071 – Catherine Morgan – In Her Financial Shoes

071 - Catherine Morgan - In Her Financial Shoes
071 - Catherine Morgan - In Her Financial Shoes

About this episode

This week we have Catherine Morgan, who is a multi-award-winning financial planner and has her own podcast as well called In Her Financial Shoes.

Catherine now has multiple streams of income and helps people in lots of different ways. She is also the founder of the money panel and the money circle.

She used to work in the financial services mostly with banks. However, she discovered the world of financial planning and the next-generation community. Right now most of what she does is in the money coaching space, as a self-employed consultant.

Catherine believes anyone can set up their personal brand on social media and just talk about what they are passionate about, you can talk about your story. You just have to start somewhere by maybe writing a book, blog, or launching a podcast. Have the confidence to know where to start and be consistent about it. If you’re going to choose a platform or method of marketing, just pick which platform you think would serve you better.

Last year, she worked with a couple of advisors in different areas. Some needed help setting up websites, blogging, launching courses and social media programs, but also a lot of financial planners are focusing more on just having a better relationship with existing clients and not necessarily to attract new clients.

This year she wants to focus on how to bring something to the market that will help other financial advisors and mortgage advisers to implement money coaching into their practices. But also then how to create more leads, how to get on social media, how to share their story, how to do speaking events, how to do some of the things that she’s been doing over the last couple of years.

She’s now going into the fourth season of her podcast, this season is going to be predominantly about entrepreneurship. She’s interviewing some women and men in the wealth space, so if anyone’s interested in coming on the podcast as a guest if you’ve got a story to share that can help people around money then please feel free to get in contact with Catherine.

Website: https://themoneypanel.co.uk/

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