Digital Marketing Speaker

I really enjoy changing people’s perceptions of digital marketing.

I talk about how psychology is just as important as the technology.

I’m a digital marketing speaker with a different story to tell.

With the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, it’s becoming even more difficult to stay ahead of the game. With 86% of marketers implementing content marketing, Facebook among other social channels appearing to take over a news medium and other new trends emerging daily, the world of digital marketing can appear even more of a minefield.

However, as new trends arise, the leaders who are steering the industry are speaking up to share their hints and tips to help people who want to up their digital marketing game, which is exactly what I strive to do.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing speaker with 14 years experience in digital marketing, I aim to ‘wow’ your audience, leaving them excited to implement some new ‘quick win’ strategies. I’m Alex Curtis, the founder of the Lead Engine.

Digital Marketing Speaker

A Little Bit About Myself And My Business

I took a leap of faith and left my comfortable job at a web design agency in 2013, and decided that I didn’t just want to build websites. I wanted to help people build their businesses, and to this day I’ve seen a huge success.

I started working for myself in 2013, and ever since then I’ve been committed to delivering results to our clients, not only to get their pages ranking higher on Google but to convert as many leads we generate, into sales.

At the Lead Engine, we believe that any website, no matter how big or small it is, has the potential to generate high-quality leads. So we utilise all aspects of digital marketing to drive website visitors and enable you to spark relationships as early on in the buying cycle as possible.

We provide hands-on support for the design, content and advertising, every step of the way of the customer journey.

We have extensive knowledge in Copywriting, so we can tell your story. Web Design, so we can bring your business to life. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to help your business reach greater lengths. We have expertise in Google Adwords – the most popular advertising system in the world, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, all in order to generate successful leads for your business.

We can utilise platforms such as LinkedIn to target your ads at a group with specific skill sets, so you can make sure your ads are reaching the right audience. We can also create Custom Audiences with Facebook, so you can ensure that the audiences you are targeting are genuinely interested in your products and services.

We understand that PPC can be a bit a minefield, however, as a digital marketing speaker, it’s my job to make it less daunting, so you have the 100% confidence in the methods we use and talk about, to conduct them yourself.

Digital Marketing Speaker

Digital Marketing Speaker With Proven Success

To mark the success of the Lead Engine, the company has gone from me helping one manufacturer to my team and I work with multiple clients across the UK. We’re much more than an SEO, Web Design, or Digital Marketing Agency, we’re a business or sales support company.

The company quadrupled in size in the last half of 2017 and we have a waiting list of clients wanting to onboard with us in 2018. We have moved into a new office at the Allia Future Business Centre inside the Peterborough United Football Stadium with a great view out onto the pitch. All of our clients are generating a healthy number of leads, are growing and generate profit from the work that we do.

What to Expect From Me As A Digital Marketing Speaker

I don’t treat my talks as a massive sales pitch, that’s not what I’m here for. Instead, I prefer to share real-life examples, original data and advanced tactics to allow you and your audience to get more results.

In my presentation, you can expect nothing more than dynamic and straight-talking presentations on proven ways to increase your leads, sales and winning new customers, in a cost-effective way. I understand that an attractive looking website doesn’t guarantee success, and content certainly isn’t king without an engaging website. I am equipped with expert knowledge and successful tactics to be able to pass on our tips to others. Most importantly I try to avoid using any technical jargon wherever possible and simplify what can be a difficult subject.

I would love to speak at more conferences, seminars and webinars to share my knowledge, if you have any questions, just let me know.

Talking Lead Generation

Talking lead generation is a series of short videos explaining the strategies we use every day to generate leads for ourselves and our clients.

Looking for Guest Posts too

I’m always looking for new ways to share ideas and spread the word about how to leverage digital marketing to generate more leads and sales. So please do get in touch if you are looking for some guest posts too.

Here’s an example of a guest post about using video with Facebook.