067 – Matt Poole – Mortgage Broker

067 - Matt Poole - Mortgage Broker
067 - Matt Poole - Mortgage Broker

Hi, this week we have a mortgage broker, his name is Matt Poole.

Matt provides expert advice in terms of mortgaging and client protection. He helps clients achieve their goals in several ways.

Helping out brokers generate leads through social media, attend seminars and mortgage networks.

Matt also has a strong background and expertise when generating leads and targeting a certain audience on Facebook and LinkedIn. Starting with looking at certain areas in the country where the house prices were higher than the average. The higher the mortgages, the higher the commission.

He also produces videos to either about what he does or a day in the life video which not only lets him reach his target audience but these videos can go worldwide as well. Find the right people and educate people.

These videos get him closer and known by his target audience. Because nobody wants to get financial advice from a stranger. Matt was able to build that kind of relationship with his audience through his videos.

Matt creates all the content and is working alongside a professional videographer. But this strategy doesn’t necessarily need fancy lighting or an expensive camera. It can be done using a mobile phone and as long as it looks nice and easy, just being yourself, get your message across, and think about your target market as well.

Just do it, start doing it and you’ll see the result. Be consistent. In today’s world, social media and everything else is so quick so act consistent and you’ll be seen.

Matt’s Website: https://www.eddisonwells.co.uk/

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