077 – Kathryn Knowles – Cura

077 - Kathryn Knowles - Cura
077 - Kathryn Knowles - Cura

About this episode

Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast. This week we have Kathryn Knowles from the financial industry and current directors of Cura Financial Services.

They help people get the insurance that they need especially people that have high-risk jobs or people that are having a hard time to get the kind of health protection they need. They have a string of industry-trained experts dedicated to achieving the best insurance for your needs and your family.

Every week, Kathryn produces educational video to promote life protection and demonstrate how insurance and special risks work altogether. She’s doing a tactical protection podcast along with his co-host Andrew Wimberly and they talk about how you can be protected and insured.

To speak with their team, whether you have a general insurance question or need help finding the right plans or policies for you, please follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook or go to their website https://www.specialrisksbureau.co.uk/

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