70 – Inbetweenysode – Linkedin Ads

70 - Inbetweenysode - Linkedin Ads
70 - Inbetweenysode - Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is paid advertising which can drive leads and reach your target audience. It can reach a more professional target audience by narrowing down the targeting options. Based on your campaign’s objectives, LinkedIn allows you to generate leads and creates a connection between you and relevant, professional audiences. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn’s targeting selections are more high-level and custom to a professional audience.

How to advertise in LinkedIn:

  1. Pick your ad objective
    • Advertisers can run campaigns around intentions, such as brand awareness, lead generation, or website conversion or job applicants.
  2. Set up your audience targeting parameters.
  3. Add audience attributes
    • These include company connection, size, job experience, and interests depending on who you are targetting.
    • LinkedIn’s targeting abilities enable you to target audiences based on location, company, company industry, age, gender, education, job experience, job title, interests, groups, etc.
    • Interest – fairly new in LinkedIn ads and we will dig deeper into this on my upcoming in between episodes.
  4. You can add three different formats: single image, video, and carousel.
  5. PlacemenT
  6. Set your budget.
    • You can decide whether to set a total budget, or both a daily budget and total budget.
  7. Schedule
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