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Our mission is to ensure when someone searches for financial advice they find an adviser. Not a lead generation company that will sell their data.

We help financial advice firms generate their own leads. 

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Which is the best Mortgage Network In The UK?

Quite a lot of our Advisers Assemble listeners are self employed brokers looking to set up their own new firm and have no idea which network to join.

Although we have mortgage leads clients in pretty much every network we mainly get involved in marketing and compliance processes not everything else.

So to answer we decided to go straight to source and ask each network what makes them the best and see if their firms back this up.

JLM Mortgage Network

Hear from the Founders Rory and Seb

Rory and Seb, Founders of JLM join Alex to talk about their “boutique” mortgage network designed for “successful and aspiring firms and sole traders.”


Hear from the CEO Mat Rees

Mat Rees, Chief Executive Officer at Beneficial joins Alex to talk about how they can support advisers with their unique network proposition and ‘close-knit’ company culture.


Hear from the Recruitment Director Lesley Sharkey

Alex is joined by Lesley Sharkey, Recruitment Director at Stonebridge – a Mortgage and Insurance Network.

Rosemount Financial Solutions

Hear from the CEO Ahmed Bawa

Alex is joined by Ahmed Bawa, Chief Executive Officer at Rosemount Financial Solutions (IFA) Ltd, who specialise in supporting mortgage advisers through their ‘family-like’ approach

Mortgage Intelligence

What did the existing firms say?

Listen to this episode to find out what Advisers have to say about Mortgage Intelligence, including why they joined the network and tips for people wondering where to start.

This episode follows on from Alex’s interview with Nick Terry (episode 311), Head of Marketing at Mortgage Intelligence. 


What did the existing firms say?

We chat to some of the firms at the HLPartnership annual conference in 2023 to find out why they joined, why they’ve stayed and what they like and dislike.

The Money Group

What did the existing firms say?

We chat to some of the firms that are in The Money Group Network to find out why they joined, why they’ve stayed and what they like and dislike.

Hear from the MD Jonathan Needham

Jonathan Needham from The Money Group (TMG) introduces the mortgage network and explains how they are making their processes more efficient and why and how they differ from other networks.

Alternatives to a network

The Mortgage Store Associate Partners

Imagine launching your new business with over 1400 five star reviews on Trustpilot and your branding, website and systems already sorted for you!

Being able to run your own firm but with the right support around you too. Sounds too good to be true?

That’s why we have spoken to a TMS Associate Partner (Paul Mclean – TMS Bristol) and also Mark Deane from The Mortgage Store. 

2023 Follow up With The Mortgage Store

Hear from the latest brokers to setup their business as a TMS associate partner.

And an update from MD Mark Deane.

My Brand, My Way

As a trading style of CS Mortgage Solutions you can literally have your own brand, in your own way with the support network of an existing firm.

Not only do you get the tools for success you also have a ready-made mentor in Craig Skelton who has been there and done that guiding you through your business growth. 

2023 Update

2021 Original Launch Update


NRG Resourcing

OB1 Financial

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