’re gonna touch then on briefly on all the social media platforms and who, therefore because in our group, we’ve got a mix of kind of got some b2b, some pizza, see that we’re all sort of financial services and I’m guessing we can cover who

Football essentially. So where’s where’s best to start? Which which platform should we will briefly cover? Okay, well we could look at before we start looking at the individual platforms. And I think really when you’re trying to market to people on social media

and be on more than two platforms, unless social media is your business, if you want to do them really well, you really need to focus dying and ideally on one platform, but if you want to do more than one, then I’ll go for two just to especially you’re starting I did you try and get really good at using Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn and Twitter, it takes up far too much time to try and do those things and you probably won’t be learning how to do all of them really well. So it’s much better to really focus in and and build an audience on one platform for starting I’m saying that every platform is different and there are different reasons and different ways to connect with people on all of the different platforms.

Now. So it’s interesting you say like connecting with people, because I think a lot of people use social media just to like Chuck later stuff out, rather than connecting with. So I guess that’s another thing that we can talk about. And yeah, no, totally agree, like concentrating on those platforms. We had Andrew and Pete live on our business page yesterday, and they’ve got this, this 9010 rule where they’re like, 90% of your time should be doing one thing really well. So yeah, no, absolutely. And then that’s probably going to make things simpler as well. It’s a lot of people kind of think, Oh my god, there’s so many like, should I be on all of them?

And especially what I loved about Andrew and Peter, they gave

evidence of people that are making it and how they just did that. That one thing really well, so cool. Okay, so how do I then decide what’s what’s right for me? What platform should I be looking at? But really, I would start with a pen and paper I write down who it is that I’m actually trying to reach through social media. So if I’m trying to

Reach. And if I’m business to consumer, and I’m trying to reach people who are and we talked before we were recording, we talked about possibly being a mortgage advisor. And people come and G because they’re trying to move home and all that kind of thing. Those people are on Facebook. Okay. Now there are 2 billion people who access Facebook every single month. So when businesses say to me, my audience isn’t on Facebook, they are on Facebook, you just haven’t find a way to connect with them yet. Yeah, and if you are working b2b or you you’re trying to raise your profile in the professional world, or the corporate world, you should absolutely be looking at your LinkedIn profile and get active on LinkedIn. I think where I see a lot of mistakes, Alex is that people will create a Facebook page or Twitter or LinkedIn account, they might set it up really beautifully. And then they just post out stuff that doesn’t connect with anybody. Yeah. And then after a few weeks, or a couple of months to say, Well, that didn’t work that was really

Time and social media is rubbish. That’s no good for my business doesn’t work for my business. Yeah, I would work a lot with. And although I work online with entrepreneurs and I do local workshops and stuff for entrepreneurs, I also go into and corporates and SMEs and you always have somebody in the room that just says social media is just that nonsense that people are on their phones. It’s nothing to do with us. those businesses are really missing a trick in my opinion. Absolutely. Yeah, I couldn’t agree more with a couple of things like the mortgage customers are hundred percent on Facebook we’re generating leads every single day. So one of the biggest things that we do

and yeah, being on on LinkedIn as well. I’ve got I’ve been on there for ages. And you know that they’re kind of my my to, although we aren’t b2b. Essentially, we’ve got the Facebook group as well. Excellent. Okay. And so what about things like Instagram as well.

How do you kind of put that into your your picture?

So Instagram is growing rapidly, I’d say. And so one of the things that happened to me in 2018 advocate crowded Facebook and Instagram trainer through the UK is she means business program. Okay, there’s about a there’s 23 of us were invited along to London spend the day at Facebook and really to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram for it’s called, she means business because the idea is that they want to get out and three and 20,000 women entrepreneurs across the UK and I don’t know what the time frame for that was. Yeah. But the idea was that they bring us in train us on how to use the platforms to the best of our abilities. And then we would go back to wherever we lived and share that knowledge and training in our local area. So I’ve run a lot of she means business networking events across Northern Ireland,

the one of the things they said that day Instagram is growing 15 times faster. And then finally

That was at this stage of its business, right? So it is really, really growing. I think this year the social media platform to watch is Insta stories and I’m not sure if you guys are on there. Yeah I’ll give you an example of high end stories has really helped me in my business and when you are posting on Insta story so it’s a store it when you go to Instagram and stories as you click on the little camera icon at the top it opens up a different window and you can record yourself talking and like 15 second clips or upload posters or pictures or you can type text in there

they only hang around for 24 hours these these little videos or images whatever you do but if you then go and look at other peoples and the stories and send reply to their stories you’re actually going directly into their personal messaging box on Instagram and that is hi I have connected with people like so for you and me, Alex and

Any online business world really big names like john Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of entrepreneurs on fire podcast. Yeah Natalie actors best chicks podcast and I have connected in real life with those people as a result of the connections that I’ve made through Instagram stories I think sometimes people forget about the social aspect of social media and you know your business grows one customer at a time at the end of the day and I’m not saying that if you if you need you know, 3000 people to buy your product every month you’re not going to set up 3000 individual conversations I understand that but when you connect with a person and they then talk to talk to other people about you you This is how we grow our networks online and really grew our business as a result but insists stories is a brilliant way to connect with people and I think it’s really going to grow this year. Yeah, no, absolutely. I couldn’t agree more.

Our best leads at the moment where like reading those, so it’s a different, slightly different approach. But similar is running Facebook ads into messenger to spark a conversation and we are using chat bots as well to automate that so we can scale it,

but yeah, I love the instance and damning three that’s how I got Andrew. mp on yesterday. So awesome. Okay, so how can we say that’s kind of us going into other people’s stories? What kind of things can you do to get your customer to then do that to you? So you’re putting out a story to try and get your customer to interact with you and start a chat yeah i think it’s it’s high I put all of my social media posts is and you see people will create really fabulous posts and was like the perfect image and a really interesting thing but they forget to ask you your opinion on it. You know, so and first

Because we have made this really quite easy for us because they have little things you can add us. If your Instagram story, you can ask a question and I don’t mean that you take out a question. There’s literally a little graphic that you pull onto your screen and it’s it’s set up that you can ask a question and people can reply to you and send you their message. That’s how you spark a conversation. Yeah, and you can have pools that people will respond to, and I think at the end of the day asking somebody what they think so if you are selling and so there’s been a better chat about Brexit going to, you know, the Brexit, what’s happening, who really knows minutes is going to really affect host prices. So if he posted an article on your Facebook page or your Instagram feed, or wherever, saying Have you seen this news piece and BBC News about his breath going to affect post places or not. What do you think with this put you are selling your host this year you expect the end of the day people are inherently selfish.

interest, it’s you. You’re asking them to give input into what you’re talking about that they can’t help themselves? Yeah. Oh, well, I haven’t opinion about that. I’d like to share that with you. And but if you just posted the news story and said, Rex, it’s going to affect most places people might like it at the most. But they’re not actually going to respond. Yeah, trying to pull something out of themselves, to get them to respond to what you’re doing. I love it. Absolutely love. And my, as you were talking, my mind was racing on different ideas of how we can use our chat bot to to do those as well as the stories as well. So

that’s incredible. Okay, so any other ways then? So I know we’re sort of flipping around between platforms and things like that. Well, I guess really, back then, we’ve sought kind of a space with the stories you need a bit of an audience first, and now you can sort of tag locations and hashtags and things like that. Is there an element then, of needing to build a bit of a knowledge

Audience first and then get that engagement or are you finding that you’re helping people do that straight away?

I think if you wait to build an audience before you make your your content interesting, it’s not really work for me. As

for me, I love it. Okay. So essentially, then it’s just kind of us sitting or expert expectations on what you’re going to get back bit smaller to begin with, and then say, Well, you know, there was a book written I can’t remember who wrote the book but you only 100 true fans.

Do you know the concept of that? Yeah, yeah, whose book it is, but essentially but you know, there’s this whole thing on Instagram but when you get 10,000 followers then you have the ability to to have this swipe up Yeah. ability which sends people directly to your website, because right now on Instagram, there’s only one link that you can have in your bio after your bio is where you say my name is.

broken, I help entrepreneurs with the online business, whatever, not a lot. And then there’s a link where you can get around that by using a website called the link tree and which I’m sure you can share with your audience. Yeah. And if once you have over 10,000 followers, you could I could put an Instagram story saying, you know, would you like to sign up for my online summit starts next week done Langa. You click below and you can swipe up it will take them straight to the signup page. So there’s this whole big rush to get to 10,000 followers and I have seen some people buying followers but I would much rather so at the minute on Instagram, I’m approaching the 1900 followers mark, but my audience are engaged, you know, if I go to 10,000 by buying followers or buying other kinds of merging them with mine, or all these other tips and tricks that people recommend, and you know, just people don’t actually care but what I do Yeah, exactly.

I would much rather posts on my Instagram account and get comments from the people and connect with those people and get around in connection with them than posts to crickets so there’s this very much I would rather have a smaller engaged audience than an enormous audience who never respond to anything I post a brilliant again loving this fantastic okay so then you’re then essentially your your strategy is the same whether you’ve got 10 people or 10,000 because that shouldn’t really matter and it should be about wedding is better off having 10 people that are going to interact than 10,000 that don’t so they shouldn’t be in this mindset of how do I get more followers then

when when we all we all obviously want more followers and more customers and more clients but you want that the suppose that’s that’s my different gripping so followers.

We would like customers and clients. So having the right followers on the engaged followers who become customers and clients is far more important to me. But somebody had said to me, you know a guy, I would run webinars. So my goal for 2019 is that to make myself do a webinar every month, you know, because it’s, it’s one of those things just kind of falls off your to do this. Yeah. And so if I have a webinar, so I do run a webinar Wednesday and say, 100 people have signed up to attend and maybe 30 people actually attended live Yeah, you might think, oh, that’s really rubbish widen, widen, the thousand people sign up. And then you’ve 300 could have attended live where as actually in real life. Alex, not on the internet if I booked a room Mbatha city center and said that I was doing a workshop for an hour on how to plan for 2019 and 30 people came along I will be jumping up and down

You know, so there’s this

kind of, if you take what your audience like, I have this 1800 and whatever, 70 people on Instagram who following me? I got that number of people in a room. Can you imagine?

Yeah. So, you know, it’s sometimes taking a step back from all of these big, flashy numbers all over the internet and thinking, Well, actually, in real life, that means they’re talking to me. It’s not amazing. Yeah, you can have that reach with people. That’s incredible perspective, isn’t it? Yeah, exactly. Fantastic. Whereas before,

it’s brilliant. It’s brilliant. OK, cool. So we talked earlier about sort of focusing a little bit on on Facebook Do you then when you get like a new client come to you have you got like a framework that you can kind of use for everyone or is there like specific that is everything custom again, if I’m wanting to do this myself there any kind of

steps that I can go through. Yes. So I mean definitely I talked about the four pillars of building your business online and for me it starts with so I’m the social media expert who tells you

that actually social medias only one of your four pillars

so you know you need to be creating content and I’m sure Andrew and he talked about this yet yesterday so one pillar is having a website with all your information and on it that you can keep your own content on that is the first pillar really important to I feel to have your website because if you somebody contacted me earlier this week and say Louise, do I really need to have a website can I not just build it on a Facebook page? I said no because Facebook then determine who sees what you’re posting on Facebook whereas if someone is looking for you you meet somebody new tell you give them your website address and they go to that website. Everything on there is is seen through the

lens of how you want people to see you. Yeah. So having a website is the first thing creating content is the second, whether that is doing video or blogging, or podcasting, whatever it is that you’re going to create content on that you consistently create it so you’re creating it once a week at least that’s what I would I tell my customers and clients to aim for is create something once a week and if they say but I haven’t got time to do that. But actually if you create say it’s going to be blogging, he created 700 word paste blog and then you can take snippets out of that to share across your social media accounts. You could maybe record yourself talking over it which could become an audio that you could our podcast you could then take their blog and make slay a slideshow on something like

zoom and five which is a free piece of software that makes a little video it takes all your best captions out of it and you can put it on YouTube.

By creating the content which it lives on your website you can then do so many things with that that they can use on the third pillar which is the social media and and you never run out of things to put in your social media so if you if you really amazing piece about mortgage advice for the for the newly married

I put it on your Facebook page where is it in three weeks time yeah yeah I mean it’s still there but nobody is going to go looking for it but if you wrote that article on your website and then create a social media posts for say for Facebook and Instagram and maybe you did a Pinterest pin on it that link back to it you’re continually getting people who are newly married whether it’s you know in January 2019 yeah you can reuse that and it really to reuse and September you can reuse it next year. You know she can use over and over so that’s the third pillar social media using social media to San people.

from social media to your website, which takes me down to the fourth thing that I tell people that they need, and we work on, which is building an email list. Okay, excellent. Um, so and then what? What kind of things are you doing to build your list? I mean, I’ve seen you’ve got some

can’t remember the details of it, but it was kind of how to use Facebook to help build your list. Is that kind of the things you’re doing? Like the PDFs or is there I guess you’ve got like events as well as any any advice for that?


anything you can get any way I can get an emerging

space with the email list as well. Again, you don’t want people that are not going to open it as well. So some advice on not just getting it but engaging with with those as well. Yes, absolutely. And I think actually, it’s quite interesting. So I would have people who come to local events and so if somebody and I have people who

are not local. so high I build my email list is and when I write a blog post, I usually try and have some kind of download that people can work through on their own that is attached to the bottom of the blog post. So if they want to get that PDF, they give me their email address and I send it out one of my most successful and list builders email list builders has been may have a 30 day social media challenge. And every single day people join my list through that. So it’s an automated sequence that I created. It’s 30 days long. Yeah, and every day people get short email just giving them an idea of something to post on it’s usually it’s really their Facebook page and that will get their audience to begin engaging with them. And I get I mean I’ve had I’ve been running at NIH for

I didn’t to 30 day

s lots with live groups going with them but night just right.

on its own and there’s no grip attached it and so I think I’ve been doing it since May 2017 yeah and I don’t promote it really in any particular way but I get to three people a day probably just finding and joining it whether that’s recommended to them or they find it maybe through pen chest yeah

that’s been a big list builder for me but the and then webinars as well that’s why I’m doing the webinars this year the focus of the webinars is to build my email list and but so what I meant to say was the people who signed up to do local workshops will get emails that are about my local events that people who’ve joined through social media challenge or through webinars will not get those unless they live locally and I use Convert Kit and Convert Kit will tag people for me that way. So and I did a workshop in Belfast it wasn’t a workshop was called healthy entrepreneurs evening about fasting and a couple of weeks ago.

I emailed out to people who lived within 25 miles Belfast like that. That’s not even across all of Northern Ireland, just within a certain geographical area, because it was a two hour event. Yeah. So don’t think people are going to travel 90 miles to our show. Pretty Can we talk? I know we didn’t talk about this earlier, I’m probably springing it on you, but it sounds like you’re doing a lot of events as well, something that I’ve never done.

Did you wait until you have back on a list already? Are we doing events from day one, and I’m also thinking like, the mortgage guys as well, a lot of them go into companies and they’ll do like, they’ll do a talk on the benefits of remortgaging and things like that as well. So where where did you start with with that those kind of actual real life events when my business first started and and so I think

start this business in 2013 and went full time with it two years later. So I stayed my job for the first two years did it part time. And I went along to my local council networking events, and I pitched myself speak. And so that’s where I got my first ever speaking events from. And I realized that that’s a brilliant way of growing your own visibility locally. Yeah. And and I would get invited. Nice. So on Tuesday coming I’m going to be speaking to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors about how to use LinkedIn and for surveyors, and that has come about through so it’s fed at it because I can see the value in speaking at these events. And I have probably put more of a focus on it since really probably the middle of last year. So my virtual assistant actually got me this speaking event at the Chartered Surveyors.

Yeah, having someone who can pitch as you age for for things, but I did a mastermind last spring and I think you had let’s see, actually Yes, that’s right. Yeah. on your show last week. Yes. So let’s see. And I met through that mastermind, right. And this is why I love masterminds so much in my mastermind. There were a couple of women who were starting to do their own events, their own networking events are getting a lot of local visibility and a lot of business as a result. And so I thought, actually something I really like to do myself and going back to the she means business rule, Facebook and Instagram wanted me to host a meeting up in Belfast for them. And I thought, right, well, I’m King to do this. So I said, I’ll do a monthly one in Belfast and then last summer after to go through the mastermind process. I thought I would take it on the road. I i did i around nine or 10, I think across all of Northern Ireland.

And it was it was brilliant because it really raise my profile and but it also meant that I was talking to pixel, there’s two things there’s one thing is missing your profile as the expert in your field. The other thing is being face to face with your ideal customer and client and hearing the issues and concerns and questions that they have versus what you think they’re thinking about and which then flows into your content creation. Yeah, so if I’m hearing the same questions over and over again at these networking events, I know this is something I can help people with or something that people are looking for. And so there’s there’s two to be a huge benefits there and but that she means business networking events that I ran, I really enjoy I enjoyed them so much that I thought, well, actually, I like to run them under my own bat. Yeah, so I know I have another goal for this year is to run a one day workshop of my own every month

on shoes.

Our next Wednesday I’m doing my Facebook and Instagram work full day workshop which I ran last November,

November, I had eight or nine people bought tickets. Yeah, this coming week I’ve got 12 people have bought tickets. And I’ve had people asking me when’s the next one thing another one in March and then I’m running a one morning workshop on LinkedIn in February so the idea is to set these regularly up and let people know that they’re coming up as well so and and there you know

charging a good price for them as well. Yeah,

well it’s yes a really nice turning turning the networking events into because then you say well, I’ve got workshops coming up and again it’s that the local email list as well if I target fantastic Well, I feel like we’ve covered like so much ground I apologize pulling you one way to another some of it for selfish reasons, because I’m thinking I want to do some events and

Things like that. So. So I feels like there’s so much more that you’ve got to give. And we’ve, we’ve probably covered the tip of the iceberg. But great news for everyone in our group is that you’ve got the podcast, but you’ve also got this online kind of conference coming up where you got some amazing speakers. Can you tell us a little bit about the event first and the podcast as well? If you could? Yes. So and raising your visibility online? Is that that near my summit? I ran one last May was one of those things. Aleksandra, have you ever do this? I have seen them online. I thought I’d love to do that. Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do that. And you kind of say you’re going to do it. So then you’ve no choice but to do it. Yes. So this is you know, like I said, I’m going to do one day conference this year. Yeah.

So I reached out to people who So the focus is on it starts the 20th of January and runs for three days. It’s a very

are an online summit. So basically, when you sign up, you can just sit and watch these amazing world class speakers from your own home or your office or on your phone or wherever you want to watch them. And so each day I have so there’s 12 speakers, and I’ve decided I’m going to do your class each day as well. They’re pre recorded. So which takes a lot of stress at it for me, because I I participated online someone’s life and you’re going to go on and that’s a whole different kettle of fish. And you need a team around you for that, I think. Yeah, but I have all my speakers have sent me through their training. So it’s everybody has 30 minutes and they all know it’s about raising your visibility. That’s the topic of the summit. Yeah. And so each day there’s going to be four or five classes that are released. So you sign up and you you I will send you the link on the Monday morning and that day you will see that you have got speakers

123 and four and you watch them in your own time That day you have access to them for 24 hours so for somebody who says I haven’t got time to watch four or five classes and one day you pick the one that resonates with you the most and there’s a pop up Facebook group that’s going to go with that so okay which actually is a really nice add on because people then start to network with each other inside in the same way you do get a real life summit yeah so you never know what contact yummy done there and but this year I mean the speakers I’ve got this year I’m so delighted I was impressed

some heavy hitters in there

yeah so and kit Erickson is doing a class on how to get started with podcasting and and let’s see who was on your show and a piece of bite and your brand story and knowing who you are how impact on this day one about how she set up her own live event.

mean really what I do is I pick people who I connect with and who I want to learn from to yes it’s kind of a win win for me

I really fabric and it’s it’s it’s an international summit because I’ve got kit lesson Puerto Rico and how Fox of speaking your brand is in Florida I don’t know if you know her she’s got the speaking your brand podcast okay if you want to do your own speaking gigs you don’t need to look any further than essence Carol because she is her podcast is amazing so many valuable tips from her and so it’s Carl Cox Jessica Lorimer is doing and a whole class on sale

at Jessica was up the printer summit to try for those of us who know you’ve been there and on stage and he has forgot and how to Martin talented lady stuff is doing a piece all about understanding your value and your pricing and I have got other coaches who are talking about mindset.

coaches who are talking about and more lots more stuff about your branding and your visibility and you’re speaking gigs and lovely Australia ladies and Chadwick This is the piece about and how she runs her own events as well i’m sure I’ve forgotten you got the webinars is Martin is it doing some yes

digital yeah that’s right yeah mine is my solo man

another man and asked him what he did it but he

he turned me diagnose the first time I did was turn the summit Wow. Okay well we weren’t we weren’t nine drop you can tell me when we go when we

are offline. I’m going to ask

Alex you know we have met each other before that. I’d be asking you to come on to two kinds. you

given any value because it’s been all year which is amazing. Okay, brilliant. And then finally, you’ve got the podcaster start. So we can

Hey you on a weekly basis is that is it weekly? Sorry it is. Yes it comes out every Monday and and actually so Catherine Gladwell and and how impact podcast episodes uploaded to next week because they’re both in my summit that come out monday wednesday next week but yeah it’s called the social be podcast and I interview and I started interviewing women who were had left corporate start their own business and that really moved more towards i do i do quite a few sort of episodes I and I have had some on our coaching calls not many and but it’s about helping my audience get more out of understanding how to grow their business online. So whereas we still talk a lot of my guests are people who have left corporate Yeah, I started their own business and that’s a lot of people that I would work with as well and but that’s not the sole focus really of the podcast anymore. It’s more about the whole raise your visibility and online marketing space as well.

Brilliant. Fantastic. Excellent. Right? So we’re going to drop all the links in for everyone.

Thank you so much for your time.

Brilliant. Okay, cool. Thank you again. And then we’re going to go off line now. And then we will see you soon. I’m sure we’re going to be having you back on. I’m sure people are going to be asking us to delve into a bit more detail on some of those things. So thanks so much, Alex. I enjoyed it. So there we have it, I’m sure you will agree that that was just full of absolute loads of takeaways, value bombs, as I like to call them. So my apologies for veering her in so many different places. I think she’s definitely one of those guests that we want to get back on and talk in more detail feels like just the tip of the iceberg. All the links for everything we’ve discussed will be in the show notes and I will see you next week. And just a reminder, if you do want to see these interviews live, join our Facebook group lead generation for financial services, and you can also see talking ads in there as well. So I will see you next week. Please, please, please, if you do

You like this podcast? Just subscribe on iTunes. leave us a review if you can, and I will see you next time.

004 – Lucy Eckley – Building Your Brand Story

004 - Lucy Eckley - Building Your Brand Story
004 - Lucy Eckley - Building Your Brand Story

Ex-financial services corporate turned entrepreneur Lucy Eckley helps businesses build and tell their brand story. Lucy has a 7-step framework that she talks us through and helps us write the hardest page on our website; the about us page.

Lucy’s website:

Hello and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast and we’ve got a cracking episode today I’ve got Lucy Ackley with me and she is x corporate financial services. She now helps people tell their brand story. She’s got a free resource on how to write the hardest page on your website as the About Us page will be dropping links in there for that as well. So without further ado, let’s dive in and meet Lucy. So you have got we were chatting earlier this week. And you’ve got like a seven point framework that I want to talk about when it comes to getting your story across. But before we go into that, can you tell us a bit more about yourself how you got into it and your background as well? Yeah, so my background is actually financial services

and on the marketing and communications

side so I started my marketing career in a retail bank

in a marketing comms campaign team. So I kind of you know, learned all the all the theory or strategy behind it running campaigns for small business customers then moved on to the pensions industry and also worked in insurance and investments so kind of really well versed in the financial services world so I know all the all the challenges that that exist out there in the marketplace and other regulatory challenges all that all that kind of stuff

and you know did all the marketing qualifications and was a conditional Malcolm’s person that I took a bit of a random sidestepped into something called internal communication so anybody’s ever worked in a big organization you’ll know that’s that’s the stuff where the leaders are trying to share with you what the business is all about what the strategy is, you know, product launches all this kind of stuff getting often in my case, thousands of people kind of on board with with the same messaging.

So did that for number years. But that really taught me you know, with all the campaigns that I did in marketing, they often have long lead times and, you know, budgets like kind of stuff, kind of doing the same thing internally. But you’ve got to do it over a much quicker timeframe. You’ve got to get to know your leaders, you’ve got to get to know who that audience is, what their goals are, and how to kind of deliver that quite quickly. So that really set me up really well for for kind of going independent, which is what I did eight years ago. So yes, all right. Okay. Yeah, independent for eight years, like you know,

lots of people who, who spend a lot of time working in house in corporates, you get to the point where you’re delivering on somebody else’s brand and living somebody else’s story every day like and I just reached the point volunteer bit in variety and wanted to use all those skills I’ve learned to to help a bigger range of businesses really fantastic. What sort clients have you gotten the moment What are they sort of they kind of siloed printers on a like SMEs or

corporates have

a really interesting mix actually, from one end of the spectrum to the other. So when I launched eight years ago, I started as an independent consultant continuing to work in that internal comms space. Actually, often in financial services with some really big, you know, kind of

big brands that that, you know, will know, and I still working in that space, and I find it really challenging and really energizing and, and interesting, but increasingly, I work at the complete opposite end of the scale, which is people like me, if you like, so, so people who’ve worked they’ve got a specialism a profession that they’ve sort of played for someone else for number of years, they’re now doing that independently because I just got this great mix of sort of business background marketing comms background, but then having established a consultancy, and I know what it’s like so increasingly, I work with those one person independence, helping them build their personal brand and their brand story.

Fantastic well our group are going to love you your your your background and I’ve been talking to them about personal branding and getting this off but actually having someone with this framework that we’re going to talk about and you’ve got you did a blog post recently or there’s like a download isn’t there or is totally free where it’s helped the guidance on probably the hardest page on your website the About Us page is that right exactly that so um, I find it’s it’s you know, there were two times and people tend to come to me and realizing it a bit of help one is when they sit down to write their website and I think anybody who’s ever tried to do that particularly right that about page which feels like it’s all about you and you know particularly you know, if you’re British you don’t really light shining the spotlight on yourself and and you know, we’re a siloed bunch sometimes we don’t really like going this is me I’m I’m great at what I do and actually your about page doesn’t have to be

Like that

it’s it’s actually the complete opposite it’s it’s you know, potential clients want to know about you for sure. But they really want to know about you in the context of how you can help them so I have this formula again for the about page that really just helps you go through that process that will engage with your clients so start talking about them

you know, so many of us make the mistake with our about page but the first word is are

actually the first you know, the first few sentences should be about you to you, the customer awesome some questions to all the men getting to identify themselves, then you can go and explain a little bit about who you are and how you can help them.

Have you got an example of like any client or your own or what you do for like us or have that have that kind of first sentence. Yes, the first sentence really isn’t so I can identify in questions so you know

It’s something like you know are you are you an independent consultant who wants to stand out in your industry wants to get known as the go to expert and he wants to work with more of your dream clients that you love working with every day so my my audience read that and go well yeah working independently of course I want to work with more clients that I love every day and of course I want to get known as as the expert but he got a couple more questions. Yeah Wouldn’t it be great if you could all do all of this just by being yourself because that’s really what I teach people to do. Yeah,

I’m really actually has all of this, you know, wealth of information and unique this within themselves. It’s just finding a way to draw it out. Absolutely. And I think I think everyone kind of knows this because especially in financial services, and especially a lot of the brokers that I speak to a lot of their best business comes through referrals because it’s and it’s and I spoke to a guy the other day he’s like, I’m not

Know for my brand name I know as Johnny, the mortgage guy and I’ve got this other brand name.

So I think everyone kind of agrees and gets it but we don’t know a lot of people do it. I think by default we do something completely different Don’t we? Well, something funny happens when we stopped communicating for business so you know you mentioned that you love video but you don’t love writing so much and this happens a lot of people when I’m when you sit down and write something is kind of like a switch that clips in your in your head and we’re going to different mode and think that we have to be formal and we have to sound like everybody else and we have to use long sentences whereas actually it is just totally about communicating in the natural normal way that you would so how you write should should echo how you speak and you know the aim with the brand story wherever you’re using it and sharing it is that if somebody has watched your videos and beta blog post I read your website then they finally you know, happy

First introductory meeting with you they should walk into that room or during that video call being as if they’ve already met you in your you know each other. Well, absolutely I can vouch for that other, my business has transformed the moment I started featuring myself and I, I say, I like video. If I could get through my day without doing it and still get the same amount of business. I’d be happy off camera and I hate having my photo taken. But I’ve just had so many conversations where people have said just the fact that you put your face out there, you’re confident enough to be the face of your business that speaks volumes just on its own. And then it is all about relationships, and I think no more so in financial services. And it’s it’s trust, isn’t it? And I don’t think people trust brands as much as they do like real human beings. No, I absolutely agree. I think you know, trust trust in big brands trust in financial services, probably, you know.

As you know, a little bit of a low point back to say Florida trust in individuals is therefore all teams. More teams, you know, is is more important than ever. And I think people are looking for that more, more so than ever. And I think in an industry where maybe products and solutions have relatively similar almost, you know, commodity type products, the things that make the difference and make you stand out are those personal connections and exactly that, you know, Johnny, the mortgage guy or whatever, I’m sure there’s a couple of other things that that clients remember about Johnny, you know, he’s the one that I don’t know drinks, flat whites or

the pig funky glasses or whatever it is, they would just, you know, one or two things that can make you kind of memorable and that’s one of the things that I always ask my clients and when we work together all the questions I asked what do you want to be remembered for? Amazing

Love it ya know that that Jamie got there is like so much about it means he’s he’s Welsh that lives in

Liverpool I think it is love rugby the so many elements about him that because we had it we we just started chatting about red beef ages although we would talk about business and that so yeah absolutely fantastic okay brilliant so that About Us page we can will drop the link to that downloads we will come work through that

and then I want to talk about this this framework so you got seven kind of steps to it can you let us know what the seven steps are and then we’ll start with number one and what freedom yeah so the seven steps are reconnecting with your passion finding your values deciding on your dream client and that is a decision rather than buying them and

unleashing your personality and I’m going to love talking about that in a minute because that’s one of my one of my favorite areas brilliant sharing your story.

Your backstory, how he ended up where you are today, sharing your client stories, because your brand stories not just about you, there are other people involved in your brand story. And then the final things about finding your voice. So it’s all the stuff that we just talked about right now it’s sounding like you not sounding like does anybody else in your industry

brilliant, because I think I mean that that last one, I think there’s, it’s so easy to see, or someone’s doing really well, let’s do what they’re doing. And then I guess if you don’t know why they’re doing it, or is not

authentic, then that’s all I’m jumping ahead of myself. So that’s number one. And I go in a bit more detail if we can, yeah. So, finding, you know, reconnecting with your passion remembering why you set up a business and you know this is what I find happens with a lot of people that you know, which we choose. We choose a profession when industry or we set up a business all excited about it start with and then we kind of get into the day to day deliverables.

And all the all the demands and it’s easy to lose sight. Sometimes it’s a what’s actually driving us. So, you know, if you’re, if you’re running a mortgage broker business or you know, a financial advisor, you know, probably why you’re doing it is because you want to see people move into their dream house, you want to help people have their retirement, they want all of this, you know, all of this stuff that makes you excited to serve your clients. And the thing about finding and reconnecting with your passion is that we can all go out there and talk about the features and benefits of products. But if I as a potential client and and choosing between somebody who’s just kind of just going about their job and doing you know, doing a really good job of it, versus somebody who’s clearly got a passion for what they do, and clearly got a passion for helping me as a consumer then I’m I’m going to be more drawn to the person who says, You know, I love doing this every day I come to work and I help my clients and do this. It’s in there.

can go actually beyond your your business so you know where are the parallels between how you help your customers and what you want to get out something in your life as well?

Fantastic yeah and that all pretty much all the brokers that especially especially the mortgage ones that they do get a real buzz from especially the home movers or the first time buyers have such an emotional and big thing. And so how would I authentically get that across? Because excuse me,

because anyone could say Oh, I love it when people leave home how how’s the best way to get get that cross? Yes, it is literally by by being by being authentic and and in staying it in the way that you honestly believe it and that can be difficult to get down on paper. So if people struggled during this and I often encourage them just to have a friend or family member whatever just you know, interview them so

Just get your get your phone out and just have a have a chat with somebody and just say what you want, why do you do this and and, and tell the story to that and you’ll get little nuggets that will come out in that conversation when you’re not overthinking it. And then it’s just about making it into into your content. But also, you know, you use this story not not just when you write, but in every situation whenever you speak white about your business, so you can use it to tell stories, for example, and you go to a networking event. Tina, that dreaded intro that you had to do a networking event can use it to tell a little story about how you’ve helped somebody and then that passion and the why behind it becomes really, really clear. Everyone say absolutely. And a lot of that reminds me of my favorite book, start with y by Simon cynic. And I just visualize myself doing those awkward intros and actually

literally talking about why

it’s easier to talk about I think.

Less cringe and I think it has bit more bit more power weight behind it. Definitely. Yeah. So I find it quite interesting. I went to, to talk the other day where where the start with why came up and we’re talking about, you know, obviously that whole scenario big business struggling with the wise sometimes my experience with independence is actually they’re really clear on their why sometimes it’s the what and the how they struggle to articulate so they really clear why they’re doing what they do it’s actually, you know, articulating how their service will benefit their clients and the tangible outcomes they get that they struggle with more so I find that really interesting. So really brilliant. Okay, so what’s next then after we’ve covered that off so the next thing is kind of getting clear on on your purpose and your values. So what’s really important to you in terms of how you run your business and it’s an independent it’s going to correlate with what’s important to you in your your life as well so

When I worked in into the corporate world, and we had valleys, and I was like, Oh, you know, people tend to roll their eyes a little bit, because it’s quite hard to find valleys that really define a big organization. But I kind of really gone full circle when when it’s individuals running a business that is so important to you to just decide what is fundamentally important to you, the way you run your business and the way that you live your life. And and this is really helpful in terms of attracting the right clients to you and also working with the right people. So you’re taking people on to help you out either outsourcing bringing people in as employees, then your team, having clear values helps you attract the right people. And in my experience, if you meet somebody where you’ve got a project that comes your way, like

something just doesn’t feel like it connects if you’ve if you’ve got

valleys, and I normally say pick three to buy work.

It’s that, you know, describe what’s the most important to how you work and, and I would try and always say try and go beyond what I call the hygiene one. So, you know, obviously we expect people to be trustworthy, we extend to be honest, it’s that to be, you know, delivering on what they say. So, look for those things that will set you apart and just be a little bit different.


again, how do you get that across? You probably don’t want to list them on your website and say on values actually, that yeah,

it’s about having there was a sense check and making sure that they come across in how you communicate

awesome in our proposal document. We have like a thing called a customer charter, which kind of essentially as got our values about transparency and things like that

but we are supposed to be cutting use that for if there was you know, because it’s in that proposal This is

You know how we unless things that we expect from our customer as well as within, so not just our values is kind of what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. But we do that in the kind of the sales process rather than in the website. And a lot of it is for those ones that we know are definitely going to work with us. And we can draw back to them if something happens, or there’s like we need to, maybe we’ve maybe we’ve made a mistake. And we’ve said, so the client, we’ve got full transparency. So it’s, we then refer back to it and say, Look, we’ve got to be transparent and say, This is what happened if that makes sense. So we kind of use values my I’ve got a business mentor, and he tells me I should be putting them on the wall in the office and things like that, and always referring back to them. So you can be consistent, I think. Yeah, I think so. One is being consistent. And you know, what is one thing having them on the wall, which is what a lot of big businesses do is actually living them every day and making sure that people do use them to to guide decisions and that kind of thing. But yeah, I think that that’s important.

Exactly like you said, in terms of having that agreement with clients because, you know, successful people to people business is based on those long term relationships. So you want to make sure that you’ve got that understanding with the right type of clients to start with. Absolutely fantastic. Okay then so what’s where do we go next well, leads us really nicely onto onto finding your ideal client,

you know, and everything that I do here is very you know, it’s not fluffy stuff it’s all about, you know, real real sort of sound marketing practice. So, we as you well know, you can be you can be you know, promoting your services to the entire world in the hope that somebody will will find you and and and sign up to work with you, but everything becomes much easier, particularly building that brand story. If you’re absolutely 100% clear who your client is that you are

wanting to work.

And like I said, with the building that relationship few, you want that to be something that continues over years and years and you continue to work really productively together. So I just work with people to help them figure out

if they’re already in business looking at their their client portfolio, figuring out who they’ve done their best work with, you know,

who they most enjoyed working with, because the two generally go hand in hand. You know, they’ve done the best work, they’ve had best time working together, the outcomes generally are the best. So who are these people? What are their characteristics? Where did you find them? Because that’s the basically want to go buy more of those people

and if they’re brand new in business, then you know, same thing but rather than being able to look back on previous examples, it’s really honing in on who that person is it sinking be on the demographics so when they get it back in the day, people used to kind of say, Oh, yeah, you know, it’s women between 35 and

living in this

This geographic area, whatever. But there were so many different ways that you can look at those common things that that by those clients together. So it could be their life stage. It could be could be their values. It could be, you know where they want to go next with their life lots lots of different ways.

Absolutely. And reminds me of like john Lee Dumas who has he has given a name to his imaginary customers avatar, he calls it these he knows the guys he talks about this guy going on his community so he’s created this person and what I do what I’m creating content so I imagine that I’m speaking to that person. So there’s a couple of people that first joined the group that I first had conversations with I always imagined that I’m speaking to them so I’m doing that today

so I find that currently who came up with that I think there was another podcast I heard they they said when they create a imagine the cameras I’m looking at a webcam now but I imagine that the the

The ideal customer exactly that I do exactly the same thing. I encourage them, like all my clients do do the same thing rather than that, just thinking you’re, you’re talking to a faceless camera. Imagine that you’re talking to that that person that’s your ideal client that has a name that you can actually visualize them getting there. Absolutely. And then as well, narrowing down and know exactly who they are, has helped shape our content. So it wasn’t

because we were before it must have been October, November last year,

we were only advertising to financial services, but our website was lead generation for anyone

but when we made that decision to know actually we’re only going to work in financial services it’s really helped our content and everything because we know exactly who who those people are. And then the court we’ve got a show called talking ads that we do every Wednesday and now where rather than that being ads for anyone we try and relate to

All the ads to how they can be adapted for financial services. It just makes it a lot easier.

So I can definitely vouch for that as well. Yeah. makes so much difference.

So okay, so I knew who my client is. And was it unleashing passion next door. Yeah, unleashing the power of your personality. So, you know, we talked about this at the beginning about, you know, us all being different. And This to me is is the big differentiators, particularly when you’re running a business on your own or, you know, a very small number of you that when you’re delivering services that are quite similar, actually, your personality has a massive impact. And it’s not just sort of how you present yourself through your marketing. It’s through everything that you do. So actually, it just it’s going to determine what the whole experience is actually like dealing with you because you’ll be different in meetings to somebody who’s different needs so you know, all these people that have the same experience as you

They’re not you so by just looking at what makes you different, so, you know, are you quiet reserved? Are you are you, you know, bit quirky, sort of very

energy be friendly, you’re probably just going to want to present yourself in in a slightly different way so that everything is very consistent. And that’s the most important thing really, with with building this brand story is that it creates consistency. And that’s what gives clients trust in you. Because every single part of your marketing every single part of your customer journey feels like you’re dealing with the same person and you know, getting competence. Absolutely. And I’ve had conversations with clients who have tried to get them in front of camera and they said all but some people might not like me, and I think it’s Chris Ducker that says you’ll attract the right people and you repel the wrong people because you don’t have to

do business with everyone. You just need to do enough business with the right people and you’ll have more fun and it’d be much more rewarding if you work with the people that are going to get get on with the so

that fear of missing out i think is negated by the attracting the right people 100% absolutely either that’s one of the reasons for doing it so you want to attract those people that are the best fit for you because they’re going to be your most successful clients and and you want to you know weed out at the earliest stage those ones that are not going to be the right fit for you because generally they will be the ones that you know

you spend probably most time with and you know just it just a not your most best most successful relationships going forward. Absolutely. Do you think there’s like a line that you do you think sometimes you because I

I said if you saw it but then the the summit that we went to Chris Duckers summit where you in the way you in the Facebook group and I did a video and it was a like a comedy one is the very deadpan It was like almost the office and that is more of my normal self around my friends and colleagues but I’m not like that at all in my business relationships because I feel that if I’m too much with that I’m actually put too many people off but I guess I I am my business personality that I would be in a meeting and I would be if they came to our office or a meeting rather than my battery self with friends if that makes sense. Yeah so you know there’s always the professional filter that you’ve got to turn it in. So I would always say that, you know cliche, but you know, you want to be the best version of yourself. So yeah, so they’ll be a slightly different language that you might use with your mates in the pub versus what you’re going to use.


with kind of client marketing client conversations, but

still I feel that you know this scope for for some of you to come through and it’s it’s very liberating compared to when you’re working in a big organization and you know these owners feel like you have to leave a little bit of your personality at the door when you come in when you’re building all of your brand. So visual and language and everything around you and you’ve really got the freedom to to completely make that about you. And they’re

fantastic. Excellent anything any other sort of tips in that area?

Um, I just think Be brave. So, you know, we all have that

the fear of turning people away just you know, it’s really scary, especially when you’re first starting out but it will pay off absolutely will pay off in the end. Yeah, no, totally, totally agreed. I don’t know anyone that has regretted doing it and I know all this successful

people that I know in terms of like having online success have done this.

So it’s not like a kind of a new thing that no one’s ever done.

So yeah, totally agree as well. Okay, so I’m lost on which number which,

number five, which is sharing your story. Okay. Um, so this is where your backstory comes in. So this is, you know, where people want to know, how have you ended up where you are. So, you know, how have you got this expertise to help that

so that’s professional stuff. Absolutely. And you know this this is really relevant people who have been working somebody else and now they’re starting out on their own so people often like well, but I don’t have it don’t have any kind of history as an independent what I feel vulnerable. So you know, the first the first thing I would say to people around building confidence around

That everything that you have done until now has brought you to where you are today. So So what qualifications do you have? What previous experience do you have either working in this industry or working in something else because people do switch into other things, but they will have like a personally and business experience that will be valuable to help them do what they do today. So that’s the professional side of it. Then there are often personal things you know, things in your your life outside of work that shape who you become. So maybe in the financial world, maybe you experience somebody who helped you achieve a big financial goal and that inspired you to go on your own journey to qualify and help other people that often happens, you know that people people want to help others in a way that they have come through a challenge and come out the other side themselves. So people want to know a little bit about that.

So Mike, sort of caveats on sharing your story.

It’s not your whole life story. It’s not a CV,

it’s the relevant things. So if you put yourself in your clients shoes and say, What would a client who wants to hire me what they want to know about me?

And then where can you bring in those things that will make you memorable. So, you know,

any just finding that sort of non cheesy way to bring in the things that you like doing outside of work that when people meet, you will go, Oh, that’s right. You’re the one that you know, likes traveling to South America, you’re the you’re the person who you know, wants to do this crazy skydive or whatever the things are just we’ve been mainly member No, absolutely, absolutely. It’s just reminded me Oh, I was just thinking while you were saying that it’s if you think about the question is if you’ve ever done like job interviews, the interviewer does often ask you about things about yourself outside of work. And I remember I was doing I did a contract for Thomas Cook and the the guy asked me

Like, do you like a beard? You like having a drink? And? And because I was like, Well, yeah, that you felt more satisfied by that answer than any of the other stuff about websites and takes. So yeah.

So I guess I think about these questions that were, I guess whether it’s a business meeting or that people often ask you about about yourself, and I guess pulling out those answers that you normally give back the things that define you. So yeah, the same same way that you might prep for job interviews is, again, what you want to be remembered for? So prioritizing those those things yeah, fantastic. Excellent. Okay. So we’ve anything else on on defining that that story, any any other kind of things that we can pull out?

I think what I would just say with that is,

once something’s out there, he can’t take it back. So it’s better to start you know, there were some people who, who have really fascinating stories to tell them and we’ll sort of

personal things that they’ve been through

and with that kind of thing, you know, it’s just worth starting less is more to stop it and getting comfortable with what you’re sharing. And if this this is something that you find really hard, then just start baby steps it at a time and see what resonates with people because probably not so relevant in this industry but in in some some worlds where, you know, people have been through a lot of personal transformation and lots of

trauma or whatever that they’ve been through. Once you have said that it’s you know, it’s out there in the public domain and maybe just also just having boundaries. So I think there’s personal stuff which people find interesting and it’s private stuff but definitely you know, you want to set some boundaries around you know, things a private to to you and your family and getting and that’s different for each person. There’s some people you know, we all sit on social media all the time.

Some people sharing everything costs and other people less so. So so you know just find what what, you know works for you and in those cases to you absolutely i think i guess if it feels awkward bringing that up in a face to face conversation then I guess that’s your kind of filter. If you’re having a conversation just blurting out all this happened to be awesome if that would fill unnatural I guess it’s the stuff do you want to hold back and if you’re going into like me to go then you can make thing Oh, my client brings brings that up or sitting down my client will read this about me does that make me feel uncomfortable and that’s maybe where you know you would be trying to share and stuff outside of your comfort zone? Absolutely. So I guess bring out some some little bits and then you can always you know, that’s not saying concrete you can see how they react to it. You can develop it goes all of this doesn’t have to be completely finished when you launch or tomorrow.

Today you can develop over time bring more things in, but you can’t take something away if it’s if it’s been out there. Absolutely. Yeah. So, you know, this is something that you create, you create once, but then you probably come back to it every three months or so. And, and you evolve it. It’s like your website your website’s never done it, unfortunately. So you know,

you do it once, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. And I think you know, that’s something else probably, I would say to people you know, we often we get hung up on we can’t publish something or we can, you know,

share a blog posts or whatever, because it’s not quite right

and whilst on the one hand you can’t take things back you can always you know, change and improve things so often getting it out there and publishes better than just having it in your head or certainly

could not agree more I could not agree more I like to get stuff done and then if you wait until things are never perfect, like you say your website’s never finished. Never going to be hundred percent perfect if it’s better than what you’ve gone.

Let’s roll with it. Absolutely. Yep. Excellent. Okay, so where do we go next? So we know now go on to your clients stories. So yes, occasion your brand story. But like I said there are other people who are involved in that and can actually help you share that story for you. So one of those is team members. So if you do have other people that work with you, then don’t be shy about giving them a presence. So what’s the deal with somebody other than you then you know, it’s great for those people to have a presence on your website, maybe your social media so that your clients can get to know other people that they will be dealing with and get to know a little bit about those people as well.

But really importantly is is your clients so this comes really down to case studies and testimonials because it’s one thing to hear from you how how great you are and how you’re different but it’s also great to get that social proof.

from people that you’ve helped and if you can make these clients as close to your ideal client

profile as possible, but it’s really going to help because what you want is for your potential clients to to read or watch a testimonial and go along either that person is quite like me they had a challenge like I had right now. So you know, maybe that maybe they’re an independent and self and they’re looking for a mortgage and they have absolutely no idea how they’re going to get war games but you helped you know, this entrepreneur or independent consultant to provide movies when they thought it was impossible for example. Yeah, so they are like many stories so what was the challenge they were facing How did you help them and what with the outcome that that client got and again when you’re starting out you might not have those but the quicker that you can gather those clients stories and share them on your website share the money on social media with client permission, obviously, anonymity

Give it to me and I sorry confidentiality that kind of thing as well

but real life examples what we relate to isn’t it again it’s like people absolutely how’s it going back to the earlier point about getting your team involved with I’ve just set a you probably can’t see it but there’s a whiteboard over there where I’ve got everyone’s name and we’ve targeted everyone’s a great one piece of content a week each and then say p was doing some videos yesterday on a rain without me involved Tom’s going to be doing some as well


yeah there’s there’s too much of me

me at the moment and then they’re the guys that are speaking to clients directly so we’re we’re definitely getting involved in that as well and and then coming back to that client story we have gotten like a if there are like common actually I guess it’s because you’re solving a problem it if there’s a common pain that you solve its as well as the testimonials it’s talking about that

And pay that you resolve. Absolutely. And I think, you know, that really comes through when you’re looking at the, the ideal client piece. So it’s either client here is a client, what are they? What are they grappling with? What’s their pain points? What are their challenges? How do you solve it? What tangible outcomes did they get? So that’s very much part of that ideal client process. So you know, you can answer that on your website in a relatively static kind of way but obviously gives you great content opportunity as well so all those questions that you know people regularly ask you keep a bank of those and that’s that’s what you can use your videos, be a blog posts, etc. Fantastic. Excellent. So and then we on to the semi final of the final one is about finding your voice. So you know, this is this challenge of not just kind of switching into business mode but

my experience

lots of businesses

It I really think hard about what they want their brand to look like visually. And I think that’s often because, you know, we can’t do that ourselves. We most of us can’t design a logo, we can’t, we can’t come up with a really great look and feel for our business. So we we invest in getting professional help with that. But we don’t tend to think so much about what do I want, you know, the, the written and spoken side of my friend to feel like how does it complement that visual Look, how does it you know, just encapsulate the whole field I want for my brand, my brand story. So it’s just about thinking about what type of language do you want to you. So in a financial setting, it’s always going to have a professional tone to reach some sort, but it can still sound like you and you can still have some fun unless you’re dealing with very, very serious

subjects. You know, we’re just we’re dealing with everyday life. So you can be conversational, you can be approachable.

So how I how I really approach this is just asking people to describe what they want that language to be. And once you describe what you want that language to be like, it makes it a lot easier. Could he say I wanted to be, you know, conversational, informal, then, you know, you just look at what you write and say, well, is that conversation or no, it’s not actually it’s quite stuffy. It’s quite traditional and you can take steps to make it much more manageable for people and I think this is a really really big area of opportunity and financial services if you can explain things in a way that people really gets and really talks to them and cuts out the jargon

then I think you know that’s a massive were standing out on a brilliant I’ve seen some really good examples in finance services as like, especially in life insurance. There’s one where they are, I guess it all of it comes back to knowing the client or knowing the customer because there’s one where it’s for data

And it’s it’s very I think there’s like a dad joke or two in there is a very focused on is very different to you like your LG your you know your big brand and I think writes really well and there’s another one I forgot what it’s called I’ll put the link in

but it’s

it’s kind of makes a bit of fun about how people ask like too many questions of the getting the that’s the way they do it but it’s like

by the time you’ve basically you’ll be dead by the time you filled out the form whereas with us it’s and they’ve got really quirky things you basically choose what you want and so it’s like there’s funny things like when I do want a bronze statue and it says how much is that worth and adds it to what your policy should be. So it’s kind of completely different. I’ll send you the link and I’ll share the link with everyone else as well.

But yeah, do you agree that for me it feels like knowing my customer and

First, and all of these things we’ve talked about, kind of relate back to that. Yeah, so you’ve absolutely got to know know your customer. So it’s, it’s the, it’s the matching of you and your customer. Yeah,

because it’s a little bit chicken, chicken and egg because who your ideal client will be is largely determined by who you are. But you have to find that that meeting point

and and it’s exactly when you said with your language with everything else knowing your customer first enables you to create everything with them in mind and the outcome that you want to have in mind.

Yeah, fantastic. Excellent. Okay, so we’ve covered a lot of ground there’s so much really, I’ve learned kind of loads already. And so is there anything else if there’s one thing you want people to take away just one thing that you want people to remember? What would that be yourself?

Yeah simply that so you’re you’re unique nobody else can do what you doing quite the same way so you know don’t be afraid to kind of looking within yourself a bit needs a little bit of introspection before you then start to look out with so I just say be brave to to be yourself and can stand out with your uniqueness yeah i think it’s it’s bravery is that is the thing isn’t it but once you’ve done it and you get used to it it’s fine but I remember taking that first step and first put in my photo on front and center and fill in a bit really awkward about it but you see and get get used to it and then the benefits you get from it the more business you get and when you’re in that zone where you know if I if I take this off I take me away I’m not going to get as much business then yeah so that’s a good place to be definitely it is scary when you get started the show and when I started doing video you know hated it and here to say myself video but I think it was a new printer that that you and I at and somebody said

Talk that the first hundred videos at practice so you know it’s you know it’s about not being too hard on yourself as well and it will go and your clients will be will be you know they weren’t be anywhere near is is hard on you if you are yourself you know they’ll just be impressed to see you out there absolutely look at every successful video person’s first video and compare it to weather is now you get better every day you know that’s just the skill all of it is

definitely brilliant excellent so where can I find you online where’s the best place to connect with you and can you give us your website address as well yes so you will find me at build your brand and then you will find me all over social media Lucy Eckley

condition yes

I like different things because I was I don’t like Twitter but I’ve got Twitter so and then it was late to Instagram so all manner of a difference as amazing. You’ve got the so

Literally, if I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Lucy actually okay to have an unusual second name. I think I’m quite active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. So whatever is your social media choice and come find me there. Fantastic. And then we can go, if we go to build your brand, we can download that guide on how to write my About Us page. Is that right? Yeah, straight on the homepage, or find it on the homepage. Excellent. Okay, brilliant. I’m going to go download that now. Because I need to work on mine. Definitely after this discussion.

Brilliant. Thank you so much for your time. It’s been awesome. Thank you so much for having me. No worries. Exit. I will speak to you say so. Hope you learned loads. I certainly did. I really enjoyed that conversation release. I’m sure we’re going to get her back on. Sure. We get on our show talking ads as well. So if you want to see these interviews alive on Facebook exactly when we do them if you join our Facebook group, it is lead generation for financial services, loads of other hints and tips and things going on there as well. It would be amazing.

If you haven’t already to subscribe to the show and leave us an honest review on iTunes we could we really help us out and we will see you next time.

003 – John Sinclair – Networking

003 - John Sinclair - Networking
003 - John Sinclair - Networking

John Sinclair from Loman Miller joined Alex for a live interview on some of the strategies we can use offline when networking and building relationships. John is a long-standing member of the BNI and gives an insight into the techniques he’s adapted to generate more business.

John’s website:

Hello, welcome to Episode Three of lead generation for financial services. A podcast this week I’m chatting about offline stuff. So I’m obviously an online computer geek. And I do digital lead generation. And one is get someone in that’s talking about networking with people in person. So john took me along to a big networking event, which I found very interesting. I really appreciate the business that was going on. It wasn’t for us, and I explain why it’s not for our business. But I think it’d be great for any financial services business because it’s all about relationship building, the referrals, he talks about, interesting that it’s not about the people in the room. It’s about the connections that the people in the room are connected to. That makes sense, but it’s best to get john to explain and here we go. Here’s the interview I had with john Sinclair from lemon Miller. Right. Okay, so let’s get

into some serious stuff and say listen I don’t do face to face networking I and then so I want to talk about the and I wish you remember of yeah let’s talk about going to networking Do you do any others and then I network but don’t necessarily network it I will go along to other other other meetings and events just to be fair if you might might might perception is if you’re going to do it and networking actually trying to do them all that kind of almost dilutes the part yeah it’s actually having one focus and then we’ll go more into yeah why I do what I do later but

it’s that gives me plenty to go out anyway yeah

so it’s you know I would but you can also quite quickly when you go into networking world, which we’ll talk about is how many people can become network because give themselves the false presenters that are actually doing business? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So the so I guess we’ll just roll it back. Yeah, your primary objective

Yeah, of networking is to build long term relationships rather than I’ve met a guy that maybe have do business with there. And then on the first Yeah, I mean, what were the popular misconceptions with with network and he’s going to get business and everybody always sees that. So what happens is when they go into the room, they automatically assume that everyone in the room is actually there to do business with them. Yeah, so So therefore, what happens is you gotta yay God is up your your there and thinking, Well, everybody in this room is there to sell to me. Yeah, the irony is, it’s the reverse of that. Yeah, the artists it’s not who’s in the room, it’s important as who they know, outside of the wider circle of the room. That’s important. And sometimes some networking groups get that wrong and sometimes they get it right. And sometimes they get a mix of both Yeah, you know, so if I tell you about my journey, yeah, no networking. So originally I was first invited into a networking group about 20 years ago, right. And it was one day I was selling office equipment in Edinburgh.

I did a picture to lady and she find me up after he said look he said

I know obviously you’re you’re the sales guy in the local area for office equipment but I’d like to invite him along to a breakfast evening and I said okay that’s fine and this was no group no organization there’s no military involved or she done was got four or five key people and she just regularly past information to so and that was for me the very early days in a networking event and it works quite well from my from for me in my area and roll on in several businesses later and here I am now I am when I had set up with live and Miller one of the concepts about the industry I’m in and where ideal it’s heavily on building real life. Yeah, because I’m in a high trust position with the clients. It takes a while to get the business to text from the beginning from say, if you say a cold call all the way through to them signing a part of China it probably takes between 12 and 18 months.

To bring them yeah. Okay. So. So with that is always the challenge of like saying how can I fast track that ethically without do anything that you oversell and to provide whatever it is. And so one of the key things is I took a look at the business development function of the modern world. And whereas traditionally when you did a pitch, and most most of the meeting was all about the pitch in recent years, it’s all gone back to 60, 70%

of that meeting should be about developing the relationship. Yeah, great. And so what led them that That to me was then said, right, networking groups pulling a good opportunity

when out there, but the same preconceptions that probably everybody does, they go out there and think, well, I go in this group I’m going to get business Yeah, go in there. And this this kind of hunting mentality yeah and so what happened is is I then joined be an eye Yeah, now be an eye some people like it some people people know that one of the key things about that I found I like to be in it for me was it made me accountable.

Yeah so it may be be a business person so when I was in that room for 90 minutes I was there it was amazing it was obviously a meeting a pitch or whatever it was so

fast forward I’ve been in there now three years coming up for my fourth year fast forward on and actually that that gave a structure and training and everything towards it that’s something that not all networking agencies do yeah invite in situations do but the thing would be in our office there’s a training structure there’s a there’s a there’s a set of we call them traffic lights in the industry and you hear a lot in in be annoyed with traffic lights of how we engage and a lot of people live their network in life if you if you will on based on a look at these like I could do this and that so there’s a little bit of competition there the other side The main thing is it’s a set of key performance indicators help you

do what you’re doing and the whole concept of what a lot of people miss misinterpret with the accountability side. Yeah.

They go I don’t want access to fix this to this and but for me I liked yeah it’s a bit like mama it’s not yeah you know so well so I thought I was gonna I thought I thought I was gonna hate it because you I john has been on your on talking as before yeah and then

I would like a failure wasn’t it he said come with Come with me and I guess and then I’ll be able to look at all

yeah so we did that and I I thought I was going to hate it I thought it was gonna be

because people because people because this all this happened but it sounds worse and it is it was like your they’ll they’ll pick out random people and say I’m Dave what the john say he was looking or you know

school that was actually really good the way it was I I think the BMI structure so this is the one I went to I thought was really good I reckon that

structure is

kind of easy to make bad. So I guess they’re not all the same. Yeah, I mean, the, one of the key things what, what be and I get right is, is they spend a lot of time, a lot of effort developing the, the format of the meeting, you know, it is a formal meeting and not everybody likes that. And nobody feels that that’s acceptable to them. But what it does do is is, you know, there’s a structure to it, you can tell a visitor and say, Don’t worry, you can come along, you know, be away by 30. Yeah, yeah.

Now, you know, as well as I do, if you’ve got any history, talk to anybody about some some networking event starts at six in the evening, 10 o’clock at night. Yeah,

some of murder bit better, you know, and they all mix what they do, but what happens within the group is the culture of the group is different. So I could visit with you to several different bi chapters in the air. Yeah, and they’ll all have a different culture people. So yeah, so and as has been going for quite a long time. We’ve got 44 members now.

So we got strong in the region we’re quite a strong chapter and but one of the biggest challenges that people find with networking as a whole it is actually that it’s that hunting and father mentality so sometimes a lot of people join and networking group but this is not being I this is any network and they have preconceived ideas no different you probably experienced quite before that come to you may want to spend quite a bit with you on that yeah and after three months ago this isn’t working because they’re probably come to it with the wrong idea in mind and the other side so what they do is they come in to get business in three months and it doesn’t happen and they walk away well generally MBA and I it takes time because it’s around my building relationships so it’s that kind of processes as I’m not going to give you my best customer till I trust you. Yeah so what job you need to do last unit as well as already building relationships. Sometimes trying to do that online is quite difficult straightaway you know that your work is

You’ve got to, you’ve got to engage them and capture them. But then at the same time you think that fulfill, what is he going to do with you? Absolutely. So, so being is very much. There’s a code of ethics as a kind of guidelines that are there for reasons. Yeah, so when Ivan Meisner, the founder developed it, he developed the system over time. But every time if you read his book, it goes through. It was it was funny, because he goes through the whole process of

basically working out every time that became a problem. It says, What is the problem? Here’s what what do we need to do that?

And so unfortunately, some people just don’t like it. But it’s not for everybody. So we’re not asking so absolutely. So. So with networking in general, I went along to and I approached it with this in mind, and I visited a few but for me, I don’t like really, yeah, I like them right to the point. So yeah, my character suits the fact that I’m going in there. And actually, if I don’t do something like that we held accountable for one of the best things is when you get a referral, because there are referral based networking groups and there are networking groups that just just

try and do businesses. Yep. so forth. So because I don’t know the structures really, really wants to know how they work.

But the one of the beauties around a referral, there’s a lot, a lot of effort goes into the quality of the fall. So how it’s, it’s like, you know, so I could say to you, right, Alex, I just, you know, I’ve known you have worked with, you know, worked with you for a while and various bits and bobs, if I give you a referral, why I do it probably different fly somewhere else. So there’s all different so there’s a way of grading and call it sometimes that gets a bit so. So.

But what I love the most about the networking, the eyes, the eyes, yes. Is it gave me It helps me personally. My personal Yeah, massively so where whereas I’m a personable person hopefully. But um, but yeah, but generally generally that that the whole point was that I didn’t know how to channel it, didn’t know how to sort of, I’m quite happy to sit and have a beer with somebody. Yeah, not knowing how to channel it. So over time, I learned how to provide this now. Great, great success.

Story of where this one right was recently because of my experience and my connection with with with the group with me and I mean to keep saying being Mr. Stan but when the connection with it was enabled me to have a talk with someone in the

in the kid o’clock yeah yeah just have a chat and engage that conversation straightaway said we should get together and have a one to one let’s see how we can help each other in their business on mention something for their business they then said to me it’s very interesting that you’ve said that we’d like you to be a strategic partner with a company called the company so so I thought okay so what does that mean so within three weeks they’ve given me a referral into a private equity firm which are now building relationship with which potentially can give me business yeah so the irony is it wasn’t actually from the room yeah the training experience like golf yeah from from the room so so and sometimes it can go home


it’s just the way the world and people’s expectation but for the main if you were going to network and I’ll say to the fans today’s is networking is take a bit of time Have a look at more sushi fits your character what you feel comfortable with and then with that go from there and then say what have visit around a few you know you know and generally they’re all about the same sort of prices you know there’s a look at the cost of 12 quid for breakfast

some early in the mornings some a mid mornings you pick me up at six

earlier so I mean our ones are six in the morning awesome lunchtime ones and the awesome evening months for me because I’ve got a family evenings and no I just I prefer to do anymore yeah so that’s that’s why it’s it’s me plus some of my clients are in London so finishing a 30 minutes I can build a tribe called personalized yeah so so that helps us

Getting that’s my personal choice you know the ones I found when I when I visited them I try them in the first place in the mornings and evenings it tends to wipe out your day because you either if you waited for lunch time we tend not to do anything in the morning is search to you go to lunch time lunchtime can going to early afternoon and then forced so for me productivity I found this way and that’s probably why I looked at being because it was a format a structured format that you do it so now when I visit on a Wednesday and I know I’m Wednesday’s my business development day now. So what I’ve done is so I’ll do the meeting, I’ll have a one to one with it with a member and then I’ll go on through my day. And that’s where I’m finding and look because it’s because I look at it with if I’m doing the DNI which is potentially business development. Yeah, I will then go the whole day, so I’ll use that as my whole day for doing what I need to do. So one thing I really liked about it, some people might not know is that you get an opportunity in d&i to say I am looking forward.

Man, you can be quite broad. Got you. So if you’re like a mortgage broker, you say, I’m looking for people are looking for landlords, does anyone know a landlord? Or you can say I’m looking for the owner of the local shop around the corner. And I don’t know his name, but so is anything we’ve got going. So you can literally if you’re looking for specific people, or just like abroad, or do you know, I’m looking for people that are moving home or January people that I want better deal on their mortgage. Yeah. And then people will then bring them and there’s like, you have it on card status. If you ask someone specific, they can give you like the name and email address of whatever Absolutely. And then that was kind of one day they did the referral thing but I didn’t realize that you every week you get opportunity. I’m looking for someone. I mean, I did. I did a little exercise a while ago I was trying to get into a client still trying to get into them. But the early process now one day I was I when I first started I used to spend hours and hours over my 60 seconds and then as I got better

The irony is, but during the 60 seconds different, you actually get better at knowing and explaining your business. But yeah, so it helps. So one of the things I did was all my I just stood up and said,

my specific ask, it’s always better if your specific. So if you know the company and the name of the person that’s far better than just kind of guy I want to talk to the wider area. Yes. Because it gives you more easy to focus. Yeah. So so and so one of the great things about it was that I stood up and I went, Wow, let’s get into this got how we’re going to solve problem getting into so I asked the group Yeah, just send them all let’s send them a letter. Okay. So I basically said to them a sense of right everybody I say could you send

my ask this week is I could ask you to send a letter or to just communicate with with this guy or this company and

just tell them about what your thoughts are on me. Yeah, whether it’s good or bad. That wasn’t the point is actually that the point was so 60, 67%

the room

Did it well, okay. But the exercise I was running was an exercise in marketing, obviously. Yeah. But what it gave them was the opportunity to promote their business to that business, right. We already was. They weren’t selling to them, because they were selling me to him. Yeah. Okay. So it was almost like a very soft sell. And so, but I did get communication from my guy picks up the phone. Yeah. He said, Oh, you’re the guy that everyone’s sent all this stuff. I mean, our bond by the printer, Marcus, you said Mark Shukla. Time Jason was a courier company. He’s a box with a full biscuits,

biscuits. So everybody got quite creative. Very good phone. So sometimes networking can go a little bit further than Yeah, and I guess you you can’t just roll into that week one that you’ve you’ve been there like three years? Yeah, I mean,

I mean, my first three markets always quit. No, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the process. But because I’m a person that doesn’t give an easier

Things time. Yeah. And the irony is, it does take time. No difference to growing a business and growing to doing anything. It takes time. And you’ve got to build on it. So yeah. expectations. If you’re going to join a networking group, and you want to get business from it, yeah, take a look at it and say why

I’m paying X amount of pounds. If I don’t get any business for the first 12 months,

finding any business for the first 12 months? I will,

that’s fine. Yeah, but kind of have that expectation. But if you get an obviously some industries, you know, if you sold

I say you sold business cards. Yeah, you’ll probably get business quite quick. Yes, business cards or small purchase it’s very easy to get business but if you’re a company that sells out five grand a month retainer, yeah, it’s going to take a little bit longer to sort of repeat absolutely so so it’s always a case of look at what your industry is more production to see where how that is realistic scenario and then

It’s interesting as well as with all of it I guess because I’m thinking we can get I could get a client is doing remortgaging and I think getting leads tomorrow Yes.

And then they could probably do that networking but

it’ll be stronger than the difference between a lead of saying we only just met and I referred to you but now I’ve known you for years and that referral now yeah there’s a much bigger Wait is that there is there is a lot more white there’s a lot of emphasis and effort put around the credibility Yes, you are in the room is important. Yeah. And then so one of the things about credibility is still there and you say what you what you do yeah, then that becomes apparent and they start to trust you Yeah. Now what happens is eventually because of the way been I works, you end up become what we call a gatekeeper almost like your people that you know, start to talk to you because, you know, a bank of people. Yeah, that can get stuff done. Yeah. So, and because they’re reliable.

was the or even on the on the negative situation where something goes wrong, but they fix it, which is always the case not necessarily that goes wrong that they fix the problem, you know, because they’re on the back of the ethical side of that they do it. Yes. Yeah. And so that’s where it where it becomes hugely important. So so you get your access to the wider network. Yeah. And people promote you that way. Absolutely. So a couple of another one thing I want to get out about the and I and then I want to talk about your sort of do that the biggest kind of fake things that things are done? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

and easy way to come up with. Yeah.

So the one thing

one thing

I forgot. So let’s do this do the the do’s and don’ts, right? Hopefully, my brain, your body. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So,

so do’s and don’ts, my do’s and don’ts and based on my experiences, and not really necessary, but if I’m just going to start a new networking group tomorrow, yeah. And I sat down and say, right, I’d look at my business look at what I wanted to do.

ducks in a row because if you go into a reputable networking business networking group that wants to know that you are kind of there you’re promoting you know you know a website you’ve got got telephone number you got business cards yeah so biggest do go there with a business card they are expecting to pass cars around what’s the biggest do so for the five days five days yeah so one day business cards without a doubt yeah number to go there with an expectation

that you’re not going to get business yes yeah it’s not you know, they’re not there to get business Yeah. However, number three I’d say go in there with someone you need to connect or you’d like to connect with okay so and that way when you then stand up and someone says that if you imagine you stood up the day UK with a specific you know, and then someone came over to you and I can get you an introduction. Yes, they introduced you how much credibility yes to that group? No, I’m saying so. So that’s the key thing.

And where are my three or 4333? Number Four and always dress professionally for your industry. So I don’t mean if you’re a plumber that you turn up in a suit and tie. Yeah, if you promise by all means tournament, make sure it’s a clean shirt. Yes. You know you ready for work, but you probably the first day of work yeah yeah so just trust tidy and accordingly to your your, your situation and the fifth one and I’d say this is kind of a bit combined is

don’t give your business cards out first. Yeah always ask other people’s business cards okay because what are the key things you see them and when someone times

when they first

like okay

yeah it’s it’s, it’s like going into a bar walking up to the beautiful woman and saying, Well, you know,

so so. So I would say you know, don’t ask for this class first, but engaging conversations Yeah.

add one more thing to that is learn to identify when people were conversation. Yeah,

I find that awkward. I mean, I feel I am a computer geek 30 socially in ends as it is. But yeah. How do you say this? Like three people chatting. Yeah. And then. Yeah. People hovering in, I want to just leave them or. Well, this is where the training comes in. Because it learns you and teach you how to, to look. Work the room effect. Yes. So when you work in walk into an environment but if you do it on your own, you’re standing there and you’re like, yeah, and every strength. So. So what you’ll do is you’ll set how we are now. Yeah, we would class this in being open to because we are talking to each other. Yeah, we’re open to the light. Yeah, if we were like this

close, we’re more likely to be talking specific business that we don’t really well.

And then obviously it’s the same with threes and fours. So so that’s the kind of thing so if someone’s open

Naturally it’s easy for you to walk with Jesus Christ so rather not see hover on the side would you actually walk around and approach them someone was here and it would you come in

to approach from that way and for me I would look at it as to say that when you when you do the approaches that high new me just kind of be light hearted about it and just just generalize that

stuff and then just starts conversation as general a lot of network as well as other batch yeah so just read the naming breed username it’s it’s the basic personal skills that we all know

and just those things so yeah so yeah so don’t don’t see so don’t see the biggie and can I get my Don’t you have one so when I when I did a bit of networking and it was a massive put off when I remember speaking to a couple and then I you know start to you know, tell me about your business and that’s all they did. And they didn’t ask me one question about me at all. And I

amended for the wrong reason but like I just as a matter of females I I presume that’s just like one yeah I mean it’s there is a whole thing there’s a whole key training about you know you know you’ve got two ears and one mouth and use them in proportion yeah and I think that’s so true with with networking is personable you want them to remember me for the right reasons yeah and and it’s a good donor it’s it’s it’s a very good thanks very much so yeah and I know not to do yeah yeah and the other time is as well

Don’t be fearful of your competition they might be in the room I mean I know be an eye has a lockout course yeah and there’s a reason for it but then because obviously passing business if you genuinely passing business then how can you do it yeah absolutely challenges however some some organize some networking groups have as many as people as they want and don’t be fearful of it actually embrace it use it as an opportunity as an advantage you know talk to them get to know the end of the day is listen

No problem you find a little bit capacitor now. Yeah, absolutely get to know that and so and another don’t do two more probably dates another day I’d say is

be open minded to the networking group you know there is cost involved in some more than others. Yeah but look at the value of what that gives you is if you look at it from a perspective of the average deal size for you, and you look at the pricing and that seems pretty expensive anything or if you got one deal in a year would that be worth your while? Yeah, yes. Now some businesses it might be more so yeah. Might be less so so so that’s what I would say and then probably one final date is don’t be like

it’s it’s it’s the biggest credibility killer on the planet that actually with that, I remember leaving in the story years ago, he was a mortgage broker in the US Yeah, and his son was part of the business and this this guy came along to talk business and

turned up at 10 o’clock and he’s done that they wasn’t or traditionally late but he just he was just in a slack with his time that day and one minute past 10 the guy walked out the door and said when he’s got time telling to rearrange yeah and to that day from that day onwards his dad was never late for that guys so it’s almost establishes credibility straightaway that you there on time ready to to do things so there might be awesome and I’ve remembered that thing so what I found

sort of gray and a bit kind of like was there what’s going on here and some people have like a tagline for their business yeah and then people were like the guy next door he said his title I’m going to what it was and then the whole room repeated yeah yeah and then it was like so that must be ingrained in the yeah

when you first join and be an eye yes specific yeah so when when you first joined being one of the things that they do they have

You break down to 60 seconds to your lowest common denominator. Yeah. So you really have to think about your business and what it is. You’ve only got 60 seconds trying to tell, you know, if I sent to you explain your business and 60 seconds, there’s so much you do. Yeah. So then you break it down. Just talk specific. Yeah. So,

so what they do is they show you to do that. And they always call it what they call a memory hook. So the memory hook is the idea for the person that they remember what you do is lie. Yeah, and the guy one of our members, Paul, who’s surface medic, then the franchise equals if any problem big or small medical, Paul. So the irony is, is he’s just got a nice memory of jobs, you memory if you’re in with someone in that specific work on stuff. That’s why why they do it. Yeah,

it was great. Yeah.

And then are they I think one of the guys who aren’t on those taglines. He did like wills and trusts, things like that there was an IFA, I think there’s mortgage brokers and things. That’s a lot of

financial services.

Coming out there there there are no no one of them especially has been in it for a long time. Yeah and one of them’s a chairman Actually yes president yeah so there’s definitely business we done in all sorts of financial services I would say and then does it matter if you’re a sole traders there are other sort of big

for being either you get a mix of everything you some networking groups tend to get a lot of sole traders and but you do get a mix of some but I think for the main is

with with the IFA on the fly in the financial services side of things because their businesses relationship based. Yeah, you know, exactly. You know, you can do all the wonders in the world to get them but they’ve still got to meet them and still gotta do I trust that person. Who their money. Yeah, yeah.

And so. So with that in mind, I think Thornton’s 18 years 18 years and I think when he talks to you when you first meet him on his one to one he tells you

His office yeah and his office does enough to cover the cost of the office yeah but pretty much 80% of his business over history and historic clients has come through being on yeah so so actually for him it’s a model and there’s another guy that he runs a business coach in franchise yeah that business coaching franchise is so so ingrained and understands the value of networking is actually got a page on its website that actually shows you how to join be an eye and how to be successful so so actually you know is the irony is I phase insurance brokers yet networking? Yeah, yeah. Now to get that so when but but no, is there’s lots of different facets and areas that you can do benefit from. So absolutely awesome. Anything else you think we need to we haven’t uncovered about networking. I knows that you can. I know one thing, which is what I talked about earlier on before was how I use LinkedIn to network. That’s right. Yes, yes, yes, I say

Like combining the digital with the face to face. Yeah. So we we did that talk to me and yes, yes. You told us through using LinkedIn alongside your Yes. So for me is is obviously where traditional marketing and especially small business development is is what I realized was that nowadays if I try and friend you on Facebook and I don’t know you yeah you kind of get Who’s that person stranger weird yeah but the happy to connect on LinkedIn yeah it’s a professional network so so so the idea of what I looked at me said right for me I don’t need lots of inquiries or referrals. So what I can do is I do my research online and find companies and people I want to talk to that effect a connection and start communication messaging with them, talking with them, looking at their posts, looking at every day, and then I always then try and bring it on, and in my opinion, the best social media thing on the planet. It’s a cup of coffee.

So for me, it’s that one to one.

Have a one to one with someone. Yeah. And then you can establish whether you can help them and going in there with that helping mentality. Not what business can I get from them? How can I get from? Absolutely. And it’s the Tribune, arthritis givers gain, so so I said all right awesome thank you right so where can i buy online but

yeah so obviously Connect me on LinkedIn it’s john s on LinkedIn and look for local Miller associates and you’ll find me all over the place okay cool and and if anybody wants to come along and email me and john at Loma which for be an either quite welcome to come along yeah you’re not going to be forced to join it’s go along as another thing Yeah, just another thing that I that I genuinely thought was how they handled because they did I got taken to a room

that we did the the people that would guess we went second and we had to sit down and there was absolutely no pressure was no water

Goodness that’s all in that and it wasn’t even a picture was just got How do you find it guys something maybe you’re thinking about no pressure selling at all there’s no don’t feel awkward about being a guess and trying it because they’re especially the one you too yeah there was it wasn’t like that no no it’s so true is is most of the people that get that visit actually term and sites not why expected yeah so that they they do that they just one person several people have actually said actually it’s quite odd that when you walk into the room everyone in that room wants to give someone in the room business they don’t know who yeah have a genuine interest in giving them business so and so having that the back of it was was the great thing so yeah there is a catch 12 quid yeah

exactly yeah i mean but the you get nice there’s we had like bacon wrong like coffee was good obviously about pay for the rain got 44 people I think 12 good just to go along this is yeah and like I say it’s an opportunity to visit it’s not a lot

communities to joy. Yes. Yes. So it’s, you know, if you want to join them, we can take it a step further. But from that point, it’s not necessarily that, that that case. So thank you so much make. So what was the web address is and then LinkedIn is the best place to LinkedIn. Got me on LinkedIn.

So yes, that’s really good. Fantastic. All right. Thank you so much. Make your time did you quit within a name for the expert interviews?

Give me five minutes. You mean? Yeah. Yeah. So we were using these in a podcast as well. And I like that for Financial Services is ffs yeah which is obviously Yeah, the

lobby interviews ever mess. Yeah, they

call it the professionals and that did the pawn off the old 70s nice like it will get a little poll.

Thank you. Good night, and I will definitely have you back soon. We’ll talk about the other

Obviously you do sales marketing strategy. There’s lots more I think you can talk to us about other than the network. Now, if anyone in the group wants to talk, sales marketing strategy about their business as well. definitely get in touch with Jordan. Yeah.

All right. Cheers. Bye. Bye. Cheers. Bye. Okay, so there we have a thanks to john just coming on and bringing so much value. I learned a lot from that. Like I said, I do do the, the kind of in networking stuff. I go to conferences a lot. So that that thing about where people are chatting in groups or that kind of open and closed kind of group is a really interesting so I’m going to be going to a lot of conferences this year. So I’ve learned something from that. And I hope you have to. So if you want to see those interviews live, we go live in our Facebook group. So if you go onto Facebook, look for our group. It’s called lead generation for financial services, and you can watch them live there. And also our show talking ads, which is all about advertising. If you got two seconds I’d really appreciate if you could subscribe.

And leave us an honest review. Just let us know what you think of the show just helps us bring in more viewers and means I can put more time into this and create some much more interesting and exciting content. So that’s all we have for this week. I will see you next week.

002 – Talking Ads – Advertising Strategy

002 - Talking Ads - Advertising Strategy
002 - Talking Ads - Advertising Strategy

Talking Ads is a live show where my team and special guests discuss the adverts we have seen recently and whether we love or hate them.

I’ve selected some of the more interesting topics and concepts that should give you a great insight in to how to make your ads more effective.

You’ll need to join a Facebook Group to watch Talking Ads Live –

Hello. Welcome back for Episode Two of the lead generation for financial services, a podcast. And this week, we’re going to be looking at some of the clips from our show. Talking ads is all about advertising today. My name is Alex Curtis. And this show is designed to help financial services, businesses of all sizes, give them new techniques, strategies, tactics to generate more leads for their business so they can scale and grow. So today you’re going to learn how you can make a better ads for whether it be social media or for Google and some of the strategies that we found some of the things that we liked about those things we didn’t and other things we think we could do to improve it and make it better. So we’ve got about five clips for you today. And we’re going to each one will have a different concept and I’ll talk in a bit more detail before and after each clip. So here we go.

Okay so clip number one is something that I’m not hundred percent sure about. So this is where we discuss is Google or Facebook listening do they use our devices are you know, I’ve got the I’ve got the Alexa and the office without Google Home hub thing. And we also have our phones that can listen to our conversations and they could potentially pick out words if we’re talking about specific brands or we’re talking about specific specific products we want to buy the technologies that they could listen to that and then they could fill our news feeds with ads based on that which is probably

a little bit weird little bit creepy. But do they do it we I think I discuss a coincidence or a couple of coincidences happened to me. And also I’ve I pop this question into a Facebook group, part of a good Facebook ad hacks. So there’s lots of Facebook advertisers in that group and I set a poll and ask their opinion on I’ll share the results of that.

After playing this clip, so here’s the first clip. is Google Facebook listening to our conversations? Okay, yeah. So this is the one so I’m sorry. Yeah, you know, you know.

So the reason I bring this up is that I’m looking at gene online recently, but I do love Jane and remember we were having a conversation about this particular gene the other day and we’ve got a Google

Home Have you can

see it not quite so some people record that these pickup what you’re saying and we’ll put you in an advertising is based on using Oh, I guess we’ll carry one yeah, ran with us. I always thought

they definitely can’t do that after especially after working with Facebook and the whole privacy smell GDPR thing they go on. Yeah, I just thought if they were doing it, they wouldn’t be doing it now because

It just doesn’t feel right. Yeah, that won’t be was fine. But it happened to me I think the other day when we’re on talking as my battery or something and then I saw an app on my phone for a battery on YouTube so it’s like a couple of times that feels like too often to be a coincidence


that is a i didn’t i mean i i haven’t had it so obviously we’re always on the lookout for ads the day I doing this, and I’ve I’ve never noticed it for myself.

It’s you know, having taught us a particular brand a particular product and then suddenly seen it come up in the next few days so the jury’s still out on that

yes happened to me before I don’t want to believe it so I don’t

sound it out but I didn’t have it well I’d love to know like how it how they do it and I guess really interesting Well, I mean, it would be fairly easy for them to do is they can pick out of the can recognize words there’s normally after you say

Ok Google

obviously can pick up audio yeah he’s always listening

that she can pick up on Google Play Music

right now

this is obviously listening all the time. But is it picking out words like monkey 47

we literally had a conversation about gin the day before I saw the

other members you’re running an experiment this week on what saying saying obscure specific brands or products so definitely advertise like I didn’t want thinking about like PlayStation games

Red Dead I really want to buy Red Dead Redemption to my ps4.

Okay, so first thing to say is that I never saw an ad for Red Dead Redemption, too. So that’s one thing that’s come out of it. And also let’s talk about the

results from that pole in the Facebook group. So

the the post that I put out was guys can you help me out with your opinion is Google or Facebook listening to our phones or smarts because listen to conversations about brands then says serve ads off the back of those conversations. And then the options I put was Yes. Don’t be so naive and no, no they wouldn’t. They would absolutely wouldn’t do that. And then someone else added another option was no, this would cost more than it’s worth. It was interesting that some of these people’s opinion were that they could if they wanted to, but it’s not worthwhile. Ok. So the overwhelming favorite was Yes, don’t be so naive. So when actually put a comment in a saying it’s in the terms of service I’ve not seen that actually so

be worth having a look at that they’ve actually saying in their terms of service that they can do that. Okay. So we had 18 people said yesterday is only six people said no, they wouldn’t do it.

And five people said no, it would cost more than it’s worth. So kind of interesting that a lot of the marketers thought, this is something that they do do. Okay, so our next clip is talking about using ads to get in front of people that you already know about, or they already know about you. So I guess this is one ideally for if you’ve got a software, if you’re a SAS business, within financial services, that and you’ve got like a freemium version of your products that you could and these in this example, they advertise to us, despite us already using the software that we’re using the free version that they’re trying to get us from free to paid by totally all the features. So it’s not always about advertising to a cold audience. You can advertise to people who are already maybe even in your email list. And so here’s an example here’s the clip where we discuss this tactic on is Yeah, and I find it quite interesting so we use HubSpot for sort of like a

affect you think about the outcome of our CRM and some sort of our marketing functions

and the yeah and here it is sort saying how HubSpot works with slack. I mean we’ve started using slack pretty pretty recently for use of you know for certain functions but I literally saw like after I think getting back and been away downloaded it yesterday or Monday and I was interesting so so obviously HubSpot and those are use HubSpot I know HubSpot knows I must use slack and but I don’t use slack and HubSpot together. So someone’s trying to sell me kind of the selling the the integration so I use more both because we both use free versions of either side. So it makes sense for them to market to the free versions in order to monetize me or us yeah, if that makes sense. In terms of the movie slightly more use HubSpot the more we’re probably going to evolve that if you like and the the paid version software is quite quite interesting them in terms of its I’m, I’m quite an easy sell to I’ve already got my details and know who I am. They know I’m using these two products. So you know, I’m an advocate of the brand if that makes sense to be like sem.

To do it to us quite a lot we’re we’re on in an awful lot still market to it and it’s almost like in terms of they’ve already monetizes they’re already getting our money is almost like they want to make sure they keep getting our money on the subscription

and I think that’s what works in a similar sort of way so almost marketing to your I mean whether cause a client or not I don’t know terms we use their service we don’t we don’t give them any money yeah, so it’s something they’re trying to get us obviously trying to get me to use both more use HubSpot more. He’s more integration post op. So as time goes on, will will will the time come where we bump up to our premium package, you know

how to use slack and hotspot together

okay, so there we have it. So kind of an interesting concept not always about finding brand new customers can be used for getting people warming people up, I guess those those kind of people using the free version of software and getting them to spend a bit of money with it. Okay, so our next clip features a special guest we had Steve follow.

To is a video producer. And this is a topic that we talked about and when it comes a cop comes up quite a lot when we discuss about having because you can manage your Instagram ads within Facebook and then when you put your hands together they go in certain different places and we always talk about having a different strategy for your Instagram ads and saying have a different campaign for it. And this particular one is where we’re talking about Instagram stories and the size of video so fairly on clip but so real good value in here. If you’re advertising when you do Facebook ads, if you’re just taking all the placements and putting it everywhere. This will be a really interesting one for you. And you might want to consider creating different ads in a different style for especially Instagram and more importantly Instagram stories because it’s a different size but let’s play the clip.

Why did you

techniques when it comes to Instagram Stories adverts. What I see sometimes

Like it will take up the whole screen. Sometimes it will be done in almost like an amateurish ways. If it’s a real story to there’ll be a person in your tricked into thinking, Oh, I follow that person that is only after well you know it’s another which is quite clever. What I like about this one is it they’ve gone with the the square version of that video and some adverts on Instagram stories go with the landscape horizontal one but even big companies like the Australian towards board I saw yesterday and that’s just too small within the vertical of the story. So a square is really good plus they keep it to some really bright colorful shots which are easy for me to see. But then all the tags doesn’t move it’s all nice and static down the bottom there even if it’s slightly hideously designed encouraging me to sort of swipe up and buy these from my daughter for Christmas. So yeah, I just thought it

Maybe they know I follow a lot of illustrators on Instagram. I don’t know. But in a world of some fairly rubbish, Instagram stories, adverts, this one kind of jumped out to me it looks, Instagram, all of those images of really classic.

Awesome. Yeah. And I love that I think we literally saved every week about Instagram ads because you manage them in Facebook. And a lot of people use the same video on Facebook on Instagram. So you’ve got all the checkboxes, aware of where you want it to be.

And these guys have even now in face but you can crop your video so they’re the ones the horizontal ones you’ve seen, you can now in Facebook do the crop and they’ll do it for you and then you can create separate outset just the stories and have that version of the stories and then the normal version for Facebook if you want so So will it crop it so that it fills the whole of my vessel screen do whatever you Yeah, you can do whatever you want with it.

Now and so obviously you’re lonely you’ll you’ll miss the bits over here

but you don’t have to crop it in the middle and then you do get to preview it. So it just depends on the video itself whether you’ve made it for stories or whether you’ve got one that may work so it just depends on what video you’ve got.

Yeah, I think it’s really worth considering whether it suits that stores format and whether your video is high enough quality to be stretched in that way because I’ve seen some really ropey looking one which do no favor to your brand you’re almost better off just having a static image and text in those instances but the square option is a good way to go if it means you don’t lose the quality No, absolutely no definitely. And we got you were talking about the tool off before we came on that Dale mentioned I’ve

said there’s a tool called crop video cropped up video and what it is you upload your you know your

landscape video to it and it automatically figures out where the best place to put your vertical or square crop would be so it it realize it breaks your whole video down into shots gives you like a storyboard timeline and then you can go through and adjust them in order to find

the light if it hasn’t picked the right but you can adjust it but what it means is you end up with a really good vertical video as opposed to just uploading you know a one and letting it still the screen so it’s a brilliant to actually and in fact in my latest blog which I’m about to post later on today you can see me using it as well one of the free tools so was a

debt is a free version of it but it’s something like seven euros a month for something and basically that allows you to store your video for 20.

Four hours and then download it. And then after that, obviously it’s not taking up their server space in which is why I presume they Atlantic and stay pretty reasonable price wise okay so if you’re doing a lot of video then okay so hopefully you’re convinced that Instagram Stories definitely needs a different strategy and our next clip is a bit of a rant I get annoyed about this quite often because a lot of people blame Facebook for their results rather than looking at themselves and looking at about what they’ve done on Facebook. And yeah, I think you can you just need to think clearly about your ads the whole journey and we can get quality leads on Facebook in pretty much all financial services. So here’s the clip and then we’ll talk more in a second. This is what frustrates me like people they will say if we amount of time to have a meeting with a client and say we’ve tried Facebook as it doesn’t work. And like we had a meeting with these guys they would say we tried Facebook ads, it didn’t work but the whole

It wasn’t the wasn’t Facebook. Yeah, or even the ads? It was the you know,

because we are these really good. The ad got me interested in the throat. Yeah. And that could have been if that was Yeah, a month before it’s due to arrive. I probably wouldn’t have switch. But if I have seen that sort of six weeks after I’d orders Yeah. And it said, we’ve got these cars that article and look to that I could have sort of anything. I had a list of vehicles and then they’ve got something I liked on it. Yeah, I would have got in touch, but it just seemed like they made

Okay, so that was a clip. And I think that because I guess we’re in a unique position where we’re running ads all the time in lots of different sectors. And we see the difference in results when you have a different ad and different strategy different page. It’s about tweaking it and finding the right thing. So please don’t blame Facebook for your results. Facebook’s a great platform and you just need to put that bit of extra time into the ad think

Clearly about what you want to achieve at those things in place. So don’t just because you’ve Facebook hasn’t worked for you doesn’t mean it can’t. And that’s the kind of the message that I wanted to get across from this clip, I can. So on to our next clip. This is quite an interesting one, because this comes up quite often. So this clip here, Tom in the office, he has bought a product. It’s got nothing to do with financial services, but just want to talk about the approach that they’ve made. Now, most kind of business owners that I speak to, they just want to get the lead straightaway, they want to speak to the, you know, get the person on the face straightaway. Sometimes that can happen and that’s great. But sometimes you need like a longer process. And this kind of sales strategy that we put together is not just sending the person to a landing page and trying to get the details straight away, which is what a lot of financial service business businesses do. Now this ad leads to like a content pieces, more of a sort of a branding exercise and it’s kind of warms you up and there’s some other ideas come out of this.

as well so I’ll play the clip and then we’ll we’ll talk about it afterwards yeah cool so this is one then Kevin my Facebook feed a while ago and it is actually one that I’ve purchased from got a couple on the show so far we’ve actually made a made a purchase from some movement and I’m talking ads

so yeah this wall and I was already aware of how are just one of these colors subscription shaver things easy to be able to get everything on subscription nowadays

so yes who subscriptions today shave right I was already familiar with the with the ground but quite liked to have already seen and I wouldn’t really do it you know it was down to me the allegories I’ve broken it down into almost like steps as blatant as 1234

But yeah, the know just they just sort of work they did they did actually strike me and actually then instead of going through is actually quite interesting. The actual journey set so the user journey sorry, and incentives and going through it didn’t actually take you to like a standard landing page where you’d sort of expect you know, instead of them strong cap your detail straight.

And put you in a funnel or whatever it is actually like a content piece about so what how the company came about and why they sort of do what they do a bit of a like a start with why kind of thing and the call to action isn’t actually until the very bottom and but it was weird so I sold I started reading the first bit of it and then actually sort of just thought yeah okay I want it flew through to the bottom went through got my trial pack and yeah I had it come through the mail but ya know for thought I thought you saw the ad was was pretty good I don’t know if I liked it because I was actually more familiar with the brand than it coming off me cold if that makes sense in terms of so I knew I knew more about I knew what it was. But yeah,

in terms of from going from in terms of seeing the app to going through in actually placing an order but was Yeah. Was was pretty quick.

I mean, is it like the

Dollar Shave Club? Is it subscription thing? Yeah, exactly. So in terms of that one. I actually remember seeing them first clumsy we all spend a lot of time looking at as actually.

Originally seen them all come across them and not the native content like to build a kind of stuff

offsetting convert there but in terms of it showed it was quite good for selection awareness point of view

in terms I saw in there, you know, I may have clicked on the lead or whatever and that’s maybe if they’ve gotten you know, in like a longer remarketing sort of funnel I don’t know

but yes, essentially a subscription set shave service but I was more familiar with them then I was with Dollar Shave Club

and but yeah, so in terms of it was I think I don’t know if I would have gone through if I hadn’t have had the or bought through if I hadn’t been aware of them before. So I think it does sort of show that even though in terms of what obviously all your advertising normally ROI on spend on it based not to sort of suggests that any advertising you do is actually the song well it promotes obviously in terms of the value of having a longer term content plan with if you know what I mean

in terms of so what you do with a remarketing if you don’t get people on the on the first bite?

Well, when when we were doing kind of rehearsals for the show. I remember Nick

And out in and you didn’t like it just because you didn’t like the brand now I was like really shocked because throughout my career I’ve created brands like there are some companies that create other branches so they can advertise twice if that makes sense because they’ve got the budget too but yeah no definitely makes sense I think branding is huge saucy works works on you

because we pretty much every client we have wants to sell sell sell straightaway, I think it was john Sinclair came on a few weeks ago that was kind of saying that same thing that don’t have to just

fail and have a hardcore little direction just to see me. Yeah, I think with that I mean if I saw that there was those attacks from seeing the caption

i would i think that’s I don’t necessarily like that. Yeah, well, just we’ve been looking at that this week. Come

on, we had a massive difference in a cost per lead on

Same as it was Lich because one thing I noticed the text is all bunched up there was like massive amount and you’ve been testing some stuff this week with like almost one liners and they just seem to be okay so that was a clip and then actually in my vlog yes I started blogging now as well which is very awkward when you’re filming yourself in public I can assure you but other flog week discuss actually those results were Jessica was testing different

different bits of copy so let’s just play that and then again I’ve got disclaimer from that as well so let’s play the clip and will I’ll give you the disclaimer so Monday morning and we’ve been just only

only a couple of weeks and we got her writing some ads and she was doing some really sort of thought would be good too much but they were pretty good actually set this whole campaign up her cell

She’s getting by to let mortgage leads in for a one ancestor two pounds and 17 each and bearing in mind of our car was buying these of lead gen company they would cost about 3035 quid each what we found out is that there was one ads so one at least 156 each and there’s another added inform as well so what we’re trying and what we’ve kind of seen on another campaign we’re just looking at is having like really short snappy sentences especially the opening kind of sentence that that is a current release of a try and sort of did you know have you have you heard yet basic winning a trial this week’s if that is right on okay then so before all the mortgage brokers contact me wanting leads for two pounds. What we found out later on once those Liezel were worth or the quality wasn’t that great. So we’ve got some really cheaply there and suddenly they did do some of them did some business but actually what we’re finding at the moment is getting

Our best quality is using a chat bot to actually

rather than send you to a page of a sentence with to some content, send them a landing page we’re actually sending to Facebook Messenger. And then we’ve developed a chat bot that basically takes people through this journey feels like they have a bit of a conversation and we get all the information we need. So let’s say it’s a real mortgage one or, you know, any, it’s a mortgage one and, you know, get the property details. But I think what we do is we get those details in the right order. We’re not asking for the contact details straightaway where we’re proving to them that we can help them our client can help them and then we’re getting the phone number, their email address, and we’re booking in the call making sure they got the credit report and things like that. So that’s working really well at the moment. So the cost isn’t quite to quit a lead but the conversion from lead to a sale and the contact rate is phenomenal. So talk to me about chatbots don’t demand to

pounds lead for mortgage days because

you know it’s about your cost per acquisition. It’s about getting sales for the cheapest price, not necessarily the leads. Okay then. So that’s all the clips I’ve got for this week. That was Episode Two. I hope you enjoyed it slightly different from the interview scenario. Next week we do have another interview it’s john Sinclair, we’re actually talking about some offline stuff so networking in person really good chat I had with john and that is coming up next week. So I’ll be really grateful if you got two seconds just to subscribe to the podcast. If you can leave us an honest review that would be amazing and it will just help me basically will get more views that means I can put more time into this get more value more content for you and help you for free essentially and if you want to see these interviews alive and if you want to see talking ads live as well join our Facebook group it is lead generation for financial services just search on facebook and join the group brilliant so on

We’ll see you next week.

001 – Pete Matthew – Financial Planner Lead Generation

001 - Pete Matthew - Financial Planner Lead Generation
001 - Pete Matthew - Financial Planner Lead Generation

Pete Matthew the host of the meaningful money podcast is booked up for three months in advance and does not need to market his business or advertise.

Pete’s built a whole lot of trust through content marketing so I quiz him on all the elements and discuss how anyone can do this.

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Hello, welcome to the first episode of lead generation for financial services, a podcast and we’re starting with an absolute cracker have an episode. My name is Alex Curtis. And this show is designed to help financial services, businesses of all sizes, give them new techniques, strategies, tactics, to generate more leads for their business so they can scale and grow. I met at a conference in London very briefly. And it was quite amusing when he found out what I did. And he thought I was perhaps Jenna try and sell something to him. And he told me how he doesn’t need to market his business anymore. He’s got an absolute queue of people waiting to work with him. We filmed the interview in December, and he’s booked up till March. So that was over three months worth of business of people waiting to work with him. So he reveals how we got into that position, the work that he’s done, that gives him those opportunities, how he was approached by a publishing company to write his book, rather than self publishing or pitching to publishing companies. And the fact that that’s had on his business, essentially, the things that you could do yourself, you know, this is not kind of rocket science, it’s just taken a bit of a hard work and graph. But Peter takes us down that journey and lets us know how he’s done it and how you can do it for your financial services business as well. So let’s dive straight into it. So we met very, very briefly, right at the end of the Uranus summit. I think I was literally I was going to be late for my train of thought quickly, someone knew you and introduce, introduce me. And it was great. I loved how you responded when I told you what I did, because you were like, immediately thought I might be on the sales proud. And you were like, We don’t need we don’t need marketing. We were absolutely

you know, we were killing it a door, which I already knew, because I heard you on Chris’s podcasts. And that’s the reason kind of why I want to get you speaking to some of the people in our group, because they would love that and you’re not running any ads or anything like that. It’s all now essentially content marketing. Would you call it entirely? Yeah. And he said, When I started, I didn’t know it was that and no insurance call that and we call it content marketing.

And that was never the intention either. And so people sort of look at me a bit, you know, you really PD. Sure, you know, you’re not just being sort of nauseatingly altruistic but it’s true, I began the meaningful money project as a bit of fun as a hobby, really, just because I wanted to learn how to edit video and basically tool around with a video camera and to help people understand how money works. And I just thought I enjoyed it, even if really, I mean, I did like nearly 300 videos and got a handful of clients off the back of that over the space of two and a half, three years. It’s only when I switched to podcasting that it started to get them silly and it keeps sort of ramping up. So yes, it’s content marketing. I should say that my sort of brick and mortar practice the office than sitting in right now. It’s called Jackson’s Wealth Management without in Penzance. Yep, sort of classic archetype. I have a practice we’ve been in pens. And so since 1923, right, so people know who we are. So advertising, somewhat redundant, really,

ya know, so

really pretty. So what do you what do you guys do them?

Well, what is Jackson’s Yeah, yeah, we’re sort of we’re independent financial advisors. But if anybody asked me what I do, I always say I’m a financial planner. The purpose of that primarily is because let’s face it, financial advisors not covered itself in glory over the past however many years and so if you say your financial advisor, people sort of back away and fearing because you sell them a pension or endowment or something, yeah, financial planning is in this country. It’s becoming more understood. If you ask anybody in the US or a CFP is that Certified Financial Planner, they would know what you meant. But if in this country is less so financial planning is about identifying where somebody is in their finances and helping them vocalizing articulate where they want to be, and then coming up with the pathway to get them from A to B. And that may or may not require financial products as such. So these days, all financial advisors are fee based, if they’re dealing with pensions and investments, which of course, are still the tools of the trade. But it’s less about what we can flog people and it’s more about very long term, multi generational relationships with clients, families, some of which we look after three generations of so it’s actually a super privileged place to be, I love what I do, because it’s a people business, not money business at all. And if it was, it would interest me at all.

Absolutely. Well, I mean, I think a lot of financial services as well. I think a couple of any that are not people business, I think it is a lot of it is an advisor a lot of time is advice is it’s I think lots of we’re going to cover we’ve got loads most of the people in our group, our mortgage broker, and I think for for them, you know, ideally, they want to deal with people throughout multi generations. And it be it’s, it’s all on trust, I think, in your in your latest season of your podcast, trust and authority. I think it is that is that kind of repeated term, because that’s why people buy things. Yeah,

so the people I’m interviewing in the current season during the mostly friends of mine, that quite a lot of them, are you printer. Yeah. And people who have sort of built businesses primarily online, or at least that’s been a major channel for them, the the sort of inspiration for the season was that I talk a lot about spending less than you earn, it’s the first time I sort of three steps to financial success if you like. And of course, if you are spend less than you earn, you can either spend less or more or ideally do both. spending less is, you know, a lot less attractive to people, understandably, they’re learning more, and I realized, I’ve never really dealt consistently with how to earn more money and how to, you know, maybe get going with the side hustle and stuff like that. So just got half a dozen sort of inspirational people who have built businesses online. So, you know, that’s the sort of the thinking behind the season really, but in across the thread that’s running through the season is, is yes, it’s influence authority. And those things come from consistency and quality of content over time. And those messages just run through our as well as still a in person, you know, human network. Yeah,

that seems to be important, as well as, obviously, the social networking, which is such a massive part of what we do.

Absolutely. So I think we kind of agree, then the, what you’ve you’ve done, then has kind of got you in front of people on scale. And you’ve been able to build kind of trust, the trust and authority from the podcast, your content and your videos. And although those the business that you do, and a lot of the financial services do is either on the phone or face to face, you can kind of and we talk about it as in building rapport in your sleep. Do you do kind of agree that that’s the effect? Yeah.

Oh, massively. So I knew I was onto something when, sort of 18 months after I started and maybe 170 videos in something like that. Yeah, I had an email out of the blue from a game back Ceylon See, no, I live in pens. And so I’m like, 350 miles or Yeah, and this guy gave me his pretty detailed financial situation or email, I mean, you shouldn’t do that. That is a very narrowly avoided being ripped off by a charlatan basically.

And he was, you know, quite thrown by that a little bit sort of depressed by that. And he turned to Google because he’s been an internet entrepreneur. And so he just thought, well, maybe I can help myself do this, you know, maybe I can invest this inheritance that we’ve received myself, and he found me and he sent me this email detail in situation and how he’d narrowly escaped being ripped off. And at the end of it, you just said, Pete, having watched several of your videos, we feel like we know you and contrast you, will you work with us, I thought, Man, I sat back and I see a thought that’s just so weird. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t know actually, if you can trust me or not. And yet, he’s watched several of the videos and he feels like he can. Now fortunately, can. I’m a nice guy, right. And, you know, that clients to this day, that’s sort of for six years now, and done some really great planning work for them. And they were the first of what is now I mean, I’ve got clients lined up to march 10 new clients a month in December, January, February and March now. So most advisors, maybe we’ll pick up one new client a month, most financial planners, certainly, because it takes us a long time to onboard a client. So I know I’m unusual. And the second long time to get to this is a lot of consistency of a lot of years. Yeah,

now, it’s

okay, well, I can

only think of one of the benefit of doing what you’ve done before we got some more. But obviously, you’ve got a new book come out. And you were asked to write that rather than deciding you wanted to write that. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah,

they approached me, I interviewed one of them. Harriman house is the publisher, and I end up one of their authors, and then the commissioning editor around me. And so you ever thought about writing a book I published it wants to know, you’ve got an audience these days. Yeah, that’s a sell books, you know. So the, if they know you’ve got an audience, then that’s usually pretty good leg up to some decent sales. So yeah, they approached me, I have always wanted to do it, but never really found the, the rhythm and the time to sit down and do it and having a deadline.

And so I’m, that’s, I mean, that’s just one of those major sort of tick off bucket list kind of things. I mean, nobody makes a lot of money out of writing books these days unless JK Rowling. So you know, there’s no wizardry in my book, it’s a sort of handbook for getting your finances on track. So that’s a benefit. It’s a bit of an ego trip for me, definitely a bucket list thing. Yeah. But obviously gets my message in the hands of our people in a different form. And actually, for me, one of the benefits of producing content consistently weekend week out is it helps you refine your thinking helps you refine the stuff you say to clients as well. I my case obviously chunky audience that they’re dealing with clients. Yeah, and you get the same questions. But you, you really refine how you answer them. So you become much more succinct much more direct to get to the number the issue because you sort of constantly sort of chewing over in your in your brain and finding the right way to say things either on a podcast on a video or whatever. So that’s been a real benefit. And in the industry, it’s really helps people know who I am now. Now, that’s obviously again, not going to, you know, sort of make me a lot of money or anything like that. But it does give me a certain amount of influence and respect. And that can help, you know, with maybe forming policy or knowing some useful people to get your message out still further. So there’s loads of benefits, none of which had in mind when I still

feel somewhat of something of a fraud really, like I should announce of this stuff.

Well, I think I know from your podcast that you have been inspired by other podcasters, like Pat Flynn and Gary Vee, and things like that. So I guess you kind of knew in the back of your head the results that they were getting. Yeah, I guess it was a little bit in there. Yeah,

I like a slice of that. I mean, Gary Vee book crush, it is the sort of one of the real triggers that got me started in 2009, back in 2009, early 2010. Because the premise of that book, his first book crush, it was just that life, your message is any good. And if you do it consistently, people will show up and take notes. Yeah, and I just thought I’d have a go, you know,

I’m not Gary Vee. I’m never going to be doing

he, his message is so simple, actually, that it just really resonated. So it was literally just, I will have a go, yeah, I’m Pat Flynn is super inspiring, because he ordinary guy lost his job and turned his hands or something to that makes it per baton, quarter million bucks a month, or whatever. Yeah, and Michael Hyatt is another one. He’s another sort of mega star, really, former chief executive, a massive publishing company in the US started blogging just to keep in touch with as many many employees and then took it further and further and further, and the loads of great content on productivity and leadership and self management and I sort of stuff and that just started consuming these people. And then off the back of that got inspired. And if I say, I can be one of these people, only on a smaller scale. And yeah, I mean, it’s paid off manager, I love doing it. Yeah, to this day, I love you know, standing here in front of my little booth thing, and, and talking to folks like you, or just myself, and recording the podcast. So

it’s been a great journey. And just as you touched on there, I remember from the from the conference, we were at Andrew and Pete said, a lot of people fail because they don’t enjoy it. And it becomes a slog, and then if you’re going to be consistent, like some people put content out daily, you can’t do that if you don’t enjoy it, right,

man? No, I mean, why would you

the point at which this stops being fun or having, you know, really interesting outlook as I think about where it could be in X number of years on sort of the point which are stopped. So I’ll start, you know, doing it for me and for my family, and to hopefully leave something in the den on this world when I left it,

but if it ain’t fun, and there’s plenty of other things that are so I will do that as I’ve learned, consistency is key, for sure. But I’ve also learned to give me a give myself a break if you know, something happens, which means I don’t pull out podcasts. I don’t put out video because I know I’m doing it 98% of the time. So for you know that one time in, you know, 50 or hundred or whatever that I don’t do. He doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to die. Yes, that’s week. So. But what’s great now is if I do people start emailing me, okay. All right. How’s the family and

other people care? Yeah, no, fantastic. So what? What advice would you have to say there’s some people watching who have just never thought about this before, or, you know, what’s, what’s the kind of the first steps as you do? Did you dive straight into that weekly podcast? Or did you have a play around or with the video stuff? Yeah,

I did videos for 18 months, nearly two years before making the leap to podcasts, really. And I happen to think that of the three main media so written word blogs, video and audio, you can add to that sort of subsets like imagery,

infographics, stuff like that, but for the three main content types, and the podcast is five, by far the shallow is pool is by far the least amount of competition, that you still need to be good. And there is still lots of competition. But you compare it to YouTube, you know, which is just a vast ocean of content and trying to stand out that is difficult. And so I messed around with video. They were rubbish to start with. I started buying kit. You know, I literally had a fact I’ll show you one second

here. Yeah, I started with it. Oh, fantastic.

got flipped out. Yes, people. Yeah.

And now a shoe on this. Okay. I think that you Oh, you got the water cannon was

nice. Yeah.

So this is a 2000 pound camera. Yes. What is under 120?

Where the flip out USB thing? Yeah. So you know, this is fine. To start. I think you need to relentlessly pursue excellence, not just the kit, you know, that’s secondary to the content itself. So yeah, I messed around. I listened back to my first ever podcast, and it seems awfully halting and sort of fun. tentative. Yeah. Whereas now I just taught, you know, just used to it so you get better, but you get better with consistency. Yeah. And so I do believe, you know, a key thing to anybody thinking of starting out is look, plan for 50 of whatever you want to do. 50 blog posts, 50 videos, 50 podcasts. Actually, if you can get past 10 you’ve probably cracked it if it’s still fun. Yeah, most most podcasts don’t get past six or seven episodes and so I’m closing in on 300 now and it’s just part of life you know so

plan for consistency know agrees I mean, the first time we went live in this group the audio wasn’t working with and it’s like live is like the hardest thing to practice because it is how do you go live without going live sort of thing and then it No One No One died although it was my The thing is the guy was my mentor this guy’s like a multi millionaire who I you know he’s time is very precious and we managed to sort of sort the audio afterwards but like no no one died from that and it was it was awful but and then we do a we do a show each week called talking as we go live you look at the first ones they are awful I mean, it’s still not perfect now but I think as long as you get better

not to worry about I think people are more concerned about the content and and you would you agree definitely as long as there is no friction to consuming it. So if you watch a video and the audio is distractingly bad, yeah. That is going to detract from the content


but as long as this listen to a ball long as it’s watchable and, you know, cameras not shaking around too much, then yeah, people will, will show up. But then you think the key is to learn from past mistakes just past sort of suboptimal things. So I think, Okay, well, actually, you know, the lighting is between there. So how can I fix that this is stuff that I now obsess about. But, you know, I used to literally just clamp my little flip video camera on a gate outside in a field somewhere on a rock on the beach and talk to even though there’s wobbling around a lot of Windows. So you know, as long as it’s as long as it’s okay. It is the content itself that matters and that’s where really need to put the work in planning and creating that and that’s where certainly I spend the vast majority of my time

and then how do you go about that then so because we both know sort of Gary Gary Vee talks about documenting rather than trying to create but I guess you need some sort of plan as well and you any especially you do seasons of stuff as well but I guess whatever I suppose there’s no kind of rule really in terms of what kind of what works for you Yes

it is and what works for him he’s you know if you’re a gazillion errors to have a team of people producing this stuff for us and be falling around with a video camera so I love that and I create rather than document I’ve tried blogging I still really want to get into but it’s hard yeah the amount of stuff you have to shoot and the hours of editing yeah I’d love to be able to do it but i think you know until I am in a position to have somebody follow me around got see it really being consistent so I am a creator so scripts I plan a season so I’m already sort of planning season beginning ninth of January and writing it and recording it I’ve never been so far ahead actually because I’ve got some help now to help me with some of that stuff but I am doing the content creation coulis helping me with social strategy around it all. But I sit down and write. I mean, I write longhand no longer handle pain, but run, you know, with a typewriter and I script my podcasts. So there is a type type, right?

You did say that, right? I’ve got a great vision

keyboard and, you know, sit and talk with that. And so I write three, three and a half thousand words for half hour podcast. And I read it for the most part, but I’ve taught myself to read pretty fluidly. And but that’s just the way I construct my thoughts. And so I learned that I’ve tried bullet pointed, it just doesn’t work for me. Yeah. And actually, because I construct longhand and edit as I write, I don’t have to wait at the podcast. I literally just press stop and then look a bit of a queuing and then put it up. It’s that easy. Okay. Yeah. So you got to find what works for you. And there is no right way now. Absolutely. And then so. So you’re editing your own pocket, you know, sending it off to someone know, you’re literally doing it all there is Yeah, there is no idea to literally take off a little bit of air at the beginning and end, you know, the saw two second gap before I start talking, I mix it live. So obviously, right on See, but I have a mixer here. I have a little string deck here that I trigger sounds with live mix it all live. It’s been I said, I have to do much. I literally said it going and bring in my proper microphone here. Yeah, and just do it. And then there is no anything except just a little bit of E cueing, but I’ve got those on shortcut keys. So literally localization first that an export it and he takes me like 30 seconds to a podcast. That’s


Because this one thing, sorry, takes me three hours to write one.

So you’re either spending time before or after. So there is you do there is a time commitment. Where I guess, and especially because you’re not going to see instant results from this, you you’re playing the long game, you know, if you are a if you’ve got this chosen profession, you’re building a business in this in this thing, you see yourself in it for the next 20 years, or whatever it is. And then I suppose you got to accept the first maybe a year or two, you’re going to get nothing from it. So you still need to make time for your normal sort of business and not worry about

for sure. I mean, I’m in the fortunate position. Now, you know, this business very well established, as I said, and I’m one of three older directors here. And because Jackson’s has benefited so much from the main for money project, I now have a day a week so this Friday, right, my main money day. So you know, I’m phone off door shots, guilt free, just creating and I love it. And I still do all evenings or weekends, stuff that I’ve always done that so it’s a massively improved my capacity. But yeah, yeah, you’re dead. Right? So long game. So and any it needs not necessarily to replace the more traditional forms of marketing. Yes. If you want to sponsor your local kids football team, or, or, you know, put

advertising border and the local bowling club or whatever, probably not, if your mortgage broker was mostly retired, but you know, I mean, yeah, but advertising board our local bowling club. Yes, that kind of our kind of people might go there. And so some in there’s nothing wrong with doing this stuff. Still, content marketing is increasingly important. I think it’s just another thing to be added into the mix.

Oh, no, absolutely. I mean, we still run ads all the time. But then it means people get to know us a bit longer. We know that we’re not going to get that lead or that inquiry on the first visit, but we keep bringing them back. So like our remarketing answer, like the thing that brings our clients in, and then we’ve got something new to show them each time they see our ads again, that kind of makes sense. Yeah,

definitely. And you know, we all do a if you know, if we if we need a mortgage broker in Penzance, then while we’re going to Google and then Google will be broken, Penzance going to look at two or three websites, and the one which is consistently sharing on the standing commentary on what’s going on in the world. You know, how change legislation might affect mortgage borrowers. What you can do to give yourself a better chance of being accepted for a mortgage at the long term value that you want all those things, somebody who’s providing that amount of value is going to get it that you’re going to win versus your somebody else who’s just got brochure site? Because I mean, I would, yeah, I would go gravitate towards somebody who’s relentlessly helpful. Yeah, that’s

it. And we’ll just with all of them, you so much, I think 99% of mortgage websites, you do not see a photo of an advisor, you see stock images of properties, and is that who he is? Yeah, they’re all the same. I just, it’s kind of like, yeah, I’ve probably seen one

mortgage website with the guy featured in front that I have not worked with,

I’ve seen a lot of websites, I can tell you. So I think, yeah,

that’s the one thing I want to get across to the guys is

like, take a step back, look at all the competition and nobody cares, like what you do. And you’re all kind of selling a lot the same deals, it’s too Do I trust this guy, or girl or whoever,

to help me

that and then that’s it. And that’s by like, you say, I think being incredibly helpful. Yeah,

I think you can, you know, even then, after the, you know, the sort of initial when you feel like winning the client and say, Okay, here is how the process will pan out from initial meeting with us through to you getting your keys or whatever. And, you know, if you’re sort of taking people on a journey before they actually take it. I think that’s super powerful. And people have got the same questions. And everybody watching this could probably sit and write down maybe 15 to 20 questions that they get asked at least once a month by clients, and probably way more than that, and that is a place to start with your content. Really, can I answer the main questions that people are always asking, not only does that help for SEO, obviously, you know, if you can frame those blog posts, or video to or thumbnails or whatever, with the right questions that people are typing in,

but you know, it’ll be helpful. That is the stuff that people want to know. And you can every stage of the journey, it’s so easy to do, really, and you’re just are you doing you think about it, if you’re a professional services person, you talk for a living, and you’re always answering these questions anyway, so I’m just doing front of a camera or something like that website.

Absolutely. And then if you get emails from people who are just kind of rather than phoning you, and then someone asked you that question you’ve already filled the answer on you can give them the answer an email, but also check out this video. Yeah. And then again, they can build a better rapport with you as well. Totally. Yeah,

because I now do like a video on a Friday, and I put the audio into the podcast feed. So it’s just called Five Minute Friday, and just try and answer people’s questions. So I get questions on email all the time. And I just sort of flagged them in Gmail, it’s at right, that’s a five minute Friday question that I can answer quickly, then I get emailed back to that person. So cool. You know, thank you for answering my question. And, and so yeah, rapport is great. Yeah, I know,

I think I think that’s it. I think if you if you build the report before you’ve already spoken, yeah,

you’ve actually now that

cool. Do you have any advice for anyone else in financial services that wants to get more business essentially? Yeah,

the key one, particularly faster services is don’t be afraid of compliance. Too many people use compliance as a reason not to do this stuff. Yeah. Now, depending on your situation, if you’ve got, you know, if you’re an appointed rap of somebody, or, you know, you’ve got some kind of compliance oversight, then yeah, you might have to jump through some hoops. You might have to get video scripts or blog posts signed off first, and that’s okay. You just need to be thinking probably, you know, three, four weeks ahead so that you can get them to them and get them back or whatever. But it’s never an excuse. Really, the rules are after comply by financial promotions. Rules. Being an obvious one, making sure you got the relevant disclaimers and stuff. not rocket science. Really, Alex I think we can use it as an excuse but isn’t or certainly shouldn’t be. I don’t have time is also the worst excuses. If you want to do it. You’ll make time Yeah, yeah. Gary Vee. Always happy to say I don’t have time. You know, stop watching Game of Thrones. Yeah. Want to do it. Stop watching movies. tv. Yeah. away. Yeah. If you want. No, I got a couple of book recommendations on if you want to. Come

on. Oh,

absolutely. One once you’ve once we know where to get your book. And we can

chat about that. Yeah, no worries. Yeah.

Now, one thing, my mentor, he says is that billionaires have 24 hours in the day, they just use them differently. With all lit time is the one thing that we’ve all got. And if someone else is doing it, like you, you’ve made time for it. When you’ve got a financial service business, there’s no reason why anyone else can’t. And some of those people, we saw it up an hour. I think that was the Real Men Real Style Guide. I’ve got this now. Yes,

he was. He had a full time job. And he was shooting sort of three or four videos. He was getting up at six or seven in the morning, shooting some videos and then going off to work. And then there’s a lot of people that are self employed brokers that are more flexible with their time. So if he can do it, then I think everyone else can as well. But I think comes back to the you’ve got to enjoy it to get up at that sort of time to dive into it.

For sure. Yeah, and, you know, matching helps as well, as you say, Well, actually, Okay, the last three hours on a Friday afternoon, I’m going to sit down and write or I’m going to shoot three videos. I used to do three videos a week. And, you know,

if you’re not obsessive about editing, and stuff like that, you can do that quite easily. And even now. It’s I’m done at least one podcast and one video a week as a rule. So yeah, it’s it’s Yeah, you make time if you think it’s worth it, and it is. Yeah,

no, absolutely, absolutely. Right. So when can I get your book? And why would I get it?

Okay, so I should just, I should have done this before. And

I think it’s great. Any interview where someone’s got a dive off on a slice, and I’ve done my job well, right? Yeah,

exactly. Well, I

was those my lack of preparation

provides. Yeah,

so this is the meaningful money handbook. The tagline is everything you need to know and everything you need to do to secure your financial future. And that’s kind of a tagline to the podcast, you know, I mean, for 98% of his personal finance is dead simple. It comes down to three things, then, lesson learned, insure against the absolute worst that life can throw at you. Yeah, okay. Life critical on a single project in that sort of stuff, and then invest wisely. How do you invest? And how do you, you know, give yourself the best chance of succeeding with investment. And if you do those three things consistently, most of us will never need more than pensions, and ISIS, those are the simplest and most accessible and easiest to understand tax rappers. Most of us don’t need offshore trust. So we had a sort of a separate q rocks, or any of the weird sort of technical stuff that only nerds know about. And we just need to do these three things consistently. And that that book I wrote it because I wanted to write the sort of definitive Look, just do these things consistently. For the next 30 years. Yeah, we’ll be fine. And guarantee it. And because it’s simple math, you know, if you just call you benefit from compounding steadily increase the amount you’re saving. I know life gets in the way. Sometimes the book tells you how to deal with that as well. And but it’s really everything you need to know everything you need to do for most ordinary people is not about the millionaires. It’s a book for ordinary people who just want to save a bit more and put it to good use fancy dancy stories, pizza, pizza, Fantastic. So all the links to their Amazon and all the other places you can get it. So pizza is brilliant. And once I’ve read that, obviously,

what do you mentioned some book recommendations? Yeah,

I think for those specific him, I will go off and get them here. Finally, for those specifically looking to get better at content marketing. And two books specifically. One is called they ask you answer by Marcus Sheridan. So Marcus Sheridan is he had a swimming pool company, which he took over in 2008, and everybody stopped buying swimming pools because the property crash credit crisis and he basically just started answering questions, what’s the difference between a concrete and a fiberglass pool was the cost differences or sort of stuff? And he basically is hit upon a formula for answering the questions that people ask. And he talks about his big five the kinds of questions that people answering the kind of content you should produce off the back of it. Yeah, so that’s a great book, highly recommended. The book called known by Mark Schaefer who’s a content marketing God really superstar known, as the name suggests, is about how to become the primary voice in your field and how to become known and therefore how to obviously convert that into sales and business. Awesome stuff. So two great books on that Andrew and P. Actually, you mentioned Yeah, who were a new printer and those guys are fantastic obviously they’re taught you printer was just outstanding. And the other person who I think really, really gets content marketing in the UK circle. Chris Maher from the content marketing Academy, good friend of mine, but that community is a community of very disparate kinds of professionals, all of whom are looking to get better with their content marketing and who help each other. So really close knit community, everybody’s out to help each other and yes, so that’s the content marketing Academy. So that’s not a book

it’s a great place to learn how to do this stuff and it’s from the UK perspective as well. Which can help. Yeah,

no fans. I mean I found Chris Ducker of view printer trying to find an English voice on a podcast a few years ago

and then yeah, just I just that that whole People to People p2p philosophy change and transform my business almost overnight from that so, yeah. I’d also recommend Chris Ducker to with that as well and with Andrew and Pete as well give them a chance because they’re they’re quite young their little bit I think black is the right word

but they also

quirky but they are so clever their talk was was just incredible so give them a bit more time than you might do normally if you think because I can imagine a lot of people in financial services thinking oh this is a bit to nuts for me yeah exactly they are very intelligent guys

they are there was another guy called Mike Morrison who’s he’s a sort of membership site specialist but he’s kind of on the scene in the whole content marketing space and he tweeted off the back of Andrew repeat speech he said mark this in your calendar This is the day that Andrew Pete begin the best content marketing speakers in the world that’s how yeah it was it was outstanding we go to light say if you can cut through the quirkiness if that’s not your bag yeah and that they’ve they throw out some absolute parallels there. They’re very very talented guys

are we have got them booked on are talking out alive

in January,

I sent them a an Instagram message. And I because I was so clear on what I was doing after that conference. In fact, after day one, I was so clear. And then after their talk, I was all over the place and I sent them a message saying guys, yeah, you have ruined my life guys. So I feel like you owe me so you need to come on my show.

And it was

really appeal to them. As ya know,

it was they they love it. So I’m really looking forward to to that as well. Cool, right. Thank you for your for your time. I can get the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

Anyway. Yeah, I just did just bought a file. So the stuff meaningful is the website where it’s all happening. So in the process of being rebuilt, but everything is that meaningful.

Fantastic, thank you. We really appreciate your time taking out on your your meaningful money day.

And we’d love to get you on talking out at some point. So I’m going to I’m going to when we when we go live in a minute, I’m going to run twist your arm to to join us for that as well.

No, no interesting required.

Fantastic. All right. Thank you, mate. Thank you so much x. So there we have it. I told you we were starting with an absolute cracking episode. So if you want to see more of these interviews alive, I go live every Friday afternoon and I get a special guests each week and I will grill organ say grill grill them I want to get as much value out of them as possible and make it specific for financial services. So we’ve got a Facebook group is called lead generation for financial services, you can find us on Facebook, and we actually go live twice a week, we’ve got a show called talking ads. And in the next episode of the podcast, I’ll be pulling out some of the best bits from talking. So that’s the show where I get our team together. We also get special guests together on that as well. We talk about the adverts we’ve seen in social media that week. We again we try and relate how you can use those strategies for financial services. But we basically dissect the approaches people are making talking about how maybe we would do that differently. So coming up in the next episode are sort of five or six clips from the best bits of some of our talking ads. So that’s the format of this podcast. It will be interviews and also best bits from talking out. So I will see you next week with those clips. And if you could take two seconds out to subscribe, that’d be amazing. But if you could also leave us an honest review be great to hear your feedback and it will just help us to be able to create more content and provide more value for you. So hopefully I will see you next week.

Buying Leads vs Generating Them Yourself

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