Getting Your Business On The Map

Google My Business can be a beneficial tool for your business, for a variety of reasons. Google My Business gives you the tools to update information about your business and engage with customers from a phone, tablet and computer. Also, Google My Business is free of charge and allows customers to find your business with ease as it locates you on Google Maps. By displaying your business phone number and website, people can contact you with any queries they may have and see what you have to offer as a business.

You control what potential customers see when they do a local search in your area for your business. Google My Business provides the ability to upload new photos, update custom open hours and engage with your customers online by responding to reviews, giving you a platform to build customer loyalty.

You have the ability to keep information about your business updated, so it’s easier for new customers to find you. Google My Business gives you the ability to adjust opening hours for holidays and update new phone numbers, so customers are kept ‘in the know’.

Google My Business encourages customer loyalty, as you have the ability to start conversations with your customers, by responding to reviews within a timely manner, allowing you to have a two-way conversation with clients based on their experience and any concerns they raise.

You can upload as many images as you like with Google My Business, images of sales, products or favourite menu items, to really show what’s unique about your business and why people should choose you.

Get real information about how Google listings bring you business, which allows you to track important information like calls, requests for directions to you, website visits and listing views. With Insights, you can learn more about customer actions, and how you are doing as a business and ultimately, how to set yourself apart from your competitors, which gives you an advantage over them.

You can obtain a greater understanding of community with Google My Business’ Insights, as you can find out where people are coming from, which gives you the knowledge you need to target customers better and entice new ones in. You can even discover what photos are getting noticed the most, and how you are doing, compared to similar businesses.

With Google My Business, your business can be displayed above organic search results, which puts your business in a prime position to get recognised by new customers. And don’t forget, there are no charges by Google for this service.

Get your business listed on Google with ‘Google My Business’

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