SEO For Financial Services

Free traffic from Google means free leads, reducing the cost to acquire new business dramatically.

SEO For Financial Services

It’s More Cost Effective

If you’re on page one of Google for the financial service product you provide, you should be getting a load of free leads.

You won’t have to buy as many leads or spend as much on advertising. It should reduce your cost per lead and how much you pay to get new business.

SEO forms an integral part of any financial services marketing plan we put together.

Imagine seeing your business in prime position… Looks good, doesn’t it? Your potential new customers would agree, too.
When you’re ranking higher on Google, you will find that you’ll make more traffic gains as statistics show that the first five positions get the majority of search traffic, which is more than 60%.

Being part of the top five of Google signals trust to new clients. After all, Google became the world’s most popular search engine because people trusted it and it’s the same reason people continue to use the search engine day in, day out – because they trust it to generate the answer they are looking for.

So being at the top of a search engine they trust, will also make them likely to trust you, too.

The SEO Opportunities For Financial Services

There are millions of searches conducted each month in the UK for most financial service products. However, the trick is to pick the keyword that we have the potential to rank for.

We don’t just pick these terms out of a hat, we cross-reference the search volumes with a difficulty index which indicates to us where the opportunities lie.

What we’ve found in a number of instances is that it’s much easier to get on page one than you think. A lot of financial services businesses assume it’s going to be too difficult so they don’t bother. That’s a lot of people not bothering with SEO. Less competition, the easier it is.

First Impressions DO Count

Your website is the first port of call a customer will make with you, and first impressions really do count in this instance.

You don’t want to deter a potential customer (or Google) by slow-loading times, a website that is difficult to manoeuvre around and old-fashioned.

That’s why we have developed a framework to ensure that ensures every website has superfast loading times, high-quality clean code that Google loves and a structure that has your customer journey at the forefront.

Video: An SEO Quick Win You Can Implement Yourself Today

Content Is Really Important For SEO

“I Know What I Want to Say But, Not Sure How To Say It?”
If this sounds like you, or you’ve uttered this sentence, we can help.

Imagine if someone had a website and the design was brilliant, but the copy was terrible, would you buy from that company? Probably not. That’s why our experienced copywriters will get to know your business and tell its story with a persuasive flair, that’s not so in your face.

Whether you like it or not, customers form judgments on your company from your website. That’s why valuable content and a functioning website is so crucial to how successful your website is at making sales. It can either rouse people to action and inspire them to take action, or scare them away for good, that’s why your image matters so much.

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