How We Work

What do we class as a lead?

A lead is an enquiry, someone who has visited your website and is asking for your help.

The hottest lead is when someone calls you directly because there’s an element of trust in you and they have an urgent need.

People may ask for a call back using a web form rather than calling. This will consist of a name, email address, phone number and a message.

Do we sell leads?

Absolutely not, because it’s a waste of time for you and your prospect.

Our clients prefer quality over quantity and don’t have a call centre to mine through tyre kickers, rate hunters and people in the last chance saloon.

  • A lead seller cares about their margin per lead. We care about the growth of your business.
  • A lead seller will drop you if someone offers to pay them more per lead, we’re in it for the long haul.
  • If you buy leads you are paying to market someone else’s website and not your own.

We want you to be able to attract the best advisers to your firm because you can feed them with quality enquiries. We can help them self-gen whilst we build your firm’s own pipeline too.

The best quality enquiries come through your website because someone has considered their options and chosen you.

How do we generate leads?

Very simply by giving someone looking for advice the feeling that you won’t screw them over.

When people need financial advice they’re looking to avoid:

  • Pressure selling
  • Feeling stupid speaking to an expert
  • Wasting their time.

So we help you build trust, gain rapport, offer them guidance and display your expertise in their specific problem.

If you tick all those boxes and make it easy to enquire then the phone will ring.

We only work with financial advice firms and have a deep understanding of the market and what consumers want to see to make them feel comfortable picking up the phone to an adviser.

What’s involved?

We do everything for you, a brand review, redesign then rebuild your website (quickly), create new content, get it all compliance approved for you, manage your ads and monitor the quality of leads coming through.

We’ll create a custom plan to attract the type of clients you prefer following a tried and tested process used on dozens of financial advice firms.

Once your website is a fully functioning lead engine we’ll start sending more people to it and you’ll get more enquiries.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

It does! And we’ve got the data, skills and track record to prove it.

However, it only works when the timing is right. If it’s too early then it can be a cash flow killer.

We tend to work with more established firms, not necessarily established online but those that have grown through word of mouth.

If you have a track record of offering a great service to your clients then we can help accelerate your growth.

You might:

  • Be busy yourself but your advisers could do with more enquiries
  • Have a team almost at capacity but you want to grow
  • A great reputation but no online presence.

We can’t help:

  • Startups – We have lots of training and guidance (Check out our podcast and ask about our DIY option) but paying someone to generate leads will become a cash flow killer for you no matter how good they are.
  • Self Employed Advisers – If you are allowed your own trading style we can teach you (ask about our DIY option) but the numbers won’t stack up if you pay us to do it for you.

We can check if you’re ready

We can tell within about 15 minutes whether the timing is right just by assessing how many people are already aware of your brand, your competitors and your current website.

(Don’t worry if you think your website is rubbish we will have seen worse! An established firm with a rubbish website is our sweet spot!)

We’ll be completely honest with you and if you’re not ready we can refer you to someone that can help and/or give you some guidance on what you can put in place. 

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