Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – What Are Clicks (ALL)

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Hello, and welcome to my jargon busting series. This is for anyone that’s been into Facebook ads, if you work in financial services, you’ve had to look at the results. There’s loads of columns on a table and you have no idea what they mean. This is for you.

So clicks all so there are essentially all the clicks on your ad sites, including likes, shares, every kind of click whether it’s like a read more to see more of the text on images clicking away to your profile. So this can show whether people are interacting with your ad but not necessarily on the call to action. So if you’re getting a really low link, click through rate on your call to action buttons, but high clicks it may be that people are reading the read more bit and not taking action. So it could be a text issue in your ad. So clicks or so that all the clicks on likes, shares, on your profile everything they can click on your ad.

For more information take a look at Facebook’s help pages

Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – Link Clicks

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Hello and

welcome to my jargon busting series. This is for anyone that’s been into Facebook ads. If you work in financial services, you’ve had to look at the results. There’s loads of columns on a table and you have no idea what they mean.

This is for you.

So if you’ve looked at all the columns, you’ll see link

clicks and then clicks in brackets all link clicks are when someone clicks like the call to action on your ad, whether it be learn more, watch this, send a message or whether they’ve clicked on the image or any kind of hyperlink that goes to your website or whatever it is you’re trying to do. So link clicks are what we look at, see how the ad has been effective of them clicking on a call to action.

There’s more information on Facebook’s help pages

Facebook Ads Jargon Busting – Frequency

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Hello, and welcome to my jargon busting series. This is for anyone that’s been into Facebook ads. If you work in financial services, you’ve had to look at the results. There’s loads of columns on a table and you have no idea what they mean. This is for you.

So frequency is the average number of times a user has seen your ads. So if it’s 2.0, on average, people in your audience have seen your ads twice. So don’t get that confused with reach and impressions. So frequency is average number of times that your ad has been seen by individuals.

For more information, take a look at Facebook’s help pages.

Car Finance Case Study

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really going to finance in terms of so when we’ve done this before for finance was really good

because car finance a lot time everybody wants it but not everyone can have it yeah so it was really good for actually finding who your perfect customers are and then you cross cross match it with the intent audiences like looking for car finance or or whatever it was and yeah we worked really well for us we got really really good value leads yeah and all the ones that came through where the right types of people and because we need based on that look alike audience that it was there were the kind of people that we want to target and we found actually because that’s a good example of google versus facebook where we were getting leads on google for was it like 2018 2018

to 20 quid and it was all that stacked up for them and it sounds a lot for free in terms of the night i was kind of our target wasn’t

and then we did that look like we have 10,000 customers that they was about 10,000 wasn’t it not far off yeah and then we impose it in face with credit look like and then it was like five quickly

was particularly

and then if i remember rightly it converted to a sale just that fraction better than the google ones it was like yeah we treated it as like it’s the same quality yeah no it says we’re already talking about a half percent yeah yeah hops and well but yeah interview was was just as good so that customer acquisition we just slashed by like for a quarter essentially it wasn’t it was quite pricey in here

Mortgage Chatbot

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So our best method at the moment for generating mortgage leads is through having a conversation with the potential customer. So what we do is we run a Facebook ads, and we put an advert in their news feed on Facebook. And we can target people that are have been interacting with content related to mortgage. So let’s say we’re going after every mortgage, we want to remarket leads, we can target those people that’s really easy. And then we create the ad we get them to click through to the website, rather than say like a sales page. We get them to drop into Facebook Messenger and we say that you can chat to an advisor now this conversation is automated, so you don’t need to do anything. We’ve scripted everything and we’ve been working on this for over six months and we’ve got it working really well. We lead the conversation with the customer we asked the questions that you need. So you can have input if you want specific information, you can ask us and we will adjust the script to will ask the customer that all the answers and then pulled into a CRM. So normally when you

HubSpot CRM. But if you’ve got a CRM already, we can use that. And it basically what happens when they finished the whole conversation, they’ll book in a phone call with you. And this is all advertised as your brand as you. And then basically you get an email, and you get all the information, all the answers and you get, you know, when they want to call back, they’re expecting a call from you. And they’ve had a bit of a conversation with you already, and you’ve got all that information you need. So I’m going to dive in quickly show you how that works. Okay, so we’re in Facebook. So what would have happened is they would have seen an effort in their newsfeed and your normal sort of Facebook user newsfeed and then it will get them into a chat where it would start off and we’ll ask them why they want to remove this. This is obviously for remarketing. So let’s say for a better deal,

and then the response is automated. Like I said, we have scripted it

and as you can see, we ask you the

Questions. And essentially, this whole conversation now is automated. As you can see, the response comes back automatically. And then we’re populating those answers for you. So again, we are their scripts can be custom, or you can use the ones we’ve got at the moment. You can see the product. This is a test account on sale, tried a few things. So there’s me, that’s my facebook account that I would normally just see one product here. So I mean, say I looked at better mortgage deal. And you can get my age Are these all the answers that I had to the equity release question, but basically all the answers to the questions get pulled in. And so we are things that are the got access to the credit report,

deposit, get my email, employment status, my income.

And basically these questions that you ask our customer and everything’s pulled in. So when you are arranging that phone call back to the lead, you’ve got all that information there and then you can obviously take it from there.

The Benefits Of Facebook Ads

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About or Facebook or three things is when the targeting because we’ll talk a bit about the media in terms of in terms of the then and also the different ways you configure your ads as well. flexibility there. Yeah. And also obviously in terms of the cost. One of the things obviously whilst as PPC and Google search is great, often it does come at a price. Really, it’s a case of but but then it does tend to convert better to lead us as a case of really going through and if you are gonna be doing both on this tracking it all the way through to which of those leads that come through, you actually end up going to business

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads Vs Linkedin Ads

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We discuss the differences between and the benefits of each ad platform. Why we wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket and some of the experiences we’ve had using each platform.


Hello and welcome to this week’s talking ads and today we have got a little vs vs vs

you can see why the title say we’re going to go through Google Ads versus Facebook ads versus Instagram ads versus LinkedIn and we’re going to kind of take a little segment about dive in on each other’s as well so it was meant to be my last episode today my people spoke to your people I was I was having trouble with your agent on my image rights and stuff so that was but then we struck a deal and got an extra week yeah so I’m here till next week everyone was going to be four o’clock and a half to so yeah I’m still not sure what has happened

just more convenient for me

Yeah exactly. And Shall we start with Google yes okay yeah so

the benefits of Google Ads over like the socials in

that people are actually searching for say if it’s a mortgage, mortgage whatever that someone has got that intent so you can’t really tell if they’re ready to remark it already to mortgage they could be in that early research phase but they are obviously looking in that moment

probably could argue that Facebook gives you that as well and not in that exact no yeah same context of it and so then nothing does be Google ads for that conflict of wanting something there and then yeah and that’s where the art comes in in finding the right keywords or yeah terms of someone’s propensity to buy as you say something like mortgages yeah you can still do that research phase absolutely early on so it’s nice knowing what you know definitely so really good example actually was when I was doing that pension annuity suitable the pension changes for years ago we were spending a hell of a lot of money on annuity stuff and really cheap clicks and cheaper leads on annuity calculator, but in terms of cost per acquisition, they were a lot of times

We’re not 55, they were like 30. They were kind of working out what would my new TV my pension when I’m 55 the client was he can do anything with them so it’s like it’s not always going after the cheapest lead or she was clicks. It’s like you say there’s intent behind it. Yeah as well.

So yeah, definitely a really good one. I’d say if you’re going to do it, make sure your remarketing on the socials as well. So yeah, get in front of someone looking for like life insurance or whatever it is. But if you’re not remarketing so that’s obviously when they’ve been on the site and then they come back and go into Facebook or Instagram. Obviously people that have been on our site they’ll see our remarketing ads. So with Google, I just wanted to show a couple of bits on screen of just the most common mistake that I see. So I mean sort of Google Ads now and it’s when it comes to like, put in those


In might have to just check them in a search campaign bear with me saying

so here we are. So I’ve put in this is a test one have done earlier so

I think the ways

why it’s important to say what a lot of people do if they have not done a lot of Google Ads before they’ll jump in a lot, right? I want someone for like who wants re mortgage advice okay and they leave it and they put it in like that and the problem is if you just put it in like that, that is called like a broad match and that will match to anything remotely related to re mortgage so people asking for mortgage advice would be covered in that which is not obviously what you’re after. So if you put these brackets here so really mortgage

so I can’t really see your spell

these brackets that’s like an ever put the brackets right

That is an exact match so only if someone searches re mortgage advice nothing before nothing after nothing in between then your ad will come up but obviously depending on the amount of volume would be whether you do that or not some keywords that or exact search terms that you know convert well that I like your bankers use that but before so if I’m starting something new never done it before I’ll do some broad match modified is we mortgage

so I’m putting the plus right

or phrase

okay so the total with the pluses is anyone that searches anything that includes re mortgage and advice or anything in between in any order before anything before after. So it could be who gives the worst re mortgage advice it was still come up well yeah, it gives the best Who can I speak to for remortgage advice. Those are come up for phrase as well so be


sample of broad match modified over phrase will be where can I get advice if I want to remortgage now comes off, the advice came first when we go with phrase, it would have to include it in that order those two words together in the order is important as it is there. Yeah. Does that make sense? Yes. Yeah. So they’re the most common mistake. So how I normally sell something that I’m not done before I’ll use broad match modified, and I’ll check the search term report. So you’ve got search terms up, hey, I have this is a test account. So in search terms, I don’t think I’ve run any ads on this in in your search term report. It will show the actual searches that have come up that people have clicked on your ads. Yeah, that’s if you did that broad match that first one you’ll see all this random, so anything related to

so doing that on a daily basis and then checking any things that you don’t want it to come up forward and you can block them they’re called negative keywords. So it’s kind of like a daily job really.

of checking what happened yesterday maybe some of those ones that you saw converting maybe you want to be added as an exact yeah maybe you want some to be negatives that don’t come up again you’re always constantly making that better

hopefully that makes sense so that’s the most common mistake the second most common is like whacking too many keywords in for your budget yeah thank you I need to cover everything you’re doing this we have that one client that business finance thing we district it right back did a couple of broad match modified and what they were getting much more value Cindy has given everything so yeah, that’s my kind of top tips on Google and Yeah, you’ve got that intent in that moment. But I think Tommy going to talk about Facebook where we’re finding now the we’re matching intent with

waiting around for the right people because of the the interest target so yeah, absolutely. So yeah, it’s basically what I love about or Facebook or three things is one retargeting because we’ll talk a bit about the media and

terms of in terms of the then and also the different way you configure your ads as well. flexibility there. Yeah. And also, obviously, in terms of the cost. One of the things obviously, whilst as PPC and Google search is great, often it does come at a price really, it’s a case of, but but then it does tend to convert better to lead us as a case of really going through. And if you are going to be doing both on this, tracking it all the way through to which of those leads that come through, you actually end up going to business because it could be even though your cost per lead could be three or four times higher for Google AdWords because that intent is so high it could be essentially better value and getting to cheat leads through a different platform we find Facebook does seem to work quite well for us yeah, and the people we work with but that’s that’s not to say you know, in other industries as well you can get lots of cheap release and cheap interest but yeah, it doesn’t convert to business and there’s not really much much much value in it. So the targeting while about Facebook and the targeting is obviously in terms of the targeting parameters Facebook gives you to start with you can do by location your interests as we sort of said in terms of Leslie on mortgage is going to unlock

products are remortgages by two. Let’s first time buyers. The way it’s all configured are saved audiences by understanding people have liked or interacted with other pages that are linked to remortgages also, in a way that in terms of visiting sites that have the facebook pixel on there that you know, give information on remortgages in the in the data there as well. Yeah, so I mean, we’ve always found Facebook’s own audiences to be lot pretty accurate yeah it’s all the click through rates we’ve seen a pretty good yeah running remarketing ads out to remove the audience to click through rates. Good, we suggest the audience is actually pretty good. Yeah, pretty relevant.

Well, the other things you can do as well is actually do things with custom audiences. And your own data also need to make sure in terms of all permissions, right, and privacy policies are up to scratch and everything else GDPR they can take your customer data put it into Facebook and you could advertise to those customers if you wanted to. Could be really good if I took out like a mortgage products but haven’t been able to do in real life insurance or something else because especially if they already know your brand, they already know you and that’s actually sometimes that’s half the battle. Yep, we’ve seen a lot

senses so you could pull that data into Facebook and then let’s push to sell and life insurance if you know that you have been able to sell it to them and at the first bite yeah we can also do is take that that list of your own customers and Chris was called a look alike audience based on it so that’s in terms of okay so say if you didn’t want the the cross selling thing or so you’ve got this group of people that you know really good customers for you you can put them into Facebook obviously they’ve just taken up mortgage with you so you don’t want to try and sell them a mortgage. But you may want to sell it to people to look exactly like them. Yeah, based on in terms of their demographics, their interests and everything else like that in terms of, you know, thousands of different you know, attributes rolled into one yeah, to amalgamate this audience that’s the perfect customers for what you’re really going to finance in terms of so when we’ve done this before for car finance was really good because car finance a lot of time everybody wants it but not everyone can have it. Yeah. So it was really good for actually finding who your perfect customers are and then you cross cross match it with the intent audience is like looking for car finance or or whatever it was.

Yeah, we worked really well for us. We’ve got really, really good value leads. Yeah, and all the other cases where the right types of people and because we need based on that look alike audience that it was there were the kind of people that we want to target. And we found actually because that’s a good example of Google versus Facebook, where we were getting leads on Google for, what was it, like, 2018, 2018

to 20 quid and it was all it that stacked up for them. And it sounds a lot for free that in terms of the note, I was kind of our target wasn’t

and then we did that look like so we have 10,000 customers that they was about 10,000 was not far off. Yeah. And then we impose it on Facebook, right? They look alike, and then it was like 545

and then if I remember rightly, it converted to a sale just that fraction better than the Google and it was like yeah, we treated it as like it’s the same quality ya know, it says we’re only talking about a half percent yeah yeah. Helps me But yeah, interview was was just as good so that customer acquisition, we just slash

By like, for a quarter essentially wasn’t it was quite pricey India so they good example of yeah those look alikes but it was we’ve tried it obviously they look like with like 100 people and just not as good yeah obviously have the luxury of 10,000 people and then we don’t climb they lend an exact rate for everyone didn’t know so it kind of that’s why it was so important for them to get the right people in though there wasn’t much living room the type of people I want to lend to yeah

so yeah absolutely that’s you have to talk to us right what are the Facebook in terms of say about the media in terms of in the way you can construct your ads you can start your ads to do lots of different things you have to have video ads you know image ads, you have them on a carousel showcase different products that’s what you want to do here

but also the different objectives in terms of some can be drawn to landing pages on Facebook lead forms is not something that we’ve done not we’re not we’re not really that keen on it does not to say that you know, it wouldn’t work and also obviously what we do a lot to drive the message of the chapter

Yeah. And again, depending what people do want to do if they want to do this kind of community building thing, getting people to like your page or join your groups is pretty strong. Yeah, you can mix and match call to actions. Try different different images with different ad text. And yeah,

it’s, it’s pretty comprehensive. And the platform itself has got a lot there. And last few years. Yeah.

And finally, the good thing about Facebook we found the cost Yeah, and we will find it to be pretty, pretty good value

in terms of yes, sometimes you can get a low cost per thousand impressions and then a decent add to go with it.

And then obviously, a decent landing page. If you’re doing it that or a decent chat bot, then you can produce really, really good value lead. One thing I didn’t mention about the Google Ads is you’ve got a couple of lines of text as your ad whereas with Facebook, you’ve got that whole you know, that luxury for granted. Really all got that massive luxury of a massive image, a load of text as well. A call to action, the headline everything If so, yeah,


So what have we got with Google ads? Don’t people tend to ignore them? Jesus being fair of their data and IP address? So yeah, I think I can’t see who that was. But ya know, I think some people do but everyone is different. And then when you’re in that mode, let’s take our finance if you are in that is different brands and the internet for something you really need and something that is nice to have. Yeah, if you’re in that mode, you really need the best car finance deal. I’m pretty sure people are going to be afraid of what we know for a fact that they do some people Yes, definitely. Some people

will not like our remarketing Yes, on Facebook, they’ll be like, Oh, you’re following me around. This is awful. But you don’t you don’t have to sell to everyone. You mom. No, absolutely. No, you just need enough business for it to be profitable. It’s not about selling to everyone. Like there’s not a client that we’ve worked with that needs to sell to the whole book.

UK to make profit so especially the like the self employed brokers we’ve got here that I wouldn’t have that as a worried. And if they don’t click with Google Ads you’re not going to pay anything it’s on a cost per click you did perfect. So if they don’t, then you’re not missing out. I hate that. Yeah well one of the common things we here as well as it Pete people say all will I will I never click on the outs and whichever engine finish loads people say that and yeah I mean I’d say I often don’t click on ads or I didn’t used to

but millions of people do you

balance she doesn’t really like no that’s how Google make money if people didn’t then yeah some people advertisers are worried that you’ll get a load of fake clicks yeah I think Google stamped out a lot i was

i was contracting with this is quite a few years ago with a solar panel installation company and someone from the same IP address when they were in their offices clicking our ads yeah I’m going to cost us one click yeah and the end so refunded it the next day yeah proceed.

Without us needing to do anything

they are pretty hot on that. So to answer that question if they don’t click you don’t get paid

don’t just put all your eggs into one basket don’t just do Google Ads

yeah i think i don’t see that as an issue I’ve actually changed on Google as well now if I’m shopping stuff I would always click on the paid ad yeah if you get a better deal like I found when I go to school not been skiing recently last year when you’re searching for to high school get when you get out there type in ski higher all the paid results offer better deals that you find anywhere else because once you’ve paid once they

once they paid for your click, as it were, it’s more important for them to get your money. So suddenly the the deal that I was then offered was cheaper than I could find anywhere else because they they probably paid for five quick much like so suddenly they were trying to push me through this other kind of this different kind of customer journey and you know it works and now actually if we’re ready to buy bit more, more

Another question so we’re going to come on to Instagram the minute so really good question is Instagram really good option is the demographic a little young

so before we all got opinion on this I mean I’m on Instagram, it’s my portable I know Chris Ducker it’s his favorite he’s older than me

it is young and trendy birth again you can set if you’re doing ads you can set the parameters like so if you want to just comment and let us know what you do if it is mortgages so sorry on our software doesn’t come up who’s who’s put it otherwise I might know the internet in the comment what you do because if it’s if it’s mortgage you can set like when we’re doing the mortgage stuff we’re setting like age groups in terms of your ads like 30 to 40 or 40 to 50 or 25 to 30 so you can set that when it is as if you’re doing that organic then maybe that is that is an issue for more if I was just if I was so Andrew and Peter have a nine to

10 rule like 90% of your effort in one platform so for us it’s our Facebook group so if you were doing mortgages and you achieve I’ll probably wouldn’t choose Instagram for organically or free stuff yes our mortgage advisor meaningful BTL rest he remembers about so I’d probably in terms of ads I think

like try it you don’t need to run it for a couple of days well this mega chicks if you spend if you would 50 pounds break your business I’m guessing answers give me know would 50 pounds be worth spending to find out if you could get two three leads on Instagram If the answer is yes to that and just try it for a couple of days to the interest interested in so when you advertise on Facebook platform the interest know they would not break it break their business so good yeah just try it like there’s no i i’ve got to the point now with with all of this Where is I don’t have an opinion but I don’t I like to be proved wrong and I want to I’d rather

be proved wrong. Yeah, I started doing the same stuff. Yeah, I’d rather be proved wrong by the numbers always. And then it happens all the time. This is how often do we sort of getting out the you know, half an hour that we sort of you know that one of us has done it and we saw think I’m not keen on that. Yeah because x y Zed yeah we run it and it was really want ya know there is some as I still don’t like yeah we put out and it perform really well. Yeah and I’m so glad we put them out because it’s because you’re already well yeah it’s you know, advertising to you Even so, like we always try and think of who our ideal customers when we’re sort of talking to people but even if you think they won’t like it just try it anyway because you can turn it off laughter yeah you could spend five pounds and or like with our messenger stuff we like don’t want our average cost per message we want to be a five pounds we know that it may be for every four messages will get one really good lead to 20 pounds a lead for Mr. mortgage. That’s pretty good. But then if it’s over get an ad and it’s been 1015 pounds and not got a message then we’ll switch off Yeah, and then we’ll

Will dissect that and think, right, what was not right about that and try something different. So it’s not don’t just write off Instagram. I don’t like it for advertising as much as Facebook, but then we’ve spent more money on Facebook. So yeah,

interesting on the youth thing as well, in terms of that, that demographically probably is correct. Is that Facebook is a younger person’s platform. Yeah. And but thing is, what’s it didn’t necessarily doesn’t necessarily help right now, the younger those young people are getting older. Yeah, I think so. I sort of fiscal face but when it first came out about 1617, and you know, now I’m 29 could every mortgage so yeah, a couple of time. Yeah. So Facebook advertising to remove your old me would have been relevant because I’ve grown up with that platform Instagrams, a little a little bit younger, maybe a thing but it’s the same sort of, it’s the same same principle. Yeah, absolutely. Just a note for add people commenting I’ve put a link in hopefully it’s come in the description that if you click on that and accept and we’ll be able to see who you are when you comment and then I think because then we can put them I think we can put them on the screen like we’re

Law and then we’re done that thing where I can’t get rid of it yeah so cool awesome questions we you Did you finish on face yeah I think


I think the police officer we did last week Didn’t we did the test if you carry on talk

I will get those results

so we did an Instagram story Tesla what Allison that’s come to us last week one with no text on the ad in the story and one with a little bit of text and and we wanted to see kind of how it was before because we saw an ad from Andrew and Pete and they had like next year’s

Anya and they had put it in as a story format but it it really didn’t work it wasn’t kind of designed for a story because you can do it and obviously Facebook and then it will just you can click the tick the boxes and it will just

Apply on to every platform but if you do that with Instagram Stories it doesn’t really work if you got to last week’s episode you got to see that but they kind of had like the image was in the middle with blank space and those loads of tax wonderful still got the maybe thing here

this was it so there was no like more like to see more and I think I’ve always said I am a massive Instagram user I therefore in love Instagram ads and Instagram was a platform but I think when it comes to stories if you get it right it’s really good if you get it wrong it’s really not the right mind me saying enough and so hundred people that if they did that right it would be beneficial to kind of

like Who am I to tell you guys what to do but because they had a social media correspondent there he was there to create fo mo

and then if they just use or her footage as the Instagram story out of thing quite cool. Um, but yeah, it’s kind of about we on this. What was that?

called the software that you use to do

Oh gosh,

it’s on the it’s on the ad itself as a coupling coupling. That’s right and and that kind of automatically does it so you you feel the screen on someone’s phone and I think that it’s a lot better because it looks more authentic it kind of integrates well with stories in general if you’re flicking through story that comes up it’s great if someone didn’t realize it’s an odd thing or was this and it’s kind of immediately got their attention whereas if it’s something comes up his bat doesn’t look great image doesn’t feel as loads attacks or not. Probably not gonna do anything else with it. And I think as a user of Instagram and someone who’s on it quite a lot I would say that Yeah. Music if you’re going to do it, you got to get it right which is little things like filling the space not too much text because Instagram always use an image that platform people don’t want to read load yeah and and yeah, I would say leading on site is the kind of visual side of things so just making

Towards a good image, good quality relevant and then if you have any text to add there is the caption kind of area and that number that’s kind of secondary to that image does come first you’ll see that and realize that’s what people are going to see if I seemed to kind of grab people with that and then kind of any actual information could be kind of in the caption area on so yeah so I was saying cool so yeah my wife got my test results so so obviously it’s not financial services it’s I’m promoting a podcast so don’t take this as gospel yeah this is just the tests that I ran and is a different ads there’s not there’s not a proper test but i thought was quite interesting to share. So I’ll just

share what I did here right Okay, so let’s go back one so I’ve got my normal brokers and this is for in the Facebook feed. And then my Instagram store actually turn off this morning so indicating that it’s not as good so my Instagram story

Overall was 84 pence per landing page view are sending them to the podcast page whereas my normal sort of Facebook feeds of 26 p so some people would argue that and if we look here my chat my god episode is like

26 p on average and some people say maybe

my face is not as attractive as Jodi’s and that’s my

face on that also that ad is her saying along the lines of this and how I got million multi million pound property yeah so it’s a more exciting add anyway so maybe I need to test I could actually because God was half screen I could probably fill an Instagram story with that so might be a better test maybe I’ll do that for next week if I forget time

but yeah so my Instagram story I What was interesting not a fair thing because they wouldn’t it wasn’t like pushing them both out evenly. So that’s a pause one and run the other but

So there’s barely any difference in cost per landing page view between the Walmart has the title on it we have some text so you can see this is the one I didn’t coupling with it later

yeah so it’s got the ultimate podcaster brokers and yeah might so when you talk about good image my face probably not

running along those lines it feels it doesn’t it looks cool yeah and then obviously I did the other one show it

is not enough data but the cost per clicks which cost of a landing page views what exactly the same yeah and I have I did get so it’s really up with a podcast it’s hard to it’s not like generating a lead I don’t know if someone’s listen to the whole podcast I can’t tell ya do landing pages but in terms of

that so

I’m going to stop I’m also not going to run that ad because my Facebook feed ones are better cheaper like 26 Pm to four times as cheap but he’s you know he tried it I’m Yeah, exactly. So

more of what my spent so I know so when we’re going back earlier about it I spent 13 pounds and 46 pens to test that Instagram story and and I’ve learned something from that yeah the modern workplace isn’t good it


but just in general what so what would I do differently so I may be delightful I can test that exact copy that with god yeah I could also get subtitles arms we talked earlier about I don’t listen to I do have my sound on for stories yeah so add subtitles they’re going talking what I’m talking about yeah maybe if I use my page rather than the lead engine so it was more personal Instagram stories so many things that you could you could definitely try there. So if people are interested in in those experiments, I’ll keep doing them. I know it’s obviously not a fan of services. I’m promoting a podcast or whatever so it’s not



going to educate you and say, This is what I should be doing whatever and they looked yelling, do

we get pretty much all our business from that initial click? Yeah, on LinkedIn.

So I know there are some b2b people in here as well. There’s also mortgage people that want contractors and stuff like that.

So LinkedIn is a great platform you can advertise on anything that’s attached to like your profile. So we obviously advertise people that own financial services businesses. In fact, I’ve got my I did a presentation on this the other week for a conference let’s just bring that


this is what we target so you can see that if people in the United Kingdom owner co founder sales manager market, you know, basically either sales and marketing directors or owners with up to 200 employees and in fact of

Change that now because our sweet spot, you know, working with those bigger clients, everything moves so slowly so that when someone’s got like four or five advisors, that’s kind of our sweet spot that we can provide really good value that they can be quite agile and move quite quickly. And then obviously in financial services, but you can target against skills groups,

so you can target a job title, maybe contractors, yeah, in London. And again, it’s about trying it. And I think I’ve got something in here. Here’s my best performing ad. And you can see my cost per click on there’s one panel, one Pence, LinkedIn recommends you bid on cost per click,

and they recommend about five pounds of click that we bid on 1000 impressions. And we do in Facebook.

So that is, again, quite low. Normally it’s between sort of 1520 quid was you say average CPM? Yeah, terms of I’d say yeah, into the 2020s maybe a little steep until you get 15.

Quick when you when you talk about Facebook yeah Facebook the CPM to solve looking for really that eight to nine 912 13 so much yeah and bosses share on LinkedIn is essentially a high click through rate so you look on there one 1.34 i mean you know I don’t think we’ve ever had one on Facebook the last night yeah I am covering my face on this one okay that could be yeah not that yeah no but but generally speaking we see far high click through rates even so that CPM is a bit higher yeah but the click through rates so much much better as well which doesn’t make you think you could argue that that’s actually best to go folks at least you’ve got more intense yeah you know the meeting even more more costs and get rid of them but if you’re getting more clicks based on the audience then you would do on Facebook

and on my in my in my tool for this I say look i’ve talked I’ve got those people are targeted them I know they’re my ideal customer their financial set their own financial services business in the UK and it’s cost me what 218 pounds to get 217 of them on my website and then

I’m remarketing to them for me that is cracking value.

So just depending on obviously what you do, and again, testing that testing now just making sure that the results do come back yeah unlinked is an issue. You want the b2c as well, people think because LinkedIn is a b2b play. Yeah. But you have to target people, because you can target them from your job, which obviously doesn’t make sense, given the parameters. Yeah,

but especially since Facebook, you can target people by their potential, they potentially earn what you used to in pre GDP. I used to be able to do things like what people’s perspective potential or perceived sorry, household income was, yeah, you can’t really do that on LinkedIn. You can obviously, you know, maybe what a sales director in London would earn on average. Yeah, yeah. And also, you know, when, when you’re on LinkedIn, you’re not there. You’re not thinking, Oh, I’m a I’m a marketing manager. So all I’m looking at these things are marketing managers. You still are human, you know, yeah, I still do have things outside of work that can capture your attention and so it shouldn’t necessarily be automatically dismissed.

From that point of view and I can tell about somebody while a job absolutely absolutely and you can remark it on there we really knock it on so I did you know you could look at not having like one of these is the best in terms of the title of this episode is Google versus Facebook as in service LinkedIn,

I think like we use all of them for like our appetite for that one purpose so it’s this is not putting all your eggs in one basket and just you have to keep an eye on I think that’s the the thing of like getting someone else involved in my sort of people hire us is a lot of Satan that the technical stuff is not really that difficult is it it’s the it’s the time consuming of this that obviously that creative of being doing something that’s going to stand out and working on you need to like just because really good at writing a snappy as you need that you need all those bits but all those things can be taught. I think that is quite time consuming. Just keep an eye on stuff and if

The more you grow the more money you spend the more time you’ve got a source of the experience on the metrics as well yeah we can say immediately that if you have a not point x and click through rate that’s great yeah yeah in terms of how long we may be run ads when you know years ago years years ago with rerun things that you know, I think you’re not point 2% click through rate was okay. Yeah, just to find that actually, it’s not Yeah. And CPM as well, as you know, you may previously years ago we thought CPM of 16 quite was quite good. Yeah. Now we know that actually we consistently should be expecting better than Yeah, yeah,

absolutely. So so most things as well it’s just all time isn’t working. 32 minutes for this episode. might might make it into a podcast episode. Okay.

Hopefully we haven’t talked about the visual stuff too much,

because otherwise we’ll

we’ll go over to make it more descriptive. Yes, yeah, absolutely. Anything else? You think we should sort of anyone’s got any comments?

They want they want to jump in on anything we haven’t covered obviously if you’re watching this on replay just pop it in the comments were actually monitoring those so more than happy to jump in and reply on those as well but yeah that’s given everyone a bit of an overview

all the platforms

show so yeah definitely check out the current podcast episode David Thompson he we are going to be having an event with him I was chatting to him yesterday that is definitely going ahead

I just need to get the details ready and when that’s going to be relieved the be before summer or after so either may or September it’s gonna be it’s not going to be like a ball just cover costs whatever, you know, if I’m thinking around 30 quid a ticket or something like that the guys that are doing one to one training with me they’ll get a free ticket and I’ll speak to you guys

definitely check that out because he is like I you know, selling your business for 5 million. I think it’s 5 million I keep saying man I’m yeah.

seven figures is what a lot of people get into business for. He’s got like time freedom, he can do what he wants. I think, you know, learning from those sort of, yeah, I’m just a lovely bloke as well really. It’s really every every is funny because I every note that I meet millionaires all the time. I know about three.

Yeah, all of them are just lovely. And they just want to help other people as much. So this is an absolute ton of value in there. So definitely check that out. And definitely, if he can come and meet him, we will do everything we come to make the date work for as many people as possible. Good. And then I don’t think I have an interview this Friday, I think a week on Friday. We’ve got Amy Woods she’s all about content repurposing, but it’s called content 10 x. So it’s like amplifying that original bit of content. So taking like this video and then putting into a podcast. Yeah, putting in too many clips and things like that.

So that’s what her business does so she’s going to give us a load of in some tips on that next week on the podcast Roger Edwards he’s an international financial services and marketing speaker What is his official title but that’s what he does he spoke at the Uranus summit and he was I think don’t quote me I think it was marketing director for scotch widows at one point okay but historically always in financial services and marketing awesome really cool guy so all that to come. I’m definitely a last week

yeah, definitely some sort of surprise and yeah, we hopefully getting rid of you.



Instagram Story Ads With Video

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Hello and welcome to talking at Ellis week we are doing all things Instagram story ads and I think they can be really powerful but they can be done quite badly. Yes a lot of software that you can use to hopefully make them bit better. Yeah, definitely. So this morning actually so I think they probably know that I went to this conference last Friday and now they’re selling tickets for next year and then I saw an advert for it on my Instagram stories and actually text I didn’t take someone got that number I do have them on Instagram saying I should be in your excuse exclusions list so I shouldn’t have seen it anyway but one thing they said is like God you don’t need that all for Instagram stories when you do and this is when you know when we’re talking about doing having a separate strategy for Instagram over Facebook and we we’ve said a lot we prefer the Facebook feed anyway, but

Yeah, when it was either Andrew, when they saw it, they didn’t like the way the text goes over in your image obviously doesn’t fit that that size. And you were just saying before we went on air that

you’ve got all that space. You should be. Yeah, you should fill it really. So yeah, definitely check out the event, not the ad so much.

I love x. I’m going to send them this and they’re going to hate me for it. Cool. Right? Okay, so I’ve obviously got the past podcast and promoting at the moment doing some ads for it. So just testing it because so here’s another tip actually, when you if you see an ad in Facebook, I’m gonna see if we can get one now I’m gonna actually prepared this you can actually see what they’re targeting. So I saw some American guy targeting mortgage brokers with like mortgage leads. And I was like, let me interesting. How are you doing that? What sort of targeting are using App brilliant. Okay, so if we share the screen now there is an ad

My feet seven little look

so you guys have any can see Mr. Ezra Firestone and then if you so if you see an ad have someone that’s target in your audience so some some brokers you will see other brokers advertising because you’re clicking on re mortgage content you will see that and then you can click on the three buttons here Why am I seeing this ad

so he has one of the reasons things as rich people who have visited their website or use one of their apps so I must have been on his website before so he’s doing like remarketing that night I’ll see if I can offer we should the checks first. Really, that’s where we went live into the wrong group on a name that that is no there is this there was

let’s try and find another ad.

Okay when you want an ad. So Asana, they shouldn’t be advertising because we

Use a sauna but are they each other remarketing

they yeah same thing that’s remarketing one but it’s the interest based targeting there are some refurbish going on he may

a trail of some sort so review is that remarketing as well

okay you may have to trust me on this because we’re just saying later remarketing ads all try one last one fifth time lucky or whatever number we’re all

got capitals that is a financial services time

and I’ve been on their website before I’ll say recession

I will do a screenshot of something at some point where it kind of shows the interest based stuff okay um. But it just depends in like us juices that does it. We’re busy

So it’s like a normal a normal add if you notice an ad of like someone else advertising what you do to your audience you can then go on and see how they’re targeted them. Yeah

and then there’s not like for pretty much every financial service there’s an interest on Facebook you can target so for the mortgage ones it may say remortgage the because you’ve interacted with remortgage content or whatever so that’s what I did going back to when I saw some guy wanting to sell mortgage leads to brokers in the UK and there’s like a mortgage broker interest right which I think when you think about it It should be more for people who have been looking at brokers as in the end consumer Yeah, we’ve we’ve tried it for for brokers to get customers it’s never works. But actually it seems like it works for us to get from the brokers if that kind of makes sense. Yeah, yeah. So I’ve been testing that out with the podcast and I’ve been getting like ridiculously cheap traffic and then I think

So I thought what I could do is an experiment. We’re doing Instagram video ad for the podcast. So I’ve gone around lot circles, but that’s what I’m doing. OK, cool. So, and by the way, one of this software, this is why we’re late. I’ve just tested it out 1010 minutes ago.


right. Okay, so I have created a new asset in my broker’s campaign for brokers Insta story and the reason I have done that is because and then we also target in this interest based of mortgage broker and the jobs if someone’s got the job title mortgage broker, yeah, okay, go if any of my competitors watch this,

we want to target mortgage brokers they’re going to obviously get on it and then this is the Edit placement section. So this is where I’m choosing that I just want to go on Instagram stories. So if I wanted to go on Facebook stories as well.

sighs I can

not take that was always on that might have to tick Facebook

I don’t know why that’s not working

Can you do it once

and that should just work so apologies I don’t know why maybe because I can’t see my bottom right mimics have published it already but essentially this is where you choose where you want to sort target people have no idea why that’s not working but anyway I’ve chose Instagram Stories already you can see the tick that there’s 88,000 people that I can target there’s obviously less mortgage brokers than that in the UK but so I’ll get in front of some people that are not interested but based on the stuff that I’ve done before. So if I show you some of the results actually I’m getting

pulled out

okay so this money

Whole act of kindness is frozen so it doesn’t change anything for the moment this is good when you want to go live and

we’re just going to refresh that but essentially

show everyone is this software called capturing where it’s really easy to put text on the video. So going back to the Andrew MP add that we saw the text that rubbish because that’s the taxi right and Facebook ads device. That’s

okay. So this is just laid it out. Okay, we’re back. So we’ll have a look at see what they would have done that is built that for their area. Yes, yes. Well done. It forms and then you don’t realize

Yeah, I think they probably realized that whether they will Yeah, don’t want to. They may have already lost but what they’ve they’ve just put it all live shows and all those placements. You know where I just chose stories. They’ve got it on. Oh, so

Here’s some of the ads or I’m just spending like five pounds a day at the minute just promoting the podcast I’m getting 20 pounds a landing at

this is going well

20 pence per landing page view and 11 pants and that was just yesterday so if we don’t know how long I’ve been running it

so like really cheap traffic 2426 p 55 p 53 peanuts actually increased my subscribers and listeners on the podcast and you can see like one of the answers performing a lot better Scott Scott God and if you remember God from she says something along the lines I pulled out a really tasty clip where he says about million pound properties that she’s getting. So it’s a really good

and then my tax. God is a mortgage broker with too many leads that’s obviously quite provocative. So but I’m going to try something totally different. And then next week I’ll show everyone the results. So we’ve got this entire story.

campaign right everyone’s still with us on understanding what I’m talking about so I’m going to compare my Facebook feed ads which we just seen against this into the story and I’m not using any text that Facebook

you know through the Facebook thing so I recorded this on my phone this morning so you can see that I’ve done it in portrayed I actually I think I use this little

old people can’t see us can they

let me just bring us back on for a sec

use this little bad boy which I can’t remember how much it cost me but nothing but as you can see the phone goes in the portrait wise so it was literally like that did that video to takes to take one done these days needs to be 17 or 18 before or just made that really big

so I recorded that video and I’m essentially I’m saying

something along the lines of suffering the screen or

something along lines over this is really great podcasts of brokers and and I talked about God I talk about Gary data has been on and talk about a guy David Thompson has not been on yet but David has sold his brokerage like 5 million so it’s quite you know some what we want here and then so I’ve got one version here I’ve got this little ultimate podcast for brokers text on because a lot of people don’t know about you but I my sound off normally on your stories me yeah so I haven’t got the subtitles but I’ve got that on there you can see this little coupling thing on the bottom I’m not too bothered about you can get rid of that and then I’ve got a version

my other ad here where I’ve got nothing apart from the video

so we’ll run those against each other. I reckon this one will probably do better with the titles on it

but I put those titles

In so those titles and not on that video 1015 minutes ago, okay and anyone can do this. And this is why I want to talk to you about coupling

essentially I’m probably not going to be able to do with you because of the time it takes to upload the video you drag and drop your video in there

and then it uploads it and then you can add like the text on here. So I’ve literally just

you got the if you go back here hopefully everyone can see you can add text on so I could add like maybe another text it just pops up double click it I can edit it change colors and fonts and everything like that. So remember the rule about Facebook not wanting too much text on so that’s why I’ve only gone for that bit so it’s less than 20% of the image and then you could also test different titles. If you want to offer the ultimate podcaster brokers I could put the lead generation for

Financial Services podcast or whatever, I’m just testing that one thing at the moment and then you can press down and download

and this is literally as easy as that. So if you if you don’t want that watermark on it, you know that I’ve got to go back you know, it says kept pointing at the bottom of their does kind of cover my call to action thing. I’m not too bothered about it for this if I’m just trying something I’m really not that that bothered. If this works really well, then I’ll spend what is it? We’re only

$20 a month if I’m doing more than

fine but this is rubbish for videos.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll do more than four

people trust us. And I can’t be mad

if I’m doing more than four videos a month. I’ll do it. Yeah,

otherwise, you know, I’m just testing at the moment.

Say I’m quite happy just to leave that on that

on my face if I find that I’m getting cheaper clicks and whatever then more to getting that are also it straight away. Yeah,

that’s as simple as that. So I’ve got my ad in, I’ve covered across them before I’m not having any text on it. I’ve got my URL going straight to the podcast there

and that’s it. And I’ll publish that and I think I think the most notable thing is it fills the screen

on Instagram story I think adds what best when they’re kind of integrated in what you would usually say yeah so when you do a story yourself when you find it goes it fills the screen yes looks better now you know, we’ve brought up and repeat lot slate and they’re on top of that, you know, in comparison, I think it would have it would perform a lot better if it fills the screen and not as much text so yeah, do you think it’s software I know it’s cool. So we bring that back up.

That is the right size for the Facebook feed this image here

And that’s the text you normally do. So it only took me 10 minutes to do that separate thing. And then you don’t want to waffle on too much. It’s like a tease a little teaser. If you’ve got some content or that you’ve already done or

anything, I suppose you want to get it, compliance signed off, but I love that it’s on the phone. It’s like raw. It feels like a normal story.

And it’s quite intriguing. So I think it’s quite cool. So we’ve not done much with it. So I’ll let everyone know next week. And you said about the it’d been a different outset. Yes. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. So that’s kind of explain that so I’ve like separate using hours. Let’s go back to my screen for everyone.

Yeah, so the reason you can I could put it in with all the others I could. So this is where am I what I’ve been running before the UK stuff, just a Facebook feed, but then I would have to in this


so if you look this is what I’ve been running before

I would then have to add Instagram story to these ads and then these ads may possibly go and Instagram stories as well whereas if I separate up and create a separate one just just for interestingly I know that are that are specifically done for Instagram stories will only go on Instagram Stories yeah and then because with Facebook you got so much control over budgets account on what budget I put it in if we go back to

your butt to quit on that day so I’m going to spend for a week I’m gonna spend seven pounds a day set whatever seven times

I don’t know

but it’s not a lot of money but I then if I wanted to if I think and I only want to spend five pounds a day on on the podcast then I can literally

quickly change that two to three pounds. So then I’m going back to just spending

Five pounds a day in total

cool cool hopefully that all kind of makes sense and people might give Instagram Stories ago

definitely. So next week we have your so I told everyone last week it was your last week this week but you’ve decided

so he loves doing this so much she’s working for free she she extended her stay with us for an extra week

we’re also going to miss you I think the guys are gonna get me see someone actually rang the office didn’t they? And you answered and they were like oh my god it says

here that was so yeah we definitely got a kind of miss you will what will try we’re planning something fun army for next week we’re doing I think we’re doing Instagram vs Google Ads versus Facebook ads and then I was trying to get some like cats or monks or t shirts or something’s represent that by can’t seem to get hold of anything because of like the logo thing.

will do will do a good send off so it will be Sophie’s our last week and next week and then you probably just put on with me and Tom for a bit


Good to see you next week everyone.

Quick Social Media Posts

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to talking out. I’m Billy no mates today I’ve got no one in the office. Literally Tom’s working away from the office, so he’s not in it as well. Next week in fact is actually Sophie’s last ever talking. She’s leaving his pastures new. Apparently, marketing and fashion is more exciting and interesting than financial services. Who knew? Right? But I also haven’t planned this episode as well.

I’ve been speaking at conferences morning and I wasn’t meant to be back but I got a text back early and I thought actually what I could do is show you guys how I’m putting social media posts together using Canvas and also creating those sort of jewel tone images which are explain what those what those are. So let’s dive right in. I think if I can find an example. Yes. Okay. So I can drive in let you see my screen and we’re just gonna have a quick look.quick look at how to create one of these kind of social media posts.

So that that background image, the GMO tone image, where it’s got article brand colors in that sort of thing that I’m talking about. So I’ve got this image here, I’m going to attain that image. And I’m going to pop it into a philosophical Canvas, which will let me create the social media posts, right? Okay, so Joe tone dot shape, factory CO, will create this sort of GMO tone effect. And you can put your colors in here so you can grab your brand colors of your logo.

This is called a hex code, speak to the person that designed your logo or just Google it. I’ll see if I can find some Well, I use Photoshop and it can pick out the exact color and then you can also save those it gives you a unique link that has got those color codes in so just saves you time every time you go back. So I’ve got these two colors for the time sort of thing.

So I’m going to upload an image me and the gang together now we are it’s created that Joe tone image for me already and then let’s go to remember how to download it got these buttons in the way I see it right at the bottom now download that done it twice as you can see Simple as that I’ve got my own image it basically do the job at home because white text will stand out on it rather than full color one. Okay, so Canvas ca nba.com you can create social media posts for it.

There is a free version I’ve got the premium version because it lets you kind of save like your branding, so Come on brand colors in there uploaded my fonts we’ve got fonts that are not so standard ones they’re in their logos and everything saves all your designs so for me it’s already done one you’ve already seen some of these social media posts go out that I can now quickly just create a new one so I’ve got my Facebook size here and I’ve got Instagram size I can go and edit and then what I can do is upload upload upload my own image so if I go to my downloads and grab that list God time one Jessica I haven’t planet so much I’m told Jessica that was going to be doing it but she must have realized right and then I can bring that image into the size that I want and then my texts is already on there so I was going to pull some texts out of my mortgage leads Bible as actually funnily enough going to talk about that particular one but I use I put all these stats together so it gives me ideas to use my social media posts MRT some something interesting you guys can do but essentially I can show you just got added that text like you would any other so really easy to edit that text and getting there’s so many templates and layouts already set out and I’ve just chosen one and we just edit that one we can resize it if we like all we can literally just download that standard and that’s literally I’ve now created a social media post in a couple of minutes Easy as pie real okay so we want We might do I know it’s technically not advertising this or you could argue that it is we might be able to do a tutorial on Hootsuite so scheduling that post once you’ve got them so there is so guys I will see you on Friday I haven’t got an international conference on Friday will be back for talking as next week on Wednesday the podcast episode with Gary das is a mortgage broker is absolutely smashing it online at the moment that has just launched and next week we’re doing a talking ads on Google Ads versus Facebook ads versus Instagram ads and that was Sophie’s October one so make sure you join us for that one. And I’ll see you soon.

Facebook Ad Approval & Scheduling Facebook Ads

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Hello and welcome to this week’s talking ads. And we’re going to be following a similar format that was a few weeks and we don’t necessarily bought So as you’ve seen along and but we can hopefully give you some tips on some things that have been coming up in the group some questions that people have been asking. And so first of all, we’re going to talk about as not being approved because of a disclaimer, and how that’s actually not necessarily the case. So Tom’s gonna go through that one. And then Alex Scott, a little hat as well around scheduling arts for a certain time, which I agree with you. So Tom will start with you.

Yeah, sure. So I think there’s actually been a topic for discussion The group was yesterday, I think it was approval and interesting, interesting. One thing that was okay, was the disclaimer, then what you’re saying with the people we were nothing is only put about two brokers have asked for the who’s compliant to set the display music on the ass. As I say, it’s up to interpretation, whether that’s, you know, for each compliance department, whether it’s right or not, and you should go back whatever that is. But yeah, just just interesting, sort of, from our point of view to see. And also I think the swing about in terms of whether the is whether there’s an approval issue in terms of getting the disclaimer on that because what you’re not allowed to do on Facebook is making assumption about someone. Yeah. And a lot of disclaimers are framed with the you cannot, you cannot do this.

Yeah. So if you pull up the first year to the one that was approved, yeah. So this one was approved, and this was fine. It’s all around and you’ll see at the bottom there in terms of yet you’ll hate my repossessing he’ll keep up repayment on your mortgage, and that also yet approved through fine. And then in terms of the one that wasn’t approved.

Again, same disclaimer, I think there was actually caused the debate at one point about whether this was the issue. The issue actually wasn’t that it’s actually the issue if we see above in terms of the question, How much could you save? So one of the things that Facebook doesn’t like, which I think is probably most common thing people tripped up on is asking the question or make an assumption that someone Yeah, say could because people often like to do that to try and make it relevant to the audience. And problem is, you’re not allowed to make assumptions about people in the audience.

Yeah, so you’re not allowed to say things. So for example, you wouldn’t be allowed to say, Are you looking to remortgage, you could find a better, right, if you did, whatever, you’d have to say, people that are looking to read mortgage can find a better rate by whatever you’ve got, almost like, make it make it. Yeah, and that’s one of the most common things with terms of people often get tied up with the disclaimer, when it’s actually not necessarily the issue. So here’s that Facebook warning you can see. And so in terms of Yeah, as a direct question, or makes an assumption that the users personal attributes, so yeah, the Facebook users don’t let it get you down, or your customer either. So yeah, those those kind of such as you continue to make it general over people.

Yeah, and that’s where the most common disapproval that we see more the other ones is worth mentioning. The outside on there was also 10 over an image. Yeah, so we don’t really use that money title in this text over an image. But you do want to use it, it’s got to be a quarter of the size of the less than 20% of them don’t fit sorry, yes, and 20% of the image sizes, that’s just be aware of, but and then yeah, if you’re, especially if you’re compliance, saying, you’ve got to have the disclaimer on the image, then you’ve got 20% to do it, I would try and challenge that as much as possible, because it feels a bit off putting on the event, I think, at least in this one, the ones that have been approved that, although it’s in capitals, it’s you have to click the More to see it.

So it is in there, but it’s not hidden away. But it’s not really bold, and you’re not a negative message there straight away. So if you have to, if you’re, I’d say, if you have to need it on their CV, you can get it as part of the tax and put it in the bottom like this one. And even if it’s in capitals like that, and but we do know a lot of networks don’t require that as well. Yeah, naturally, and also is worth noting that we don’t actually see much difference in performance between those that do and don’t have, that is one of our one of our best performing ones. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, a lot of people don’t click that more dream only just, you know, the headline does enough.

So, so yeah, so it’s interesting, because I was getting confused. I always thought it was like, anytime you you and your It was a problem, but it’s actually when you put that question mark, and it’s just all you would have a big issue with the disclaimer on Facebook. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So it was David and greatest today. So we’ll drop a link to David. He’s not watching live just to check that one out. And also in my mastermind, as well, we had an issue with that as well. So clear that up with him as well, because he’s been approved. Now with the original disclaimer. Yes, yes. Right. Cool. All right. Brilliant. Okay. So yeah, I we’re going to talk also about scheduling ads to switch over to the desktop here.

So smart won’t actually go through your spreadsheet first, actually. But basically, what we found on chocolate out first, if there’s nothing incriminating, you know, Skype conversations is not what’s up. Okay, so. So you’ve got so this is basically. So this spreadsheet shows how the delivery of ads spent over time. So this is an example of what we ran over a three day period, it was see how our ads were delivered was mentioned it we did it on a daily budget, and you’ll go through society at lifetime in a second. And you’ll see in terms of that column D at the time of day, the reason it’s not comes up a few times is it’s okay.

Sorry, no, it’s not the same thing. Okay, doesn’t matter. Anyway, in terms of use, go down, that sort of amount spent, the total amount that we spent throughout the three day period was about 70, 69 quit. Yeah, we actually spent half of that I think it was about sort of, as you get up 35 new is is a 10 1011 o’clock and 36. Yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s right. So basically, what it’s all goes through to show is that you need to be sort of maybe a bit more aware of how your budgets basically being muted.

I know you’ve got something that so flashed up to us after a few days of this campaign running. Yeah, actually, we might want to look at this a different way. Absolutely. Because your prime time here, you’ve got evening time we’re not a lot of money has been spent, which ideally, you know, six o’clock, that’s when although and this one we normally we find the evening as got more leads coming in.

But yeah, it’s interesting that in that prime time after work, and lot of people on their phones, that it wasn’t spending a lot of budget. So we’re just been testing this or recently. So what Facebook say is, you can only schedule your ad set to run if you use a lifetime budget. So whether you say I want to spend 100 pounds over two weeks. And then so if you are asking me, why wouldn’t you earlier and I kind of said that when that lifetime budget has been exhausted, you have to then set up a new campaign and do it again, you lose everything that you’ve learned from that come and you start fresh and sometimes starting afresh is good. And sometimes we do that if if a like an asset or campaigns not working very well. But I’d rather be control of that and have a daily budget and run things over Hong Kong is really useful stuff.

As always, nice little comment in there. Doesn’t say who it was sorry. Oh, but it have just made it come up on the screen. Look at our overall faces. Don’t know how to get rid of it. So we’ll just keep that in there. Yeah, great.

Okay. So. But as I said, we prefer to do daily budget, because we’ve got campaigns running all the time, we want leads coming in all the time. So I found a bit of a hack this week is a bit awkward, though. So I’m going to run through it with you. And I just need to get some why that’s the way here.

Okay. So I’ve got let’s say, this real mortgage campaign is off at the minute. And he says, I’ll test accounts is not spending any money. But essentially, if I go in and click that campaign, and I can set a rule, and I can create a new rule, and OK, so the rule is applying to this one campaign. So if you’ve got multiple campaigns, you gotta do this, obviously, for each one. So my action is to turn off campaign when this condition has been okay. I know, because I was, I believe what we’re doing here is, so I don’t know if you need to do this bit. But I’ve only worked I’ve only done it.

But I’ll tell you what I mean. So it seems like you have to have can conditions in there, although you’ve set the campaign there, I’m adding this in, which is kind of doesn’t make any sense. But as it’s a hack is having to work. So I’m just putting the campaign name in here. So if I’ve got this campaign, and the campaign contains that name, it doesn’t make sense. But I think you have to put the condition in there. Hopefully, that makes sense. Yeah. Okay. Cool. And then you’ve got your schedule. So this is where you put in a custom shed your so

Oh, okay. Right. Okay. So in my other account I had to do in Pacific time. So just double check. So we’ve got another a CAD CAM, which we didn’t actually set up to might have been the way it was set up. Um, yeah, so I was testing this early with a client and, and it would only let me do it in Pacific time in American time. So as you can see, I’ve got the calculator ready to go.

But if you set up your account properly, this makes it much easier. Fantastic, right. So it’s going to turn off my account from 12am in the morning until 6pm. So I’m not recommending these times. By the way, this is just me saying, if you want it running off in the day, yeah. And do that for every day. So choose Sunday money, you know, do repeat that whole thing. I could do that now. But I’ll just obviously bore everyone. 6pm. I do that every day. Yeah. Ok. Cool. So and then you’ve got to use an email notified when it’s running. So if we just call it the off rule, and we create that cool, but we also need to make sure it comes back on again, to create new rules.

So make sure to click the campaign that we want. There’s rules create a new rule, and we want to turn on campaign if the name campaign name equals the name, it will be case sensitive. So like I say, you might not need to do this bit. But I’ve just been playing it safe, like to have a condition and then custom. But this time, I’m doing it from 6pm until 1130, because it won’t let me do to 12am. So it’s a bit of x is that half an hour between 1130 and I’m not sure it’s gonna be on or off.

But again, do that every day, and then call it on then create. So if I had set every day and done the same settings, this campaign would only come on between 6pm and 1130 at night? Yeah, and that is my little pack. Yeah. Which, yeah, so it’s one for to test. So I think we haven’t we’ve, I’ve literally sort of recently discovered it. And it was based on an assumption, and a lot of the times things that we assume should work don’t, so don’t do it and blow me for just test it fine. If you get better results. But in general, logically, it makes sense that that will work better for our campaigns.

Yeah, as one and also it depends on the brokerage and have some brokers in the 95 because without office, but some forget in the evening. Yeah, either. Because that’s when conversion rates may be higher, because people are easy to get hold of an evening. So the apps right away so it’s those kind of things as well. And also, you know, the same with weekends into the site mornings, we’ve always found typically convert quite well. Yeah, for these, we tend to get fed for our money.

And just one last thing that might be a good one for next week is where you can set the condition for campaigns turn off when you reach get certain amount of leads, you certainly can say, if you have a daily say you only want five leads a day. But yeah, so he can handle in terms of capacity. Yeah, and say you have 20 quid budget or whatever or physically, but you say, if you take the fifth budget that you reach to have a great day, yeah, research five leads for the 25 quid. Yeah, the complaints, which is off with in terms of so you actually save the money because you can’t make any money?

Absolutely. So definitely, one thing for our mastermind those guys, because we are kind of where they want X amount of leads per day, rather than want to spend X amount of days we’ve got some clients that want to spend whatever it is per day got, I’m thinking that business finance one, they want to spend thousand pounds on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and nothing for the rest. And they were doing that on Google. Google makes it really easy. But thanks, Moon is obviously it’s a bit of a hack around to do that every good point. Some people just want them during the day. So maybe that will work on this is a mix.

Absolutely. So there is no like one or two when it comes to like sketching in and you got matching up what we said think you probably get more for your money in the evenings in terms of the amount of leads going through. But then if you’re going to be reading them, you could argue that you’re not getting them in the day when the more expensive when you like, yeah, I’m also happy to call it an evening then it’s depends on the broker broker.

When when I was freelancing as a Google Ads consultant with pension company, we were spending about 40 grand a month and one of my winds was bidding differently during different hours of the day. And because we were tracking right back to sail as well as it wasn’t just getting the lead costs, it was around cheapest. Our best leads came in this certain time. And then it’s really easy and Google so we could do that as a have to do Facebook ads, and they can show maybe next week, then we’ll show how easy is to do the bid scheduling. Yeah, and Google ads. And then if you only want to lead a day and pause your campaigns, what do you got to leads per day on Facebook? We can do that as well. Yeah, audio grip, and that’ll be it for this week’s episode.

Next week as yet. We’ve got some things coming up. So exciting. So tune in and yet yes, I’m just gonna one last minute plug of the podcast. Thank you ever so much for listening. It’s been incredible. So the numbers coming through on people listening has kind of exceeded my expectations, and even kind of the last week so I know I spoke to a lot of brokers because we’ve been people have been applying for the mastermind. They all they all mentioned. Pete, Matthew and God. So it wasn’t people that worked in financial services as kind of like all I’ve got loads of marketing experts lined up. But actually Jake, he was on last week. He’s almost got many downloads as God and he’s a LinkedIn.

So yeah, thank you so much, everyone for listening and for keeping listening as well. If you haven’t seen it, if you go to iTunes or Spotify is lead generation for financial services. And that is out every Tuesday. rim. Cool. All right. Cheers. Thanks, everyone.