Demonstrate Tangible Value


So I said it doesn’t care what you do because it’s, theirs It’s more interested in what it means for them. So how can you appeal to the self centered nature, so once they see tangible value, so what is in it for them, so they do business with you. So to give you a quick example of tangible value. So this is a portable floodlight sport teams. So a lot of amateur sports teams will have one set of permanent floodlights and that will be on their match day pitch, but they’ll have other pitches that their training on. For all the amateur teams, their training is in the evening. So like Tuesday or Thursday night. Majority of the season is like November, December, it’s dark essentially. They’ve got two choices. To either train in the sports hall, pay extra to do that. Or train on their match day pitch and it gets ruined. Talking to them about tangible value, you save money renting indoor space for evening trainings and you won’t destroy your match day pitch. That’s the tangible value of that product. It’s nothing to do with flicker free LED lights that you don’t need planning permission, there’s funding available, unless there’s tangible value. It goes back to selling the problem first, how you gonna solve that problem.

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