How We Can Filter The Quality And Quantity Of Our Leads Through Messaging

Messaging plays a pivotal role in filtering the quality of leads that are generated on your website. The way that call-to-action’s are worded can make a significant difference to both quality and the quantity of enquiries that are made, depending on our needs. If you are seeking quality leads or quantity of leads, we help distinguish what wording constitutes to each.

Likely to reduce quantity of leads – unattractive option, unless a user is ready to buy.

Standard, most commonly used, produces average results

Sounds, quick and easy plus users will be expecting a call back.

Less committal – may get email address, customer probably not expecting a call back.

Why We Use Get A Quick Quote

If your call-to-action is simply ‘Get a Quote’, it might be of a slightly average standard. However, with the addition of one simple word, you will be hitting the ‘sweet spot’ of obtaining both quantity and quality leads, just give it a try. You would be surprised how one word can make a huge difference, but it is possible, and it has been done for many of our clients, who are already seeing the benefits.

People Want Information Quicker

Can you remember the last time you needed to get a quote for a product or service online? If a company offered you a quick quote service, would it have appealed to you? People see the words ‘Quick Quote’ and it is something that instantly draws them in. In a digital-age where information is so readily-available at people’s fingertips, people want information quicker than before. The fact that people live busier, more fast-paced lifestyles also impacts the demand for quicker information, as more people are strapped for time. More commonly, people are likely to opt for the ‘Quick Quote’ option in the event of an emergency, where they need a fix quickly.

The wording of ‘Full Quotation’ suggests that there will be a significant amount of time spent on inputting information into it, which may not be particularly attractive if people have not yet conducted their research into a product and service. However, this method is attractive to people that have done their research and planning prior, and they are aware of exactly what they want, in this instance, it provides it with some merits. If you are generating loads of leads, but lack the quality, try asking for a ‘Full Quotation’, it might help.

If you are on the other end of the scale and are in financial services or attracting consumers, you will find that the wording ‘Price Checker’ works really well. People will provide their email addresses as they are looking for a price, but it is unlikely that they will provide a phone number, as it is non-committal. But you can nudge them for a sale via email, with an automated sequence which may result in a sale.

If you’re struggling with striking the right balance of generating both quality and quantity leads, review your website and ensure you have a call-to-action button. If you do not, try out ‘Quick Quote’, ‘Full Quotation’ or ‘Price Checker’, dependant on your needs and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

How We Get Free Video Advertising With YouTube

What are True View In-Stream Video Ads

YouTube provides the perfect platform to reach your target audience through advertisements, for little to no cost with True-View In-Stream Ads. With this platform, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video, which brings a whole new dynamic to advertising, as it provides the viewer a choice to watch or not to watch your advert. This means that you get more views from people who decide to watch your video, that are genuinely interested in your services/products and what you have to offer them.

Spend As Much Or As Little As You Want

With True View In-Stream Ads, you choose the price you want to pay for a view. Which means you do not have to spend excessive amounts of money, you pay exactly what you want to pay. With True View In-Stream Ads, you set your maximum daily budget of how much you want to pay. For example, you could pay £10 or £20 a day, which means you get more traffic for little money, and you reach the right audience for the right price.

Videos Can Be As Long As You Want

With YouTube Ads, you are not restricted by time-limits as your video can be as long or as little as you want, giving you the freedom to experiment with various creative formats. You could try a longer product demo, a testimonial video or a how-to video that demonstrates your product in action, the choice is yours. We normally use videos of a minute long, as our end-goal is to drive traffic to our website. We want to entice people to our website to see what we have to offer.

Why YouTube Is A Great Place To Advertise

With over a billion people visiting YouTube, it makes for the ideal platform to get your message across to people who are interested and choose to view your advert, and you don’t pay unless they do. The benefit of this is that people who choose to watch your advert, are 10 times more likely to engage with your content by sharing and subscribing to your channel.

Types Of YouTube Ad

There are two types of True View Ads: In-Display and In-Stream. In-Stream poses a variety of different benefits, that can be utilised so that you do not even have to pay a penny. This method is where viewers see your video for 5 seconds and are given the choice to skip it or keep watching. With In-Stream, you pay when a viewer watches for 30 seconds or to the end of the video, or clicks on elements of your In-Stream creative.

True View In-Display

With True View In-Display (we may do a video on this soon), your ad will be displayed in search results on YouTube, that reaches viewers when they are looking for a specific video. The benefit of this is that when they click, you know that people are interested in your brand. The most successful ads with this method are longer than 3 minutes, and are targeted to the audience based on demographics (age and gender), topic targeting and affiliate targeting (when you know what people are interested in, regardless of what content they are watching. Once the video is done, you can invite them to download your app, view other videos, subscribe or purchase your products. This is advantageous for your company as it enables people to take action, straight after watching the video.

Drive Traffic To Your Website For Less

We utilise True View In-Stream in the best way possible, and produce video’s that are one minute long. Within a minute, a viewer can learn a lot about your brand and give them enough time to know whether they are interested in what you have offer them. After 30 seconds if you get views, you will get charged less than 20p. However, if you get to the point of your advertisement quickly in 30 seconds, you can obtain exposure and generate interest and awareness for free. What we do is, when the video gets to the 25th, 26th, 27th second of the video, we ask the viewer to skip the video if they are not interested. In terms of editing, we cut the music/sound and the video itself to make it look like the video has ended. This encourages people to skip the advert if they are not interested. If people click-through to your website, you will get charged, however it is still more cost effective than Google AdWords, as clicks cost as little as 20p with this service.

Free Time To Communicate With Potential New Customers

This technique provides you with free time to communicate to your customers, and time to associate with what customers would search for on YouTube and get videos in front of competitors channels and specific videos, putting you before them. With this method you are also able to track the progress with conversion tracking that allows you track how long people are on your site for, how many leads you get from that, and your cost per lead. If you already have some videos, edit them to a minute long, ask them to skip at the 25th, 26th, 27th second and see if it drives leads or awareness.

How We Use YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising is probably one of our favourite topics to talk about because it is so under-utilised. On the most part, you will find that a lot of big brands regurgitate their TV adverts, which just doesn’t work because a lot of the time we’ve seen it before and it can be skipped after 5 seconds, which is wasted on us really.

But, YouTube ads can be powerful – especially for products as you get to see the product in action and in context depending on what your video is. It’s also really cheap, only about 15p to 20p per view maximum, and you’ll only pay for that view if they watch half of the video or 30 seconds (whichever one comes first). This information leads how we structure our videos because we don’t want to pay for that view if that person isn’t interested. What we’ll often do is actually ask them to skip the video if they’re not interested on around 25 seconds, because if they do skip the video then, we’re not going to pay anything. So, we’ve had 25 seconds or so of their time to show them the product, show them it in action, tell them some of the benefits of it and then if they’re not interested, skip and it doesn’t cost us a thing.

Now, just going back, the first obstacle is getting them not to skip. You’ve got 5 seconds right at the beginning where they can’t skip, so if you’re targeting the right audience and the product is relevant to them there’s a good chance they’ll watch it if you intrigue them enough or grab their attention within that first five seconds. You really need to think about something that’s going to either shock them into watching or get them excited and intrigued. If you are targeting the right people, or if you’re re-targeting that shouldn’t be a problem. Then during the next 20 seconds you’ve got time to show off your product, just depending on what your product is. Make sure you get the benefits across, show that loads of people are using it, how they’re using it and then tell them to skip. You do need to make your video file a minute long, as like we said earlier, if you only make it 30 seconds long you’ll be charged after half-way through. So, make your video file a minute long, ask them to skip it at 25 seconds and then cut the music, cut everything so they think that the video is finished at about 25 seconds. Then on around 32 seconds (or something like that), for the people that haven’t skipped, you can keep marketing your product – maybe cover some of the features that you didn’t discuss in your first 25 seconds. You can also ask them to click through to your website because you can have a call-to-action option overlay. If they click on it you’ll be charged as well, but again you’re talking 15p, or something like that.

In summary: It’s cheap, it’s video where you get to talk directly to your customer, you get to show off your product in context, you get to show off all the benefits, and you get the opportunity of sending them to your website to potentially buy the product or download the brochure for it, and the product is getting in front of an audience. Think how much people pay for TV advertising. This is kind of the same thing but you get to be really specific about your audience. It’s really powerful if you can get it right.