72 – Inbetweenysode – Dead Leads

72 - Inbetweenysode - Dead Leads
72 - Inbetweenysode - Dead Leads

Welcome to another in between episodes. These episodes are in between our main interview episodes or articles.

Thanks a lot once again to Market Harborough Building Society for supplying our giveaway prize, which is a Canon m50 camera kit, for our event on the 26th of March. Comes with a memory card and a tripod which is good for vlogging.

Another podcast will be launch this week called the Equity Release Podcast to help educate consumers on equity release because whenever we’ve run ads for our clients about equity release, a lot of people express their thoughts and would leave aggressive comments saying that it is a scam, horrific, massive rates, taking your house, inheritance etc.

So listening to the interviews I’ve done about equity release, you’ll hear modern equity release is a great product. I’ve done equity release for advisors which are incredible. This industry just needs a bit of education. So if you are a mortgage broker, an IFA, financial planner, we’ve got interesting stuff for you to listen to.

We’re launching another podcast soon, it is called Bits of Behaviour, which talks about behavioural economics. Mark’s going to be at our event as well on March 26. Couple of tickets left, so grab yours now.

So I inquired for a car to a few car leasing companies. I inquired with about three or four different companies. Now, they’re chasing me via email and telephone and obviously no automation or text messages and I’ve lost my interest with the way they follow up about my inquiry. This happens all the time.

Email automation can help a lot in the business. There are different types of application or platforms you can use to send out a string of emails that gives information about the company which is being sent out to customers on a regular basis. Emails that will send relevant information about the service or product you are selling and just leave the decision to them. Having your contact details in the email such as your number in order for them to reach you.

Spending on advertising can also be worth it. Having your business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or a blog online on Google can open to a lot of opportunities, which is really cheap. £3 to £5 per day can get your business stay on top of each customer’s searches on Google.

So automation and a bit of advertising can improve your leads and make your business grow further as it does not only increase revenue and improve sales but it can also reach potential clients across multiple channels.

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