Contrast Is Really Easy To Understand


Okay, so, the reptilian brain is really simple. It understands contrast really well. So, good and bad, with our product or service or without it. what it’s like choosing our service or choosing X. And this is a product launch used to contrast really well. – Hi, I’m a Mac. – And I’m a PC. – I’m into doing fun stuff, like movies, music, podcasts. – And I also do fun stuff, like spreadsheets, and time sheets, and pie charts. – Yeah, PC, it’s quite hard to capture a family holiday with say, a pie chart. – Not really. For example, this light gray area could represent shenanigans and tomfoolery, while this dark gray area could represent high jinx. And you see here, we’ve further divided high jinx into capers, monkey business, and just larking about. – Wow, I feel like I was there. – There’s a couple of things going on, but we use contrast to explain that, we also simplify the message, and then if we think again about the new product launch, they didn’t talk about product, they didn’t talk about the size of the screen, or the hard drive, or the memory, or the RAM or anything. They didn’t bog anyone down with details. It simplifies two messages using contrast. So, a Macs probably better for the home, for the family. PC is probably better for the office. You’re probably a bit nerdy if you’ve got a PC, and a bit cooler if you’ve got a Mac. So it’s just two simple messages and they created a raft of these. They all have a simple message in each. That you don’t need to tell everyone everything to bond together.

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