069 – Bob Gentle – Group Coaching

069 - Bob Gentle - Group Coaching
069 - Bob Gentle - Group Coaching

I met Bob during my first Youpreneuer conference which happens to be his first as well.

Bob used to have one of the biggest web agencies in Scotland and now empowers smaller businesses through strategic digital marketing.

Small businesses are struggling to find an agency that can help them achieve this goal without hurting their balance sheets. Bob’s solution is a group mentoring programme, creating groups of people that support each other. Bob’s main goal is to contribute and see these businesses grow with confidence.

His major role is to support businesses, coaching, mentoring, guidance and provide a layer of technical support via any type of marketing platform they use.

One benefit of group coaching is being able to tell people face to face how they can accelerate and integrate development by sharing ideas. Group coaching and mentoring also promotes strategic thinking with clarity.

Website: https://amplifyme.agency/

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