073 – Angela Davidson – Passion For Protection

073 - Angela Davidson - Passion For Protection
073 - Angela Davidson - Passion For Protection

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Hello, and welcome back to the lead generation for financial services podcast and I’ve got Angela Davidson with me today.

Angela Davidson has been in financial services for many years and started 33 years ago with Barclays Bank before she realised that she wanted to help people more.

She named her business Passion for Protection and she is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. She helps advisers to sell more to raise the bar on protection in the industry.

Protection is still one of the most essential viewpoints of financial planning for achieving the financial resilience of clients and also one of the hardest subjects to discuss.

She aims to help people to achieve their goals, empower salespeople and provide some of the tools and product knowledge that they can execute to raise the profile of protection advice to engage in a more in-depth conversation with their clients.

Being able to overcome objections, getting people interested in getting it and closing the sale are the most common pain points in this process which they can overcome by allowing the clients to see what could possibly happen in the future.

It doesn’t always have to be about what the needs of their client today but also for them to think about their future.

Angela strives to get more clients covered with the suitable protection they need through best practices, NLP technique, listening and overcome objections, soft skills and asking the right questions.

Website: https://passionforprotection.co.uk/

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