How To Improve Your Contact Rate

Thank you page

Add a video to your thank you page, let people know you and/or your team so they know who they will be speaking to.

Share your phone number, let them know exactly what phone number you’ll be calling from and ask them to save it to their contacts (so they know it’s you).

Auto SMS

Make sure you have the permissions to do so but you could send a SMS text confirmation thanking them for the enquiry. Let them know who will call and from what number; we use Zapier and Twilio to send the text.

Email sequence

Again, make sure you have permission to email the prospect and create an automated email sequence (we use active campaign).

Rather than chase them and let them know you’re trying to get hold of them. Just add value, send case studies. Treat it as a branding exercise, we get more calls from prospects this way. Don’t come across like a desperate salesperson.