Getting More Customer Calls

Did you know that with Google AdWords you can drive more calls and texts to your business, not just drive traffic to your website? You can with Google AdWords ‘Call-Only’ units and click-to-messages.

Pay Per Call

The Pay Per Call system works by a bidding system, similar to when you are bidding for a higher position on Google to drive traffic. However, this method works for advertisers using either a Google tracking number or their own number, to help drive business to a company, by calls. With Pay Per Call, the chosen number will appear with a call button next to it. This method is an advertising method recommended for advertisers who only want calls, as they will be able to bid exclusively on calls alone, as opposed to before where it was only possible to bid on clicks and calls combined, as calls were billed as clicks. Previously, marketers had to pay the same price regardless of whether users called or clicked.

Pay Per Call meets the needs of advertisers who want calls and want to avoid clicks or worrying about landing pages. The Pay Per Call option is completely customisable, as it enables the choice of how your number appears, and when it should appear with custom times, that you control.

Pay Per Call is also advantageous as it is optimised for a variety of different platforms. For example, your advert can be optimised for mobile phones, as you can choose whether to show an ad with URL and a phone number or just show the add with just a number. You can also customise the text ad for desktop and laptops, and text ads to be mobile optimised for ads on mobiles.

If it Pay Per Call is used with your own number, you will have access to standard performance data. However, if you are using Google’s extension number, you will gain access to more detailed call metrics, with Google forwarding.

If you would like any more information about Pay Per Call and how it can be beneficial for your business take a look here.


Another method of advertising is click-to-message, which is an easy but effective way to communicate to potential customers. As nearly two-thirds of smartphone users are messaging more than 5 times a day to communicate with others, it’s no surprise that messaging has become a viable way to advertise and reach a target audience.

Sending a text message, offers efficiency and effectiveness, as a conversation can be started or replied to within seconds, which means that valuable conversations can be initiated by tapping into one of the user’s most frequently used and most preferred methods of communication. Click-to-messages offers a faster consumer experience on mobile, that boasts flexibility, that can provide users with useful information that gets them one step closing to purchasing.

It’s known that 65% of people would consider messaging a business for information on a product or service, or to schedule an in-person appointment. Being the fastest, most effective way to connect, click-to-messages allows a business to send pre-written or custom text, a much faster way to connect with consumers on mobile to increase their conversion rates.

Click-to-messages offers a seamless and streamlined process of communication that increases brand trust. It also allows you as a company to respond in a quick and cost-effective way. Click-to-message allows the ability to engage with a business, in a way that’s comfortable for the user. Questions can also be asked and answered that are not on the website and when the office is closed, making it quick and convenient.

For a couple of examples of click-to-messages being utilised:

TravelPass Group utilised click-to-message and saw a 41% higher conversion rate compared to other ad-extensions.

Auto & General achieved an 80% conversion rate higher than before they utilised click-to-message, compared to other ad-extensions.

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